The Greatest Dua In The World

What’s A Dua?

I’m sure most of the people reading this already know what a dua is in Islam. Still, I know a lot of new Muslims come to this website, so I’m going to give a quick definition.

The word “dua” comes from the Arabic root word da-‘a-wa (dal-‘ayn-waw). A simple translation means “to call.”

Muslim Woman Making Dua
Photo courtesy Kelantan Jottings

Islamically, dua means to make an informal prayer to Allah. A formal prayer is the Salaah, which has structured movements and sayings. But a dua is informal meaning there’s no absolute structure and nothing that absolutely must be said.

Dua means a person is calling upon Allah.

Reasons For Making Dua

Muslims make dua for just about anything and everything. In fact, a lot of our daily speech is filled with duas.

For instance:

  • When we recite Surah Al-Fatihah, we’re making dua.
  • When we say “As-Salaamu Alaikum” and respond with “Wa Alaikum Salaam” we’re making dua.
  • When we make Istikhaarah for decisions, we’re making dua.

There’s no escaping making dua as a Muslim. And this is a great thing because Allah loves it when we call upon Him. Calling upon Allah shows that we’re humble, and that we need Him, and that we know we are helpless without Him.

Allah doesn’t need us to make dua; instead it is we who need to make dua to Allah.

And there’s almost no limit to the things you can make dua for. So long as what you’re asking for is halaal (permissible) and good, you can make dua to Allah for whatever you need and want.

Technically speaking, you can make dua for bad things also. You can make dua against another person asking for some harm to come to them. But this is not a good thing and will probably hurt you more in the long run.

The best dua is “Alhamdulillah” or “All praises and thanks are for Allah.” This is a dua that praises Allah. So we should say this as often as possible.

And when we make dua for other Muslims, the angels make the same dua for us. That’s why we should always keep other people in our duas and refrain from making duas asking for harm against others.

Dua Requests

I get a lot of dua requests at this website. I don’t mind the requests, and I do try to fulfill them when they come. But you should know that I’m not a particularly outstanding Muslim. I try to do the best I can, but I make mistakes just like you do.

Some of my sins might be bigger than yours, and some may not. Only Allah knows that.

But it is okay to ask others to make dua for you. If you believe a certain Muslim is pious and is closer to Allah than you are, then you may ask them to make dua on your behalf. This does not mean you don’t have to make dua also. What this means is that perhaps you may have someone who Allah is more willing to listen asking for you.

The Greatest Dua In The World

A few people have asked me to teach them a really powerful dua to take care of all of their problems. I know a lot of duas that are supposed to help with many different problems.

But I don’t know of any “one dua to rule them all” type thing (any Lord Of The Rings fans out there?)

Well, actually I do know something like this.

There is one dua you can make…and it is the greatest dua in the world.

Are you ready for it?

The greatest dua in all the world is…

The dua that comes from the heart.

This is a dua that is unique. No one else can make this dua except you. And you can make it any language you want to whether that be English, Arabic, Urdu, or whatever.

The dua that comes from the heart, the dua that begs Allah for help, the dua that brings tears to your eyes and wracks your soul is the greatest dua in the world.

There’s No Magic Spells

Many Muslims take their duas like magic spells, ala Harry Potter.

Most duas are in Arabic. And most Muslims, don’t speak Arabic. Yet, we’re told to learn certain duas (and not all of them are from the Quran and Hadith) and when we say them so many times, certain problems will be taken care of.

And so we have duas for wealth and health and marriage and family and pregnancy and all sorts of things.

So you learn a dua and recite it and you don’t really know what it means but you expect certain things to happen just because you said it.

That sounds like a magic spell to me.

That’s not the way duas are supposed to work.

Definitely, you should learn certain duas from the Quran and that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught his companions. But also learn what they mean. This way, when you hold your hands up to Allah and you’re saying these duas, you can say them with feeling and conviction, even though they’re in Arabic.

Don’t just memorize sounds and repeat them like a parrot and expect magic to happen.

And if you need something and you don’t know a dua from the Quran and Sunnah, then just turn to Allah and ask Him directly. Ask Him in whatever language you’re most comfortable with.

After all, doesn’t Allah know all languages?

Beg Allah for help. Even cry while you’re asking Him. Acknowledge your weakness. Repent for your sins.

There are no magic spells or magic wands. Call upon Allah with your heart and be sincere.

That is the greatest dua in the world.

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213 Responses to The Greatest Dua In The World

  1. salam brother, im very toched by wot u wrote, may Allah swt grant the highest
    place in janna for ur grandfather inshallah, and may Allah swt reward u for all ur
    hard work and time inshallah.

    • Assalamu Alaickum Varah,
      Dear Sisters & brothers…I’m married for a year and still childless…please include me in your sincere dues for me to bear a child.
      The pressure am getting into because of many social and family reasons are beyond explanation. I’m scared if I do not bear a child within next few months my marriage might be into trouble. When I’m posting this mail am broken into pieces and tears. Ya Rabb grant me a pious child asap…Ya Allah azawajal you are Wahab so grant me …I beg you Allah…

      Please ummah remember me in your sincere prayers… I have made sincere dues and learnt supplications from Quran,… if you ppl know anything else pls let me know :'(

      Am not able to withstand amongst such a society…Ya Allah give me the strength to bear… :'(

      Jazakallah Qair Ummah….

      • Dear Brother,

        Assalamu alikum, first you Trust allah, allah ill grant a good child to sooni include your name in my to dua. plz recite ayathul kurshi every time….

