How To Make Dua That Improves Your Life

How To Make Dua That Improves Your Life

How to Make Dua That Improves Your Life

Do you want to improve your life? Do you want to be a happier person? Do you want the satisfaction of knowing the future is going to be better than the past?

Of course you do. We all want better lives. And the great thing is, we Muslims have a “secret” weapon to get this improved life. You know what I’m going to say.

It’s dua. Yes, our duas (supplication) can impact our lives immediately. Why? Because it’s direct communication with our Lord, Allah the Mighty and Majestic. So if you’re not happy with the way things are going in your life, I encourage you to turn to dua.


However, simply begging Allah to “give me this” and “give me that” may seem futile if not done correctly. Therefore, I’d like to list a few tidbits and ideas that will improve the way you make dua, and bring you closer to Allah.

Your Intention Must Be Good

While this may seem obvious, it may be worth noting that for our duas to be accepted, we should have good intentions. In other words, we shouldn’t make dua against someone else simply because they wronged us or have upset us.

We especially should be careful about making dua against our family members. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has said in an authentic hadith that Allah answers our prayers so long as we do not seek to break family ties.

Sometimes our family angers us and make us want to do and say evil things. When these things happen, it is important that we have patience and not ask Allah to curse them or bring some punishment upon them. Perhaps if we are merciful and forgiving to our family, Allah may be merciful and forgiving to us.

We should also refrain from asking Allah for forbidden things. We should not make dua for alcohol, or pork, or illegal sexual intercourse. Once again, all of this may seem obvious, but I believe it’s important enough to mention anyway.

Follow the Prophet’s Advice

Assuming that you’re asking for something good and halal (allowed in Islam), the next thing to keep in mind is to make dua the way the Prophet (peace be upon him) taught us how to make dua.

Please read this beautiful Hadith (tradition) from Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him):

The supplication of every one of His slaves will be granted so long as he does not get impatient and says “I supplicated my Lord again and again but I do not think my prayers will be answered.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

With this in mind, here is a short list of things you should make sure are in place when making dua:

  • Praise Allah – Whatever it is you want in life, you must still be thankful and grateful for what Allah has already given you. Allah rewards gratitude and punishes ingratitude. So before you before you begin asking Allah for a bunch of things, make sure you begin by thanking and praising Him.
  • Send Peace and Blessing upon the Messenger of Allah – After praising Allah, the next you should do is ask Allah to bless Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet was the best of creation. So ask Allah to bless him and earn a little rewards before asking for things for yourself.
  • Supplicate with emotion – Your duas shouldn’t be dry, formulaic, robotic acts of worship. Instead, ask Allah for what you want with determination, desire, and devotion. Pray to Allah with the earnestness He deserves. It’s even better if you can cry while making dua. And if you cannot cry, then make yourself cry.
  • Have patience – One thing that makes our duas get rejected by Allah is losing patience. A person may ask Allah for something, and they don’t get it in the timeframe they want. So they get impatient and say things like: “I made dua for this, and Allah did not give it to me.” This impatience makes us lose all the blessing of our dua.
  • Be specific – Don’t say things like “Oh Allah, you know what I want, please give it to me.” Allah IS all hearing and all knowing, but we should articulate the specific things we want Him to give us. Ask for it directly and don’t say things like “If You will” when speaking to Allah. He will do what He wills anyway. So speak with conviction and the expectation that Allah will answer you.

Some Final Tips

There are many little things we can do to make our duas more impactful. Here are some brief pointers to keep in mind:

  • Pray for your parents when you make dua.
  • Pray for another Muslim in their absence without them knowing.
  • Make wudu before making dua.
  • Make dua when it’s raining.
  • Make dua in the last moments of daylight on Fridays.
  • Use authentic duas from the Quran and sunnah in Arabic (though it’s perfectly okay to make dua in your native tongue also).
  • Call upon Allah using the word “Rabbee (My Lord).”
  • Call upon Allah by His names (Ar-Rahman, Al-Ghafur, etc.)
  • Ask Allah based upon some good deed you’ve done in the past.

Inshallah, these ideas will help your duas become more meaningful and in turn, Allah will bless you with an improved life. May Allah accept all of your good supplications. Ameen!

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170 Responses to How To Make Dua That Improves Your Life

  1. One of the beauties of dua is that it reinforces our dependence on Allah (swt). Everything we receive comes from Allah (swt). When we ask Allah (swt) for something, we are acting on our belief that Allah (swt) is our only provider; we are acknowledging and thanking Allah (swt) as the sole source of everything in our lives.

  2. please make dua for me still iam in troublesome that iam not getting succees in final interview becasuce of poor communication .
    hence I request or pl send dua foe me to resolve my proble

    thanks and regards


    • Mashallah, Nasir Husain, I’m sorry to hear you’re going through difficulties. This is a trial from Allah, and with patience you will be successful, Inshallah.

      Please follow this link to the ILM Facebook page and learn the dua that is posted there. This is a dua Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught one of his companions who was also going through financial and personal difficulties.

      While you’re there, you can also join the page as I post stuff like this often.

      May Allah make it easy for you. Ameen!

  3. Ya Allah forgive for my sins give me one chance I am sorry for the wrongs I did to u Allah give me a chance make things better for me I am very thankful all u give me and did for Me in life
    Why is It No one grateful no more? They Just want more for u nothing is good for them no more much u do nothing is good for them there not appeciate its always They want more why? ?? Give me a chance And make my Dua come true have me leave on Tuesday and let things workout with d and finally get me married and have a family of my own not be a burden for my family ameen ameen ameen ameen

    • Ameen, RR.

      May Allah make it easy for you. People are not grateful because that is just the way we are. We are too concerned about the here and now and not about the long term. We look at what we don’t have and not at the good that we do have. May Allah make us both grateful for His blessings and favors.

  4. Assalam O Alaikum!
    mera naam amreen hai or maa ka naam shameem hai mein 22 saal ki hu,mene ek khawab dekha k mere padosi say mei k rahi hu kya tum mujh say shaadi karoge baar-baar yehe keh rahi hu din ka waqt hai or mene dulahan ka laal joda pehna puri dulhan bani hu or vo dulha safed libaas shairwani mei hai or mei kahe ja rahi hu kya tum mugh say shaadi karoge or usne shayad haa kaha hai is ka mat lab kya hai mufti sahab mujhe jawab dijiye isse pehle bhi mene poocha par aapne jawab nahi diya hai,or dusra khwaab yeh hai meri cousi jin ka intekaal 8 saal pehle hua tha unhe mene khawab mei dekha vo muskura rahi hai mujhe dekh kar mei un k ghar k gate par khadi huor ek ajeeb si gudia mere haath mei hai jo bohot bhayanak dikhti hai us din hinduo ka koi tyhaar hai shayad mahashivraatri or unki or vo bas muskura rahi hai kuch keh nahi rahi hai or bethi hai jhaadu deh rahi hai mujhe yaad nahi sahi say or mene vo gudiya un ko dedi un ki behen ko dene k liye,bas itnsa he hai meri shaadi mei dikkate aarahi hai mufti sahab in khwabon ki taabeer bataye or koi tareeka bataye k allah meri shaadi kisi naik say karwaye jaldi,is se peh le bhi mene khwab dekha tha jab bhi mei dulhan bani hu dulha koi or hai kaazi sahab nikah parhaane k liye bethe hai sab mujhe bula rahe hai or mein k rahi hu bas 2 min.kyu k mmein chahti hu vo shaadi na ho kaise bhi ruk jaye bas itna he dekha mufti sahab meri madad kare mei samajh payu Allah mujhe kis chiz k ishaare dey rahe hai.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Nisha,

      You seem to have a lot on your mind. Unfortunately, I can’t understand a single word. Please post a comment in English and I’ll be happy to answer you.

