Islam In America: Tablighi Jamaat

What Is The Tablighi Jamaat

The Tablighi Jamaat is one of the largest Muslim movements in the world. From its origins in the Indian sub-continent, it has spread to the U.S., has a strong base the U.K. and Canada, and is thriving in the Caribbean and South America. There is even a burgeoning Tablighi Jamaat movement in parts of Africa.

Generally, any country that has been touched by the Indian diaspora should have some elements of the Tablighi Jamaat. Mostly because it originated there, and it primary proponents are from that area of the world or their descendants.

I don’t have to give a full account of the history of the Tablighi Jamaat. You can get all the information you need from Wikipedia.

And for full disclosure, I was once pretty active with the Tablighi Jamaat. However, work, kids, family, and other interests prevent me from participating as much as I would like to these days. And while I don’t agree with everything everyone who is associated with the Tablighi Jamaat does, I have an overall favorable opinion of the movement.

I have heard some people say things against them, some of which are not fully true, some of which is true, and some of which is absolutely false.

What Does The Tablighi Jamaat Do?

Let’s talk a little about what this movement is about.

From what I understand (and this is what I’ve gathered from my personal interactions with the movement, not from reading Wikipedia) the primary goal of the Tablighi Jamaat is to bring wayward Muslims back into the fold.

As we all know, there are Muslims who are just Muslim in name. For whatever reason, they are not practicing Islam, or are not praying consistently.

What the Tablighi Jamaat will do, is organize small groups (called Jamaat) and go traveling to different communities. These may communities may be within their local area or outside. Some Jamaats even go to different countries!

When they arrive at the local community, the Jamaat typically resides in the Masjid, and make intention to remain in the Path of Allah (Fee Sabeelillah) for the stated period of time.

During this time, the Jamaat will network with the leadership of the local community to identify any wayward Muslims in the area. The Jamaat will then organize to go out and invite (Tabligh) these people to visit the Masjid and listen to an Islamic lecture.

There are a few more details, but this is the gist of it.

Misconceptions About The Tablighi Jamaat


The primary charge against the Tablighi Jamaat is that what they’re doing is bid’ah (innovation).

This is a hard one for me to swallow.

Unlike other deeds of worship for which there are authentic hadith that dictate how they should be done (for example, dhikr, or remembrance of Allah), is there only one single method to call wayward Muslims back to the straight path?

If you, me, and your brother get together and say: “Let’s go visit Mr. Abdullah and encourage him to come back to the Masjid” can someone really say that is haraam and innovation?

The Tablighi Jamaat does this same thing, just in a much more detailed and organized manner.

Certainly, there are some individuals within the movement who may take their activities to the point where there is some innovation. But I do not believe this was part of the original intent of the group, nor is this the behavior of the majority.

Neglecting Family

One of the biggest issues some people have is that the Tablighi Jamaat has established a certain number of days for which people are expected to go Fee Sabeelillah. Members are encouraged to start out by going 3 days a month, and then try to do 40 days at least once a year, and then if they can, an entire year at least once in a lifetime. (I may have the numbers mixed up; like I said I haven’t done this in a while).

Truthfully, I think some of these expectations are far-fetched. To encourage people to travel around the country (or the world) and live in one Masjid after another for a whole year is a bit much.

Because of these expectations, there have been stories about some members neglecting their family to participate in Jamaat activities. So you’ll hear tales of young Muslim men spending months bouncing from one Masjid to another while his wife and kids are at home with no money, living off her parents, and wondering when he’s coming back.

I think that’s an exaggeration and even if it’s true, it’s the exception, not the norm.

Praying Before Graves

One person, who was obviously anti-Tablighi, once told me that he heard the Tablighi Jamaat prays before graves (similar to some Sufi groups). Of course, this person had never personally spent time with the Tablighi Jamaat.

I can tell you now, this is not true. Perhaps there are individuals within the movement who do these things, but praying before graves is not a common practice.

Perhaps they might visit a Masjid that is built near a cemetery or that has tombs built within it.

Unfortunately, this is a phenomenon common throughout the Muslim world and really has nothing to do with the Tablighi Jamaat.

Unqualified to Give Da’wah

Another comment I heard someone say against the Tablighi Jamaat is that their members are often not qualified to give Da’wah.

First of all, when has lack of knowledge ever stopped any Muslim, from any background, from giving Da’wah?

I’ve heard Muslims with less than a year of Islam under their belts, who can’t even read Arabic, quoting hadiths and verses of Quran and spouting Fiqh like they’re Muftis (Muslim Judges).

You don’t need to be a scholar to give Da’wah. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) sent Abu Dhar Al-Ghifari to his tribe to spread Islam after only one meeting!

Of course, people shouldn’t speak on things which they have insufficient or little knowledge about. But you don’t need a degree from the University of Medina to explain Tawheed.

Furthermore, the system the Jamaat uses helps to prevent really abhorrent mistakes.

People generally don’t go out by themselves; they go out in groups. So there’s always someone to correct mistakes.

Also, there is always an Ameer (commander) of the Jamaat; a person who is in charge of the group. It is his job to coordinate their activities so as to keep individuals from running amok and doing their own thing.

Finally, the Tablighi Jamaat doesn’t really focus on issues of Fiqh. Their primary goal is to get people to the Masjid. I haven’t really heard them discuss many issues of Fiqh in my time with them.

Do mistakes happen? Of course, they do. But I wouldn’t condemn an overall beneficial activity because of the mistakes of the few.

What I don’t Like About The Tablighi Jamaat

Despite my overall favorable impression of the Tablighi Jamaat there are a few things about them that irk me.

The Talks

I’m so tired of hearing their members stand up after the prayers, and repeat the same speech, in the same pitch, and in the same rhythm every single time.

Can we please get some variety?

It’s like each member has learned and memorized the same speech and all they can do is repeat it every single time. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even bother to listen to their talks because I already know exactly what they’re going to say.

The Time

Second, what’s with the 3 day, 40 day thing?

Some members of Tablighi Jamaat (not all for sure) make the number of days you spend Fee Sabeelillah almost Waajib (compulsory). They put a lot of emphasis on completing these different levels.

Once a group came to my local Masjid. I decided to stay with them for the weekend. However, by the second day things happened and I had to go home.

Mind you, I lived right down the block! Barely a 10 minute walk so it’s not like I was asking anyone to buy me a plane ticket back home or ruining someone’s well-thought out plans.

Some of the brothers in the Jamaat made me feel so guilty for not completing the full 3 days. What was happening at home meant nothing to them.

And once again, not everyone on this Jamaat acted like this. A few brothers told me that if I had to go then it was okay and hopefully I could come back another time.

However, I was a little peeved that some of them were making it seem like I was abandoning one of the five pillars of Islam! This activity was at best, a voluntary one for which Allah would reward us based on our intentions and actions.

The Isolation

Finally, it may be beneficial if the members of the Tablighi Jamaat would focus on attaining more Islamic knowledge outside of the Jamaat. Many members seem to get to isolated within this group and neglect their own Islamic education while calling others to the Masjid.

Obtaining more knowledge about Islam would certainly improve their Da’wah efforts.

Of course, there are many scholars (ulemah) and students of knowledge who are active participants in the Tablighi Jamaat. So I don’t want you to get the impression that its full of a bunch of dummies.

But many of them that I’ve met (keeping in mind that most of the Jamaats I’ve been on were in the Americas) seemed to limit their Islamic perspective to that group alone. Some of them do not take the time to broaden their Islamic knowledge outside of the Jamaat.

Faza’ili Amaal

The primary text the Tablighi Jamaat uses is one called Faza’ili Amaal (Benefits of Good Deeds).

Those who criticize Jamaatul Tabligh say that this book of full of weak and fabricated Hadiths.

I am not qualified to confirm or deny this claim.

I’ve heard people read from it, and have read some of it myself. But I have never read it in depth, and haven’t read it at all in years.

I’m sure there’s a free pdf somewhere on the internet, so I’ll probably download it and see what all the fuss is about.

Nonetheless, given that there is so much criticism against this book, it would seem that the members of Tablighi Jamaat could find another text to rely on. There are more than enough hadith collections and unquestioned texts that they can read and teach from without relying on Faza’ili Amaal.

That’s pretty much my take on the Tablighi Jamaat. I would like to know what your opinions are about this group.

Positive? Negative? Neutral? Don’t really care?

Speak your mind!

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91 Responses to Islam In America: Tablighi Jamaat

  1. Assalamualaikum Akhi Abu Ibrahim

    Ramadan Kareem to you and your family. May Allah help you to be your best this ramadan and reach Jannatul Firdaus. Jazak Allah Khair for this very informative blog and variety of beneficial articles.

    My experience and take on the Tablighi Jamaat is similar to yours. I have participated in their 3 day Jamaats in the past and haven’t done so in quite a while. I too agree that their overall intention is good but their methodology might have some problems as mentioned in your article.

    According to me, I think the main issue with these guys is there really is no local leadership within the jamaat. They never come up with new ideas to reach their goal on their own and always say we have to listen to our “elders”. I think if they innovate their ways a little bit they could go a long way in helping our muslim brothers and sisters.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Br. Aadil,

      Yes, I think having local leadership would certainly help the Tablighi Jamaat more. I’m not sure if they even have a centralized leadership structure like some Sufi orders do.

      However, I can understand them not wanting too much new stuff coming into the group. Too much too fast may lead to innovation or incorrect application of the Da’wah. But they really should do something to liven up their methodology. I’m sure there are many people who are still excited about the Jamaat, but it seems to be mostly either really young guys with no family, or really old guys with no family.

      Whatever happens, I pray Allah accepts their good efforts and forgives them for their mistakes.

    • i spent 3 days with them.i basically dont belomg to their group.But i swear that it is only jamat of islam who is trying to care whole islam.Other than yhat there is no group even mine who care islam as a whole.

  2. I totally agree with you guys, I have always and still admire the tabligh brothers for one simple fact that a lot of people have benefited from their dawah and have been able to change their lives for the better not only of their personal lives and families but to society at large. Every movement definitely has its weaknesses, yes! that aspect of their effort really needs doah and effort but the solidarity required from all in the cause of promoting the Unity of the Ummat should supersede our criticisms by the permission of Allah.

    • As-Salaamu Alaikum Br. Salim,

      I hope that was the message that I got across in this article. I wanted to highlight that overall the Tablighi Jamaat has more good than bad. Way more good. What little bad they do have to me seems rather trivial and could be worked out with a few changes.

