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What Makes The Islam Religion Different?

There is a hadith (story or tradition) where Prophet Muhammad – may Allah be pleased with him – stated that the Islam religion started off as a strange thing. Prophet Muhammad also predicted that the Islam religion would return to being strange.

If you are not familiar with Islam, you may also agree that Islam is different. The Islam religion is a very unique faith. Islam is more than just a series of rituals and commandments.

Islam is a way of life.

Ask any Muslim who is trying to faithfully practice their religion. Ask them how much Islam impacts their daily life. Ask them how many routine actions are affected by Islam.

A Muslim’s entire life revolves around Islam. From the time we wake up in the morning, to the time we lay down to sleep. Islam is there.


For one thing, we must perform the five daily Islamic prayers. Each prayer has a specific time to be performed. Hence, we are always conscious of the time of day and the position of the sun.

We must also maintain a certain level of cleanliness in Islam. Before we pray we must make ablution. And sometimes we even have to take a full bath, or ghusl.

Muslims must also be conscious of what they eat. As you may well know, some things, like pork and alcohol, are forbidden in Islam.

Even how we use the bathroom requires us to follow certain Islamic guidelines.

But what really makes Islam different from all other religions is Tawheed, or Islamic Monotheism.

Yes Christians and Jews are monotheists also. But monotheism in Islam (Tawheed) is very strict.

Let’s go over the three parts of Tawheed. Don’t worry if you have trouble pronouncing the Arabic words. What’s most important is that you understand what they mean.

  • Tawheed Ar-Rububiyyah – Oneness of Divine Lordship: This is the belief that Allah exists. This belief is pretty common with most of humanity. Whether a person refers to Allah as God, Jehovah, or Dios, we are all essentially referring to the same creator.
  • Tawheed Al-Uluhiyyah – Oneness of Divine Nature: This is the belief that nothing in existence deserves to be worshipped but Allah. This is what makes the Islam religion so different. Because no other faith has this belief.
  • Tahweed Al-Isma was Sifaat – Oneness of the Divine Attributes: This is the belief that Allah has attributes that are not comparable to the attributes of any created being.

Cleanliness in Islam

Being clean is also important in Islam. It is impossible to practice the Islam religion without being properly clean. Here are some examples:

  • Wudu – Muslims must make wudu (ablution) before praying.
  • Ghusl
  • Istinjaa – Muslims must make Istinjaa (washing) after using the bathroom.

Eating in Islam

Muslims also eat in a certain way. This is not really complicated, but it’s something we must always keep in mind. Before we can even talk about how Muslims eat, let’s look at some things Muslims cannot eat:

  • We cannot eat pork.
  • We cannot drink alcohol.
  • We cannot eat any meat that was not slaughtered with the name of Allah.
  • We cannot eat blood or carrion (dead meat).
  • We cannot eat meat that was not slaughtered properly i.e. killed by blunt force to the head, a headlong fall, partially devoured by a wild animal, or strangling.

This is how Muslims should eat their food:

  • Pronounce the name of Allah before eating.
  • Eat with the right hand.
  • Eat the nearest food on the plate first.

Dress Code Of The Islam Religion

There is also a specific manner of Islamic dress. Generally, Muslims must maintain a certain level of modesty. This modesty is different for men and women.

For Muslim men:

  • Gold and silk are prohibited.
  • They must grow their beards.
  • Their pants or lower garment should be above their ankles.
  • They must cover everything between their navel and knees.
  • They cannot wear women’s clothing.

For Muslim women:

  • They must wear a hijab.
  • They must cover everything but their face and hands.
  • They must wear a jilbab.
  • They cannot wear men’s clothing.

As you can see, the Islam religion is very unique. But this uniqueness shouldn’t be seen as an obstacle to accepting Islam. It’s part of the sacrifice that comes with submitting to the will of Allah.

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