Islamic History Podcast – Plague and Famine

Islamic History Podcast – Plague and Famine
  • In 639, a plague broke out, originating in Nicopolis, or Imwas, in the modern state of Israel.
  • The city no longer exists as it was destroyed by Israeli army during Six Day war.
  • It is estimated around 20000 people died from this plague. Among them were many prominent Sahabas.
  • The most well-knonw of all was Abu Ubaidah, the general that succeeded KIW in Syria
  • Another companion was Muadh ibn Jabal – most famous for these instructions he received from Prophet Muhammad before embarking to Syria
  • After Abu Ubaidah died, Umar made Muadh governor of Syria. But a few months later, he also died from the plague
  • Muadh was only 33 when he died
  • Another important victim was Yazid ibn Abu Sufyan

Show Notes

Hadith about Muadh Ibn Jabal being sent to Yemen

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