Islamic History Podcast 2-10: Alexandria And Fustat

Islamic History Podcast 2-10: Alexandria And Fustat

The Muslims arrived at Alexandria in July 641

It was perhaps the most magnificent and biggest city they’ve encountered so far

Alexandria was founded by the Greek general Alexander the Great and is named after him

In Arabic it is called Al-Iskandariyah

  • Alexander meant for it to be a great center of Hellenistic culture
  • However Alexander left the city under the command of one of his generals soon after founding it. Then he went back on the warpath and never came back
  • At one point, it was the second most important city in the world after Rome; if Rome was like NYC then Alexandria was like London
  • Alexandria linked the Greek and Roman parts of Europe with and Arabia and Asia
  • A year before Prophet Muhammad made the Hijrah to Medina, Alexandria was conquered by the Persians from the Romans
  • However, Emperor Heraclius reconquered it ten years later
  • The fortress guarding the city had strong walls and well stocked with soldiers and supplies
  • It sat off the coast of the city by the Mediterranean Sea
  • The defenders were able to launch stones and projectiles on the Muslims easily
  • The Muslims did not have much experience in siege warfare and could not put up a good attack
  • Alexandria was too big for the Muslims to keep all food and supplies from entering the fortress
  • All they could do was occupy the city and try to prevent as many supplies as they could from entering
  • However the Romans could still access the fortress from the sea to the north
  • During this period, the Roman government was going through its governmental turmoil
  • Heraclius had died and then his son and successor Constantine III soon afterwards.
  • For about four months his half-brother Heraklonas and his mother Martina ruled the empire under a cloud of suspicion
  • During this brief period, Martina recalled Cyrus and reappointed him archbishop of Egypt

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  1. Ismaeli. It would be nice if you could make history episodes a bit longer. I wouldn’t mind waiting 2 or even 3 weeks to get the surreal experience that i was getting with the longer episodes. Quite frankly those 30min ep feel bland and leaves more questions than answer and i would rather spend those 30min reading on wiki where ill get more info n more context.

    I think its just impossible to tell a story in 30min. Other secular podcast have tried and failed. Dan Carlin set the standard 1.5hr minimum.

    I know you work but think of it has an investment. Islam is the largest growning religion and islam history is near infinite.

    Hope this msg finds the reader in good health.

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