How To Overcome Waswaas Part 2

This is a continuation from Sister Um Ibrahim Ali’s first post on how to overcome whispers from the Shaytaan that sow doubt into our hearts.

How I Overcame The Waswaas

  • Dua! I cried my eyes out to Allah and begged Him night and day to help me and to take away those evil thoughts because it was not in my control.whispers-from-shaytan-muslim-cropped
  • I searched about what was happening to me and talked to some local sheiks about my trouble. This was when I first learned about waswaas. I searched the internet for hadiths about waswaas and found several that really helped me. One of those was the following hadith:

    The Messenger, peace be upon him, said:
    “The Shaytan may come to any one of you and say, ‘Who created Allah, the Almighty?’ If any one of you experiences this, let him say, ‘
    ‘Amantu billahi wa rasulihi ‘[I believed in Allah, the Almighty, and His Messenger, peace be upon him], and that will drive him away.”
    (Saheeh al-Jami’ 1657)

  • I followed the advices of many sheikhs concerning waswaas: “Ignore it as much as you possibly can!”
  • I came back to reading and listening to the Quran no matter what came to my mind. I continued listening to the Quran and going to Islamic lectures and classes. This helped me tremendously!
  • I realized that Allah was making me stronger in this calamity and that I was being brought closer to Him through this test, this realization made it easier to get through it.

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

After months and months of chaos and suffering, the peace came back to my heart, Alhamdulillah. All the waswaas stopped and my desire and enjoyment for the Quran came back. Now, every time I hear about or see someone struggling with those same issues, I make du’a for them—I know the pain they are going through. This experience has taught me that I should never ever take for granted any of the blessings Allah has bestowed upon me, especially my faith.

If It Can Happen To Me, It Can Happen To You

As Muslims and as human beings, we take a lot of blessings we have in our lives for granted. We don’t realize the importance of health until we become sick and bedridden. Many people don’t ever imagine themselves in the same situation as others. They always have the thinking that ‘this surely cannot happen to me.’

That’s not true. It can happen to you; and in a lot of cases, it will happen to you.

When I was going through my hardships with the waswaas, I shared my problems and fear with one of my sisters in Islam. Unfortunately, she didn’t think it was all that serious.

She would say to me, “it’s all in your mind” or “maybe your iman is not strong enough,” things a friend should never say. And I used to leave her regretting even telling her anything.

Ironically, after several months, I got a call from that same friend. She told me that she was going through the same exact things I went through and she asked me for advice.

Subhanalaah! I was so shocked. In all honesty, I was not happy that what she thought was just a little problem was keeping her awake at night and having her question if she was even Muslim anymore. However, it goes to show that if it can happen to me or someone else, it can happen to you as well!

It’s important that we don’t take our blessings in life for granted. Always be humble and thankful that Allah is not testing you with what He is testing others.

And most importantly, remember that when a calamity happens to you and you remain patient you will come out of it stronger and more experienced.

Sister Um Ibrahim Ali is a regular guest blogger on Islamic Learning MaterialsYou can follow Sister Um Ibrahim Ali and her adventures as a Muslim mother on her blog Sweet Mama Loves You.

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60 Responses to How To Overcome Waswaas Part 2

  1. Assalamu Alaykum.This is exactly what is happening to me and this waswas has really ruined my faith.I was not able to realize that this was what was bothering me so much until after I came across articles such as this one that were concerning waswas.I was not able to make the most out of Ramadan because of it.I am only 15 and I have to say that this is so far the lowest point of my life and nothing has caused me so much stress.This waswas started about the time Ramadan started after doing research about Islam which I think I explained in another comment on another article.I have to agree with how you explained that it could really happen to anyone.Please make dua for me. Jazakallah Khayr.

    • hey em so thank
      ful to you..i am also suffering this waswas..i cant bear this pain..and now i am going to consult docter..please help me

  2. Asalaamu Alaykum Brother Hashim,

    MashaaAllah you are a young brother and this may be even more difficult for you to deal with, however, if you are strong and ignore all the waswaas and hold firmly to the truth (Islam) shaytan will not win against you, inshaaAllah. One of the biggest things that cause waswaas is lack of knowledge. Try to take part in Islamic classes and lecture. Go to the Masjid and pray all of your salah and be in the company of good brothers. The more time, energy and effort you put into learning the Quran and Islam in general, the more your issues of waswaas and all other doubts and negative things will disappear from your life.