      • Ameen, will keep you in my duah’s.
        G for accupuncure, i do know of a few people that fell pregnant by going for accupuncture.
        Ishallah Amee.

      • Asalamualikum brother !! Have patience & have faith in allah will definately bless you with a child sooner or later. My uncle he was blessed with a child after 10 years of his marriage.

      • Your situation makes me very sad, your child bearing ability is up to allah and you relatives should accept this, I pray that Allah will ease your hardship in which ever way he chooses ameen.

      • Dear sister in islam…do not worry at all …Allah (swt) is there to solve ur problem…He is surely the moat beneficent the most merciful.He loves u more than 70 mothers.Keep asking ALLAH with full faith and determination.
        What i am telling u is tried and tested dua for any problem in this world…
        KEEP RECITING ISTAGHFAR everytime…and while saying ISTAGHFAR U try to repent to ALLAH (SWT) with full concentration..U ask forgiveness for everything..
        Allah (SWT) states in surah nooh..
        Ask forgiveness of ur lord…surely he is moat forgiving and merciful..He will send u rains…He will increase u in wealth and CHILDREN..and give u gardens.
        SIster keep reciring istaghfar u will surely see its miracle.
        Allah opens the closed doors for one who constantly seeks his forgiveness.
        4.CONTINUOUSLY MAKE DUA TO ALLAH (SWT) with full faith.

        In sha Allah aameen u will see the results soon.
        See the videos regarding power of ISTAGHFAR and power of DUA by mufti menk..on youtube…it will help u in understanding well
        I will also pray for u sister..


  2. could you please make a dua for me also my mother is worried about our marrige. please pray for her that ALLAH solve her problem and she could see our marriages

  3. Assalamu alaikum.. am a 23year old guy..please make ‘Dua’ for me and my family..i am trying for job in IT field since 1year, but i did not got it till now. where ever i go am facing rejections..and my now family is in big financial problems..i want to get settled as soon as possible so that i can help my family financially..please my humble request for you to make powerfull dua for me and my family..

    JazakAllah Khair

    • brother this is a test from allah he is testing your faith in him with every test that allah gives you he shall reward you in this world and in the day of the jugment thank allah that he is testing you

  4. read at fajar times 313 daily with daroud sharif in the beginning and end

    ” Ya allaho ya allaho ya allaho Ya Rabbi Ya Rabbi Ya Rabbi Ya Hawyu Ya qayumo Ya Zulgilale walikram be ismakal azeemil azame an turzukni rizqan waseun halalun tayabun be rehmateka ya arhamur rahemeen ”

    I got medical residency in US after reading it , that is more difficult then IT job.
    Spread it to the other people , this is sadqa Jaria

  5. Assalaamu alaikum….please make dua for my son, he is an engineer and looking out for a job the past six months but till now he has not got any offer ,he has a lot of committments like student loan etc we are also not in a position to help him in anyway financially .please my humble request for you to make dua for my son so that all his problems will be solved.Jazak Allah Khair

  6. Salam
    I know you’ve loads of Dua requests.. But I’ll give it a try.. I’m not a Muslimah yet.. Few hours ago I came across your website and I love it 🙂

    Could you please ask God to lead me the right way all the time and that I’ll be strong enough to face my family and friends’ questions and fights once I become a Muslimah???


    • I appreciate that your belief sounds firm and you showing your patience. Excellent. I pray Allah may reward you with great courage to face everyone who stop you from the right path. Aameen

    • Asalam-u-alaikum,

      I don’t know if you still reply to these comments or view them but I would like to make a dua request. Please make dua for me that I get a good passing grade in Neuro block that I am giving currently. I am a medical student and my parents are paying alot of money for my tuition so I really don’t want to fail this block and end up repeating a year. Please, please, please pray to Allah that He gives me a passing grade in this block ameen. Thank you.

  7. Salaam brother plz make dua for my son,he isn’t listening and answering bk plz help me make dua for him,he’s only 12 and I am so worried

      • Asslamu alaykum brother,
        i have so many worries in life im always depressed and always searching many dua because i believe that dua can solve all my problem, i cant find the dua not to love this world forget this world everything in this i want it to erase, im just 18yrs old now and im studying about quran to understand the meaning of it. Could you give dua to forget everything in this world to close my eyes to this world, and make dua for me to easy memorise the holy quran. I have a goiter maybe i cannot clearly pronounced it because of this sicknes. Please if you read this REPLY ME or contacts me thru email. JAZAKALLAHU KHAIRAN. I beg you. Please.

  8. Assalamualaikum brother pls pray for my family both mothers side n husbands side for thier good health.and also pray my parents make haj this year aameen

  9. Salaam, may Allah Tallah except all of your duas ameen.
    Please could you make dua for my husband he is on trail in court
    It’s very important decision I have 3 young children to take care of
    May Allah give me sabar and strength to face all things whatever
    The outcome is I put my trust in Allah Tallah who is al-hakam & al-wakeel

  10. AOA, This is going to be extremely long but i need help desparately. Please help me out

    Myy problem is my family. My dad’s side of the family i cannot bear to explain to you how much i hate them from the bottom of my heart. I have literally wished death upon my grandma (dad’s mom) a thousand times repeatedly. I hate her so much for all the grief and pain she has kept my mom going through. I’m only 16 and i know these are some harsh words i’m saying and i really shouldn’t be and i have likely committed a sin by doing this. However, i don’t feel guilty because i really do hate her. She is impolite, disgusting, disrespectful, she backbites and talks craaap consistently behind our backs and everything about her is plain ugly. No manners, nothing. My mom was married into a stupid, uneducated and retarded family long ago – my grandparents (mom’s side) made a huge mistake :/ They really did

    Anyways, so my dad’s side of the family had been totally against my mom since the beginning before i was even born, they wanted my dad to divorce my mom even after they had me and my brother stupid retards. But anyways, i just basically went to Pakistan with my mom, sister and brother. It had been 12 years since my mom and me went back. My grandfather even died and his last wish was to see me, which he couldn’t, because of this stupid family who kept my mom from visiting. AFTER 12 DARN YEARS, we finally went, my grandfather died about a year ago. But basically i finally got to meet everyone, my grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, and they were all so polite, and so educated, very mannered and FUN! I had soo much fun in Pakistan, more than i’ve ever had in my entire life. i laughed so much, and everyone was so loving, caring and respectful – it was an amazing month, just a very short visit though because of school and everything.

