Prophet Ibrahim

Prophet Ibrahim

Proof That Prophet Ibrahim Was Muslim

Did you know there’s proof that Prophet Ibrahim was Muslim? It is in the Quran, where Allah says:

And Ibrahim was not a Jew and he was not a Christian, but he was an upright Muslim and he was not an idolater.

The proof of this verse is easy to establish. First, the word “Jew” comes from the Hebrew tribe of Judah. This tribe descended from Prophet Yaqoob (Jacob) who was the son of Ishaaq (Isaac) who was one of the sons of Ibrahim (Abraham).

Therefore, Prophet Ibrahim was the great-grandfather of the man from whom the Jews would spring. Hence, it is impossible for Prophet Ibrahim himself to be Jewish. And of course he couldn’t be Christian. Christians are those who profess to follow the teachings of Isa Al-Masih (Jesus Christ).

Prophet Ibrahim certainly didn’t follow the teachings of modern-day Christians who believe in the Trinity. And Prophet Ibrahim certainly couldn’t follow a man who was born over a thousand years after he died. And there’s more than enough sufficient proof in both the Quran and the Bible establishing that Ibrahim was far from being an idolater.

But a Muslim is someone that submits themselves to the will of Allah. Prophet Ibrahim was most certainly that as we’ll soon see, Inshallah. But Allah goes further than that. Allah declares in the above verse that Prophet Ibrahim was more than just a Muslim.

He was “Hanifan Musliman,” meaning he was a “Righteous Muslim.” Using this reason, we can see that all of the prophets in Islam were Muslim. Without a doubt, Allah has spoken a mighty truth.

Prophet Ibrahim Tries to Guide His People

Prophet Ibrahim was born in Babylon, in modern day Iraq. From the beginning, Ibrahim was inclined towards monotheistic worship. Ibrahim’s tribe worshiped idols as did most of the world at that time. Ibrahim often challenged his father and tribesmen, questioning the futility of worshiping inanimate objects.

Ibrahim would speak so harshly about the idols his people worshiped, that his father even threatened to stone him. Despite these threats, Prophet Ibrahim continued to pray for his father’s forgiveness and salvation. Ibrahim tried to guide his people towards Islamic monotheism through allegories and hypothesis.

He once declared openly to his people that a star was his lord. But when the star set, Ibrahim said he didn’t like that which set. Then when the moon came out, he declared the moon to be his lord. But when the moon set, he lamented that he’d go astray unless his Lord guided him.

So when the sun rose, Ibrahim declared it to be his lord as that was greatest thing in the sky. But when the sun set, Prophet Ibrahim turned to his people and said “Oh my people, surely I am free of that which you associate with Allah.”

This method of debating shows how Ibrahim tried to make his people realize that none of those heavenly bodies should be worshiped. But when his people still refused to believe, Prophet Ibrahim turned it up a notch.

One day, his people left to attend a festival. Ibrahim feigned illness so he wouldn’t have to attend the polytheistic party, and so he could put his plan into action. While they were gone, Ibrahim went to the temple where the tribe’s idols were kept. He broke all of them except the biggest one of all.

When the people came back, they found their idols broken into pieces and they immediately knew Prophet Ibrahim was responsible. When questioned about the incident, Ibrahim said: “It was the biggest of them that did it. So ask them if they are able to speak.”

His people were baffled and admitted: “You know they cannot speak.” This simple admission should have brought them to their senses and made them realize there’s no purpose in worshiping idols. Instead, they got angry with Prophet Ibrahim and decided to burn him alive.

They captured him and bound him and built a great fire. But when they threw him into the fire, Allah ordered it to be cool. His people eventually released Ibrahim when they saw the fire could not harm him.

Prophet Ibrahim and His Wife Sarah

After this incident Ibrahim decided to leave with his wife Sarah. They headed to Egypt which was ruled by a tyrannical king. It was known that this king would kidnap and rape beautiful women and kill their husbands.

When they entered the first town in Egypt, Prophet Ibrahim instructed his wife to pretend they were siblings. Sure enough, the king’s men kidnapped Sarah, and Ibrahim had to say that she was his sister rather than his Muslim wife.

Sarah was taken to the king’s palace, but when he tried to rape her, he was seized with convulsions. The convulsions did not stop until he backed away from her. The king tried to approach her three times before realizing this was not a woman to be messed with. Thinking that she was a devil, the king quickly returned her to Ibrahim along with a slave named Hajjar.

This episode marks the third and final time that Prophet Ibrahim lied. Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said that Prophet Ibrahim only lied three times.

  • The first was he told his people he was sick during the festival.
  • The second was when he blamed the big idol for breaking the smaller ones.
  • The third was when he said Sarah was his sister.

Prophet Ibrahim’s Progeny

For many years, Prophet Ibrahim and his wife Sarah had no children. Concerned that Ibrahim would have no progeny, Sarah encouraged him to sleep with the slave Hajjar. The result of this union was another prophet named Ismail.

However, after Ismail was born, Sarah began to show resentment towards Hajjar. Prophet Ibrahim decided to relocate Hajjar and Ismail to the valley of Bakka. This valley would eventually become the city of Mecca where the Kaaba now stands and where millions of Muslims make the Hajj pilgrimage every year. Islam, Judaism and Christianity are often called Abrahamic faiths.

This is because all three religions trace their roots back to Prophet Ibrahim. Sarah eventually bore a son for Prophet Ibrahim named Ishaaq, who would also become a prophet. Prophet Ishaaq’s progeny would eventually give rise to the Israelites and by extension, the Jewish and Christian faiths as well.

Prophet Ismail’s progeny would be the Arabs from whom Prophet Mohammed would rise as the last and final prophet in Islam. Also See: Islam History The Kaaba Leave Prophet Ibrahim and return to home page.

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15 Responses to Prophet Ibrahim

  1. Assalamu alaikum,

    Why are you using the phrase “sleep with her” in reference to Prophet Ibrahim marring Hajjar and conceiving a child from her. It is more respectful to use the word marry when referring to such a person as Prophet Ibrahim, who is among the 5 BEST HUMAN BEINGS ALLAH EVER CREATED. Please take this sincere advice into consideration. Thank you

    Jazak allahu khayran

    • Wa alaikumus Salaam,

      The quote in question is: “Sarah encouraged him to sleep with the slave Hajjar.”

      I agree this may be a poor choice of words. However, I did not find any conclusive evidence in the Quran or Sunnah that Prophet Ibrahim actually married Hajjar. Hajjar was a slave and Allah allows Muslim men (even during Prophet Ibrahim’s a.s. time) to have sex with their slaves. It is not a sin and not something that should be considered shameful.

      Also, this quote was in reference to Sarah’s point of view, not Prophet Ibrahim a.s.

      While I would certainly consider using a better phrase, I cannot say that Prophet Ibrahim married her if it is not true that he did.

      And Allah knows best.

  2. I just want to say that Sarah did not resent Hajar at any time in her life. And also that Propeht Ibrahim married Hajar in the truest sense in those time periods.

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