    May Allah ease your pain and troubles, Amin

    • Same Happening with me from the last 2 Months ,,,the moment I tried to come closer to Allah Saw and our beloved prophet (pbuh)

      Please pray for me

  3. Daer Mam

    I am suffering from satanic whisper fro last almost 2 year, I am an only son to my parents and 6 people are depending on me including my 3 year old son.Before it was in great extend that I will get hammered by satan every second.i cannot think anything else than with help of Allah I reduced in to less level.still I want to eradicte completely.I have lost concentration in job and I am sure if I continue like I will be a looser in both life and my family will suffer.I need your great help evil thoughts generally are,
    1. Bad thought about Allah,prophet and companion
    2.Shirk images to come infront and iam making sajda to that, and I am admiring otherpeople
    3.Shirk slogan of other religion
    4.and frequent thought that I am not believing allah and his prophet
    5.And thinking I am entertaining it
    6.when I am ignoring it I am thinking I don’t hate it as I have to hate it. to identify the whisper from Shaytan and Nafs.
    8.i am losing my world please help me I badly need a new life with peace of mind.

    all these things happen when I revert to my lord and our prophet(pbuh) stayed away from Haram and started to pray 5 times.

    Kindly contact me through email
    I badly need someone to help me,that also from someone already recovered.

    Please contact me



  4. Sister umm ibrahim ,jazakAllah khair for this article you have no idea how much i needed to hear this.I needed to hear that i am not crazy.Please i have no one to talk to ,and i feel i will explode if i dont talk to someone.Please ,please can you give me your email address?I NEED to talk to you because your article tells me that you will understand.Please respond timely.please

    • Walaykum salaam

      I know I’m replying waaaay too late but I hope all is well with you sister. I just submitted the article and never checked again to see if there were comments. I’m very sorry to hear of what you are/were going through. I hope you are OK now and that this has passed. Mat Allah help you and all others in your situation. Allahuma amin.

      • I am passing through a very crtical stage of mind is full of blasphemous thought uncontrollable.plz help me in this regard

  5. Salam,

    I am only 20 years old and I am experiencing immense amount of waswas.
    First my thoughts started off as blameless thoughts while I prayed. Then thoughts of hurting others began to occupy me. Then sexual thoughts began to occupy me and continue to do so. I have gotten them under control for I know that only Allah can protect me and these thoughts are not mine but they still get to me. Plus, i do not want to go to the doctors or take any medicine. Please help me?

  6. Salam! Sister this is veru beautiful. I am suffering from such a problem too but mine is in wudu najis and salah which is the most important aspect of our ibadah. I’monly 17 and is disturbing me tremendous ly that my family members are starting to think im getting crazy . Maybe a little email from you would help please? Thankss

  7. never have i come across such a beautiful article that i can relate to subhanaAllah. sister i have the same problem too am glad Allah removed it from your heart.I started focusing on my life in the hereafter and decided that i will please Allah so long us i i went to uni and told my friends to join me because this is just dunya and eventually we’ll meet death one day if not they also reflected and Alhamdulilah we decided that Deen will be our fist after few days i feel whispers whenever i try to watch lectures the sheytan makes me question the next life subhanaAllah and my i fear watching it because the whispers will come back.same with quran whenever i read it there are thoughts popping up into my mind although i hate it sooooooo much walahi and my heart aches.i would love each and everyone who reads this to make sincere dua for me for Allah will also bless you and protect it from you.May Allah be pleased with you all.Saalaam

    just incase thats my email sis

  8. Asalama alaykum # i am 22 yrs old i am suffering waswaas once upon a day i think it was 26/9/2014 shaitan came to me and he said to me who create such and such until he asked me who created your allah from that time upto now i am in bad condition phisically and mindly after that i read more and more then i realize that this things is waswaas after tthat i do know how to return my old self another problem is my heart because my heart is lack taqwa and i am feel the worst ever condition in my life pls help me umu ibrahim MY EMAIL plz try to understand my poor english plz plz plz help me i fear that shaitan forced me to become a person with out deen

  9. Assalamu Alaykum. I have have been suffering from the same waswaas for about a month. It has generally become better since i serched about this on the internet. But the waswaas are still there sometimes, and i dont know how to get rid of them forever. its worst in salah, because even when i ignore the whispers, they are still in the back of my head :(. and i cant focus in salah anymore, and it is hard for me to attain khusoo in salah, because of the whispers i get in my salah. how can i belive strongly in allah again? Because i really want Allah in my life and i dont want do disbelive 🙁

  10. Asalaamu Alaykum brothers and sisters. This topic is one that is vast. There are a lot of our brothers and sisters who are suffering from all types of different waswaas. In addition to all the tips to beat the waswaas, here are some more tips and advice that has definitely been great help for me.