  5. Ya Allah I beg for forgiveness. I ask u to help me and my husband and my family on the right path bring Taqwa in our hearts. I have so many problems in my marriage Please accept my duaa as I ask you to help me and my husband and my family everything is falling apart.
    Please forgive us for all the wrong that we have done Inshallah

    • hi soraya plz give me ur email i would like to write to u , i am in same position. plz pray for me..ya allaha plz help me..

    • I have problems. My life is complicated due to unsolved problems, I hate my husband because I told him about my past before marriage and that I was raped in my childhood i also told him that my family were really bad to me. During my proposal I wanted to talk to men. He told his family (his brother) that I was raped. Before I married my husband my sister inlaws sister used to be my husbands fiancée. And my sisters inlaws husband is my sister inlaws brother. Which is very complicated because I do not want to talk about it. I cheated on my husband, the way I had cheated was that I just wanted to talk to men alot. I don’t know what to do he told my family about my past and He told my uncles that I’m bad. plz help me someone 🙁

  6. I’m a revert kanalah make dua for me and my wife we both need work but alhamdulilah we and our 4 kids have something to eat everyday ALLAH TALA is so good to us

    • Alhamdulillah, it is good that Allah has provided for you. Be grateful for every blessing He’s given you. May Allah increase your provision and give you patience in these trials. Ameen.

    • Guidance comes from Allah, Perwaz. Call Him and ask Him for guidance and help. If you have questions, I can try to answer them as best as I can. But first, you must turn your affairs over to Allah.

      • Assalamualaikum…..Please make dua for my dad…He does not act nice with us and he doesnt know how to treat any of us…my mom…my sisters…and my brother…He doesnt listen to any of us when we try to tell him something tht hes doing wrong…for example we asked a Shaykh…if tobacco is haram? And the shaykh said yes…so we tried telling our dad to stop chewing tobacco…and he doesnt listen…same with other things…he doesnt listen…So i just have a request…if yu can do something…so he gets better Inshalllah!…or if you can show me a dua…or teach me something tht i can do…Please Email me back!..Thanks!

  7. Assalamualaikum brother,InshAllah i hope i hope you are in best of health and Eeman,your comments always make me calm apractising muslimah but i have alot of immediate family members commiting alot of fitnah which is very unbearable for me to watch but i find it very hard to advise them so that they understand the beauty of Islam.pleawe tell me the best way for to convey the message of Islam and the consequences of their actions.please also make dua for my family.

    • Wa Alaikum salaam,

      May Allah guide your family members to the true or rice of islam.

      The best way to show people the beauty of Islam is to be the best Muslim you can be. Not just in practicing the rituals, but also in character and example.

      So be kind to them, advise them what is best, and always speak to them in a respectful and caring manner.

  8. Salam brothers and sisters, please make dua for me to have a successful life and full of happiness. I have failed my as exams and i need you to make dua to allah to give me another chance so i can resit. Jazakala khayr. Thank you very much

  9. salam brother, i love someone but i have no relation with him, in every aspect it seems that he may be perfect for me & i m also for him, like our country, social status,family background is same status. i want to know is there any du’a by reciting which i can beg him to Allah?? is it haram to me if i like someone without any relationship & want him as my husband & beg him to Allah?please brother reply me.

    • It is okay to make dua to marry this person. But be patient with the decree of Allah as marrying him may not be the best thing for you, even though your heart really wants it.

      If you make dua to marry him, and Allah does not permit it to happen, you must accept Allah’s decree and move on with patience. Put your trust in Allah that He has given you what is best, even if you don’t understand it.

    • As-Salaamu Alaikum,

      Yes you can make dua if you do not have wudu. One proof is that we are advised to make dua even before sexual intercourse, and we do not have to have wudu for that. Wudu is only required for Salaat and some other acts of worship.

  10. Thanks a lot brothers and sisters. How are we going to make our intentions good for people who wong us? What if I say:”May allah pay you in the same currency” to someone who has done wrong to me. Is it a bad Dua? Please reply.

    • Well, Sr. Faridah the first thing to think about is if we’re talking about another Muslim. If you say that to another Muslim, even if you believe they’ve wronged you, you might be inviting trouble to yourself.

      I wouldn’t suggest you make this dua to another person at all, especially another Muslim. There’s an authentic hadith that states that the angels make a similar dua for a Muslim who makes a dua for his brother.

      Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has also told us to say what is good or keep silent.

      And there’s another hadith that states we should neither harm, nor return harm to others.

      And Allah has instructed us in many parts of the Quran to be forgiving and easy with the believers.

      And there are other stories where the Jews and hypocrites of Medina used to twist the Islamic greeting to say “Saam Alaikum” which means death upon you. When the Prophet’s wife Aisha (ra) cursed them back, he instructed her not to say evil things. Instead, he replied to these bad people with the phrase “Wa Alaikum” meaning “And upon you.”

      All of this suggests that we should be patient with those who wrong us, especially Muslms. We should certainly stand for our rights and stand for justice and we should not let anyone walk over us and abuse us. But at the same time, we should not hold a grudge or nurse evil thoughts against another person.

      Ultimately, Allah will judge between us all and He will set everything right. So at some point, we have to leave these things in Allah’s hands and let Him handle it as He sees fit.

      And Allah knows best.

  11. Assalamu Alaikum, we r nearest to ALLAH when we r prostrating to ALLAH. our Prophet (peace be upon him) has said to make du’a during prostrating in salaat. my question is in which salaat’s prostrating we can make du’a in our mother tongue & we can make du’a to ALLAH whatever we want or we need like worldly it in foroj salaat’s prostrating or in nafal salaat’s prostrating?? i heard that during foroj salaat any worldly things by my mother tongue i can’t share with ALLAH or i can’t beg from ALLAH, during nafal salaat i can make du’a during prostrating in my mother tongue & whatever i want from ALLAH i can beg because it is nafal salaat.please brother explain it broadly.

  12. Assalamualaikum brother.. Thank you for such a wonderful article and all the other articles that me and many other Muslims have benefitted from.. Alhamdulilla, I am a Muslimah and I am very happy with my life.. I have everything that I ever wanted and I am extremely grateful to almighty Allah about this.. Its not that I am rich, even I do have certain hitches in my life, but then, alhamdulilla I am content with everything I have got till now.. I do pray salatul shukr once in a while to thank Allah for everything I have.. I want to know what other ways I can implement to thank Allah for such a wonderful life I have.. And further, with everything that I have, I don’t feel like asking Allah for anything.. There may be a lot of things that I may want to ask, but then, I have just stopped asking anything.. I only like thanking Allah for being so grateful to me.. Is it ok if I stop making dua?? Thank You..

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam BKR,

      Thank your for your comments. It is truly a blessing that you are satisfied with your life. Many people have lots of money and lots of trinkets and toys and are still unhappy because they cannot be satisfied. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has said that true riches is being satisfied.

      The best way for you to show your gratitude to Allah is to continually praise Him and glorify Him as much as you can, and worship Him as often as possible. Do the mandatory things in Islam and do as many of the voluntary things as is easy for you.

      And never stop making dua to Allah, even if you are satisfied with everything you have. Even if you don’t want to ask for anything in this life, continue to make dua and ask Allah for forgiveness and mercy in the next life. Who can say they have enough of Allah’s mercy? No one can truly say that.

      So please, keep making dua. You can also make dua to Allah for other people. I’m sure there are good Muslims you know who need help in some way; ask Allah to give them ease and help them with their problems.

