Islam And Depression

Depression and Islam

Yes, depression, even in Islam, really sucks. As a Muslim, we might think that there’s no reason to get depressed. Perhaps we think this is only a problem for those with no faith.

But the reality is that Muslims are human and we suffer the same trials of life that everyone on this planet suffers.

Depression can be brought on for a variety of reasons. One of the best remedies for your depression may be to pinpoint what exactly is making you feel so bad.

  • Have you recently gone through a traumatic experience?
  • Are you going through some financial difficulties?
  • Is your married life not what you’d like it to be?
  • Is your health failing?
These are all external factors that may bring about depression. But perhaps there’s another factor. And Islam gives us the tools to deal with them.
As Muslims, we believe that there’s a spiritual world with creatures that we can’t see. These creatures include the angels and the Jinn.
The primary Jinn is Satan. Very often, Satan (Shaytan) and his cohorts play on your emotions to make things seem worse than they really are. He may even use real traumatic events against you in order to make you lose faith in Allah and resort to desperate measures.
I can say this because I’ve also gone through my own personal bouts of depression.
I would feel horrible, even though everything seemed to be going great.
  • I was in good heatlh.
  • I had a good job.
  • I was in a good relationship with my wife.

Yet for some reason, I always felt my world was close to ending.

After analyzing how I felt, I realized that this had to be a trick from the Shaytan. He was working on some of the stressful things happening in my life and making me feel really down about everything.

Once I KNEW that this had to be from Satan, my depression became much easier to deal with. And Alhamdulillah (Praise Allah), I was able to pull through.

I’ve recently recorded a short talk on dealing with depression in Islam. It contains some very practical advice on what you can do to beat depression and the mindset you have to be in in order to do so. The advice specifically comes from an Islamic point of view and uses Islam as the primary defense against this feeling.

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Inshallah, I hope this advice will help you get through whatever difficulties you’re currently experiencing. If you aren’t dealing with depression, then download the talk anyway and use the advice in case Shaytan ever whispers to you in the future.

And if you know any Muslims who are going through depression right now, encourage them using the same advice I give or direct them to download this talk also.

Inshallah, it will do a world of good.