      Definitely, their sincerity and work ethic is commendable and something more Muslims from all walks of life should strive to emulate, Inshallah.

  3. as-slam alaikum waroamotulahi
    my perspective of viewing tablighi jamaat is much more as you guys view.
    But in additional they are doing a great job right here in my country cause they are takin real Practice of Islam to common man on street.
    And what people are leaving out here is that go to tablighi jamaat and ask for the full details of number of masjid in every local area they they even knew the level of Islam in every area than any one else do cause they are more close to people.
    May ALLAH guide us true the right part .

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Sodiq,

      Definitely there is a lot of good with the Tablighi Jamaat. I’ve seen many people who came back to Islam because of their work.

      I just think they may want to update their methods a
      little bit.

      • dear Abu Ibrahim mashallah the work of tablighi jamaats is done exactly how the prophet SAW DID it.. it will seem monotonous but this system as others will tell you is growing in leaps and bounds the simpler we keep it the easier ALLAAH SWT MAKES IT

  4. Definitely brothers, in life and in all its varied departments, people are always inspired to bring reforms into society and innovative action research is not limited to governance and institutional development alone. Religion and philosophy are thinking processes that leads to harmony as nature does not permit disequilibrium and the Quran is a science on the move. So I wonder why people quarrel with muslims as well as other religious figures in history resorting to fikr and zikr without shunning tilawat and ilm to reach hidayat for creation to accept Allah as the ultimate creator and see creation as a means to an end.

  5. Assalamu alaikum all………..

    I read your brothers articles with interest. I have good experience with the Tabligh Jamaat(TJ) both as a participant in the 3 day thing and also as a masjid secretary who arranged their jamaat at times.

    My experience is of a mixed one. while its good to guide people back to islam, it is also our duty to give dawah to non muslims as it will be questioned in the hereafter.

    Another thing is that based on my experience, the individuals are using the jamaat as a way of pleasure…excessive sleeping, using mobiles etc. The also disrespect people of other madhabs..

    The hold the fazail amaal as the only book to base their arguments, the book also contain false hadiths i heard and grave worshipping artcles.

    Also the lecture they hold is same after same..
    The TJ was started from India and they still hold many innovations.

    They are inexperienced to lead such important activity and unless they go back to quran and sunnah, the jehovas witnesses, who knock on both muslim and non-msuslim doors will overtake…

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Abdul,

      Yeah, I’ve heard similar arguments to what you’re saying. Inshallah, I know what they’re doing has some benefit and I’ve seen some people benefit from their activities. I only hope Inshallah that they’ll do more to improve their participants’ knowledge and speaking abilities.

    • i have been to jamaat for three days quite often and go to weekly night gatherings as well. I know a few things I would like to add:

      They give dawah to all non-muslims who approach them, but they dont themselves approach non-muslims, which allows them to avoid any restriction or controversy, because it is a world-wide movement happening in each nation of the world and in many places situation is quite sensitive, like China.

      I have never experinced them disrespecting any madhab. Plaesure-seeking activities, like excessive sleeping, eating junk food and using mobiles, do happen but are not encouraged, and people adopt to the norms of behaviour desired by elders slowly, and changing attitude always takes time.

      Other books like Muntakhab Ahadith, or Hayatus Sahaba, are also quite regularly quoted. Fazaail Amal has none grave worshipping article for sure, but it does have some dhaeef hadiths in the Fazail Zikr part, but they are only used for Fazail/benefits to encourage a good act, which some scholars actually allow.

      Lecture they hold is supposed to be a reminder, not informative one. It is just to remind about things in Ghaib (hidden, like Allah’s characteristics, Akhirah, Prophets’ life), we forget while in world, and motivate good deeds and encourage spending time in Allah’s way. There’s a lot of wisdom in having lectures on simmilar topics, you can ask any old member about it.

      There is no innovation in my view. Some things are done for organisational purposes, but all else is according to sunnah.

      I agree many do lack experience, but they are gaining it with time

    • First of all I would like to comment about the time comittment. It is actually 3 days, 40 days and 4 months once in a lifetime (not 1 year). The emphasis on this time span is that IF YOU COMMIT to 3 days, YOU SHOULD FINISH 3 DAYS. That’s plain enough and simple enough. It is following through on one’s committment. The Shayateen will frequently whisper to the one who goes in the Path of Allah and try to convince him that there are more pressing matters at home. This is just a trick, an exploitation of our weakness in faith. There is little else as important or beneficial as being in an environment of deen and worshipping Allah Ta’ala. Secondly, the problem that Muslims have with leaving their homes and families has far more to do with leaving their comforts than it does leaving their families. Our families sustenance comes from Allah, we are only the means. The idea is to prepare for the absence, to save and to make Mashura with the family so they are also onboard. Going in Jaamat is a family affair. They should support the one going. Not only does he make sacrifices, but so do the family. Islamic history has shown us that we grow closer to Allah and mature in this deen in direct measure to how much sacrifice we make for it. This is a good thing. Look at the sacrifices made by Nabi (SAW) and the Salaf. Look at what Bilal went through to proclaim the Oneness of Allah. We wonder why the Sahaba were such a great generation: look at the sacrifices they made. They became great through their love, devotion and SACRIFICE. Sacrifice is the key factor behind the work of Dawah and Tabligh. Ease and comfort and security are wonderful things, but they are truly reserved for the next life. This life should be spent, for the Modern Muslim, in just the same way that the first Muslims spent it, if we call ourselves their followers and heirs to their greatness.

      • You had me until you started comparing the Tablighi Jamaat to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and Bilal’s struggles. They’re not comparable.

        Look, I’m okay with the TJ. I really don’t have anything against them. I don’t agree with all their practices, but I believe they bring a lot of good into the Muslim Ummah. I just don’t think their work is the greatest work in Islam. I also believe that there are easier, and perhaps even more effective ways to spread the message of Islam.

        But if people get good from doing the work of the TJ, then may Allah reward them for that. Ultimately, the main goal is to please Allah, and if they’re doing that then it’s all good.

        And Allah knows best.


  6. guys plese spent some time in will understand everything….mobiles are not allowed in jamat..also excessive sleeping is not allowed during amat…but people does not follow it…guys it takes time…to everything get done….

    every thing comes yf.go in jamat learn adhab of jamat..wht to do do and not…u guys will get everything..

    • As-Salaamu Alaikum Attan and thanks for commenting.

      I guess the people who mentioned these things are just saying what they’ve seen. I agree with you that if these things have happened, they are not regular occurrences and are exceptions rather than the norm.

      • 12 basic rules when going out in Jammat. . 1 Less sleeping, 2. Less eating, 3. Less worldly talk, 4. Less going out of masque. 5. never take anything without the permission, 6. Never desire to ask for something from any one other then Allah. 7. Never disrespect any one, 8. Never leave without informing the leader. 9. Give excessive dawah, 10. Perform excessive ziker and worship reading Quran and hadiths. 11. Give excessive service to your brothers in jamaat and the guests who may join at any given time. 12. Excessive learning and teaching.
        Dear brothers, I have been spending time with the jamaat for over 20 years, though have never gone for more than 10 days at a time, but each time I went the rules above were mentioned. Now if people like myself do not follow them then it would not be fare to call the whole effort as being wrong. Would it? This I found to be a mobile school. I could go on and on with all the benefits that are being driven with this effort, but it will serve you no good. I humbly request my brothers to go out and check it out for yourselves; The worst scenario would be that you would have lost some time out of your life. But again we all are well aware of our time management. Have we not lost time elsewhere? So what if a bit more is lost and I will be sure of what it is all about. So inshallah pack up and come to your nearest mosque.

  7. I was a former Musician and lived a life full of fitnah. I was born a muslim but never knew what is the kalima of Islam (FYI there are millions of muslims in rural areas of Musim countries and in the Urban west who doesn’t even know the kalimah of Islam). These tableeghi bros used to come to me and I used to abuse them. One day I just realized that they only come to me to help me to achieve Jannah. To be honest at a point in my life I started doubting Islam and was about to cross the lines but SubhanAllah Allah showed His mercy and kept sending Tablighi bros to my place. One day I just went with them to masjid and heard their talks. Their Akhlaaq won me over. I was never a practicing muslim, never even used to pray Eid or Jumma Salah. I started going out with Tablighi bros for 3 days and finally 40 days 2 years back.

    I haven’t been active with TJ since past 2 years, infact didn’t join any of their activities in the last 2 years as I got busy with my job. Anyways hamdillah now I pray 5 times, attire sunnah, there is peace in my life and no fitnah hamdillah. Though, I am not a tableeghi but wallahi brothers I can tell you there are millions of people like me in this world who got their enitre lives changed to Islam because of this great work of Tabligh.

    For those who criticize Tabligh, just ask yourselves what have you done for the Ummah? How many muslims did Allah grant hidayah because of your efforts? I personally know quite a few converts who accepted Islam through the efforts of Tabligh.

    I believe that Tabligh is the best thing for Muslims that could have happened in the recent times. I pray to Allah that may He help tablighi bros in their efforts and may He make them successfull in this life and in the hereafter InshaAllah.

  8. Assalaamu alaykum

    Nice balanced artcle.

    Just to add one point regarding the book Fazail Amal , in the middle east , they use Riyadh Us saleeheen instead which gets rid of this critisism. In fact , they are active in Saudi Arabi and you will not hear them using Fazail Amal.

    Also, some of the saudi sheikhs saw nothing wrong with someone joing the TAblighi Jamaat – Shiekh Bin Baz gave some answers to this effect, but later on he changed his opinion.

    • One other thing about weak hadith in the Fazail Amal book. This is true and it has never been hidden by anyone in TJ. Over the last 1000 years of Islamic Scholarly history, it has been agreed upon by the majority of Sunni scholars that weak hadith CANNOT be cited for use in determining legal positions. But TJ does NOT use this collection of hadith for LEGAL RULINGS. The very name of the collection means “The virtue of deeds”—it is being used to extol virtues, not derive legal rulings. It is widely accepted by the majority opinion of scholars that using weak hadith in this way IS PERFECTLY FINE. The famous hadith scholar and jurist, al-Nawawî writes in the introduction to his Forty Hadith: “Scholars agree that weak hadith which speak merely about the virtues of deeds can be cited.”

      • I’ve heard different things about weak hadith. I’ve been taught that we shouldn’t use them at all. Also, if people are going to quote and recite fabricated hadiths in Bayyans and lessons, then they should let the people who are listening know that they are fabricated. Otherwise, the people listening are going to assume they are weak.

        And Allah knows best. I would suggest they do what the previous comment said: use a more authentic book like Riyadhus Saliheen.

  9. praise be to Allah.i have been in tabligh for about 5 years now,and i seen no innovation in the teachings of it but rather than individual problems.tabligh jamat dustnot restrict themselves to only sunni people they even take those who are practicing innovations and those who dustn’t even have islam at all out on the path of Allah to change them and as you know human being cannot change at once so i belief that problems you brothers are talking about is the individual problems not methodology of the jamat world wide.concerning the lake of outside knowledge brothers are talking about is just about the limited knowledge and experience of jamat.from the hadiths books we are using for our ta’alim there is a full chapter on benefit of knowledge and respect for the scholars, and in our gathering our elders encourage us to have a scholar to whom you will be learning your ilmul masa’il which involve the fiqh and others,as knowledge of deen can classified into ilmul fada’il and ilmul masa’ the general problem you are seeing is not the jamat atlarge but individual either the leader or the follower.

    • Jazakallah Khair for sharing your experience and your thoughts. I agree that the majority of the people involved in the Tablighi Jamaat have good intentions and are doing good work.

  10. I was not born a muslim – so I found the Tabliqi Jamat books to be quite detailed in their information, which was helpful. But I also know that there are a zillion ways to interperet the 5 schools of thought. Islam encourages study, So while my husband is a born and breed Tabliqi, I am not taking sides or giving opinions and am enjoying learning all aspects of Islam.

    • I’m glad you have found your way to Islam, regardless of how it happened.

      I believe the TJ has a lot to offer and should be supported. They’re not perfect but none of us are.

  11. Brother … their main aim is to motivate people for praying and knowing wat is Islam all about…. may be not in depth. Also they would send for 40 days or 4 months only after asking whether he has made financial provision for their family then only they ‘ll send. So please don’t tell they don care about family. We need some peaceful environment so tat one can make his mind free an start knowing to worship his creator alone. Even Moses prophet went 40 days to mount Sinai I guess.its similar to tat.

  12. Keep in mind that the whole Tablighi Jamat movement did not just come about by way of a whole bunch of Pakistani brothers of limited knowledge sitting around sipping Chai and looking for a distraction. NO, this movement was started by great Shuyukh in India, known for their religious learning, piety and sincerity. To say that they were wrong or misguided or even that we could do it better, is a horrendous claim akin to backbitting. We who have no knowledge cannot criticize the work of those who have knowledge. Is the blind equal to the one who can see? Let us be careful of being armchair internet critics and seek Allah’s forgiveness. And Allah knows best.

    • Saying that there are things wrong with the TJ is not backbiting. If that was the case, no one would ever be able to criticize any Islamic movement. No one is perfect and there are always improvements that could be made.

      The TJ, and its founders, are human. They are prone to mistakes like everyone else. They are not Prophets nor did they receive divine revelation from Allah. So if they are doing something wrong, and it is clear (like using fabricated hadiths) then we should discuss these things and offer suggestions.

      And yes, Allah does know best.

  13. My dear respected brother, It is an effort or work of all prophets of ALLAH subhaanahou’taala. Now read Quran, Hadith, history all prophets, espacialy the last prophet of ALLAH subhaanahou’taala Hazrat Muhammad sullulaho alihay wassallum. This is very closely related to work of prophet. I am muslim, i must give some time to masjid daily, doing mushwara, going out to behind other to call them for such follow all commands of ALLAH SUBHAANAHOU.TAALA according to ways last prophet.

  14. assalaamu alaikum my brothers, 3 months ago i was drinking taking drugs women never use to pray, not even jumma or eid prayers didnt fast during ramadan, didnt want to know about islam, i was losing hope, it was really bad, dont want to go in depth it really hurts even thinking about it, but thought il share my experience, my brother is active in tabligh, now through his efforts in the house everyones awareness of allah and his deen had grown rapidly, i see the changes in my family and bearing in mind because of my behaviour and what i used to do i have hurt my family in different levels, i sincirely prayed to allah that he shows me a way to change my life, two weeks after that i went for 40 days and it changed my life, jsut came back from 40 days last week, now i can say allhamdulillah i am praying 5 times in the masjid im more aware if what i do, more gratefull of what allah has given me and daily im thinking about akhirah, i never liked tablighi jamaat myself and thought it was wrong, but the situation i was in i ha no choice but to try it, and it was the best dicision of my life, i wish i can say to you in words how amazing the experience was but no words cant describe this beautiful feeling allhamdulillah, all praise is due to allah and all thanks is due to allah, the most high the most great, allah is the greatest

  15. once a jamaat went to brazil and a local brother asked them why they are here, so they explained to him why they came and the brother was really happy but he siad that they were too late, so the jamaat were very confused, so he explained to them that he has two brothers that were muslims but now they are priest in two different churches, alhamdulillah through thier effort and the effort of other brothers that went to brazil, theses two brothers have come back to the deen of Allah, and there are soo many stories relating to this stories right here in england, people say why are tablighis going to muslims and why not non muslims, which is true, one question i want to ask to them brothers, what are you doing for our muslim brothers and how many non muslims do you give dawah to, sooo many young brothers that dont like talighi and think it is bidah in our locality are practising but not one of them gave us dawah, is it save yourself from the hellfire and thats it, if we see a brother going towards hell fire we should stand thier and watch??? tablighi brothers from different localities and different cities came to give me dawah alhamdulillah, may allah reward and accept all thier efforts and all our efforts and reunite us again as one ummah insha allah, and allah knows best

  16. Let the people or any organization criticize the “Tabligh Jamaat”, it is doing it’s dawa job successfully with the same aim as to what our beloved Prophet (pbuh) has taught. The people in those days threw stones on him. Today, we are also throwing stones by crticizing the Tabligh Jamaat. Why don’t we follow the Quranic verses reffered in Sura Al-Imraan, Ayaat 104.

  17. Let the people or any organization criticize the “Tabligh Jamaat”, it is doing it’s dawa job successfully with the same aim as to what our beloved Prophet (pbuh) has taught. The people in those days threw stones on him. Today, we are also throwing stones by crticizing the Tabligh Jamaat. Why don’t we follow the Quranic verses reffered in Sura Al-Imraan, Ayaat 104.

  18. Tableeg Jumna are trying their best inthe propagation of Islam.may Allah guard and guide them.I had benefited a lot from them

  19. assalamu alaikum my dear brothers:
    First a fall I say you people to go in Jamaat for 40 days.I don’t know how this happens,but with my real experience I’m 100% sure that by going 40 days,4 months,1 year leaving your family,will make you 100% muslim INSHALLAH! INSHALLAH!INSHALLAH!
    *Being with jamaat,again I don’t know how this happens,Our Imaan and dheen(allah’s(swt) order,and prophet Muhammad(PBUH) life style)increases for a greater level,with the time pass.

    *It is so sad,and unhappy to leave our family for a short period.yes it is true.But if we take our packings and keep a step out of the house,the time passes so quick,which means the time would spend so quick.

  20. ASA All you guys have written very nice and matured Comments. I feel many people criticise T.] due to ignorance . T-J. encourages their participants to acquire knowledge of deen from U lama .They are trying to bring the c0mmon folk close to Ullama,may Allah Bless them

  21. Dear Brother hope you will be fine,
    the reality of this way is only opened only on those Persons whose spend at least 120 days within the jomat.
    with in the some days its impossible.
    The difference between us and the Suhabas (RA), is that we used to ignore major sunnat of our Prophet (SAW), taking it minor acts, but the Suhabas could not ignore even these minor sunnats, due to the reasons that these were being performed by Mohammad SAW
    i not one question of you that during the jomat every person is reaping the same lecture actually every person is know may thing about islam but they are not in practice we all know about nimaz but we are lazy to pray.
    actually we do not know the reality of nimaz when we spend our time our money and our wealth the its come costly.
    there for please try to spend 120 days complete if you want to change your life because we have very little time and the coming unfinished life is coming towards us very speedy. we have to make our selves for that life.

    Thanks and Regards,

  22. Assalamu alaikum brothers.
    True. the t.j repeats the same again and again.
    even the adhan which is a complete dawah too is repeated 5 times a day. ***they repeat,but we should check our own life that whether the talking stuffs of them had performed by us.

    ****so their repeating is not bad.we should keep our heart empty and take the stuffs in to our life,like asking those speeches for the 1st time.****

  23. Assalam alaikum,
    Brothers I know generally people standing for a speech during Jamaa t’s repeat the same topic. let me ask you how, many of us have agreed and implemented that in our lives. I knw the speech starts with ” Its Almighty’s grace that we have attended the Namaz on time” don’t we feel so. How many of our brothers with sunnat roam around even when the Namaz has started with Imam reciting Quran.
    Yes there are youngsters who are new in for the work and they try to exaggerate or forcefully try to stop someone who is running after Namaz.

  24. its intresting reading comments from fellow brothers. my take on it is that the critics just make the TJ brodas stonger as they dont even reply, so wats d point wasting ur tym and effort criticising people who ar praying for hidayh for you.

