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Zero To Hero: The Incredible Story of Wahshi Ibn Harb

wahshi-ibn-harb-square-tile-3This is one of the greatest stories of redemption in history. This is the story of Wahshi Ibn Harb, an Ethiopian slave living in Mecca during the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). In order to obtain his freedom, he must kill Hamza, the Prophet’s uncle.

Follow Wahshi through his journey from hired pagan killer to noble Muslim hero.

You’ll hear the stories of the Battles of Badr, Uhud, and Mecca.

You’ll hear how the various tribes rebel against Abu Bakr when he becomes the first Caliph.

You’ll hear how Khalid Ibn Waleed leads the Muslim armies in a war against false prophets, rebels, and finally, Musailamah The Liar.

This is one story you won’t want to miss. This is the story of the early development of the Caliphate and one man’s search for redemption.

Assassins vs Saladin vs The Mongols

assassins-saladin-mongols-square-tile-3The Assassins have survived warfare, sieges, and vindictive rulers. In the 12th and 13th centuries they faced two new challenges.

Their first challenger was a newcomer on the scene. No one knew Saladin would become the liberator of Jerusalem when he became ruler of Egypt. But with his sights set on adding Syria to his realm, he came into conflict with the fearsome Assassins.

Sixty years later, the Assassins would face a new threat, and one that could not be taken lightly. The Mongols were headed into Persia and the castles of the Assassins were in their path.

The Brothers Dracula


The word dracula means “Son of Dracul” and comes from the Romanian word for dragon. Order of the Dragon was a monastic order involved in the Crusades (Societas Draconis in Latin).

This story is about the evil warlord named Vlad Dracula from where the popular horror story comes from.

But more importantly, it  is also about how Vlad’s Muslim brother, Radu, fought to bring this monster to justice.

This is the true untold story of how Muslims saved Europe from one of the most murderous, villainous creatures to ever walk the earth.

Don’t believe Hollywood; believe history.


The Slander of Imam Bukhari

slander-bukhariThis episode details the persecution of those Muslims who did not believe the Quran was created. It also shows how this period led to one of our most beloved scholars, Imam Bukhari, to be slandered unjustly.