Islam Is Beautiful

The Night of Power

Imagine this. What if your boss told you that if you worked on one specific day, the company would give you 81 years worth of pay? What if you could earn the same amount of money for 81 years of work with just one night of labor? Would you agree to this bargain?

Allah, praised and glorified, has promised His believers an even better deal. Muslims can attain the same amount of blessings and rewards in one night of worship, as they would if they worshipped 1000 regular months. That’s over 81 years. That’s the blessing of Lailatul Qadar.

Lailatul Qadar, translated as the Night of Power, is the greatest night of the year. During this period, Muslims should spend their nights in worship and seek forgiveness, reward, and blessings of Allah.

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Three Levels of Faith

The Prophet's Mosque in Medina


How strong is your faith? Do you think you have what it takes to be a Muhsin? Or at least a Mu’min?

Or are you merely a Muslim? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

There are three levels of faith in Islam. These three levels come to us in the famous “Hadith of Jibreel.”

We’ll go over the Hadith of Jibreel soon. But for now, let’s list the three levels of faith:

  1. Islam – Submitting to Allah
  2. Imaan – Faith
  3. Ihsaan – Perfection

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How much can Zakah help the poor people of the world? Let’s find out.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Bill Gates. Most likely, you are currently using at least one of the products his company, Microsoft has produced. He is one of the richest men in the world, currently worth $58 billion. Now, just imagine if he gave away 2.5% of his money to the poor people of America. How many people could that help?

Continuing with the above scenario, assuming each family consisted of 2 children and 2 adults. That brings to total number of people to 193333. That’s more people than the entire population of Orlando. This is amazing! One man could literally care for an entire city of poor people.

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Symbols of Islam

Star and Crescent

First, it should be known, there are no official Islamic symbols. By that, I mean there are no symbolic items or logos mentioned in either the Quran or the hadith (statements and traditions of Prophet Muhammad).

But over the years, several different symbols have come to represent Islam and Muslims. The most popular of these, is of course the star and crescent. But once again, there is nothing in the Quran legitimizing this.

This is a brief overview of some of the more popular Islamic symbols:

Star and Crescent

This is the symbol most commonly associated with Islam, though it has little to do with the faith.

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