    So anyways, when i came back, i saw such a difference in my moms family and dad’s. And i feel unwanted here, my mom doesn’t like it here my siblings don’t and SURE AS HELL DON’T. i hate every single person in my dad’s family and sometimes i start to hate him because he doesn’t stand up for us like he should. He gets so trapped by his mother and demented sisters. They all hate us and are extremely jelous. I don’t want to live in this family anymore, my grandma lives with us and i hate her soooo much. She’s always talking to her daughters about us and its always fake, crap or its about us being this and that and ughhhhhhh IT IS SO FRUSTRATING

    Also, im having exams right now. And it makes it so hard for me to study and i don’t know what to do. I can’t stop crying, wishing i was in Pakistan where people loved us, and we had fun, nothing ever went on in my mom’s side of the family compared to what i see here in my stupid dad’s side.

    Anyways, i have sworn multiple times at my grandma ( she doesn’t here me ofcourse) because im sick of her behaviours. She’s always causing fights, and if you spent a day in my family you’d understand the hell that my mom went through when she was newly married i feel so bad. I want my grandma and everyone to pay, i want revenge and i want them to die a terrible painful death. I know its wrong, but what do i do? Is it really that horrible to say this? Also, my grandma prays namaz, but, will her namaz really be accepted if she is a bad horrible person? I hope it isn’t
    I just really need some prayers and duas too that i can say to be protected and happy. Im so depressed and life is becoming so hard for me. I want to live in pakistan with good people, happy kind people, not with these demons -.-

    Anything i can do? Also, i don’t pray namaz, i try and then i don’t. I want to but i can’t i keep forgetting and its hard, i feel like i won’t be able to do it. Are there any duas that can pull me closer to my faith/religion, keep my happy not depressed and give me success.
    I need to feel better. I am emotionally exhausted by this cheap and crappy family.

    • Do not envy one another; do not hate one another; do not turn away from another; and do not undercut one another, but be you. O servants of Allah, brothers.”

      “Fear Allah wherever you are, and follow up a bad deed with a good one and it will wipe it out, and behave well towards people.”

      “There is nothing heavier in the scales than good character.”

      The Prophet (saas) made the following recommendations to his companions: please dont ignore and i how this helped something the prophet Mohammad (saas) said

    • just went through your mail sister, sorry for the hard time you are going through.i would like to give you a very sincere advise. first of all try your level best to get punctual in your prayers and start reading quran with the translation you will find soutions of of your problem in it…believe me!But first develop a connection with Allah….Before you say I CANT….say i will try , then give it your best…!Once you get a feeling that you are communicating with Allah…you will feel a great change around you.Sister never ever waste your energy in changing the others ,first try to change yourself,.,,,,you will see a new world around you. I think instead of asking for a pain full death for your relatives you must ask Allah to guide them the right path.
      i am going through great pain these days (you can see my letter in “5 reasons dua arnt answered”).
      but alhamdulilah this examination has brought me so close to Allah, that though we are still being blackmailed…but i have a feeling that this delay Is because of Allah’s will….so for that i say Alhamdulilah…! anyway i will pray for you sister as he listens to our duas when we are in pain. May allah help you to come out all this . ameen

    • As-Salaamu Alaikum Sister Aliya,

      I’m going to have one of the counselors here at Islamic Learning Materials contact you by email, so keep an eye out for that, Inshallah.

      If anyone else here wants to offer her advice, please do so.

      Jazkallah Khair.

  11. Brother, Could you please tell me the languages revelation of all Asmani Keetab (at leat the best known 4 like,Engeel,Taurat etc) as we know that Quraan is revealed to Mohammad(S:) in Arabic.

  12. Assalamalaikum I m married since 3 years. But after marriage I came to know that my husband already have his first wife. I faced lots of problems even I had to stay alone in one flat. He used to come very rarely to me. Still I managed everything and told him to treat both of us equally. But since 1 year I m staying with my father and he is not willing to come to me even not sending me any money. Recently I came to know that he also has a son with first wife. When I was pregnant he aborted my child. He is totally avoiding me. Plz dear brothers and sisters pray for me that my husband should come to me and give me all rights and treat me equally. JazakAllah.

