Six Pillars Articles Faith

Six Pillars Articles Faith

There are three levels of belief that Muslims should aspire to. They are:

Islam – The easiest level attained by simply taking Shahada and fulfilling the five pillars. This person is called a Muslim.

Imaan – The second level is when we sincerely and truly accept the articles of Islamic faith. This person is called a Mu’min.

Ihsaan – The most difficult level to achieve. This is when we actually worship Allah as if we see Him, knowing that although we can’t, He surely sees us. This person is called a Muhsin.

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Belief in Allah (Islamic Monotheism>

Tawheed, or monotheism in Islam, is very unique. Muslim beliefs of monotheism are very different from other faiths.

All faiths have some similarities and likenesses. But Islam distinguishes itself from all others with its pure monotheistic values. Muslims practice monotheism the way it should be. Muslims practice pure, unadulterated worship of one, sole creator.

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The Books of Allah

As Muslims, we must accept and believe in all of the Books of Allah. It is a required part of our faith. We cannot accept the book revealed to Prophet Muhammad and reject the book of Prophet Moses (peace be upon them both).

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Angels in Islam

The concept of angels in Islam is probably very different from anything you’ve ever heard before. Western society has idealized angels to the point most people think they’re naked babies with arrows and blonde locks. This concept is actually derived from pagan Greek and Roman beliefs in the false deity Cupid. But angels in Islam hold a very high and sacred place.

Let’s first discuss the concept of Angels in Islam. Popular mythology suggests that there are angels who have disobeyed and rebelled against Allah (God). To Muslims, this idea is foolishness. Angels in Islam do not have the ability to choose as humans do. In Islam, angels were not created with a will and therefore do not disobey Allah. They do whatever Allah tells them to do.

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Prophets in Islam

Before talking about the prophets in Islam, I would like to give you an analogy. Well, it’s kind of like a story and an analogy, but it should help explain the significance of the prophets in Islam.

I remember when I first learned to drive. It was in Brooklyn, NY and I was really nervous. I’m glad I didn’t hit anything and I got my license on my first try. Fortunately I had a good teacher.

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Qadr and Qadar – Fate and Destiny

Let me ask you another question.

When you woke up this morning, did you know you would be reading this article?

Most likely you did not. Most likely you made a random set of choices that led you to this page. In a small sense, those choices you made, brought forth your destiny which was reading this page.

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