  25. In the name of Allah, Most Gracious,
    Most Merciful
    Assalaamu `alaykum waRahmatullahi
    A brief introduction to Tabligh
    Jama’at and their objectives
    Tabligh literally means ‘to convey’.
    Contextually, it refers to conveying the
    message of Islam. This is the sunnah of
    all the prophets. The most important
    rule of tabligh is hikmah. Allah Ta’ala
    says in the Holy Quran:
    ﺍﺩﻉ ﺇﻟﻰ ﺳﺒﻴﻞ ﺭﺑﻚ ﺑﺎﻟﺤﻜﻤﺔ ﻭﺍﻟﻤﻮﻋﻈﺔ ﺍﻟﺤﺴﻨﺔ
    Invite (people) to the way of your Lord
    with wisdom and good counsel. (Verse:
    Whosoever does tabligh must adopt
    hikmah. It is only then, that people will
    understand and accept.
    Tablighi Jamaat is not a jamaat/group
    Rather it is a movement that saw a
    gradual evolution starting from 1920-27.
    Proof from Quran and Hadith For The
    Work of Tabligh
    The work of tabligh ‘has strong basis in
    Quran and sunnah’. There are
    numerous verses of the Quran and the
    Ahadith of Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi
    Wasallam) that support the practice of
    tabligh. Hereunder are a few of them:
    From the Holy Quran:
    ﺍﺩﻉ ﺇﻟﻰ ﺳﺒﻴﻞ ﺭﺑﻚ ﺑﺎﻟﺤﻜﻤﺔ ﻭﺍﻟﻤﻮﻋﻈﺔ ﺍﻟﺤﺴﻨﺔ
    Invite (people) to the way of your lord
    with wisdom and good counsel.
    (Verse: 16:125)
    ﻭﻟﺘﻜﻦ ﻣﻨﻜﻢ ﺃﻣﺔ ﻳﺪﻋﻮﻥ ﺇﻟﻰ ﺍﻟﺨﻴﺮ ﻭﻳﺄﻣﺮﻭﻥ
    ﺑﺎﻟﻤﻌﺮﻭﻑ ﻭﻳﻨﻬﻮﻥ ﻋﻦ ﺍﻟﻤﻨﻜﺮ
    And there has to be a group of people
    from among you who call towards good
    and prevent from evil. (Verse: 3:104)
    ﻭﻣﻦ ﺃﺣﺴﻦ ﻗﻮﻻ ﻣﻤﻦ ﺩﻋﺎ ﺇﻟﻰ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻭﻋﻤﻞ ﺻﺎﻟﺤﺎ
    ﻭﻗﺎﻝ ﺇﻧﻨﻲ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻤﺴﻠﻤﻴﻦ
    And who is better in utterance than the
    one who called people towards Allah,
    and acts righteously and says, “I am one
    of those who submit themselves (to
    Allah Ta’ala). (Verse: 41:33)
    From the Ahadith of Nabi (Sallallahu
    Alaihi Wasallam):
    ﻓﻘﺎﻝ ﺃﺑﻮ ﺳﻌﻴﺪ ﺃﻣﺎ ﻫﺬﺍ ﻓﻘﺪ ﻗﻀﻰ ﻣﺎ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﺳﻤﻌﺖ
    ﺭﺳﻮﻝ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺻﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﻭﺳﻠﻢ ﻳﻘﻮﻝ ﻣﻦ ﺭﺃﻯ
    ﻣﻨﻜﻢ ﻣﻨﻜﺮﺍ ﻓﻠﻴﻐﻴﺮﻩ ﺑﻴﺪﻩ ﻓﺈﻥ ﻟﻢ ﻳﺴﺘﻄﻊ ﻓﺒﻠﺴﺎﻧﻪ
    ﻓﺈﻥ ﻟﻢ ﻳﺴﺘﻄﻊ ﻓﺒﻘﻠﺒﻪ ﻭﺫﻟﻚ ﺃﺿﻌﻒ ﺍﻹﻳﻤﺎﻥ
    Hazrat Abu Sa’eed (Radhiyallahu Anhu)
    narrates that he heard Nabi (Sallallahu
    Alaihi Wasallam) saying, “Whosoever
    witnesses a forbidden act being
    committed, he should prevent it by the
    use of his hands; if he is unable to do so,
    then he should prevent it with his
    tongue; if he is unable to do so, he
    should at least consider it a vice in his
    heart; and this is a very low level of
    (Sahih Muslim Vol.2 Pg.211/2 – Darul
    ﻋﻦ ﺍﻟﻨﻌﻤﺎﻥ ﺑﻦ ﺑﺸﻴﺮ ﺭﺿﻲ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻋﻨﻬﻤﺎ ﻋﻦ ﺍﻟﻨﺒﻲ
    ﺻﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﻭﺳﻠﻢ ﻗﺎﻝ ﻣﺜﻞ ﺍﻟﻘﺎﺋﻢ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺣﺪﻭﺩ
    ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻭﺍﻟﻮﺍﻗﻊ ﻓﻴﻬﺎ ﻛﻤﺜﻞ ﻗﻮﻡ ﺍﺳﺘﻬﻤﻮﺍ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺳﻔﻴﻨﺔ
    ﻓﺄﺻﺎﺏ ﺑﻌﻀﻬﻢ ﺃﻋﻼﻫﺎ ﻭﺑﻌﻀﻬﻢ ﺃﺳﻔﻠﻬﺎ ﻓﻜﺎﻥ
    ﺍﻟﺬﻳﻦ ﻓﻲ ﺃﺳﻔﻠﻬﺎ ﺇﺫﺍ ﺍﺳﺘﻘﻮﺍ ﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﻤﺎﺀ ﻣﺮﻭﺍ ﻋﻠﻰ
    ﻣﻦ ﻓﻮﻗﻬﻢ ﻓﻘﺎﻟﻮﺍ ﻟﻮ ﺃﻧﺎ ﺧﺮﻗﻨﺎ ﻓﻲ ﻧﺼﻴﺒﻨﺎ ﺧﺮﻗﺎ
    ﻭﻟﻢ ﻧﺆﺫ ﻣﻦ ﻓﻮﻗﻨﺎ ﻓﺈﻥ ﻳﺘﺮﻛﻮﻫﻢ ﻭﻣﺎ ﺃﺭﺍﺩﻭﺍ ﻫﻠﻜﻮﺍ
    ﺟﻤﻴﻌﺎ ﻭﺇﻥ ﺃﺧﺬﻭﺍ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺃﻳﺪﻳﻬﻢ ﻧﺠﻮﺍ ﻭﻧﺠﻮﺍ
    It has been reported on the authority of
    Nu’man bin Bashir (Radhiyallahu Anhu)
    that Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam)
    said, “There are people who do not
    transgress the limits (laws) of Allah
    Ta’ala, and there are others who do so.
    They are like two groups who boarded a
    ship; one of them settled on the upper
    deck, and the other on the lower deck of
    the ship. When the people of the lower
    deck needed water, they said, “Why
    should we cause trouble to the people of
    the upper deck when we can have
    plenty of water by making a hole in our
    deck”. Now, if the people of the upper
    deck do not prevent this group from
    such foolishness, all of them will perish;
    but if they stop them, they will be
    (Sahih Al Bukhari Vol.3 Pg.152 – Darul
    Their objective is that each and every
    Muslim adopts the Islamic way in all
    aspects of life. They do not advice
    anyone to leave all their daily activities
    and join this work, but they encourage
    people to take out some time from their
    daily engagements so that the rest of the
    time could be spent in accordance to the
    teachings of Islam. Spending time in the
    path of Allah is not the objective of the
    work, but rather it acts as a motivation
    to practice on all other aspects of Deen.
    Their call is based on Quran and
    Ahadith and always guided by Pious
    Ulema and Muftiyan Karam
    Their call is for complete deen and they say to
    Our success in this life and the life hereafter is
    in obeying the commandments of Allah (SWT)
    and in following the noble ways (Sunnah) of
    Rasul-ullah (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam)
    There is ABUNDANT EVIDENT from the Qur’aan in
    their call as Allah (SWT) has said:
    ﻭَﺃَﻃِﻴﻌُﻮﺍْ ﭐﻟﻠَّﻪَ ﻭَﭐﻟﺮَّﺳُﻮﻝَ ﻟَﻌَﻠَّڪُﻢۡ ﺗُﺮۡﺣَﻤُﻮﻥَ
    [3:132]Obey Allah and the Messenger, so that you
    may be blessed.
    ﻗُﻞۡ ﺃَﻃِﻴﻌُﻮﺍْ ﭐﻟﻠَّﻪَ ﻭَﭐﻟﺮَّﺳُﻮﻝَۖ* ﻓَﺈِﻥ ﺗَﻮَﻟَّﻮۡﺍْ ﻓَﺈِﻥَّ ﭐﻟﻠَّﻪَ ﻟَﺎ ﻳُﺤِﺐُّ
    [3:32] Say: .Obey Allah and the Messenger. Then,
    should they turn back, Allah does not love the
    ﻗَﺪۡ ﺃَﻓۡﻠَﺢَ ﭐﻟۡﻤُﺆۡﻣِﻨُﻮﻥَ
    [23:1]Success is really attained by the believers
    ﻭَﻋَﺪَ ﭐﻟﻠَّﻪُ ﭐﻟۡﻤُﺆۡﻣِﻨِﻴﻦَ ﻭَﭐﻟۡﻤُﺆۡﻣِﻨَـٰﺖِ ﺟَﻨَّـٰﺖٍ۬ ﺗَﺠۡﺮِﻯ ﻣِﻦ ﺗَﺤۡﺘِﻬَﺎ ﭐﻟۡﺄَﻧۡﻬَـٰﺮُ
    ﺧَـٰﻠِﺪِﻳﻦَ ﻓِﻴﮩَﺎ ﻭَﻣَﺴَـٰﻜِﻦَ ﻃَﻴِّﺒَﺔً۬ ﻓِﻰ ﺟَﻨَّـٰﺖِ ﻋَﺪۡﻥٍ۬ۚ* ﻭَﺭِﺿۡﻮَٲﻥٌ۬ ﻣِّﻦَ ﭐﻟﻠَّﻪِ
    ﺃَڪۡﺒَﺮُۚ* ﺫَٲﻟِﻚَ ﻫُﻮَ ﭐﻟۡﻔَﻮۡﺯُ ﭐﻟۡﻌَﻈِﻴﻢُ
    [9:72] Allah has promised to the believers, male
    and female, gardens beneath which rivers flow,
    where they shall live forever, and good homes in
    gardens of eternity. And Allah‘s pleasure is above
    all. That is the supreme success.
    Tabligh Remind people as
    They remind our Muslim brothers and Sisters to
    change their life according to Qur’aan and Sunnah
    and we believe that our reminder also has
    evidence from the book of Allah (SWT):
    ﻭَﺫَﻛِّﺮۡ ﻓَﺈِﻥَّ ﭐﻟﺬِّﻛۡﺮَﻯٰ ﺗَﻨﻔَﻊُ ﭐﻟۡﻤُﺆۡﻣِﻨِﻴﻦَ
    [51:55] And keep reminding, because reminding
    benefits the believers.
    How to actually change their life? We refer them
    to the Ulama (& people of knowledge) and we
    believe that we evidence for that from the book of
    Allah (SWT) as well:
    ﻓَﺴۡـَٔﻠُﻮٓﺍْ ﺃَﻫۡﻞَ ﭐﻟﺬِّڪۡﺮِ ﺇِﻥ ﻛُﻨﺘُﻢۡ ﻟَﺎ ﺗَﻌۡﻠَﻤُﻮﻥَ
    [21:7]…So, ask the people (having the knowledge)
    of the Message, if you do not know…
    SUMMARY OF Maulana Ilyas Idea of
    reformist Movement
    Moulana Ilyas Saheb (Rahimahullah)
    observed that people were too
    engrossed in their worldly activities and
    had forgotten the objective for which
    they had been sent to this world. He
    realized that they had to free some time
    from their worldly engagements, to sit
    and ponder about Allah Ta’ala and their
    purpose for being sent to this world.
    Therefore, he started calling people to
    the masjid, and reminded them about
    Allah Ta’ala and His greatness. Initially
    people rebuked him, they discouraged
    him and used to say that they had no
    time for all of this; but as time went by,
    they realized the truth behind it and the
    need for it, and started joining him in
    calling others towards Allah Ta’ala.
    Thereafter, when more people started
    joining this work, a few guidelines had
    to be set, to make sure that the work was
    done in a proper manner. Different time
    periods of 3 days, 40 days, etc. were set,
    so that people knew for how long they
    had to be away, and could make the
    necessary arrangements for that period.
    Tablighi Jamaat
    1. Around 1910 Malkana tribe (near
    Agra,uttar pardesh,india) who were
    muslim started turning to nonbeliever.
    2. Condition of the mewat tribe (At
    delhi-haryana border in ALWAR and
    Gurgaon district, india) was nearly same
    and were on the verge of becoming
    MURTAD and leaving Islam. According
    to gazette of Alwar and gurgaon” MEW
    tribe are very loose and careless muslim.
    They share most of the customs of other
    religion.There way is to celebrate
    religious function of both community and
    not to do any religious duty of any
    religion.They never go for Haj,but
    celebrate HOLI and Diwali.”
    (Ref:Gazetter of Alwar 1878,gazette of district
    Gurgao 1910) For detail refer book Life and
    mission of maulana ilyas by Maulana abul hasan
    ali nadwi (ali miyan) page 73-79.
    3. The family of Maulana Ilyas was
    having religious connection with the
    people of mewat since his father and
    elder brother Maulana Muhammad .
    4. Maulana Ilyas was very serious and in
    pain from the religious condition of
    Mew tribe.
    5. He adopted different ways for reform/
    taleem of MEW people but situation was
    not under control.
    The evolution of SYSTEM ADOPTED
    BY TJ
    6. The initial Idea of GUSHT (MEETING
    THEIR DOORSTEP and home and doing one to one
    talk with hikmah and love and passion by MAKING
    MEWAT.They were doing it in informal way and
    reported this to Maulan Ilyas. Maulana Ilyas liked
    this method for calling people who are not TALIB
    at all.
    7. Then it evolved to the doing gusht in nearby
    villages making jamaat.There dawat was about
    KALMA and Namaz,but it was not in organized or
    formal way but continued for few years.
    First Jamaat from Firozpur Namak to work
    outsidein 1927
    8. In 1927-28 Maulana Ilyas called the people of
    FIROZPUR NAMAK to devout some time for dawat e
    deen in other area of MEWAT by making jamaat
    9. Initially 6 people became ready for going nearly
    10 days (three elderly namely hafiz Muhammad
    Bin Nor Baksh, Nambardar Mehrab
    Khan,Choudhary Namaz Khan,and three children
    of 12-13 years.)
    Work gained momentum after 1933
    10. Work remained at slow pace till 1933,In the
    winter of 1933 nearly 250 people became ready to
    offer some time and came to DELHI JAMA MASJID.
    Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madni (Rahmatullah
    Alaihi)gave the departure advice to jamaat and it
    was sent to PANIPAT,KARNAL
    Expansion of the work
    With the passage of time People realized
    the importance of Effort of deen to
    strenthen our Iman and Amaal.They
    realized there duty as the ummat of last
    prophet to convey this maasage to
    others also.So people started joining
    them in large number and started
    sacrificing for the cause of Islam.
    Era from 1933 to 1939
    Maulana continued with his work, After
    return from his second Haj he came
    with Istaqamat and Sharah sadr(Allah
    opened his heart to continue with the
    work). But till 1939 it remained largely
    in the area around Mewat, Delhi and
    few districts of western U.P. Largely
    Mewatis played an active participation
    although some of the prominent ulemas
    and shyukh supported it most notably
    Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madni,(R.A)
    and Abdur Raheem sb Raipuri (R.A)
    largely due to the pious personality of
    Maulana Ilyas but by and large it
    remain unattended from Circles of
    ulemas and scholar.
    Attention of Ulemas and Islamic Scholars to the
    work around 1939
    In Dec, 1939, three big personalities of India
    Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi(R.A), Maulana
    Manzoor Nomani(R.A) and Abdul Wahid Sb M.A.
    (R.A),planned to observe the religious work going
    on by different people/organization and to make a
    decision about themselves to join.
    (They visited Saharanpur, Raipur and in Raipur
    Abdurraheem Sb Raipuri advised them to visit
    Maulana Ilyas (R.A.) at NIZAMUDDIN,Delhi and to
    see the ongoing work of Dawah.
    They were aware with the name of maulaana Ilyas
    and had recently read an article about his Dawah
    Movement in Mgazine Tarjumanul Quran of
    SHAABAN 1358 Hijri written by Maulana Abul Ala
    Maudoodi (R.A)(the Renowed writer and founder
    of Jamaat e Islami) ,after visiting Maulana Ilyas at
    Nizamuddin and visiting the areas of mewat. That
    article was in praise of Tabligh work,The title of
    this article was “EK DEENI TAHRREK (A religious
    movement). So with advice of Raipuri Rahmatullah
    Alaihi their plan to visit Nizamuddin became
    (Ref.Autobiography of Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi
    “KARWANE ZINDAGI” vol 4)
    Spread and Acceptance of work by
    Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi R.A started taking
    formal and active participation along
    with Maulana Manzoor Nomani R.A and
    it helped much for spreading of work
    among Ulema and Madarsas.
    With there participation the work got an
    interface at a time when other Ulemas
    were not much attentive to the work.
    Maulana Ilyas has always acknowledged
    it and always praised Maulana Ali
    Ali Miyan visited Peshawar and other
    parts of (Pakistan) undivided India
    besides actively doing the effort in
    India.Apart from this other Ulemas
    were also took part.
    An important Mashwara was called to
    discuss the ways of participation of
    students of Madarsa which was attended
    by Qari Tayyab Sb (R.A) Rector of Darul
    Uloom Deoband, Mufi Kifayatullah Sb
    Mufti e Azam Hind,Maulana Mohammad
    Shafi Sb of Madarsa Abdurrab
    Delhi,Hafiz Abdullateef Sb of Muzahirul
    uloom Saharanpur,Maulana Aizaz
    Ali ,teacher of Darul Uloom
    Deoband,and Maulana zakariya and
    Maulana Abdul Qadir Sb Raipuri
    (Ref :Biography of Ali Miyan:Sawane Mufakkirul
    Islam page no 197-205,Life and mission of
    maulana ilyas page no 159)
    The effect of the work became all inclusive for
    all section of society
    PROPAGATION OD DEEN. He became quiet
    successful in its endevour and work spreaded in
    colleges and university. Students and teachers of
    Jamia Millia Islamia and Aligarh Muslim
    University came closer to the work. Dr Zkair
    Hussain (Former president of india was professor
    at Jamia Millia Islamia that time) was close to
    Maulana Ilyas and used to come Nizamuddin
    regularlyWork also spreaded among business clas
    and other sections of the society. .(Ref Biography
    of Abul Hasan Ali NadviPage no 204,Life and
    mission of maulana Ilyas page no.219 )
    Maulana Ilyas death
    MaulanA Ilyas died on 13 th July 1944. During last
    days of his illness he named a list of 6 persons to
    lead the effort after his death. Maulana
    Muhammad Yusuf son of Maulana Ilyas was one of
    these 6 people. And later on he was selected to lead
    the movement.
    Maulana Yusuf himself was a great scholar of
    Islam. His famous book in Arabic HAYATUS
    SAHABA is like a masterpiece on the practical
    aspect of life of Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu
    Alaihi Wasallam and Sahaba Kara.It is a
    encyclopedic book very popular in the Arab
    World.Its English and urdu translations are
    similarly popular.