  13. Salam brother – my mom has been in stomach pain from the past 10 years … and she believes its magic and we have checked from many alim’s that someone has done black magic on her … yet she doesnt get cured … kindly tell me(being a daughter) a prayer that i can perform for herrr which will lead to an effective dua for her … we cant see our mother in this pain .. 🙁 please help

    • Asalam-o-Alaikum,
      Please try this best remedy for your mom,s stomach pain, as I had it too for 10 years & I was dead with pain but Alhamdolillah its ok now.
      It is: take half glass tap water, add half lemon juice and one and half tablespoon baking soda.mix quickly & drink it quickly.She will have instant peace in the stomah InshaAllah.Please remember me in your Duas.Please do tell me about her pain afterwards.I will also pray for her InshaAllah.
      JazakAllah Khair

  14. Assalaamu alaikum brother. Please make dua for me.. I got married 6 months ago, but I don’t have peaceful relationship with my husband. In front of all, he will speak good, but to me he used to avoid me. Everyday am begging to Allah. Please add me in ur dua that I and my husband shouls understand each other, and we should show each other affection and caring. InShaa Allah.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Sister Shabana,

      Yes, I will definitely make dua for you. I hope the other brothers and sisters who see your request make dua for you also knowing that the Angels make dua for the Muslim who makes dua for his/her brother or sister.

      On another note, it sounds like you and your husband need marriage counseling. So many Muslims need it, but so many refuse to get any. I strongly suggest you find a Muslim marriage counselor in your area who can help you and husband work through your problems. 6 years is a long time to suffer in loneliness.

      May Allah make it easy for you.

    • Recite “ya salaamu” when you are with your partner.. Insha Allah it should help.. same for others with similar problem with partners..

  15. Assalamu Alaikum Brother. Please make dua for me. My name is Aisha Saida Ali and I am a final year Mechanical engineering student at the University of Liverpool. I have my final exams coming up in 2 days as well as my project defence, I finish everything on the 31st of May. I am very worried because I have been finding it really hard to study, please make dua for me that I am able to study to the best of my ability, that I am able to pass all my assessments with flying colours and graduate with a 2:1 in my degree. I really want to make my parents proud of me. May Allah (SWT) continue to guide and bless you brother and grant you all your heart desires that are good for you. Ameen. Jazakallahu Khair.

  16. Hello,

    Brother can you please make dua on my behalf, I need a strong prayer for getting married, a job, and relief from depression, also there is a dua I made at the first sight of Kaaba which has not been answered as of yet but I don’t wish to disclose it so openly, please pray all these afflictions are removed from my life. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of dua, and CERTAINLY anything is possible for our Allah, but due to my depression I feel really hopeless. Please pray all my worries are taken care of by the end of this year nothing is too huge or impossible for Allah. Thanks in advance. May it be that through your beseeching my prayer is answered inshaa Allah.

  17. Assalaam walikum Brother,

    Please make dua for me as I have been looking for a job from a long time… I had took a huge loan from the bank and now I have no job and unfortunately 11 June my House contract will be over and my visa will be cancelled and I dont understand what to do where to go …Please I humbly request you all to remember me in your Duas.

    Jazak ALLAh Khair

  18. plz make a dua for me as i have been suffering from panic anxiety disorder and social phobia since childhood hence i am very depressed. My problem is forcing me to leave mbbs because i cannot face people, it is my father’s wish that i become a doctor.Please pray for my condition so that i can make my parents proud.I request you to remember me in your duas.

    Jazak ALLAH Khair

  19. Asalamu alaikum brothers and sisters.
    InshAllah Allah swt accepts tge dua of our brothers and sisters on this forum and in the world. But let’s not also forget those who are less fortunate than ourselves and continually make dua for Allah to bless them with patience and taqwa in this life and in the next. Also for our brothers and sisters in syria

  20. Salam,

    I dont have job neither am I getting married(33yrs old now).

    One day I was very depressed and that day I was crying a lot and made Dua like I dont wanna get married nor do I want job. That was a Friday and also the 40th day of my father’s death. Now I regret for that dua. How do I solve my problem. From past three years I am trying hard for job but I am not getting any. Neither am I getting married. What to do now?? It would be great if can get mail response and also an Islamic scholor cum counsellor.

    Jazak Allah khair

    • Assalaamualaikum..
      I’m a 19 Ur old girl and I’m very upset because of mmy parents . They keep fighting all the time n they even hit each other , they abuse each other and they disrespect each other. I’m feeling really depressed and my health is weakening and because of this I’m. Even having very horrible nightmares. Please help me .

  21. Salam,
    I need help, I am a single mother, have two kids my son is almost 25 and doesn’t work I am so tired of living pay ck to pay ck. He won’t get a job does stupid things. MashAllah he is very intelligent, but uses his intelligence in the wrong way.
    I am so tired I have diabetes and high blood pressure. I get tired work is hard.
    I need help. I ask Allah but nothing is working. I get paid pay bills and I don’t have enough to eat.
    Please respond to me. I need help for my son and me.

  22. Please my brothers and sisters, pray for me before my marriage get apart, I am always having problems in my marriage which now leading to kind of getting a divorce, we have three kids Alhamdulillah and they are little, they need both of us to bring them up. Also I am always getting fired at any job I have I do need a prayer for that too, as I am speaking right now I have been fired 5-6 months ago, could not have another one, survival is hard for me right now, because my husband does not help me, but I still need to stay in the marriage for the sake of Allah (swt) and for my kids sake too.

    • I feel sorry for u, but if you change your life style according to Allah’s will,I am most certain not only your husband but the whole world will be at your feet. Only prayers wil not change your life, every action of yours should be according to Allah’s will. And believe me you don’t have to make duaa, on the contrary Allah will ask your desire. Hope you follow the advise,

  23. Assalamu’alaikum, I have lost my dad and been suffering soo much with my health. Also my mums health has started deteriorating in the last 2 years. we don’t want her to work no more plus she ha sent got the strength her self to work and said she doesn’t want to. before it’s too late and she goes I’m hoping me and my brother can find a job so she don’t have to work. plzz make dua that we get a job quickly and may Allah cure my mum and guide my family..

