Little Brothers

A New Addition To The Ibrahim Series

If you thought Ibrahim was a handful, wait until you meet his little brother Qasim!

In this final installment of the Ibrahim series, you’ll meet Qasim, a playful little boy who just wants to have some fun with his big brother.

little-brothersYour child will learn one of the most valuable lessons of all – the importance of brotherhood among Muslims.

People may have their differences, even siblings like Ibrahim and Qasim. And this wonderful story shows how we can learn to work together, despite our disagreements.

Set to rhyme with eye-popping colors and amazing artwork, you’ll love this valuable lesson and your child will love the story and characters.

“Little Brothers” is a must have addition to your child’s digital library that will help your child discover how to work with other people.

“Little Brothers” is an e-book download available for both Kindle and Nook devices.

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Recommended for ages 5 – 7.

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