      Remember, Allah loves it when we depend on Him and ask Him for things. To beg and ask Allah for the things we need in this life and the next life is a sign of our humility before Him. So never, ever give up making dua.

      • What if I can’t take it anymore. I feel I’m loosing my husband for no reason n I know in his heart he don’t want to. What Iam suppose to do help me !!!!!!

  13. Salam ou allyakoum. Brothers n sisters
    I need Allah help all the time but this time I’m seeing my life assign flashing before my eyes n even when I pray for god help n mercy it seemed that he forgot about me or don’t want to help me
    I love islam n Allah but I need my life back please I need u to pray for me
    I hope I won’t loose faith

    • As-Salaamu Alaikum Sister,

      I would like to help you in any way I can, and there are others on this site who can help also. But we need a little more info.

      Please be patient, hold on to your faith, and explain what’s going on.

  14. Ya rab al yalameen forgive my sins it won’t happen again im just Begging u on my knees that u help
    N solve my problems n grant my wish I pray every day I think I might loose hope on this sacred day Friday
    Please ya Raheem ya Allah ya rab
    La ilaha ila lahhhh !!!!

  15. Asak, alhamdulillah. I am leading normal life but I do not cherish my existence or you can say there is no interest while I am doing anything. I am married and have 2 daughters and this has happened only from last few 7-8 months. I do not know the reason and want to know if there is any DUA or Supplication for this

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Br. Ashfaque,

      There is good in everything, even those things which seem evil to us. So there is some good in the distress you’re going through now. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has said that any stress or trouble we go through is a relief from some of our sins.

      Yet, you must be sure not to let this distress and grief overcome you. If you are unable to shake these bad feelings, it is certainly from the Shaytan. Especially if you cannot find a specific cause for these feelings of malaise.

      Seek protection in Allah from the Shaytan and from the evil eye and evil wishes of other people. Recite Surah Al-Naas and Surah Al-Falaq frequently. Also recite Ayatul Kursi (chapter 2, verse 255) frequently.

      Here is a dua from the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) that you should learn and recite often also.

      Dua for anxiety and stress

      And there’s nothing wrong with seeking professional help also. If you have access to a Muslim therapist you should take advantage of their services and see if they have solutions that may help. Don’t rely on them solely however; utilize their information along with the protection taught to us by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) through his duas and the verses of the Quran.

      And remember, Allah is the source of strength.

  16. I don’t engage in anything unislamic and I always try & be a good muslim & human being but I have lost my faith recently , I don’t pray anymore and I have been very depressed & anxious latley, please make dua for me brothers and sisters. Is there a dua that can help me overcome my depression and that can jump start my faith again, because I have so much love for allah I can’t explain it but I’ve fallen of the wagon. Jazakallah Khair

    • Whoa Nadia…take it easy. Please be careful and slow down a bit.


      Okay. I will certainly make dua for you. Absolutely.

      But please talk to me as to why you’re feeling this way. You can send me an email abu underscore ibrahim at Don’t give up on yourself just yet. Be patient and know that Allah will show you a way out if you put your trust in Him.

      In the meantime, please read, memorize, and recite the following dua from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh):

      Dua for anxiety

  17. Assalamu Alaikum brother, We become nearest to ALLAH when we are in prostrating to HIM during salaat. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) has said to make du’a during prostrating in salaat because it has more chance to accept our ALLAH. My question is in which salaat’s prostrating we can make du’a in our mother tongue & we can make du’a to ALLAH or we can beg to ALLAH whatever we want in worldly life?? Is it in all salaat’s?? or is it in forj (obligatory) salaat’s prostrating or in nafal salaat’s prostrating?? I heard that during forj(obligatory) salaat we have no chance to say anything to ALLAH in our mother tongue or we can’t beg to ALLAH any worldly things during prostrating except heaven, is it true?? is it only in nafal salaat’s prostrating we can make du’a to ALLAH & beg to ALLAH for our worldly needs?? like after saying 3 times ” shubhana robbial ala” & then my needs in my mother tongue, in this way?? please explain it brother. I’ll very glad to know this from you. please brother answer me as early as you can.

    • Different opinions. Some say you can only say things in prostration that are in Arabic and impact the next life. Others say you can say whatever you want that is good.

      There’s a hadith from the Prophet (peace be upon him) where he instructs us to ask Allah for anything while in prostration. I prefer to go with that one. Allah knows all languages, therefore ask Him in the language you’re most comfortable with.

      What about those Prophets that came before Prophet Muhammad who did not speak Arabic? They still prostrated and asked Allah for things.

      Allah did not stop accepting duas in other languages the day Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was born.

  18. I have been making dua seems like something is lacking inside of me either by hatred or anger Ya Allah I have been unfaithful to someone please forgive me Ya Allah you are restower of peace please restore peace Ya Allah i have done wrong to my soul please forgive me Ya Allah I have anger and hatred against someone and because of it I say mean things to him Ya Allah I m tired of doing sins i m tired of shirk I feel like this is a great burden over me I feel like I m not successfully living my life because of it Ya Allah please accept my duas all i wrote in here is the truth please forgive me and accept me Ameen.

    • As-Salaamu Alaikum Sal,

      May Allah accept your dua and make things easy for you.

      In order to truly change your life, take inventory of yourself and work on those aspects of your life that need change. See what sins you are committing and work hard to stop them. Also ask Allah for forgiveness. The best time to ask for forgiveness is late at night when everyone else is sleeping. But don’t just do it once. Do it continuously as much as is easy for you.

  19. Assalamualay kum warahmatullah
    Please could you make a dua for me to become successful in everything that i do and for me to get clever

  20. Salam Alaikum …
    I want to know .. How to ask for my need from Allah. People around me have told me that there’s no hope and that I shouldn’t be asking for it. But I have always stood up and Believed that my Emaan in Allah is strong and Allah won’t let me down. I have been in the same condition for 2 months .. But in the middle it got better but I am back to the same position again. Someone even wanted me to engage in Taweez and everything to change this person’s mind but I didnt want to. I didnt want to go against Allah.
    Please help me … Is there any SPECIFIC Du’a to change someone’s mind ? I am in love with this man .. and we planned on marrying but we had alot of problems together and I left him , thinking he deserved better. But now I have been trying to make it up to him in everyway but he doesn’t seem to see it … I truly want t o marry this man and he is a muslim too , a muslim that prays .
    I want help from Allah to change his mind … Is there any Dua ?
    I believe nothing is impossible for Allah . Nothing in this world, universe .

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Zeeba,

      You’re right, nothing is impossible for Allah. Whatever you want from Allah, you must ask him for it with sincerity and feeling. Ask Him from the heart and put your trust in Him.

      But you should be patient when it comes to these things of matters of the heart. I’m sure many other readers can relate to your strong desire to marry this man. Many of us have loved someone in the past but for whatever reason, it just wasn’t meant to be.

      The lesson to be learned is that sometimes we want things that are not good for us. And sometimes we hate things that are good for us. In the end, only Allah knows and we must put our trust in Him.

      I’m not trying to discourage you from making dua to marry this person. I’m just advising you to put your trust in Allah and be patient with whatever He gives you.

  21. Allah can change his mind , his heart … He started having mood swings and gave me hope that yes he loves me and would marry but then again he changed and said .. He doesn’t want anything right now. I have been hurt ever since … But My heart tells me that ALLAH is there for me ..
    It can’t be impossible … Nothing can be.
    My intention isnt haram and i truly mean it ….