  24. AsalamuAllaikum,

    Please, please, please make a dua for me. I am 42 and unmarried. I wish that God links me to a good marriage partner to fulfill my deen. There is one person I pray I’ll be married to in particular. Please, all who read this, make a dua for me.

  25. AsalamuAllaikum
    I would just like ask a question, like I just want to know before sleeping can I make dua lying on my left side, like I always start reading in my right but I my comfortable side and the side in which I can relax and make dua is my left, a lot of people have told me you shouldent and can’t, if you can please tell me if I can do dua lying on my left side or is it wrong?


  26. assalam-o-alikum. Please make dua for me.I’m 19 year old girl and i wanted to get education from a renowned institute but my parents aren’t allowing me. They always say that what will you do by getting too much education. I also wanted to ask that does islam says the same about women getting education??

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      There’s nothing in Islam preventing women from getting a good education. Perhaps your parents are concerned about other things like you going away from home to study or delaying marriage until after study.

      Perhaps you can suggest to them that you go to school in your local area and continue to live with them to ease their concerns.

  27. can you please make a dua for me and my husband we both have been trying for a child but have been unlucky can you please make a dua for us

  28. ASA brother,

    Pleae make dua for me, I am an american muslim married to a pakistani for 22years. 4years ago he married another woman in pakistan and convinced me it was only for her and that Allah would bless us for this because she was divorced with a daughter. He said the daughter would never be a suitable wife as long as the mother didn’t have a husband. I agreed at first but before he left I told him I couldn’t allow him to go through with it. He told me it was too late because he already agreed. I was torn to pieces and tried to make the best of it. He promised that it was not a love or relationship. Basically only so she could have his name and say that she is married. In June I found dozens of love emails from a year before between the two of them and he bad mouthed me all the time. Anytime I bring her name up my husband beats me. I know by Allah I can’t ask him to divorce her but I also don’t want this in my marriage. I request guidance dua.

    Thank you

  29. Dear Brother,
    As Salam alaiy kum,

    since last ten months i am looking to get a employment visa with good job as an executive For saudi Arabia but yet not getting any certain result. Please make Dua for my best so that i may become a employee as soon as possible.
    As welk as my Economical condition is very low at this perticular moment so i am very disappoint. I hope Your Dua would bringchanges in my ongoing situation.


    Fahad Rahman

  30. Assalaamu alaykum brothers and sisters
    I am 26 year old girl. .today My parents and myself great pain is my marriage problem. My parents give me good education. .my parents searching a dheeni partner for me one year along… but each and every proposals couldn’t make any respond… I praying sunnah and farzh namaz… I make two rakhath haajath on the time the proposal parties comes.. I don’t know why allah answering me…
    Plz say any dua for getting married soon with saalih partner. . Plz dua for me
    Thank you

  31. Me and my wife had a fight. She want divorce. And she not ready to change her mind back. What is the best dua for coming out of this.

  32. Assalaamu alaykum brothers and sisters,

    Please make a strong Dua for my daughter Aamina to pass her GCSE exam . She is feeling very low at the moment . Her school predicted bad grades for her> Please Please pray for her to pass her exams successfully InshaAllah.

    Thank you

  33. Please please please help me. With a dua, with a miracle.
    My boyfriend is muslim.We have been together for almost a year now and he always talks marriage and how much he want to marry me and have children together. 2 weeks ago was the last time we met and he met my parents who all along disapproved of our relationship (we are orthodox christians).2 weeks ago again he was talking marriage and then suddenly stopped answering my calls or sms. Both our families overseas and here are getting ready for a wedding and he now tells me he is too scared and doesn’t want to get married.He has met a much older woman with a child on Internet who didnt waste time and already moved in with him.all in 2 weeks.
    please help me my whole world is ruined I pray to God, Allah, Universe for a miracle.He has humiliated my whole family and I dont even know if they gonna accept him again since my father said if I am with him I must forget my parents.I am unable to sleep, eat or function for days now. Please help.

  34. salaam brother please make dua for me i just got retrentched from my job i have three kids to support and i am really stressed i have been reading n making lots of dua to be reinstated but everyday i come to work its just worse news i feel depressed n i really need this job pls make dua for me to get reinstated i feel there is hope but with the right dua shukr

  35. Assalaamu alaykum
    Brother your few words brought tears to eyes ,it was soo touching and meaningful by giving a light of Hope ,all the best for your greatest service ,may ALLAH fulfill all our DUAS AND TO BE SUCCESSFUL .
    Brother i have completed my exams and waiting for the result and me and my mother is very much worried about it ,so provide me with a best DUA to be get passed in all subjects. I request you warmly to add me in your DUAS and to PRAY for me .

  36. Assalamualaikum… pls pray for me that I am going to grow taller from 142 cm to 170 cm healthy and normal. I want to be a basketball player. May Allah ease.

  37. Assalamu Alaykum Warahmatullah,

    Thank you, brother! I’ve been thinking this ever since I began reading up on Islam, and I’ve been trying to explain it to whoever I can. This is going to help a lot. Also, I liked your The Lord of the Rings reference; you have good taste, haha.

    But now onto something much more serious; my uncle and his family may be deported from the UK to Pakistan in 2 weeks; he only has one final appeal to make and it costs £3000; In Sha Allah it will go well. Please can you make dua for him and his family? Of course I am making dua myself but I would greatly appreciate it if you could also, brother. Jazakallah.

    Please continue with your work, it’s a great help. Assalamu Alaykum.

