The Basics

The Shahada


Imagine if you were the star witness in a big court case. The entire jury has been waiting to hear your testimony. The defendant’s guilt or innocence rides on your statements. When you are called up to the witness stand, everyone pays attention, and assumes your words are true. To enter Islam, the Shahada plays a similar role.

Declaring the shahada, or testimony, is all one needs to enter Islam. It is the most important of all the five pillars of Islam. This little phrase is what separates Muslims from everyone else. Because those who state this phrase have declared their acknowledgment of Allah’s monotheism and Prophet Muhammad’s status.

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5 Pillars of Islam

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, has stated: “Islam is built upon five pillars.” He then went on to quote the five pillars of Islam, those being: Shahadatayn (two testimonies), Salah (prayer), zakah (charity), sawm (fasting), and hajj (pilgrimage). You will see how these five pillars help to strengthen the soul, guide the heart, and unify the community.

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Ablution or Wudu


Imagine if you were invited to meet the President, your favorite celebrity. Would you go to the meeting without making sure you were clean? Certainly, you would at least make sure your teeth were brushed and your deodorant was working.

Ablution, or wudu, serves a similar purpose for Muslims. Before we pray to Allah, we must be properly cleansed.

How To Perform the Wudu, or Ablution

An ablution is a form of ritual washing. For Muslims, the ablution we do before prayer is called wudu. We have been given specific instructions on how to make wudu in both the Quran and the hadith (statements of Prophet Mohammad, may Allah be pleased with him).

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What is Ramadan all About?

What is Ramadan, you ask?

Let me answer your question with another question. What would you think if someone told you not to eat for most of the day?

You’d probably think you could do that. It’s not that big of a deal to go 8-10 hours with no food.

Alright, now what if you were told you couldn’t drink anything either? No water, no milk, no soda. Nothing.

You might be a little upset about that one. It’s not easy to go for hours on end without any liquids. Especially if you live in hot and humid climates.

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