You Have The Right To Knowledge

Knowledge is power.

You’ve heard that many times, and it’s true. I’ll prove it.

Has this ever happened to you?

You hear someone saying something about Islam. Something you know isn’t right. Something you know is incorrect.

But you just didn’t have the information to set them straight. You didn’t have the knowledge.

And you felt powerless.

Happened to me once before also.

Let me tell you a story.

Once, when I was in college, I was asked to give a short talk about Islam.

I was really pumped for this. This was my chance to show everybody the beauty of Islam. So I got everything prepared.

I did my background study on the role the Quran plays in our life. I did research on the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). And I made sure to fact check everything I was going to present.

When the big day came, I was ready. I got behind the podium and began to deliver my speech.

It was a knockout. The audience liked what I had to say and they were very open to Islam.

After the speech I sat down and reveled in how awesome everything had went. I felt so good at having done such a great job spreading the message of Islam.

Then, an elderly gentleman sat down next to me and began questioning me.

“Why do Muslims commit so much terrorism?”

“Why does your book tell you to kill Christians and Jews?”

“Why did Muhammad spread Islam by the sword?”

Each time he asked a question, I would answer it as best as I could. However, as soon as I answered his question, he’d hit me with another one.

The worst part was that I didn’t even know how to answer a lot of his questions! Especially the ones about Islamic history.

I had studied the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), but had not gone into too much depth about the history of Islam after his death.

And those were the questions this guy kept stumping me on.

By the time he finished, my good mood was gone.

I was so angry at myself. I let this guy walk all over me and I didn’t have the knowledge to combat his misinformation.

Right then and there, I made up my mind this would never happen again.

Soon afterward I began an intense study of Islamic history. I wanted to make sure this never happened again.

Now let’s go back to that first scenario.

Imagine yourself in my shoes. What would you do if some guy suddenly tried to trash Islam because he thought he knew all about the history? How would you respond?

Picture yourself stopping his tirade and giving him the truth. Picture the look on his face when he realizes he messed with the wrong Muslim.

All because you have the right KNOWLEDGE.

And knowledge is power.

That’s my commitment to you. To give you the knowledge and power needed to stop ignorance.

So you can be in control of the conversation.

I know how it feels to listen as so-called experts trash Islam and our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

But that’s not going to happen anymore because you are going to decide how the conversation flows from now on.

I’ve taken my frustration and put it use. I studied the history of Islam and worked hard to create a product that will solve many of these problems.

This audio lecture on the Four Righteous Caliphs is the result of all this hard work.

This extraordinary accomplishment is the result of months of intense study and dedication to learning what truly happened during the lives of our Righteous Predecessors.

I guarantee your total satisfaction.

Download The Four Righteous Caliphs right now. There are no excuses for you to be caught off guard any longer.

You must get this knowledge.

Because knowledge is power.