The Prophets

The Purpose of the Prophets in Islam

Allah has ordered us to worship Him. And in His infinite mercy, He has sent thousands of prophets as guides to help us. These prophets of Islam have been coming to man since the beginning of our existence. The first of these prophets was Adam, and the last was Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon them all.

The Arabic word for prophet is Nabi. The prophets or Nabiyun (plural of prophets) acted as guides and reminders for man. They were usually sent to a specific group of people who indulged in specific sins. The prophets would encourage their people to live righteously and worship Allah alone.

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The Birth Of Prophet Mohammad

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Prophet Mohammad, may Allah be pleased with him, was a member of the Hashim clan, a branch of the Qureish tribe of Arabia. His clan had long been responsible for feeding and caring for the pilgrims visiting the Kaaba.

Muhammad’s father was named Abdullah. Abdullah was a merchant and the tenth son of Abdul Muttalib. Abdullah married a woman named Amina, who was Muhammad’s mother. Abdullah fell sick and died on a business trip while Amina was still pregnant with Muhammad. Muhammad was born and raised in the city of Mecca.

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Proof That Prophet Ibrahim Was Muslim

Did you know there’s proof that Prophet Ibrahim was Muslim? It is in the Quran, where Allah says:

“And Ibrahim was not a Jew and he was not a Christian, but he was an upright Muslim and he was not an idolater.”

The proof of this verse is easy to establish.

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Jesus In Islam, Christianity, And Judaism

Jesus In Islam

Christian stage play about Jesus
Christian stage play about Jesus

Jesus is the most important historical figure that separates the three primary monotheistic faiths, i.e. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. The role of Jesus in Islam is much different than either Christianity or Judaism, and his role also differs between those two faiths as well.

First, we should understand Jesus’ name. His name in English is not a true representation of his real name.

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