Pay It Forward – Islam Style

Good Is Good

For just a few minutes, I want you to watch the video below. Don’t worry about the fact that the people within it are Christian or that they may say some things that don’t sound quite right. Just ignore that stuff for a few minutes. Instead of focusing on whether what they’re saying or what they believe is in line with Islamic teachings, focus on the overall quality of their actions. This is a very inspiring story and one I hope more Muslims try to emulate in their lives.

Start At Home

Let me correct that last sentence I made before the video. I’m not worried about other Muslims “paying it forward.” I’m worried about this Muslim “paying it forward.”

First, I’m going to find someone to do something good for. Furthermore, the next time someone does something good for me, I’m going to try to do something good for another person. I have no right encouraging others to do good and I’m not doing it myself.

I need to first worry about saving myself from the fire. Then I can focus on trying to save others, including my family. As Allah says in His book:

Oh you who believe! Save yourselves and your families from a fire whose fuel is men and stones. Chapter 66, verse 6.

Correct Your Intentions

Inshallah, I hope you decide to do the same thing as well. Just make sure you keep one thing in mind. While this little boy’s story may be inspiring, make sure that you’re not doing this in his memory or anything like that.

Everything you do as a Muslim should be done solely for the pleasure of Allah. So don’t send anyone any notes with Jayden’s name on it. Perhaps you can send a note with “Bismillah” or “Fee Sabilillah” or just advise the next person to do something good for someone else.

Inshallah, let’s start our own trend of “paying it forward”…Islam style.

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