    1. The most important advice I can think of to give to those who are suffering from this is to get closer to Allah in general. Make lot of dhikr brothers and sisters. Not only will you get more peace and calmness, you will get more ajar and your sins will be forgiven. Also, since waswaas is usually caused by shaytan, the more adhkaar you make the more the shaytan will run away from you.

    2. Give sadaqa brothers and sisters and make dua. The more good deeds you do, the more Allah is pleased with you. And the more Allah is pleased with you, the more His help will be near for you.

    3. knowledge, knowledge and more knowledge! Equip yourself with knowledge of Allah’s beautiful attributes, Islam and especially the different types of duas you can recite.

    May Allah cure you all who are suffering and keep us all healthy, happy in iman.

  11. salaam I’m knew to this as in its my first comment. i was wondering if i could get in touch with you that is sister um ibrahim ali. I’m a practising muslimah in the uk and alhumdulillah but i find it hard to meet up with practising brothers and sisters. most people who i know have moved on and are busy and i feel quite alone in terms of not getting out there and be around good company.

    anyways sister to cut avery long email short, I’ve read a few of your articles and its very inspiring and knowing that I’m not the only one who’s going through certain things. i was wondering if you could give me your email address if you don’t mind that is. hope you reply back asap.

      • Jazakallah chair brother i appreciate you letting me know. i just think in this day and age its important for us muslims to be in good company and really be involved in islam, because we are actually living in the worst of times and also we are living through the minor signs of qiyamh, it should be a wake up call for all muslims inshallah.

        basically the reason i wanted to get in touch with that sister was because I’m experiencing extreme shirk thoughts from the devil, and knowing that the sister went through it swell, well its just nice to talk to someone about it.

        brother do remember us in your duas inshallah.

        • Asalaamu Alaykum sister Hiba, please get in touch with me. I think brother Ismael has already given you my email. I don’t want to write it here as it’s public.

          • Wasalam sister thank you for getting back to me and i also don’t feel comfortable with saying everything here. but sister i don’t have your email address, brother Ismael did not give it to me.

            theres just a few things i need to talk to you about regarding what I’m going through with the waswas I’m very distressed, i can’t fully focus on doing dhikr i understand i have to be patient. sometimes i feel good and my imaan feels strong and sometimes it gets dangerously low. so i want to talk to you about all this in detail cuz i seriously need some advice from someone who overcame the whispers from the devil.

            i look forward to hearing from you soon inshallah, i realize that you might be busy with other things and i appreciate you taking the time to help me out.

            from your sister in islam

  12. As salaam ….i am 19 years old and have suffered compulsive waswaas for 5 years now…it all started when I tried to be closer to Allah. These thoughts have literally ruined me as a person.It has invaded my everyday life and I constantly feel as if though I am fighting a war in my head but after reading this article and seeing how many Muslims suffer this as well.I have gained hope that I will get through this inshaAllah and that Allah will remove this from each one of our lives. Please can I receive your email address because all I feel that I need is motivation to continue fighting this islamically as I am struggling to do it on my own. JazakAllah khayr …do keep me in your duaas

    • Walaykum Salaam ukhti. I’m glad you now realize that you are not the only one going through this. There are so many people who are facing these types of issues, subhanalaah. It’s indeed something that can be stressful and debilitating. InshaaAllah seek Allah’s help and make lot of istiqfar sister. Bi’ithnilaah you will get through stronger, wiser and much more closer to Allah. Remember Allah does not test you except that He will reward you for every pain that touches you. May Allah ease your discomfort and reward you for your patience. Allahuma amin!

  13. Please pray for my daughter who is going through this she is of marriagable age and I am so worried she will never settle down.I beg you all to make dua for her quick recovery Ameen

  14. Salam alaikum…I am suffering thru dis same problem..I thought it would go away during ramadan, but it’s still there…it all started when I was in school, it disturbed me a lot and finally, because of it, I wasn’t able to makes me miserable, I thought I was the only one going thru dis, I thought Allah was so angry with me, I felt lost..but the thing is, I never lost hope, I always believe that tomorrow will be better…it still worries me, but it has reduced, what I did was constant adhkar, right before sunrise and before sunset, the whispering is going away was like 24/7 before…suicidal thoughts come, but because of fear, I can’t do it.. it’s a very big test, you have to fight it. .i also fight it everyday…because I have hope and faith…that’s what I will advise for all muslims. .don’t let the devil win…

  15. Dear brothers and sisters,

    Make immense dua for me. I have been a practicing muslimah since I can remember. Now I am struggling with my deen and I am heavy hearted. The main cause is waswas. I have seen sheikhs and I can’t quite distinguish between my nafs and the waswas.
    Please make dua.
    Jazakallah khair.
    Your sister in islaam

  16. Asalam alykom, Um Ibrahim

    I am going through this trial. Please can i contact you as soon as possible i am sad and depressed with extreme anxiety. I am trying to see a way forward by the help of Allah SWT.

