Islamic Dress for Men

Islamic Dress for Men

Similar Standards For Muslim Men and Women

There are other rules that make up Islamic dress for men and women. For instance, women should not wear clothes that imitate men’s clothing, like shirt and ties. And their clothing should not be transparent or tight fitting where the outline of their figures is visible.

So let’s go over the basics of a woman’s Islamic dress:

  • Must cover the entire body except hands and face. Covering the face with a Niqab is optional and perhaps even preferred.
  • Must wear a khimar that covers the head, neck and bosom.
  • Should wear a jilbab that enshrouds the entire body and covers any open spots.
  • Clothing must not be tight or transparent. Wearing such clothing defeats the purpose of covering the body.
  • Women must wear hijab in front of all non-Mahram men.

Islamic Dress For Men

For men, the rules of Islamic dress are much less restrictive, but no less important. One might think this is unfair, but it makes complete sense. Quite simply, men just don’t have as many goodies as women.

Men are attracted to several aspects of a woman’s body. Even her legs and thighs are considered sex objects. But the same is not true for men.

Men are required to cover their awrah as well. The awrah for a man is from his navel to his knees. However, this does not mean that men can walk around bare-chested either. A man should also cover his shoulders and torso if he has the means to do so.

The Islamic dress code also forbids men from wearing gold and silk as these are seen as effeminate.

Men should also wear their pants, or lower garment, above their ankles. This is to protect their clothes dragging in filth, and to prevent arrogant behavior. In the past, and sometimes nowadays also, men of high status would let their cloaks drag behind.

And just like women are forbidden from wearing men’s clothing, the Islamic dress code also forbids men from wearing women’s clothing.

To finalize the appropriate manner of Islamic dress for men:

  • Must cover their awrah (from the navel to the knee) in front of all unrelated women.
  • Must not wear gold or silk or any effeminate clothing.
  • Should keep their lower garment above the ankles.

It should be noted, that the rules of Islamic dress for both men and women, must be followed during Islamic prayers, or Salah. This is mandatory even if there is no one from the opposite sex present or if one is praying alone.

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  1. I think almost every Musim is now aware of what they need to wear. Those who are still unaware of some facts must read this article. This article properly explains rules that are needed to be followed in Islam.

  2. Up ankle trouser is not that important n shouldnt be cause of TAFURRAQA its not compulsary.hzrat abu baker ra was exempted by proophet
    It’s of inner psychic characteristic n person to person varies.

  3. But what is the actual reason for men to cover his aurat? Aurat is aurat, but what is the hadis behind it? Besides that they must wear from naval to knees also for prayers. Vut what is the actual reason behind covering the naval to aurat out of prayer context?

    • It is the same. At a bare minimum, at least the private area (between navel and knee), but much more preferable to wear something like a shirt or shawl over the shoulders as well.

  4. Men should cover their bodies in front of strange women , wearing jeans is not acceptable unless with a shirt covering the aura, many times the jeans reveal a lot, have some decency and common sense. Women have sexual desires as men , otherwise you men would not be very happy with your wives. Therefore, covering your cheats is a must, everyone can afford a shirt, there are no slaves anymore, so why dress like one

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