  22. Assalamu alaikum , your sites are great mashAllah but i was wondering you could please help me with something?i have sent you an email, just incase you haven’t received it? Please help me

  23. Assalamualay kum warahmatullah
    brother i have a lot financial problems could you please pray that everything gets sorted out quickly and i win please
    jazakallah hair

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Wa Rahmatullahi,

      Yes, I will pray for you.

      Let me give you a little advice on how to increase your wealth:

      • Be satisfied with what you have.
      • Whatever little you do have, share it with others. In other words, give charity even though you don’t have much yourself.
      • Make Tahajjud (Qiyamul Layl) prayer often and regularly and make dua at this time for Allah to give you what you need.
  24. Thank you for the article, but I have to disagree with a few points about making dua:

    1/ It’s even better if you can cry while making dua. And if you cannot cry, then make yourself cry.

    If anyone wants to stay honest during his dua, he cannot make himself cry. There is also a hadith which I have read that said that tears during prayer should always be sincere. And dua is in itself a prayer.

    2/ Make wudu before making dua.

    This is not a necessity. One can make dua without wudu. He can do it while he walks, lying down, sitting, after prayer or whenever he chooses. Of course, I suppose the only instance where wudu would be relevant is right after prayer.

    Peace be upon you and may the Most Merciful bless you for your efforts.

  25. Abidah

    Asalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters, Im thankful to Allah for He gave me this life and everything I have. Im also very thankful for our beloved Muhamed, may the blessings of Allah be upon him.

    I am in deep sarrow and am very scared that the wrongs and major sins I committed could catch up to me and I might get revealed and humiliated. Ive hurt those that I love and also majorly wronged myself. Ive left that lifestyle of rebellion and am seeking Allahs pleasure. Except for one thing that I dont know how to leave. Ive made duas many times for Allah to help me get out of that one thing but find myself in it becausr that one thing is someone that I love and dont know how to leave. Its affecting my life, istaqfirullah but there have been so many times I thought about suicidal because I felt unworthy and low. Its one thing to wrong myself but what hurts me is how my choice impacts my family.
    Please dua for me 🙁 May Allah give you His blessing in return.


  26. Asalamualay Kum,

    Brother, my Mum stays unwell most of the time, she has anxiety and has blood pressure problems. We have some up and downs in family relations and shes always tensed. We try everything to help her. Most of the time she gets worst and holds her head as it her brain vain are going to explode, she faints.

    Brother can you please able to help me with this, any specific Dua which i can recite to make everything settle down. I am also studying in college and unable to do my college work as I’m at back with all of my work this because i have to stay with mum all the time. I’m very tensed for her.

    Thank you Brother May Allah bless bless you,

    Muhammad Awais

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      I would suggest Ruqyah, such as reciting Surah Al-Fatihah over hear, as well as Ayaatul Kursi. Also, it may be possible someone may have given her the evil eye or some other black magic (that may be what’s causing the anxiety). Also advise her to recite Surah Al-Falaq and Al-Naas constantly, blow in her hands, and rub over herself.

      The high blood pressure may be a result of many things, poor diet, stress, other illnesses. So in addition to working on her spiritual health, she should also try to change some of her daily habits. Simple stuff like less sugar, salt, and more exercise. And of course, she should also see a medical professional.

      And Allah knows best.

  27. Please make dua for my older brother he just sleeps all day and doesnt communicate with anyone, he is in constant worry and anger and is grieving over my late mother, i am really in need of your duas so he can regain his health and start praying how he use to ans socialise, hes been like this for a while and it is causing savere problems in the family also. Please Please make dua, its constantly on my head i can barely sleep at night. at the age of 19 i feel old already. please once again i beg for your duas so my brother is back to his normal self

    • No, it is not Makruh (disliked) to cry in dua. In fact, it is better if you cry and if you cannot cry, then force yourself to cry.

      There is a famous hadith in which Prophet Muhammad described the characteristics of seven people who will be in the shade of Allah’s throne on the day of Judgement. One of those is the person who remembers Allah in seclusion and his eyes begin to cry.

      Concerning making dua for worldly matters in Sujuud (prostration), I’ve heard several different opinions.

      One opinion says you cannot ask for worldly matters while making Sujuud or Ruku’ (bowing) in any Salah, at all whatsoever.

      Another opinion says you cannot ask for worldly things during the obligatory prayers, but you can do so in the voluntary prayers.

      Both of these first two opinions are based on the fact that we are not supposed to speak during prayer, and asking for worldly things requires common speech, even though that speech is directed towards Allah.

      Another opinion is that you can ask for whatever you want during the Sujud, whether it’s the obligatory or voluntary prayers. This is based on the authentic hadith:

      A slave becomes nearest to his Lord in prostration, so increase supplication in prostration. Narrated in Sahih Muslim

      Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did not put any limitation or stipulation on the type of supplication to be made, so those who agree with this opinion say it is not right for us to do that either.

      I agree with the last opinion, that we can ask for any halaal thing in the prostration, even if it is for a worldly matter.

      And Allah knows best.

      • so we can ask allah about worldly issues during the other times when duas are accepted, like between the adhan and iqamah?
        jazakallahkhair brother for clearing my doubts
        , i was confused after my friend told me about this because i actually cry while asking dua!

        • Yes, you can certainly ask for worldly things during your duas. Allah says in His book, the meaning of which is:

          I respond to the dua of the caller when he calls upon Me.
          Chapter 2, verse 186.

          Also, there are several stories in the Quran of the Prophets and their wives calling upon Allah for worldly things.

          Prophet Zakariyyah called upon Allah for a child. The mother of Maryam called upon Allah for a child.

          If they can ask Allah for a child, why can’t we ask Allah for a spouse or other worldly things?

          Ask Allah for whatever good you want. Who else can answer your call except Him?

  28. Salaam,i wanted to get advise for a situation im in, i made dua to Allah whiles i was at hajj to give me a husband who he has chosen for me,after months not knowing what’s happening to me i became serious with my old college friend that was married and has children and after years we made a nikah without any1 knowing, then i felt that im not having a life that we should and thinking i should let him get on with his wife and children, so i told some old friend of myn to make a dua at hajj that my husband divorces me because i don’t want to cause problem for him and his family, so my friend did, after couple of months his 1st wife found out she started to argue with my him that if he has married me shell leave him etc but he denied it, to make his life easy i started to argue with him n started ti ask him for divorce so he under pressure divorced me, but we still spoke and still love each other, last year i at umerah made dua again to Allah who ever is goin to be my husband make him purpose to me by the end of the year, not knowing my ex husband purpose to me again and ask me to do halala, but he wanted to do nikka without any1 knowing again so i said ill do isthara, n then i told him im not completing the ishara i dnt want to get married secretively and its hard for u to tel ur wife so leve it, now im fyling so pain i only want him properly to be my husband what can i do because Allah brings him infront of me every time i do dua but we dnt know how to be together and b happy what can i do or ask Allah for,

    Thank you please can you answer to this

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      I do not think you should ask your husband for a divorce again. When he married you, you were just as much his wife as his first wife. Allah has made your union just as sacred and honored. Do not let the problems of the first wife cause you to lose your happiness.

      That being said, polygamy is a difficult issue for most modern Muslims women. It requires a strong and capable man to handle two (or more) sets of emotions. It doesn’t sound to me as if your husband is being very strong.

      Even though marrying you may upset his first wife, he needs to be the man and do what is right. How can he marry you in secret and not let you live as an honored married woman? I personally doubt his wife would leave him, but if she does that is her loss and her sin. She will have to answer to Allah for that.

      If you two want to marry again, I suggest you do so but do not do it in secret. There’s no need for secrecy. If you husband can’t protect you against his wife, how can he protect you against other dangers.

      Put your trust in Allah and advise your husband to be the man of his household. Make dua and Istikhaarah and go from there.