  38. Assalamualaikum I converted in islam 7 yeras back.alhadulliah i am doing good i have one problem my elder sister have health issue, she is suffering both hands and shoulders pain very badly we showed to the various doctor they said they do not have any medicine for this just she have to take rest.she is 40 years old . she is not working but ateast have to work for house as she is a mother of children.Really appreciate if you could make duwa for her it will be a great help for her entire life.

    Thank you

  39. Assalamu Alaikum……
    i had just finished my +2 exams before 1 month….and now am waiting for my results….pls pray for me…am so worried with it….

  40. Salam to everyone
    I have a really important exam coming up next week..more of like a make or break situation…i am asking by dua but any extra prayers would help..please pray for me..
    All the best to everyone
    Thank you

  41. AoA

    Please pray for me and for the problem im facing. May be it solved in the best of ways that only Allahs knows and only by Allah.
    May Allah bless you in this world and hereafter.
    Jazak Allah

  42. My contribution to any person who has problems such as health,marriage,job,court,dispute,financial issue,disobedient of childrens,sicking knowledge,protection from evil, protection from jinn,protection from shaitan,growth of business and increase of faith. Just recite INNAL LAHA ALA QULLI SHAI’IN QADIR (450) times after fajr prayer and in the night b4 sleeping and u select the the name of allah from the 99 names of allah that matches with ur problem and recite thesame (450) times. Example u want allah to blessed u with knowledge , so after reciting the first ayat /dua then u select from the 99 names of allah one that matches with knoledge like AL ALIMU . Same thing u will do for different problems with matching from different names of allah from the recommended 99 names of allah then u pray to allah sincerely and realable for the period of 30 days and inn shaa allah u will be pleased. And allah know better. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah.

  43. Asalam … Request for dua always I face obstacles financial problem health issues like hyperacidity restlessness motions wheezing palptation high or else low B.P etc please remem me in ur dua
    Allah hfz

  44. Salam Alaikum,I need u to put me in your dua I got into trouble in school and have been apologising to the exam officer he is not listening….pls I don’t want to be expelled or suspended from school…jaza kumulah kairan….thanks

  45. Assalam walaikum I m facing lots of problems from 2year I got engagement but girls side her mother and father not ready to marriage simply harashing to my family and me every time they r fixing marriage date if date come near again they will postpone like 6 to 7 time did and they r telling her daughter go n get register marriage otherwise make suicide n not giving food only because they dont want to spend mony before engagement they did happily but now I cant marry other girl because from 3year we r in contact my family suffering lot plz make dua for me.

  46. Hi,

    Am really sad for my situation. Actually am 23 and my parents are looking for a groom for me. It’s going to be one year they are looking groom. But no good proposals are coming up. And rest of teh family members ataretd to complain about that am not looking good am not fair and all am really desperate about the situation.

    Could you please help me with a dua in which to fina a rightoes man fast & i want to look beautiful. 🙁

    Please help me with a dua.


  47. Salam Bhaiya, i love a girl who’s name is Atlanta Bharadwaj. She is belongs from Hindu Family. please dua for me

  48. i am very much depressed and i need to get job ….i need to help my mother ….being a single parent she takes care of me upto this age .its time to help my mom for the upcoming years…please make a dua for me and my mother…i need the dua in english version for which i will get job soon….:( waiting for ur reply pls

    • please try to recite : allahumma ighfirlee lima thuhibbu vatharla. ( 100 times in a day)

      This is very powerful & do it in utmost faith. In shA Allah You will be bale to find a job soon.

      As well as recite Surath Al Fathiha (1) & Surat An-Naşr (110) This is also a greatest way. Always keep on reciting Surat An-Naşr in Sha Allah, Allah will hear your prayers & will get a job soon.

  49. Assalamu alaykum,,,I really do appriciate this site and a bog help for me and others specialy to a new muslim and reverted Muslim like me,,,Alhamdulillah.Assalamu alaykum,,,I really do appriciate this site and a bog help for me and others specialy to a new muslim and reverted Muslim like me,,,Alhamdulillah.Assalamu alaykum,,,I really do appriciate this site and a bog help for me and others specialy to a new muslim and reverted Muslim like me,,,Alhamdulillah.

  50. Salam,
    I am in a situation where I am in America and my husband is overseas. Wallah all I ever want is my husband to get his visa and come. I feel like it is taking forever. Idk what to do. I just had a newborn and it is sad wallah to be alone and looking at a child who has to wait for their father to come in. I dont have a lot to be traveling back and forth. This really sucks. All I want is my husband and inshallah he will be here soon. But is there a special kind of dua for my situation. Inshallah kair! May Allah bless us all inshallah and lead us to the straight path! Ramadan Kareem to all my brothers and sisters!

  51. Salaam everyone. It seems no matter what i do, my father is never happy, content or proud of me. Im 15 years old and i try my best in school. I have recently had some mock exams and didnt fail any of them but i tried my best. My father threatened to hit me and break everything i have. He used to have anger issues so i am really scared. I promised him a few months ago my grades will improve and they have. My grades are improving because im trying my best. But this still isnt enough for him. Is there any Du’a i can read that will calm my father down and let him listen and understand me? I do not want to live a life constantly in fear of what my father may do to me. Can anybody please help me? :'(

  52. i need your duas …. from last so many years i am trying for a government job …my percentage in dergree exams is good ..even i qualify some exams but later something happens and i get disqualified ..i feel there is some hurdle between me and my success ..please tell me any authentic dua , and yu too pray for me