    Transnational expansion of tabligh.
    work after 1944….
    Maulana Yusuf was himself a great scholar of
    Hadith and gave the work of dawat the much
    needed scholary support. Apart from HAYATUS
    SAHABAH he also wrote Muntakhab Ahadith
    collection of Ahadith related to six qualities of
    Dawat and Tabligh. During his period work
    spreaded from the Indian subcontinent to other
    parts of the world.A Jamaat went from India to
    Arab which included Maulana Ali Miyan who was
    a prolific writer in Arabic and was popular in
    Arab World and it rooted the work in Arab
    Countries. With passage of time it became a
    transnational movement to strengthen Imaan and
    Amaal e Saliha. Maulana Yusuf died in 1964 at
    Muqami Kaam (effort of deen at home)
    Tabligh work has two facets
    1.Going in the path of Allah for some days.
    2.Doing the Amaal and effort while being at home.
    After Maulana Yusuf, Maulana Inamul Hasan took
    the responsibility to lead the effort. Maulana
    Inaamul Hasan Made a formal Tarteeb of Muqami
    Kam (effort of deen while being at home) and it
    hlped the brothers to strengthen the qualities and
    gain achieved in the path of Allah. And established
    strong connection between Daee and the his
    neihbour and surrounding.
    Maulana Ilyas view was of Taking care
    of whole world
    As Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam
    was last prophet and this ummat has responsibility
    for whole world. So the system of Tabligh has been
    designed to cater all these. To start from oneself to
    whole world. Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi
    Wasallam simultaneously did effort on all front
    eg Even if his family member and people of
    makkah not accepted he went to Taif, even whole
    Arab not accepted he reached to Roman and
    Persian empire and did not waited to be accepted
    by all people of his area to start work in other
    areas. So in tabligh work a system was made to
    cater from onself, to family, to muhallah,to nearby
    town,to country,to whole world.
    E.g FOR INDIVIDUAL :In faradi Amaal,
    tasbeeh,tilawat e quran Taleem ,gusht and effort in
    the pth of allah for person himself,
    Daily Taleem and Muzakra with quran Halqa, .

    FOR MUHALLA: Daily Taleem in mosque, Daily
    meeting with brothers, Daily Mashura, Weekly
    Gusht,and 3 day in a month,
    FOR COUNTRY:40 days

    will also go in the path of Allah obviously under
    the ambit of Shariah Ruling and with many
    restriction always with her Husband/Sharai
    Regarding Dawah among Non
    Maulana Ilyas was in principle very
    serious about the important work of
    Muslim of calling nonbelievers towards
    Allah and the way of Salvation.
    When Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar
    was going to London for Round Table
    Conference Maulana Ilyas wrote him a
    letter drawing his attention to give the
    massage of Allah to british officials
    including the british prime ministr
    churchil.That mean he was very much
    aware of the importance of this aspect.
    But he was of the view that qualities are
    needed in muslims ummah to convey
    the massage of Islam to all mankind in a
    effective way. To put the house of
    muslim in order was of priority
    importance for him. And it has prove
    from Quran and Hadith that taking care
    of muslims is an important aspect of
    In Verse ABASA
    WATAWALLAH………….it has been
    stressed in the chaptor that those who
    are already in the fold should also get
    importance while about others it is not
    certain that they will come into the fold.
    It is necessary to adopt qualities for effective Dawah
    It is also necessary,that one should adorn
    oneself with the qualities of a true Believer.
    He should apply the commands of Deen
    upon himself.
    This includes being punctual upon Salaah
    with Jama’ah (congregation). One should
    refrain from all sins and transgression. One
    should refrain from disobedience, adultery,
    drinking, stealing, transacting in interest,
    lying, backbiting, deceiving, not paying
    people their dues – even if they be non-
    He should deal with compassion and
    kindness. Likewise he should fulfil his
    promises. These are the qualities of a
    Believer. When one will adorn oneself with
    these qualities, he will be loved by the
    people. Hence this will attract them to
    Islam and they will eventually accept it.

    Many of the countries such as Malaysia,
    Indonesia, Philippines, etc. were not
    conquered by Mujahideen. Islam spread in
    the these countries by means of traders
    who were steadfast on Deen. Hence the
    people loved them and enquired from them
    about their religion. Thus they entered into
    the fold of Islam.
    Therefore it is necessary for the Daa’ie to
    adopt these qualities. We thank Allah
    Ta’ala that he granted the Tabligh
    Jama’ah the tawfeeq to adopt this noble
    method. They approach people with love
    and kindness. Hence we find that, due to
    their efforts, great benefit has been
    achieved throughout the world. We pray
    Allah Ta’ala to grant them the ability to
    continue with this good work and may He
    make all their actions solely for Himself.
    May they remain steadfast on this noble
    Da’wah in which there is great benefit for
    Islam and the Believers. Insha Allah.

    • Thank you for sharing this information. I hope people don’t get the impression that I don’t like the Tablighi Jamaat. They have many good attributes and their intentions are sincere and their work is good. But like all of us, they’re not perfect and can change in some areas.

      May reward them and bless them and have mercy on them and all of those who strive in His path, Ameen.

  26. Assalamu Alikum..!!

    Well Brothers.. Instead of blaming Tablighi Jamat.. we should all come forward and play our part to not only improve the working of jamat but also to convince the entire mankind (both Muslims/ non-Muslims) to spend their life according to the orders of ALLAH S.W.T and life of Prophet PBUH..

    Stop talking..!! Its time to act now…!!

    JazakALLAH 🙂

  27. To call this the Tabligh Jamaat is a misnomer. It is the responsibility for every muslim to spread Islam. Lets not point fingers at others who are trying to encourage people to not just be satisfied with their own islam but have concern for the next
    person. If anyone has any ideas on how to improve things then let us do it ourselves insteadvof just talking or typing…may Allah unite all muslims and make it easy.

  28. In the name of Allah, Most Gracious,
    Most Merciful.
    Assalaamu `alaykum waRahmatullahi Wabarakatoh

    1) i just wanted to clear some misconception the 3 days, 40 days 4 months
    It is just for organisational purposes it has no connection what so ever and i was sad that they treated you in such a way for not completing your day, but they must have not been knowledgeable that you must provided for family first.

    2) to go on Jamat is for your own rectification
    you must realizes that you are doing it for your self not for Others, as Hidayah only come form Allah Azwajal.
    Jamat is the from the time of the prophet (SAAW)they used to give dawah to the Muslims who were committing sins numerous Ahadith can be found on this, and they were giving dawah to non Muslims.

    3) Dawah is compulsory on ever Muslim
    you must give dawah to non Muslims as well, however their are many ways this is done via internet, books, lecture, dawah on the streets. but you have to remember that hidayah can ONLY come from Allah SWT for example look at our beloved Muhammad (SAAW)uncle Abu Taalib, did not take sahadah.

    this is my subjective view on Jamat:
    if the way that Muslim carry on there will be people who only have the Muslim name ie some western Muslims Drink, do drugs ect if they do their salah and other pillars fair enough on day Allah Azwajal may change them, but they don’t they are never remembering Allah azwajal not you tell me the difference between then and non Muslims.

    Its like building a house on a week foundation you know that its not feasible thus you must strength the foundation before you (what is the point of expand the ummah converting people in to Muslims, when Muslim don’t act, don’t dress like the way the Muslims should do ie follow the sunnah)

    sorry for my grammar
    may Allah grant us unity and consolidate the ummah just like the time of Muhammad SAAW

    Jazakallah Khair.
    Asalmu alykum

  29. In sha ALLAH am on the way to Bangalore ijtima. Transforming from a namesake Muslim to a stronger Mumin in the past 1 year. With the help of ALLAH, following the sunnah of our prophet and practically following the tarteeb of Tableegh Jamaat. Pray that my family, especially my wife and kids, and all mumins become true Mohibs of ALLAH.

  30. assalamwalaikum warahamatullahi wa barkaathu, vry nice comments and also good advices also , bt i want to add one thing tat plz all shld go in path of allah to make our imaan strong nd v go in jamaat for our hidayat .one request is to go 4m ten u wil ustd

  31. nd my dear bro’s the tableegh jamat is the only one wic makes fikar of schools, colleges.,engineering colleges ,software companies etc theY COME TO US AND GIVE DAWAH TO PERFORM NAMAZ IN COLLEGES .COMPANIES BECAUSE OF THEIR EFFORT TODAY IN OUR COLLEGE V

  32. v perform zohar namaz in colleges bcz allah has made zariya for tableegh jamat to make fikar of tis ummath. I am a engg student after my sslc exam i went for 40days nd i changed my life . Since i am frm quadri family so many my family membes oppose it .

    • Jazzakumullah. You have selected the right way. Some prple are yher who are oppose this jummat not only oppose but also using illigle words against tableeghi jumat Ulma and deobandi sect. I saw a page on Facebook of barelvi sect they were thatuch oppose of deobandi and tableegh even obthink they won’t be that much oppose of jews. My brother i pray for them may Allah Almighty give them the sence to judge these people. I saw lots of bare.lvi people who are now become tableeghi and one of them told me that our Barelvi Ulma stopped us to meet them even and they ban us to not say salam to any deobandi and tableeghi.

  33. my family members oppose it to dont go in jamat bt if allah wants he will choose to his path and nw alhamdulilah everyone wants to go in jamat. So PLZ GO IN JAMAT 4 MONTHS TEN ALLAH MAKES U UNDERSTAND TABLEEGI JAMAAT MEHANAT.

  34. Assalam o Alaikum!
    Dear brothers i read many comments and i feel happiness that maximum people have the possitive comments about Tableegh. Some people rises qustion that why thy are using one book. Dears i have read this book and there are spacific topics which are related to 1. Sahaba R.A waqyat. 2. Quraan 3. Namaaz 4. Zikar . 5. Ramadan .6. Dawate tabligh. In the above the first part of this book has different waqyat ( stories ) of Companions and in the other part of book there are different hadith about Benifiys of Holly Quraan , Prayer ete. And if some one criticise that these hadith are not perfect so I think he is wrong because they have given the whole information about those hadith. Secondly one brother says that they are repeating same speach again and again so the reason for this is that some people who don’t have much knowledge are also given a chance in tableegh to deliver speech so therefore they teach them to talk in a circle. And if you understand that what about they are talking. So i want to tell you about that as well. They delever a speech which is calked in urdu “6 number” the first one is ” kalma e tayyaba” second “namaz” 3rd ” ilm o zikae” 4th “ikrame muslim” 5. “Sahi niat” and 6th ” dawate tableegh” so if a person has knowledge about Islam so he can talk alot on kalmaye tayabba and others as well. And if you hear the speech of ulama like tariq jameel and other tableeghi ulama then you can judge that they all are not repeating the same speech , only those people repeats who are new. So i request those who are against Tablighi jammat please just go 3 days and observe than Inshaallah you will know that they are on the right way. And Remember its our duty to give the message of Islam to the whole huminity.

  35. Assalam ‘O’ Alikum
    Dear all I happy to read all review and all people are agree with the work of the tablighi jamaat
    And Thanks for Shafiullah Kakar you also explain work of tablighi jamaat in brief. I also a member of Tablighi Jamaat and I three years ago I went for 40 days and today I realize I am on Wright way because it’s change my life.
    And I clear the one thing is some people are think tablighi jamaat are work in only Muslims but they don’t know tablighi jamaat are work on whole world and every countries of the world
    My dear friend Tablighi jamaat is one of the Islamic jamaat in the world which have more than 100 to 150 million Followers in 196 countries, Tabligh jamat work start in UK in 1960 and in year 2007 Tablighi members were situated at 600 of Britain’s 1,350 mosques. Tablighi jamaat start in 1926 by Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Kandhalwi. And they reach 196 countries of the world how they do that.
    First remember 1 thing.
    Tablighi jamat are not have any “Website” , any “Face book Page” Any TV Chanel or any type of transmission media to popular their work in the world they believe in face to face meeting with our Muslim brother and give the daw’a of din then how the success. Because the on Wright way they SACRIFICE (the gives Quarbani for 3, days or 40 days or 4 month, 6 month, 1 year they left their houses their family in the way of Allah for some time of period) we know there are many other tanjims in India or in the world they also gives a daw’a and the have their websites, TV Channels, Face book Page but the not reach 196 countries.
    This is the Tablighi Nisab Book and this book are print in more than 30 language and sell in more than 200 countries. My brothers I read this book many times and I don’t know why people are not like this (book is give the information of Fazail of particular aamals) all hadis are in this book are not hit to Aqida(Faith) or Shariat or not make any VIOLONCE or even not change the any single step of any Aamal like Sala(Namaz), Roza, Haj, Jakat, etc.
    This book is only Encourage people to do more Aamal, Pray Sala, Make Roza , Do Haj, Give Jakat, Give Sadka, in this book many Wakiat of Sahaba this is also encourage people to do Aamal like sahaba go on the way of sahaba.
    And my Friends: I request don’t comment on tablighi jamaat activities if you don’t have the correct knowledge of it.
    I will give some reference of hadis and Quran for those people who says daw’a is only for Non Muslims and Not for the Muslims.