      Your rights and happiness are just as valid as his other wife.

      And be careful about forcing another divorce. You may make yourself invalid for him if you do this too often.

      • Thank you and inshAllah i will do istaqara and make dua to Allah inshAllah but another thing is it not written by Allah if i am going be his wife again or not because i believe that the situation will be good automatically and our minds should change towards what is written and if its meant to be,after istaqahara what will happen and how will I know what to do, what’s good can you please explain about isthahara thank you

        • I think ive not made myself as clear that i have gone invalid for him as he divorced me 3times i have to get married to some1 else and then get married to my ex husband and for that i am asking if i should do isthara and make dua to Allah as im stuck inbetween of wanting him as i love him and that i can be unhappy and move on in life with some1 else, do you think i should still continue to do ithahara for this, what do you think about this jaza kala khair thanks

          • And because ive ask for a divorce to make my ex husbands life easy with his wife have i committed a sin so what can i do to ask Allah for my forgiveness, also bare in mind i was undergoing of an effect of black magic done by my aunt so thats cleared now thats why im thinking positive and asking you for advice thank you for your answers and time i appreciate it

  29. Asaalama alaikum! Please make dua that i pass all of my exams! Unfortunaty they didn’t go so well! And ALLAH is the best of helpers!
    Thank you! Love you al feesabililah!!

  30. asalamualakum to everyone, i would like to thank for such a beautiful post,
    eventhough Allah has blessed me with education n health n other good things still small
    things make me feel empty within,i pray n feel sometimes that my prayers arent heard ,this makes me loose hope,
    after reading this post i feel that i should bring more earnstness in my prayers rather than being a robotic praying
    human, i request u please do pray for my bright future because i sincerely belive that we are realy blesed right from the day we were born because we are muslims.requesting you to remember me in dua>Allah hafiz.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Nahida,

      That’s what I love to hear. That one of these articles help someone become a better Muslim or strive to get closer to Allah.

      Jazakallah Khair and may Allah reward you and bless you, Ameen.

  31. Dear Brother Ibrahim,
    Assalamualaikum. I feel so good reading posts in this blog.
    I would like to share my personal problem with you and would really be grateful for any suggestion and duas.
    I have been living abroad for 5 years, my husband is still back in the country and waiting for his immigration. I completed my studies but to find a job has become the hardest and most distressful thing in my life. My children are also upset and at some point I feel they are not confident because of my failure. I am staying at my brother’s house and thats also causing a great deal of problems. I dont know what to do, I believe ALLAH (SWT) will listen to my prayer and do whatever is best for me. But in some distressful moment I kind of loose all hope (Astagfirullah)..which is a great sinful act. PLease tel me how I can appease ALLAH swt and get a sustainable good life. Also pray for me as I have been sitting for test again and again for job but couldn’t succeed. Hope ALLAH Rabbul Alamin forgives me and grant me and my family a good life. Thank you. Jazakallah

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Check out this hadith:

      Allah said, “Whoever shows enmity to a person devoted to me, I will be at war with them. My servant doesn’t draw closer to me with anything more beloved by me than the obligatory actions. Then My servant draws even closer to me with voluntary actions until I love him.”

      When I love him I am the hearing with which he hears, the seeing with which he sees, his hand with which he strikes, and his foot with which he walks. If he were to ask of Me, I would surely give it to him, and if he were to ask Me for refuge, I would surely grant it to him.

      I do not hesitate with anything as I hesitate with taking the soul of my faithful servant; for he hates death and I hate hurting him.”

      The most beloved thing to Allah are the obligatory actions. So make sure you’re doing those obligatory things that Allah and His Messenger has commanded us to do. Then you should do as many of the voluntary things as you can that are easy for you to do.

      This will make Allah love you. And of course you should be doing these things with patience and sincerity knowing that what Allah and His Messenger have told us is the truth.

      You should continue making dua to Allah and strive hard to please Him, even while you’re going through difficulties.

      And Allah is the source of strength.

  32. O, Allah for give my sin the sins are heavy like mountains I can’t carry them just put in front of you to release them I am siner I accept I am very very seiner pleas forgive O;My God O ‘ Rahman , Rahim , ya kareem Ameen.

  33. Salam to all of you here. May Allah solve ur problem and lead you to the right path. I just need some dua Cause i have been feeling very bad for the last months. Im so worried and i avoid Meeting some People. I cry to much and sometimes im so ashamed Cause i know There are People WHO is suffering much more than me. I was engaged for 4 years. I Live in europé and he was in asia so i got him here but i was not much happy from the beginning but yet i tought things were going to be better so he came here. Unfornately nothing got better and after 3 years of his arrival. We got divorced. I couldnt love him even tough he love me. We both treated each other bad and i feel i was more bad to him. So 3-4 months after My divorce i got proposal from another family WHO also live in asia. I felt happy and Said yes but just some days/weeks later i started to feel undre again. He wants to call me often and talk often but i make excuses: i tell him we have not done neekah, better to wait. My parents and his are ok and happy to see us Talking on phone and Chatting but im so avoiding him. They wanted to Do neekah à month ago and i told My parents im not ready and now they are worrying so much. They are afraid if i Loose This chance. They Guy seems very Nice and à Good muslim and so is his family. He is raised in muslim country and im sure he is very religious but im sp afraid. What if i marry him and don’t get any feeling to him? What if i cant marry him. You know, the earlier Guy i was engaged to. We did neekah but Since we did not have the Wedding, we never came close to each other. We were suppose to have Wedding when he came here to where i live but Since i was unsure i did not marry. This time if i visit the new Guy WHO live over There. Im planning to marry so hopefully i Can spend time with him and get feeling. Right now i don’t have any feeling for him. He posted gifts for My birthday and he wrote à Nice letter on valentine day but still i could not say i love you Cause i dont. My mum say i Worry to much. I have been reading surah Noor, surah yaseen, ayatul kursi. I recite Allahs name. Many more dua and i listen to different dua in youtube. Im so afraid. Im not you g and Its time for me to get Married but i dont Want to get Married and divorce again. Its My nightmare. Im already in grieve Cause i got divorce Once. Im happy i did not get close to him and have children Cause that Would be more difficult. I don’t Want to marry twice. I don’t know what to Do. This problem make me wan to be home all day. Don’t go to school and work but then i hurt My parents. They Want me to study and go out and have fun. Not be home and sleeping and waste. During engagement for the 4 years. 1st was fine. I worried to much but tought things Would get better when he came but the last 3 years after his arrival , i was in much Pain and wasted My time at home. After My divorce i started school and My family got happy but now im Almost coming to the same Old me again. My mum is so hurt Cause she wants me to have à normal LIFE like everyone Else. Im 25 and i feel so Old. I tought i Would be marry by This age and have 1 or 2 kids. But Thats LIFE. I have never been have Meeting guys and have bortfriends Cause i have tried to be à Good muslim but some of My friends they made many haram thing but yet they are happily Married. I got Jelouse and i know This is haram but i cant control it. I feel Allah helps me with many things but that im just unthankful . Plz give me some advice. I need to talk to someone. I dont tell My problems to anyone. Just one friend. None of My close friends know that im divorced. Just My family know. Its so sad and i don’t know what to Do. Today im better but the last Few days i hav been crying all day. Im afraid to hurt This new Guy and his family and My family wont be able to see me change my mind again. I wanted This but just after we Said yes i started to feel unsure. Plz pray for me. Today My grandma called and Said don’t Worry. Its sad. Even she is worrying now for me. Plz pray and give me advice. I Would love to get email from someone WHO tell Their problem to me and listen to mine so i Can ease My Heart Thanks

