Islamic History Podcast: Amr And Cyrus

Islamic History Podcast: Amr And Cyrus
  • The Romans, either from fear or incompetence, had done little to stop Amr during this time
  • Finally, they had to march out from Babylon to meet Amr near Heliopolis and try to drive him from Egypt for good
  • Amr’s spies told him of their movements and he planned to go out to meet them in battle.
  • But during the night he sent out two smaller forces; one in the hills overlooking the plains.
  • Another went into a nearby village the Muslims had recently captured and abandoned
  • Amr led the main body of soldiers from Heliopolis and the two sides met in early July 640
  • The Roman forces numbered about 20000 and used mostly archers and spearmen with some light cavalry

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