Repentance in Islam

Do you take Tawbah, repentance, seriously?

If you do, then are you doing it on a daily basis? If not, did you know that the Prophet of Allah (pbuh) used to repent 70 times a day?

And in another narration, he repented 100 times a day!


Taubah, Repentance in Islam

Are you even repenting once a day? What’s wrong with Muslims today that so many have just cast repentance aside? How can people go years and decades without ever truly repenting for their sins?

Look, if you’re reading this that means you’re still alive and you still have time. You need to get busy right now!

Watch this video and from this point forward…make Tawbah (Repentance) a part of your daily routine. Just like you sin regularly, you need to be repenting regularly also.


You have to keep Tawbah on your mind. The more you think about it, the more you become aware of your shortcomings, the more inclined you’ll be to seek Allah’s forgiveness, Inshallah.

Here are some books and CD’s with more information about repentance. I’m not familiar with all of the materials, but they all came from Darussalam and I have always been satisfied with their products. These are affiliate links, meaning earns a small percentage of anything you purchase through this website.

Purification of the Heart: Love, Fear, and Tears by Yahya Abdul Bary (4 CD’s).

Stories of Repentance.

Tears of Hope: Benefits of Repentance by Safi Khan (4 CD’s).

Repent to Allah.

Seeking Forgiveness.

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