    • Asaalam Aalaykum Ukhti Zahra. I totally understand you issue. I am also a sister and i would love to in sha Allah send you some sister to sister advise send me your email address in sha Allah ukhti. May Allah give you a rightous spouse and make yor marrige one that leads to Jannah! Ameen I love you for the sake of Allah sis! xx reply with your email address IA

  34. salaam, i am so gratefull that i had a chance to read this also, may A.S.W have mercy on me and my family and guide me to the straght path, i converted into islam and mostly the knowledge i have comes from the kitaabs i read,i always ask myself if i make dua in a right way or not coz i,ve never had a chance to go to madressa,but inshaAlaH ALLAH will make it easy for me to carryon reading,may A.S.W bless every one who writes anything good for his ummat to regain knowledge ameen

  35. salaam brother please help me i need some dua from you that ALLAH can make my dream true . I am in love with a guy he love me too and he live far away from me we both love each other, but the problem is this my family not happy if i get engaged with him they think he just wanna play with me and come here, i am so depressed i always cry,i cant sleep at night , i don’t eat and i am full stress,sometime i hate my life but i put a trust in ALLAH,masallah i have everything to my life but i really want him, i request u please do pray for my bright future. now i am flying so pain i only want him to be my husband what can i do because Allah brings him in front of me every time i do dua but we dnt know how to be together and b happy what can i do or ask Allah for,thank u

  36. thank you very much for all the ansers and advises you have given that can go along way in solving most of the problems highlited by fellow brothers and sisters in islam.may Allah rewward you abundantly and may all our wishes be granted by him in the best way.hare and the hereafter.Ameen

  37. Salam to all sisters and brothers ..
    I’m 16 and a girl. I’m also a student at high school. I need help , sisters and brothers. My
    inwardness is strong. But I’ve been very sad , upset , lazy , depressive and etc. for last 2 years.
    I was a successful student and I was studying. I was a quiet girl and I could control myself . I wasn’t an unkind person. I was relax , I didn’t care what the people think about me. I was doing everything with all my heart and only for ALLAH .. I started to pray (namaz) with my own desicion even.
    But these 2 years.. Ahh , I’m very sorry for these times .. I lost this time with regrets , bad experiences and full of sadness .. Because I haven’t felt ok , I have done lots of laziness , disrespect and I always wanted to be far to people ..
    Therefore ,
    -my studies gone bad
    -my happiness and tranquilit gone away
    -my family felt very sorry
    -my life lost its meaning
    -I lost my dreams
    ……. and a lot of similar bad things ….
    Then I realized that I leave to pray even .. I was just watching tv , chilling on the internet , thinking about nonsensical things , freting & shout at evryone and arguing with my family ..
    When I saw the truth , I thought that’s a devil game and a part of our big exam in this world. So I decided not to succumb .. And I started to pray again . Now I want you to give me advices for me to be a better Muslim , have a better heart , not to care what the others say , be hardworking and more intelligent .. If you know special duas for these all , please tell me ..
    My world is quite wide and I want to use that to help people ..
    If you can tell me some things about them all and give me advices , I’ll be thankful . I need Muslim sisters and brothers who I can ask some things to and who I can share my thoughts with ..
    I hope you can help me .. ALLAH bless you all

    • 1) alot of people suggest doing zikr, reading the Quran and saying the Salaah. ofcourse that does help, but as youve said, sometimes it is difficult to concentrate on those actions, and so they might not help. for that, what you have to do is ALWAYS REMAIN STEADFAST. no matter how hopeless u feel, u have to have faith, i.e. ACTUALLY BELIEVE that doing zikr and salah will help you. consciously FORCE yourself to concentrate on Allah and try as hard as you can to push other thoughts out of your mind. i know it is very difficult at first, and it will take time, but u have to be patient. as the Quran says, Allah is with the patient ones =) above all, i will repeat just to emphasize on the importnce of it, BELIEVE IN YOUR HEART that this is what will help you take control of your condition. believe that zikr will bring peace to your heart. once u achieve the ability to control your thoughts, it really helps.

      2) as we are all very weak in our spiritual hearts, it will help alot if you take some time out for yourself, preferably at night, when your sole objective is to do nothing but think of Allah and His Greatness, His Rehmat, His Azmat. you dont have to make zikr with your lips, and u dont have to spend hours- just take out a few minutes, close your eyes, and concentrate with all your might to feel His presence, to find Allah in your heart and soul. later on, when u get the hang of it, u can increase the time- and will find that u WANT to, inshAllah =) yes, it was very frustrating for me at first, but when i achieved that feeling of His nearness, even if it lasted only for a moment, i was flooded with a peace that i cant describe. its like Allah enters your soul and he hears all your problems without you having to say them. He is indeed All-knowing, All-seeing Subhaan Allah. Having Him near really takes away all the pain in your heart, you can take that from me.

      3) join some classes, under a professional teacher of Islam- not only will that keep you busy, it will automatically bring u closer to your religion, and hence will help you achieve what ive mentioned in the above two points.

      Remember to always be among jamah as it it baraka described by the holy prophet (PBUH)

      salim ali (muscat)

  38. Assalam-o-Alaikom(W.rah W.Bar)
    Name: Fayaz Ahmed .,.,
    Age: 34.5 Years
    I am on very good position by job with an excellent package out of my homeland(Alhamdulellha)….
    (1) a week ago, in my dream a baby-elephant with no skin on him came out of a water pond. The baby-elephant started running after me and in a blink of eye when I saw back there was only one huge full size black color elephant running after me to get me, I was much scared in dream trying to escape….
    (2) last saturday I dreamt I saw in my front upper teeth one tooth is black rotten and when I pressed it I felt my finger thrust a bit inside tooth…
    Please reply here for both or send me through my email ID
    Jazakumullah khaira


    • Assalaamualaikum Brother.

      Make dua to Allah asking for protection. Recite surah Falaq and surah Naas often.

      Say Bismillah when you enter your home. And recite Ayaatul Kursi often.

      Allah knows best but these dreams do not sound good.

      • Jazaka’Allahukhaira…… May Allah bless you and all ulama, uffaz-e-karam, and great scholars of Islam, have long and prosperous life to serve Islam…

    • Dear Brother Fayaz,

      Always remember that good dreams are from Allah and bad dreams are from shaitaan. You need not worry any further her in this regard.Take the good dreams well and forget the bad dreams.These bad dreams are just a trap from the shaitan as some times you may go to the wrong places for proper interpretation and thus entering into shirk, which the shitaan wants. Salam aliakum
      Mir Salim Ali

  39. Assalamalaikum I m married since 3 years. But after marriage I came to know that my husband already have his first wife. I faced lots of problems even I had to stay alone in one flat. He used to come very rarely to me. Still I managed everything and told him to treat both of us equally. But since 1 year I m staying with my father and he is not willing to come to me even not sending me any money. Recently I came to know that he also has a son with first wife. When I was pregnant he aborted my child. He is totally avoiding me. Plz dear brothers and sisters pray for me that my husband should come to me and give me all rights and treat me equally. JazakAllah.

    • Dear Sister,

      It is indeed sad to hear what you had to say. It is obvious that your parents and brothers have not done their home work well in the initial stage before Nikah. Since you are now already married to him you have the choice of remaining an obedient wife as long as he dosent ask you to enter into shirk.It is now evident that Allah surely loves you so he has put you to test to see if you have the patience to remain a good and dutiful wife.Just do ibadaa and remember Allah constantly and and do ishtakhara to see if Allah will’s you to take any further step in this regard.
      The only person who will gain in this regard will be yourself in Jannah (inshallah).