  36. Assalamuwalaikum,

    Alhumdulillaha all praise to allaha subano ta’ala…..

    The first aheshan that allaha pak did for us is creating us human being.

    The second aheshan allaha pak did for us by giving our birth as born muslims ,

    The third aheshan he did for us is by making us ummati mohammadi (SAW)…

    All living beings from the start to qayamat, even the non-living things if given their speech praise for allaha once at a time, the next time they praise 100 times more, the third time they praise more than before and they do so from the begining of the world to akhirat,, and if all their praise are accumulated together then my allaha subhan-o-ta’ala is much more greater than that. When he is so endless big and powerful and created us, then there must be a purpose…

    Now think like this — some people goes to TJ,, and some never goes to TJ and hate it,, and some instead of participating keep on drawing conclusions and waste their valuable time for the preperation of akherat. Now let me say for those who are active members of TJ if try to make people understand by writing then they can’t fulfil the requirements of anyone asking questions. — My motive is to draw everyones attention that — TJ in one way can be said as— no person in the world can make anyone understand what TJ is all about..

    My humble request to every one is that like any people earn engineering degree by spending 22-23 years of study, like medical students give their 23-24 years of study to become a doctor, similarly if any one spend his whole life he /she will be unable to repay the aheshan that allaha subhan-ota’ala did for us. So
    wouldn’t it be very little time repay for us to spend only 120 days in TJ ? Just my friends talking and writing won’t let us make understand what things are all about — just once we perform the first 120 days and then spend rest of our life in fikr of ummat by following tarteeb, paanch kam and all takazah that comes in our way then we will get all answers that creep up on our mind. Allaha knows better… the time is less and we are heading towards akherat so why waste time join as early as we can….

    A single question from me will make everyones query clear :
    Just tell me a way how this can be achieve : If anyone can, I will follow that path :

    Allaha pak let us know all the best among the different criteons
    Like human beings are the best of creation
    Arabic is the best of the languages
    Similarly ******* are the most dangerous enemies of the muslim.

    So one muslim alim named as Maulana Oilpuri went to Thailand during his behroon jamaat and met one ******* alim:

    Conversation goes like that :
    ***** Alim : I have seen on fridays during juma, mosques get filled up:
    Maulana Olipuri : Thats right.

    ***** Alim : What is the percentage of namazis during fazr ?
    Maulana Olipuri : ‘Realized any other answer would complicate things and will lead to urguments.’, And said- Its a handful, not even 5 % of juma.

    ***** Alim : Means how much in counting ?
    Maulana Olipuri : Its very sad to say that in somewhere only one or two, ie. Imam and Muhazzin

    ***** Alim : Laughs and says– oh its fine then,, now we are safe… In our kitaab it is written that when the number of people in Zuma and Farz equals in all mosques. Muslim will begin rising from then in the world and they will have nothing to worry.

    Maulana Olipuri : Realizes and prays to allaha that I am in the right path,, and also prays for every ummah to know their zimmadari.

    TJ is work to beg and beg to people and brothers ‘come to mosque’ –‘come to mosque’,, come and become allaha wala, become allahawala,,, if anyone does this definitely at the end of his life he will become an allahawala….

    Now is there any work better than this…..

  37. Sorry! I am not pure tablighi that’s why i dont have a polite nature and ultimately may be using harsh words

    Objection (01) “The Talks”

    I have a question, why you (Nauzubillah) change or replace the words which you read in 5 time daily prayers…

    What if i am 50 years old and i can not remember much islamic data,

    what if i dont have much collection of authentic data….

    i request , pls understand the islam in depth , first, then you will get this that if a person is repeating the same words means he needs our attention or it is weakness of our society that he could not increase his knowledge.

    Remember it. this is ‘ilhami’ work and can not be understand by without purified heart

  38. Objection (02) restricted days

    ” Although its not at level of ‘fardh’ … but for completing the time time once decided in Shura can easily be understand if you have a slightly knowledge of Fiqh and Ijtehad….

    For example…..

    Ulama kiram have decided that a person who do not complete 8 years course from any Madarsah ‘ islamic School’ can not be called as Aalim and if not further spent in “Takhasssus” (specialization) can not be called as Mufti, and ,if any person completes 8 year course but not specialization and give ‘fatwah’ then his ‘fatwah’ would not be acceptable and valid.

    Can anyone prove it from Ahadith or ijmaa’ of course ,No! but this parameter is absolutely right…. even ulama can show ahadith or life of Sahaba wherefrom we can extract the evidence of 3 days, 40 days, 4 months, one year and even each and every amal is being done in jammat

  39. Objection (03) ISOLATION

    I can not talk in context of american environment as i dont have much knowledge of there.. (WALLAH O ALAM)

  40. Objection (5) Fadail e Amal:

    who wrote Fadail-e-amal:

    Many scholars get popular with different given name in Pak India continent, like:

    Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (RA) with ” Hakimul Ummat”
    Moulana Mehmoodul Hassan (RA) with ” Sheikhul Hind”


    Moulana Zakariya (RA) writer of said book with “Sheikhul Hadith”

    We all stupid are vociferously saying ‘ daeef daeef” Weak ahadeeth….

    As per Fiqh Hanfi ” Adoption of Week ahadith only for fadial purpose are msutahib while can not be adopted for massail”…

    Tabligh dont enforce anyone to adopt only this book, try to adopt the crux.

    If anyone is condemning or consider Fadaile Amal as unnecessary.. you dont know that you will loose all majmua (People) of Pak- India means who belongs to
    Fiqh Hanfi (WALLAH O ALAM)

  41. Who will care of the entire ummah including a person who is living in the last corner (far away village) of Pakistan/ Africa.

    “ALLAH’s open help”

    Can any one prove that Tablighi jammat is collecting donation/ money for administrative purpose , if no and of course No! then how they are running their all system?

    In Pakistan almost all of the religious parties have stopped their ijtimmats but not tablighi jammat and without government security (real sense security). who is securing the entire majmuah (people). no one except ALLAH SWT.

    At last i request you to spend not less than 04 months in path of ALLAH (SWT) then you will realize the importance of that work otherwise no one can understand such work through talks…

    Remember,, Request for 04 months is only for those person who want to go. if anybody dont want to go should not rais question on such request… (Its for believers)


  42. alhamdolillah i am sunni muslim salah is must and as for as preaching is concern no one is watching our salah except allah but our dail life activities like rasoolallahsaw and his sahaba that will help us totally to think and then follow islam both muslim and nonmuslim as for as to me bukharee shareef is the one of the most authentic book of hadeez i think every muslim group and individualy every muslim should solve there problems in life may allah have mercy on mankind particularly on ummah of mohammadsaw ameen

  43. Asc brothers
    I very much agree with your ideology of the tablighi Jamat. I to have been very much involved in it. I have to say though that 3 days and 40 days is not wajjib or compulsory. The sahaba r.a. Spent their lives giving dawah. The 1 and only reason that this number of days have been given is for tarteeb. If you need to go home after 1 day that is completely okay or 2 days or 5 days. And if any brothers have made you feel ill of that may Allah forgive them. But let’s not misunderstand this also you are responsible to give dawah to your family above all and stop them from munkar. And if going out for khuruj is difficult then stay at home.

  44. Assalamualikum brothers/sisters.
    I personally feel that the only one way in the world by which we can save our muslim brothers is by doing tabligh.I have seen people who went into jamat for 40 days have changed their behaviour and now are attending their namaz before that they are like mushrikeens.Allah had accepted this work and spreaded in the whole world ,if allah didn’t accepted this work then it may not have gone so far.This movement of taligh is started by Hazrat Illyas (R.A) in Nizamuddin (india) and prayed to Allah not to make any short in the food who come to learn Emaan from different countries ,allah had accepted his Dua and now in Nizamuddin bangla markaz they too even don’t know from where the food is coming and who is paying the bill of Gas.Many people don’t know this .This can e wierd to hear but this is oone of miracle of allah which will continue upto qayamat as zamzam is coming in mecca.And while coming to Fazaile Amaal it is not a ordinary book,it was structured in a way by Sheikhul Hadith(Person who teaches Bukhari Shareef) Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya (Rah) which is divided into 6 parts with great efforts which gives us great strenght to build our yakeen and Emaan on allah.All the doings in jamat are according to prophet sunnats and sahaba it is we who makes differences in them .Fazaile Amaal is the second largest book after quran read in whole country.And even prophet muhammad(saws) said as in this hadith: Ibn Abbas (RA) said, Ali (RA) said: “I feel cool breeze from Hind.” Mustadrak Al-Haakim Hadith 3954. Hakim said, ‘This Hadith is Sahih on the conditions of [Sahih] Muslim.This means prophet (saws) directing winds of Hidayath from india but many people thinking in different way.

  45. Hazrat Molana Ilyas (Rh) encouraged fe-sabilillah path of Allah..He didn’t named it as Tablighi Jamat bt the people did. He says if he was to name it he would love to call it as ‘Tehrik-e-Iman (Giving a change/Movement in Iman/yaken/Faith..) And dats so all for true…Molana Ilyas was a very pious person. He used to cry at nights always tensed about the state of Ummah. The way Ummah is moving.. The are losing the interest, which was a very huge loss… Although dis work TJ is not something new but a practice of Muhammed SAW and his Sahaba RA.. All you need is time and devotion to go through history,events, sacrifices.. And not believing every false rumours and acting like Fools..I request to those and to every1 who thinks that TJ is something new or biddah or a wrong act must MUST give their time and get a experience den judge..This work was started with so much sacrifice and efforts.. Molana used to cry and ask Allah the Merciful for Ummah..It was Started in Accordance with this, Allah’s BLESSINGS.. I repeat stick to Masjid, give time in Allah’s path and experience.. You need to enter into the swimming pool to b an expert swimmer, learn swimming.. You just can’t read the books and instructions and be a swimmer.. I request Avoid Rumours.. Love Every one, Respect for All, this is the message of TJ. this Organisation is safe/clean from Firqa/wariyat.. Being Ummah..*United#


    May ALLAH S.W.T. multiply of all the effort you’ve made and forgive and enlighten those giving a misconception as part of our living to make mistakes. But be consistency in the Qur-an and Ahadith, if argument finds difficulty. Because, everything is there!!!