  53. im a 14 year old girl .. birthdate 31 may 1999 so yes ill be turning fifteen next year ..
    my problem here is (please no criticism) that i fell deeply in love with a friend two years older then me yes he’s 16.. and we fell so deeply in love that we decided to do a PERFECTLY LEGAL ISLAMIC COURT MARRIAGE with a wali and observers. we both had planned to tell our parents about our court marriage after his return of two years abroad so yes when he’d return he’d be like 18-19 and id be 17-18 . and then we’d tell our parents of our court marriage .. and even if they disapproved with it we’d tell them how long we’ve been together and how much love each of us have given eachother .

    but before the court marriage .. my lovers’ mother found out about us and told us to stay apart my lover contacted his khalla to pursuade his mother which proved successful but after a few weeks she seemed a bit distressed and made him promise he’d leave .. my lover told me all of this and i understood everything .. im araen and he’s a doger so theres also a caste conflict even though i dont approve of cast system .. after all in the end we’re muslim.. i dont want his dear mother to cry tears of unhappiness from her beautiful eyes .. and to hate or dislike her son .. but also ive got this happiness that i had deemed for sooo long . its my happiness and even though ive let go of him we still talk as normal people .. we both want to be together . so firstly i wanted advice on what i shud do and dua for a miracle to happen that his mother and father allows him to stay with me and that we always remain together loving eachother that in the end i do end up mrrying him .. and that when he comes at my home to convine my parent they gladly agree nd so do his parents and that before tht time my parents shud not know about him.. plz ive been with him since dec 16 2013 .. and ive loved him and still do deeply .. and he does too .. plz plz plz help me in this .. jazak allah

  54. Plz pray for my relationship my relationship is unhappy m so depressed i don’t know suddenly what happened plz help i want everything is normal

  55. Salam,please make dua for me I am waitng for the canada embassy to call me for medicals.i know it’s only Allah that can do it and I am hoping to Allah to do the best for me…Mah Salam

  56. Ya Allah please solve the problems which are coming in my life one after the another :(. Allah you know that my ex-husband destroyed my TY marksheet and i want to appear for my exam this october 2014, please Allah help me that university issues me a duplicate marksheet so that i can appear for my exam in october 2014.

  57. Asalamalikum.i had posted a comment about my family and the problems they are experiencing .little did i realise that my full name will be can i delete my comment or can ILM delete it.please help me out.i dont want it there anymore.Also does IlM have a helpline?.that would help alot.please get back to me urgently.

    • Wa Alaikum salaam,

      The comment has been deleted. You can send a private email using the contact page and perhaps we can plan a private Skype session. It isn’t easy as I’m based in the US and many of my readers are not.

  58. Aslam o alikum,
    Please, make dua for me and my family. My husband has left me four months ago and he is only getting worse every passing day. He lately, doesn’t even want to talk to me anymore or even see me for a minute. I have mad duas and have been doing it every second of the day crying to Allah for mercy but I guess I’m really not that good of a Muslim. It has been almost a year he has changed for worse but left four months ago. I have tried everything- nothing worked. He has been cheating on me and now a days says that he wants a divorce. Please, make dua for me.

  59. Assalamualaikum

    I am posting here regarding a dua request. I want to get married to a relative of mine and he wants to as well we are not in a haram relationship and never have been. Could you please do dua that Allah swt makes things easy for us and our nikah happens very soon and for our happiness. I would be very grateful. Jazakallah kheir

  60. Please make some dua for me or can u tell me some dua to recite about my moving to america, am yet to receive a letter of appointment amin just 1month and days the immigrant visa is closing and its the only hope I have and I already pray about it and I know he will answer my prayer. May Allah be upon u and every muslim .

  61. As Salam aw laikum,

    I’m just facing a difficult time in getting my visa and it is most important as once I get it I can work on getting my mother here so I can get her eye operation done as her eye sight is going away due to her poor health this is not only an opportunity for me for providing but it will help my sister and her daughter and my mother to have a better life and Insha Allah this happens. Would it be ok if a dua in your prayer about my issue can be mentioned. Thank you. Allah Hafiz

  62. Asalam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

    I was going through everyone’s frustrations and thought this is would be the best thing to do to share how i feel too.

    Actually the problem comes with my mom’s family. They seem to believe all these hazraths and alims and all who tell her about my marriage and my present and everything. And my moms first priority is always her family.

    Im 20 and im going through alot of frustrations with these people whom my mom is having contact with because whatever they say she believes them and this makes her a sinner which i really dont want. Pls someone help me. I need something to make her forget everything and start with a fresh start of life.
    Reply me through email or however possible.