      Salim Ali (muscat)

  40. I gave my mother some advice to stop her from dwelling on something that was not required. She has taken it the wrong way and giving my wife a difficult time over the last 4-5 days.

    Is there anything I should do? I have a broken ankle and it worries me so much when I hear her be too harsh on my misses…..There is no magic wand to cure this, but I know the power of dua can heal this from further stresses of everyday life. I get so worried when I hear my own family members giving negative views especially your own ……I have decided that I shall never say anything. I have too many calls from my aunt (twin) and speaking so long on the phone has really changed her and it seems to have an element of keeping things secret amongst our own little family……

    • As-Salaamu Alaikum,

      It seems like the Shaytan is causing trouble in your family. The fact that you’re injured just makes things even more difficult for you as you are in a weakened position.

      Continue to call upon Allah for guidance. Request that everyone who enters your house say Bismillah when they enter to help drive out the Shaytan. Do not play any music in your house either.

      As for duas, recite the duas in chapter 3 verse 8, and Surah al-Hashr chapter 59 verse 10.

  41. Assalam alykum,
    I have read a book “The Secret” (you can view the book in video form, it tells about the “law of attraction”, what we think & desire we attract that thing, my question : is this the same thing which we say “DUA”, we desire, think and ask from Allah and Allah provide the same or better.

    Jazakallah khairen,
    Zahiruddin Babar

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      I won’t speak on the “law of attraction” as there are still some things I don’t understand about it. But I have seen the movie “The Secret” and in my opinion much of what they’re speaking of is haram. They were saying a person can have something just by willing and that the “universe” will answer our prayers and fulfill our desires.

      That is both silly and haram.

      I do believe that people may have a strong will and be so determined for what they want, that they seem to always get whatever it is they want. But I do not believe we can get anything simply because we want it.

      And Allah knows best.

  42. Assalam-o-alaikum Wa rahmatullahe wabarakatuhu…
    Ramadan-ul-kareem mubarak….
    Dear brother , writing you the second time,,,yesterday (18th Ramadan)in my dream I saw that I am looking to the walls of my bed-room the rain-water coming down from the ceiling in many lines.I am standing inside my bedroom watching all four internal walls. Please reply me with your best prayers….


  44. Dear brothers and sisters,

    Im seeking Allah’s help to change my partners decision.
    His parents must have used some very hard ways in words or bargain that he left me alone – all because i have already two kids and he is younger than him.
    He never bothered about them and what people thought.
    We were living a good life, not a wealthy one though but still we were supporting each other, as friends, partner and everything.
    This was a sacred relationship and he just strangely sent me an sms saying he cant face me to say that and i really love him , not to try to contact him.
    I spoke to him a few days back he answered and said he was still not ready to meet me and if ever he will, i shouldn’t expect things to be same.
    I am very much affected by all this two weeks gone. I trust Allah t’Allah and believe a lot in the strength of my love for this person and same him for me.

    Please dear brothers and sisters please make duas for me – am a converted sister in Islam.

    Thanks and May Allah shower his blessings upon you all for your kind thoughts.


  46. I’m not sure where you’re getting your info, but great
    topic. I needs to spend some time learning much more or understanding more.
    Thanks for fantastic info I was looking for
    this information for my mission.

  47. Salamalikum , I really need your help. for about four month now I have
    not been ok. In my heart, it feels like its going to stop. I went to
    hospital to explain, my BP was checked it was normal yet I still feel
    bad like heart attack. It was in another appointment with a doctor that he
    ask me several question like am I working,I told him I am university graduate with no job, he ask am I staying
    alone and I reply that I stay with my parent and am the first child of five and he said I needed a job, that, that is my problem. Though I never thought of that. I pray on time everyday,sometime fasted monday and thursday, wake up middle of d night to make dua, I recite quran And yet i feel bad. or is it like Allah is punishing me for sins I committed in the past or he has a better plans for me in future. Bcos right now alI I needed is peace of mind, Please I need your advice on what to do or a special prayer because I am going out of answers Now. Jazakallahu khaira has you reply

  48. Dear Brothers and Sisters,

    I need your prayer, I graduated since 2007, have not gotten my dream job. Before, they do called me for job interview but this days now if I applied, they dont even call me again. During the period that I was called , my problem is that I dont know how to compose my self, because I have self esteem problem, I don’t believe in my self.

    Kindly pray for me, if paid employment is not my way, God should direct me on what to do to be successful.

  49. Allah’s response is near but we are not near to Allah because of Satan.We have to be good Muslim.if we submit us as slave of Allah it will be a miracle that we could feel the response of Allah is nearer than hope…..

  50. salam, i have a friend who has been in the uk for the past 2 years, but due to his college closing down and him not completing his course has caused alot of problems. now that he has finally paid so much and got into a college, his visa has been rejected. he has 14 days to appeal, but technically he cant actually appeal. i wanted to know if there is any dua i can read, or is there something i can do to help.i wanted to request you to pray for him, hopefully you will be able to help me.

    Dear Brothers and Sissters,

    Please pray for my father and my mother they both passed away may Alla give them janna


  52. I’m simu,i want to know some dua with reference foe improve of life and marriage.urgent for me.i’m helpless and hopeless llso. please pray for me.

  53. Please brothers and sister I have a very big problem .i have lost my Job and also have a court cases at the high court.i am really stress and I need the help of Allah to see me through.i am from a very poor background and do not have the necessarily connection politically to fight the case.i need the grace of Allah upon me.
    Please my Muslim brothers and sister help me with duaa.i need it the most at this time in my life.

  54. Allah is the creator of human, he know that the all problems of human heart feel, so do dua in your language with emotion and far from guilty also insha allah all problems will solve

  55. Dear Brother,
    Assalamualykum, I am facing no of big troubles in my life for last 4 years, having 3 children’s . Lost my job in conspiracy by a big group.In my life I have sins but on the other hand I believe by the grace of ALLAH I did good works, did good for people. I always good for my parents,who died couple of years back, I always tried to look-after my parents, they were always happy on me, they used to say I will be big in my life.I never gave-up anybody who came to me for job or any help. But at present nobody is helping me.I become hopeless and asking ALMIGHTY ALLAH for his forgiveness from sin and blessings so that I can live with dignity with my children and can perform HAJJ with my wife before my death. PL let me know what can I do to get ALLAH’s rahmat. May ALLAH bless you.

  56. I m not muslim bt i believe in allah bt i just want some help i have a business which i never get eurning and in 3 months my shop gets closed becz i m not able tp pay money to the mall manage ment and if this hard time come i dont even have food to eat at home.

  57. Asaalam Aalaykum
    Please make dua or me, as i’m suffering from autoimmune disease and arthritis joint pain.. remember me in your prayer that i can have a permanent relief.

    Insha’Allah Allah will cure me.

  58. Asaalam Aalaykum
    Please make dua for me, as i’m suffering from autoimmune disease and arthritis joint pain.. remember me in your prayer that i can have a permanent relief.

    Insha’Allah Allah will cure me.

