12 – Assassination And Election

12 – Assassination And Election
  • Umar was killed in 644 by a man named Abu Lulu Al-Majoosi while making the Fajr Prayer
  • Abu Lulu came to Madina as a slave from the battle of Nehavand
  • It is said Abu Lulu held a grudge against Umar because he did not deliver a quick enough judicial decision
  • His dagger had been soaked in poison for a month
  • Before the prayer Umar physically straightened the lines
  • It was a habit of Umar to recite long surahs
  • While reciting, Abu Lulu rushed forward and stabbed Umar several times in the abdomen
  • When he was stabbed, Umar cried out “I’ve been killed by the dog.” A more accurate statement would be “This dog has stabbed me.”
  • After being stabbed, Umar reached for Abdur Rahman ibn auf and pulled him to the front to lead the prayer
  • The people in the front saw what was happening
  • But those praying in the back didn’t know, and many of them said “Subhanallah” thinking Umar made a mistake in the prayer
  • Abu Lulu tried to escape stabbing people as he went
  • He stabbed 13 people besides Umar, 7 of whom died

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