    My email is:

    May Allah cure us from this ilness

  17. Asalam alykom,Um Ibrahim

    I am going throught this test as wel. Please can i contact you as soon as possible !!. I suffer from extreme anxiety. I really need advice and help by the wil of Allah SWT.

    My mail is:

  18. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam.
    Going through the comments, it hurts to note that so many of us are suffering because of this was-was malady that is affecting many of us.

    No matter what the situation is right now, no matter how terrifying the thoughts of losing your iman, please do not despair. Please don’t forsake your faith because in the end we will all return to Allah.
    I have been suffering from this malady since I was 25 years old and I can say that Insya’Allah with Allah’s grace, we will able to ride this out.Never give up hope and keep your belief that Allah will never forsake his servants.
    Please email me at : if you think that you need to talk to some one. Maybe my experience can be of help coz it is just too long to share it here.

  19. Can you please make dua for me? This waswas is really bad, it might even be worse than the waswas you had. Please, I would love it if you made dua for me. Alhamdulillah if you do, and even if you don’t.

  20. Sister, please make dua for me. My waswas might even be worse than what you had. I’m only thirteen years old. It’s changed my life, and I wasn’t even very religious before I had this waswas. I just feel really scared.

  21. I have a question… Your waswas, did it go away because you were able to answer the shaytan’s questions through logic or because Shaytan stopped whispering. Because what if Shaytan leaves me alone, but I am still left with the questions he had whispered to me. I also feel worried and sad that I feel that imaan is not enough for me, that my question needs to be ànswered by logic.

  22. Allahmdulllialah, jazkallah for all you’re words it’s helped me a lot, may Allah helpe every one of us and protect us from syataheen… barakallah..

  23. To all of brothers and sisters with waswaas, what really helps are the beautifull names of Allah swt. Never forget, there is nothing like him and he is the First with no beginning (eternal) and the Last with no ending.
    May Allay swt removes waswaas from every Muslim heart.
    Ameen ya raba al ralamin.

  24. salam umm ibrahim my name is azra and i have been going through this issue i have just gotten out of a relationship and i got these thoughts end of ramadan and i have been feeling extremely lonely, i feel like Allah hates me and yeah do you have a contact number by any chance sister? hope to hear back from you thank you

  25. I m so so so mch upset due to these thinking..I cant undrstand is this my own thinkgs or waswasa..when I strt namaz whn I read Quran…I m affraid k bs abi koi galat bat ae g zehan m.bht buri thoughts ho gai kron hr wqt mafi b mangti hon dua b krti hon.mgr bht buri halat h

  26. I am too suffering from these evil thoughts since the last 3 or 4 months. These waswasas started when I started listening to the lectures of Islamic Shaykhs on youtube. I do not know why these evil thoughts started. I am struggling from these ghatiya, dirty and kufriya waswasas every day and night. If anyone is here then please help me.
    Please help me.
    my email address is —->

  27. Why do we panic when Satan starts to whisper did we not believe when Allah and His messenger told us that Satan will try to mislead us from the straight path? We are weak humanbeings and we forget which is ok Allah wants us to struggle and strive to achieve true imaan true faith and its when u struggle and strive for a thing it becomes dear to us so never lose hope in the mercy of Allah.. If the whispers bother u then remember Allah much nothing is mightier than the Lord of the worlds Allah is the Creator of all that exists and he is the Oft forgiving Most Merciful helping us to strengthen our faith in Him so He can reward us with heaven. Praise Allah and ask him to bless Muhammad peace be upon him and his family. Gain knowledge from the book of Allah the blessed Quran insha’Allah why panic? Allah is with us Allah is with all those that are patient praise Allah and seek his forgiveness often and be sincere insha’Allah. Asalaamu alaikum.

  28. Asalamu Alaykum, My name is Fatimah I’m Muslim and I started to suffer from this too ever since I started to pray 5 times a day on time, waking up for fajr prayer, doing voluntary prayers, trying to do everything correctly. And now I’m so worried and scared. Some nights I can’t sleep, I can’t think properly, and I begin to feel like I’m crazy. I have constant arguments in my head regarding my faith. I have evil thoughts during prayer, and when I read the Quran translation. I cry alot because I get afraid. I’m so afraid because I don’t want to be a non believer. I ask of you to make dua for me please so that this problem goes away, Jazakalah kayr.

  29. Plz dua for me i ma suffering from a great problems and having v v v sainful thougth. I blame my self and hate my self. No way forward

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