Getting Started With Islamic Learning Materials

What Is Islamic Learning Materials?

Islamic Learning Materials is a network of websites, blogs, and podcasts that are designed to help spread Islamic information and education.

There are three fundamental rules that underlie everything we do here at Islamic Learning Materials:

  1. Islam is simple and easy to implement
  2. Islam can and does improve life when practiced wholeheartedly
  3. Islam is appropriate for all times, circumstances, and situations.

Islam is Simple.

Many Muslim labor under the idea that Islam is a difficult religion to practice.

They believe that if you don’t speak fluent Arabic, and have not spent seven years at a Madrasah, you have no understanding of Islam.

That is simply not true.

Allah did not send this message for the elites or for those who happened to be born in an Arabic speaking country. He did not give us this way of life to be difficult.

We believe that Islam is easy, but our cultures, biases, and weaknesses have made it seem difficult.

At Islamic Learning Materials, we hope to simplify the study of Islam by making it fun, interesting, and easy to digest without compromising our values and principles.

So we created a range of products to accomplish this goal. We have articles and podcasts on various Islamic topics that make it easy for you to increase your knowledge of Islam.

You can do this without leaving your home country or going away to study for years at a time.

Here are some subjects you can study with us:

Islam Improves Your Life

Practicing Islam should not make your life worse. In fact, it should make your life better.

This doesn’t mean you won’t have challenges. But we believe that if you are made aware of how to use Islam in different parts of your life, you will ultimately experience improvement in that area.

Therefore, we don’t simply focus on the do’s and donts of Islam. Instead, we try to help you discover how to apply Islam to those parts of your life that need work.

If you need help spiritually, here are some links you may find useful:

If you want to increase your knowledge of Islamic history, check out these links:

If you need advice in your relationships, perhaps you’ll find these links helpful:

Islam Is For All Times

Islam has not gone out of style. Nor is it unfit for today’s problems.

We believe Islam is for all people and all times. In fact, we’ve found evidence that even non-Muslims benefit from living by Muslim values.

Whatever your situation or condition, Islam has a solution for you.

Do you want to express yourself or perhaps create a side business? Check out our Muslim Podcast Tutorial (Coming Soon, Inshallah!)

Are you in need of financial advice? Perhaps this discussion about Muslims and debt will benefit you.

Not feeling very productive these days? Here are some resources you may find valuable:

Use the search box at the top of this page to broaden or narrow your search. We’re sure you’ll find something on Islamic Learning Materials to help you move forward.

Here is a complete list of titles under Islamic Learning Materials: