Islamic History Podcast 2-15: Kufah and Quran

Islamic History Podcast 2-15: Kufah and Quran

In the last two episodes we looked at certain events that had negative impacts on Uthman’s reputation.

We can say that Uthman used questionable judgement when he removed Amr Ibn Al-As as governor of Egypt, in favor of his cousin, Ibn Abi Sarh.

In other events, such as the so-called exile of Abu Dharr, Uthman did not deserve the criticism that he received.

Nonetheless, these events and many others would be used as political fodder by Uthman’s opponents.

There were other events that took place in the first six years of ‘Uthman’s Caliphate that reflected badly on his leadership.

Trouble in Kufah

An example of this was the city if Kufah in modern day Iraq. Like Fustat in Egypt, Kufah was originally founded as a military garrison during Umar’s Caliphate.

It was meant to guard against the Persians attempting to recapture territory lost to the Muslims in southern Iraq. But over the years, that small military encampment had grown into a bustling city.

The first governor of Kufah was the noble companion, Sa’d Ibn Abi Waqqas. He succeeded Khalid Ibn Waleed as the general of the Muslim armies in Persia, and was responsible for much of its conquest.

He is most noted for winning the hard-fought Battle of Qadisiyyah. This victory by the Muslims all but ensured the downfall of the Sassanid Dynasty, the ruling family of the Persian Empire.

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