  47. tableekh walon tum log sirf mardon ko kharab kar rahay aur yeh dars dairay ho kai shadian karo yeh sunnat hai
    sunnat shadi kay mmamlay mein yaad aa jati hai baaqi zindagi kay maamlaat mein sunnat kahan gaee
    tum log baaz aa jao yeh dars daonay se mardon ko bigar rahay ho kharab kar rahay ho aur yeh pata hai ? kai shadi ki sunnat ko poora kaisay karna hai?

  48. Respected Lady,
    Walikum As Salam wo Rehmatullah!
    I was pleased to see your comment about Tablighi Jamaat, for whom women are just a creature used by men inspite of The Farmans of Our dear Nabi(PBUH) to treat them politely and live as instructed in Sunnah.Indefinitely the husbands in Tablighi Jamaat go out fo forty days/ larger period without permission and without making arrangements for their maintenance.

  49. asma tahir…agar apka husband paise kr liye jaata to apko kuch be yaad nahi rahta siwaye paise…wo sirf allah ke waste ja raha hi na us liye apko takleef ho rahi hai……tum sudhar javo pehle…

  50. ASA,

    Many have been folded back to Islam through tabligh. The initial intention was good and meant to strengthen community level. However, over time became to affiliated with a certain school of thought and area w/o considering the diversity in school of thought (Hanafi) with exaggeration into the Imam’s attributes. Also it is not the number of followers that is of concern but the ideological mechanism that has historically changed societies and nations. Tabligh are always emphasizing you must go and sacrifice (3 days, 40 days, local jawla). Islam is sacrifice 24 hrs/day with our family, neighbors, colleagues at work, a business trip I take can be sacrifice and dawah if we are 24hrs God conscious (taqwa) in our behavior/actions understanding Idlamic principles. So do not have to take ‘Iman’ morphine shots and this makes Islam unpractical. Some brothers that do on tabligh have some serious psychological issues (abuse, job, etc) and tabligh pose one solution for all and brothers go home with same issues wheeras Prophet Mohammed dealt with each individual based in their background and physiological level. In this regards, find tabligh counterproductive, main country where is active has the most corruption. Simple things like volunteering at elderly homes in west, helping abuse, etc., corruption will just magically go away? Also involvement of women is non-existent and a complete patriarchy cal structure, all the the taken books are by men and bays s to both sexes, there is no viewpoint and teaching from women. Let us not forget, women and men were in the same mosque during the time of the prophet, we need to mature to understand the presence of women will only lead to fitnah and are a different species. We should be all of to the works as all will parish and not develop it? Development of the earth is part of Islam and such a philosophy has left Muslim nations non-productive, relying on other countries, which only leads to exploitation. Laws and ideology affect human behavior and until this nothing will change, prophets came to implement law and develop acceding to principles of Islam. Unfortunately, what we observe in Muslim countries and movements is the personification of individuals as deities rather than aspiring the principles and Siffat (names of Allah taught to Adam), which we all can become and allow the Quran to replenish each generation with new thoughts and development for mankind. Currently, because of nation-state deforestation mentality, the history of Islam is not regarded as entire mankind history, the Greeks, chineses, etc are all part of the ummah and Islam is present regardless of our practice as the earth is in continual orbit and everything is obeying Allah’s command, it is a sad state of affairs where Muslims have become the ‘chosen people’ and claim to be the best nation, without contributing to mankind and romanticizing the past, awaiting prophecies to fulfill whereas Allah has equipped us with faculties to crest and innovate for every generation.

    • Dear & Sister in Islam, I request all of you to spend some with Muslim brothers doing the effort of Deen i.e. Islam. It is an effort to obey all commands of ALLAH subhanaahou taalla according to way of last prophet of ALLAH euthanasia taalla.

  51. ASA,

    Many have been folded back to Islam through tabligh. The initial intention was good and meant to strengthen community level. However, over time became to affiliated with a certain school of thought and area w/o considering the diversity in school of thought (Hanafi) with exaggeration into the Imam’s attributes. Also it is not the number of followers that is of concern but the ideological mechanism that has historically changed societies and nations. Tabligh are always emphasizing you must go and sacrifice (3 days, 40 days, local jawla). Islam is sacrifice 24 hrs/day with our family, neighbors, colleagues at work, a business trip I take can be sacrifice and dawah if we are 24hrs God conscious (taqwa) in our behavior/actions understanding Islamic principles. So do not have to take ‘Iman’ morphine shots and this makes Islam unpractical. Some brothers that are on tabligh have some serious psychological issues (abuse, job, etc) and tabligh pose one solution for all and brothers go home with same issues whereas Prophet Mohammed dealt with each individual based in their background and physiological level (counseling careers, marriage, etc). In this regards find tabligh counterproductive as main country where is active has the most corruption. Simple things like volunteering at elderly homes, helping abuse, etc., corruption will just magically go away? Also involvement of women is non-existent and a complete patriarchal structure, all the the tbooks are by men and bayans to both sexes, there is no viewpoint and teaching from women. Let us not forget, women and men were in the same mosque during the time of the prophet, we need to mature to understand the presence of women will only lead to fitnah and are a different species (m and are humans, who men can learn from The constant feeding of everything on earth will parish and not develop it? Development of the earth is part of Islam and such a philosophy has left Muslim nations non-productive, relying on other countries, which only leads to exploitation. Laws and ideology affect human behavior and until does not change, nothing will change, prophets came to implement law and develop according to principles of Islam. Unfortunately, what we observe in Muslim countries and movements is the personification of individuals as deities rather than aspiring the principles and Siffat (names of Allah taught to Adam), which we all can become and allow the Quran to replenish each generation with new thoughts and development for mankind. Currently, because of nation-state defeatist colonial mentality, the history of Islam is not regarded as entire mankind history, the Greeks, chineses, etc are all part of the ummah and Islam is present regardless of our practice as the earth is in continual orbit and everything is obeying Allah’s command, it is a sad state of affairs where Muslims have become the ‘chosen people’ and claim to be the best nation, without contributing to mankind and romanticizing the past, awaiting prophecies to fulfill whereas Allah has equipped us with faculties to crest and innovate for every generation.

  52. Salaam everyone.
    I started going on jamaat in my teens. Im 30 now. My uncle is one of the leaders of the movement here in my town but I generally don’t have a favourable opinion about the jamaat. I am not a bigot and I try not to criticise anyone unfairly, my feelings only reflect my personal experiences.

    I will start by saying that yes many Muslims have found their way back to Islam through the efforts of tablighi Jamaat for which they deserve praise and respect. Also the issue of faza’il a’maal isn’t very troubling to me because scholars say it is permissible to quote weak hadith for the sake of motivating people do perform virtuous acts.

    As for the they are:

    1) Tablighi Jamaat has become exclusivistic (although they make no EXPLICIT exclusivistic claims) and the arguments they cite to justify their activities are very tenous and fallacious! For instance its common to hear ‘THIS is the work of the prophets’ when encouraging people to go out with them. Firstly why are you reducing da’wah to one particular interpretation and imposing that interpretation on everyone else? Dawah can be done in many ways! Not all involve sitting in a mosque for 3 days.
    Secondly your claim is false. The prophets did not do exactly what you are doing. Yes they did dawah but not in the form you’re doing it. THats NOT to say jamaat is a bidah its just that they should be honest in their claims. Saying something like ‘dawah is the work of the prophets and the tablighi jamaat attempt to fulfill certain aspects of this practise’ is more accurate.

    2) the term dawah isnt even right. Because they don’t give dawah. dawah is to non muslims. naseehah is to muslims. And thats important to realise coz the average muslim will feel compelled to join you if you say ‘we’re doing dawah’ coz everyone knows dawah is important. thats a salesman tactic!

    3)The jamaat is very cultic, stifling and lacks creativity. The methodology and practise of jamaat is not an inherent part of Islam and yet its treated as though it is. suggest changing certain things and you’ll likely be accused of blasphemy. if you ask to read another book instead of fazail amaal, or question the effectiveness of certain things you’ll be reprimanded.

    4) seeking knowledge outside of jamaat is given no priority. People join the club and remain lifelong members which is indicative of a cult. Jamaat is supposed to be a means NOT an end! It’s meant to be a means of taking folks off the street, inspiring them to change and become better muslims. part of that involves getting in touch with ulema outside of jamaat and gaining knowledge. How many jamaat memebers do u know that have gone on to learn arabic for instance? Yet i would argue learning arabic is a huge priority. They’ve got the time to keep going on jamaat for years on end but when it comes to learning beneficial ilm that will enhance their understanding of the quran and improve salah they’ll say they dont have the time!

    5)If the jamaat movement is going to make exclusivistic claims and see itself as the only movement that is truly doing dawah (in all its forms) then it has to take responsibility for the following deficiencies:

    – not engaging non muslims (if you claim you’re doing dawah in its complete sense, which they do.. then THIS IS dawah. why is it being neglected? saying we need to sort ourseleves out first is not an answer if you’re making exclusivistic claims!)

    – where is the movements response to orientalists’ critiques of islam? rebuttals to anti islamic sites, videos and books. Where is their response to new atheism. And i’m not just saying this for the sake of it. My best friend left islam last year because of richard dawkin’s book about evolution.

    – what services do they provide for converts?

    So if jamaatis are going to continue eulogising their own group and extoling it’s virtues they need to embrace these failings. The other option is to state the truth which is ‘we are one of many reformists movements within sunni islam trying to serve the deen, we are no better that any other group AND we actually mean THAT! you may serve Islam in different ways. if you dont join us that is fine as long as you try to get involved to serve the deen according to your abilities in some way. And our movement is only addressing a particular niche which is to bring Muslims back to Islam and NOTHING MORE. We don’t claim to be representatives and ambassadors of islam more than any other organisation and we are only fullfing one function out of many’

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