  59. Today I saw in my dream that zoheb is sitting on dewaan and I am sitting down on the floor beside his legs and giving him pomegranate and he is eating and then I look into his eyes for a long time very lovingly and happily and he is also looking me at the same time continously

  60. What should I do should I kill myself I can’t tolerate all this anymore in my life
    Please somebody help me please if anyone wants to help me please help me

    • Uzma Zareen please don’t say u want to kill yourself because suicide is a major sin and the one who does that is faced with a warning of eternity in the Fire of Hell, where Allah will punish him with the means that he used to commit suicide. It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever throws himself down from a mountain and kills himself will be throwing himself down in the Fire of Hell for ever and ever. Whoever drinks poison and kills himself will be sipping it in the Fire of Hell for ever and ever. Whoever kills himself with a piece of iron will have that iron in his hand, thrusting it into his belly in the Fire of Hell for ever and ever.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari (5442) and Muslim (109).Allah is very merciful and when life knock you down, you are in a good position to pray to your lord… I pray that you don’t commit this major sin and your life is very precious,so don’t destroy it because the only one that can take your soul away is Allah.Everyday, If you see youself alive and which is a blessing from Allah(SWT) and you should be thankful for that. because you know those in the grave wish they can come back and do more good deeds. Ya Rabbi guide all Mumin and guide those who are still in the darkness because being in the darkness is not good. In sha Allah everything will be alright and just have patient. #proud to be a Muslim and I love my religion. May Allah be with all of us and show us the way and forgive us for all the sins we committed in this duniya.Ameen

  61. assalamu alaikum

    i am a student and i dua to allah for a succes by these methods. i am sure that
    allah will help me tommorow. prey for me also. allah help you.
    thank you

  62. Brother-in-faith, My name is Muddasir. I like a girl since i was young boy of 13-14 yrs. I shared my feelings with her around 10 years ago. Now, I’m 25 and i still love her. I repeatedly told her from time to time that i love her but she didnt replied in positive. Her primary concern was that i was a year younger than her. I have not seen her even since 5 years. Through all these years I have only prayed that may Allah unite us. She is so good in her character and she is a perfect muslim. I have never thought of anyone other than her and she also has not any affair with anyone ever. She want to marry someone who is chosen by her parents by will of Allah.
    I asked my parents around 4 months ago to contact her parents but by this time someone from her community contacted her parents and they made a commitment. I am preoccupied by her thoughts since last 12 years and i never prayed for anything illegal. I cried alot for days in sujood. I am very rest less. I have imagined all good things with her and i have always wanted to have Halal relationship. It is because of this i never tried to contact her in between these years because i always waited for a suitable time when i’ll get job. Al-Hamdulillah I am hopeful that Allah can make a wayout but at the same time I’m still so concerned. I am doing whatever i can. I am fasting since 2 months now and praying and making Dua. Please pray for me :'(

    • In sha Allah n be patient brother because u know this a test from Allah and as u know everything is not permanent and u should Pray all the time n never lose hope because Allah is listening to u n he also can see u …. Just be patient and everything will be okay. If you don’t get her n Allah have better plans for u.

      • No no Brother/Sister it’s good to ask our brothers and sisters for advice. Maybe there’s a good Dua in the Hadith that will help there life that you don’t know about. So they come online to ask for help.

  63. I am reading through these comments and shaking my head in disbelief at the weakness of humans. Why do you all call on others for dua? Why not make the dua directly to Allah himself? Call upon Allah for help and guidance. Praise Allah and accept that EVERYTHING he gives AND TAKES is for your own benefit. Everything Allah does is just and for your own good. So if someone is desiring something or to be with someone and it’s not happening, ACCEPT IT, and be thankful that Allah has chosen that path for you because he knows what you do not. Perhaps you desire something which isn’t good for you, and Allah gives not, yet he prefers what is good for you, and you don’t appreciate it. Submit yourself to Allah fully and he will always fill your life with happiness. It will be so that even your struggles will be with ease.

  64. Everone, my name is hajira. Can you please make a dua for me, saying that my father will live for the next 10 years from today. He is having so many migraines and neck pain. These are known as symptoms if heart attacks. I beg for him to take medicene, but he refuses. He says, ” GOD is the only one that can help me. It’s Allah’s choice whether to take me or not. And for my soul to remain in this world, the only way is to pray to Allah. ” So, I hope my dad doesn’t have an datagram, I am only 12. And my mom is an house wife. Please, pray for me and my family. Thank you, may GOD bless you all.

      • Aslm alykm.good pipo ALLAH says call upon “my name”I shall answer take your medicine and make Duas.taking medicine with eimaan is anotherway of making Dua.ALLAH is a forgiver but we have to beg for his mercey.dont kill yoself.undastand thing.Duas&action should much.jazakumLLAH.wasalaam

  65. You know wallaby I’ve been having so much trouble in life and everyday I cry. You have to understand that some people are blessed with other things that you really want. I really wanted good hair and everyday I ask Allah make my hair grow again please. I’m go scared to go outside without a hat because I’m at the age of 16 and I’m already balding. That shows how much stress I have in my life and I have no where to go for help. And the only place is hear and I have missed school for 3 days because when I do my hair it takes me 30 minutes to cover the balding and it’s so hard. I do my hair everyday and I’m so shy because living in Brooklyn people are very rude. If I go to school and they see my balding spot they going to make fun of me. And wallaby it hurts a lot so please help me out. What Dua should I make and how should I make it. You guys don’t understand how hard my life is but Allah does but he just wants me to come and pray and make a good Dua to him. So please help me out on what Dua I should make to Allah about this problem. May Allah bless everybody non-Muslim and Muslim may we all die as a Muslim and may Allah give ahead to the believes on the day of judgment and make their life easy in this life and the next. Don’t forget to say Ameen

  66. Many many thanks for this valuable articles.God bless you and pray for me so that i can say namaz everyday.Allah create only human for everybody say namaz regularly.Allah hafez

  67. am a graduate of pure and applied mathematics,have been looking for work for a long period of time,i think have try my best in terms of prayer and also think i need help from other people to pray for me concerning my job because my believe is now shaking

  68. assalamu alaykum i am shaima i am 17 years old now i left my parents my mom is dead now i am going to get married i want to be happy can u pls help me

  69. assalam wa aliakum
    i m going through worst problem i want to near to allah and his rasool pbuh but i m making myself worst doing seens which i want to stop i m fighting with myself but i always loose .i really dont know what to do i m also stop talking with my friends my family members i come home after work and sit quietly i have been going through this since a year please my brothers and sisters dua for me i need dua to make my self stronger . thank you

  70. Assalamualaikum
    Allah has always been kind and Merciful even when i had been ungrateful,acted impatient.
    Praises be for him.
    I am worried.
    I get very impatient and nervous.
    Recently got married.My husband lives in USA and I need to apply for visa.
    I feel scared with these documentations and especially the Interview.

    May Allah make it easy for me to go to my Husband.
    May I get the Visa.

  71. Its all so complicated that no one can ever understand. I have seen people praying specifics for over 70 years and yet their dua’s are unanswered and frankly now it doesn’t matter. One should be happy in Allah’s will because only he is the ultimate planner. He is Qadir and he is the ultimate decision maker…so none of us can ever figure out what his plan is. Just be humble and be a slave…rest leave all to him.

  72. I too have problem I don’t know how to solve that.but I prayed thahajjudh and I solved my problem but even though I am getting scared about that problem. All ways I feel sad when I think of it .I don’t know how to forget my past and to move on to my future .I can’t be happy. Why am I bcming sad when I think my past 😢😢 there is no any ways to forget the past

    • yeah i thought so but remember your god … dont be impatient … i think its ur xm.. soon you will be rewarded brother

  73. I m going to get married & i have a problem which i can’t explain here. Pleas keep dua for me so that i can be happy with my wife.

    • make sure that your wife was not do any dirty or bad things if she kiss any boy or he kiss her and many things they’ve done Allah will not forgive her if you forgive her Allah will forgive her if you not so Allah Also not and she will Always burn in jhannum try to make she tell you All truth then both of you could be live happy

  74. after the khula case happened and divorced happened .just a matter of child … feeling of love and hated of body and may spiritually rohi, should not have to feell me own as globally or likened of child just… Please pray for me

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