  63. Asalam alaikum.
    I was forced to say yes to marry a guy that I don’t like. I never had a relationship ever in my life because I know its haram. There was no one to stop me from dating but I always believed that if I control my desires, I’ll get rewarded for it. Never thought life had all this in store for me. The bigger issues for me are. He is not good looking at all. Even though I am an Asian everyone who sees me for the first time thinks that I am an American or someone because of my colored eyes and features and all of my friends who see him say that he is not even close to good looking and its very unfair to me. The only reason they accepted me was because I am beautiful, If I was judged only on the basis of my looks, why can’t I get to choose someone I myself like? the truth is I don’t feel attracted to him at all. Every time I see a picture of him I get disgusted. And he is much older than me (more than 10 years). plus our personalities are entirely opposite. He is too much into things like cheap meaningless poetry and all. He is very self-obsessed. When he told me that he hardly prays he also said that ” I might not be religious but I am a very good person” and he keeps saying this all the time. I am a very good person, I am very good at this I am very good at that. And I am sick of it. And I told all this to my parents and the only answer they give is these things don’t matter, he belongs to a nice family and you look at how much he earns. Just because he belongs to a nice family and he is rich doesn’t mean I have to kill all my desires. I am not at all into brands nor am I used to living a very fancy and luxurious life and its not like I’ll die out of hunger without his money. Also those people overspend so much and they are way too much into brands and all that. This is totally opposite of what I am. I am not saying that I am a perfect muslim but I try to understand Islam as much as I can and I have read and heard various lectures and hadees warning muslims not to over spend. I had told my mom several times that whenever you get me married please try to keep it as simple as possible. We can help so many people with the amount of money we waste on these functions. And these people including my own parents spend lacs of rupees on functions, dresses, jewelry, makeup etc etc. It really breaks my heart to see all this. We see people die of hunger and here these people feel proud of over spending they tell everyone how much they spent on these meaningless things. I can’t imagine to spend a minute with him. You must be thinking if I had so many issues why did I ever say yes to this proposal, So let me tell you that I was pressurized to the point where I gave up. I told my mother several times that I don’t like him and asked her to turn down the proposal but she said that you are being very ungrateful and if you say this to your father, you’ll be grounded and he will stop your education at one point she said that if I don’t change my attitude towards the proposal then I should consider her dead. Even my father told me that he made a big mistake by letting me have education, he should have treated me the way people used to treat their daughters in earlier times i.e they weren’t allowed to have education and they had no freedom at all. If he had treated me this way, I would have never gone against his decisions. He said that I don’t need to like or even see the guy, if they like him, it should be good enough for me. But i did see him because other relatives told dad that this is not the right way. Both of them stopped talking me for so many days until I said yes. Initially my dad told me that we are just getting you engaged not married and its not a big deal, a week later he said that engagements are unislamic and he’ll get me married instead. And he did this many times, when he wanted me to agree to something he’d say anything to make me agree and the very next day he’d change his statement and when asked he’d simply say that he changed his mind. And now they use it as a justification to shut my mouth saying that you said yes to this proposal. I am suffering from clinical depression and if this continues, I’ll have a miserable life not just in the world but even hereafter since I am bitter towards my family, towards the guy and his family and I even complain to Allah sometimes that why didn’t He help me when He could. I just don’t know what to do. At this point I’d prefer death over this marriage. I am still living with my parents. Please tell me a dua or supplication to get rid of this relationship. Also the guy’s family goes to fortunetellers and do everything with their permission. I have faced domestic abuse as well. My elder brother used to beat me and my younger siblings very badly on small issues and my father never did anything about it because he never considered a big problem and both of my parents are scared of my brother since he can insult anyone so they can’t speak in front of him. Sometimes I feel like Allah doesn’t love me at all otherwise he wouldn’t have put me through all this. And by the way this proposal was bought to us by a relative who drinks, earns haram money and is very arrogant because of his wealth. No one in our entire family likes him except my father.

  64. Do not believe a family that praise themselves for piety.
    Seeing is believing so go and see them live and direct the way they act.

  65. asalaamualikum
    please please make dua for my maternal grand father who is died recently & tellme also wot dua i often make for him …

  66. Brother and sister pray for me that my problem get solved.pray that Allah make me marry soon with a pious man.pray that I can remove from this haram bank job with respect

  67. Morning can u please pray 4 me concerning my family present condition, am just 26 with nothin 2 show, no help from family friends just husling year 2 year and nothin is coming out of it, I lost my dad six years ago and now my mum six months later both in the same month, am all alone with my brothers no help from my family,the only girl I also lay my trust on dump me all for finicial reason she’s with my son I dnt any mouth cos I luv her and my son but she hate me lot of passion all 4 finicial reason. Can u please make a dua for me so I can ve a better job atleast I can be able 2 take care of my son and brothers please.

  68. Assalaamualaikum Warahmatullah
    Please make dua for me and my husband, he needs his visa InshaAllah so we can be together again. It’s been more then 2 years now Please brothers and sisters make dua for
    Me and other brothers and sisters in this situation. Jazakallah’khair

  69. Asalaamwaleokum ,

    I have got so many disputes with my husband no matter how much I try or make effort it wnt get resolve now the matter has got worse he wants divorce I dnt want this to happen.i am still praying to Allah to stop all this.i am praying surah Muzaamil, surah Jinn, praying tahajjud, reciting Allah’s names crying with pain but my husband heart is not melting.please kindly make dua for me I love him so much he should come back to me.

  70. Salam, plz can u do dua for me basically there is this guy and he always scares me threathens me that he will destroy my life and that he wont let me be happy but i know he will not harm me he only scares me he has so much anger in him he does not leave me alone plz help me i always do dua to allah swt dat plz soften his heart and distract his mind from me plz can u du dua for me or can u giv me dua to read dat his anger goes and he leaves me alone and he does not scare me bkaz of this i have gone physically mentle. Thankyou

  71. Asalamu alikum plzzz help me i m in love with someone she also loves me but sometimes i m forgeting her n finding lack of love in my heart n i want her love in my heart alwayzzz n ever n never forget her plzzz help me ur mostkindness plzzz

  72. ASC. Dear brother and sisters in Islam. I would like to ask all of you who use this website to help me to ask Allah to make ease for my daughter who left home since last July to date to come back home and to fear Allah and break all relationship with bad group who are triying to brain wash her and they protect her and keep her far from her parents.Shukran for your support and dua.jazakalaum kheyr

  73. aoa..
    i want to end my marriage as i am not happy in It. iv been married 2 years and have realized that my husband is not the type of man i had always wished to live with and now i want to end it because i am tired of trying to cope up with it. I lost a baby last year as well and since then things have taken a sharp turn. His family pushes e to have a kid. Its not in my hands to do it. ALLAH ki jo marzi ha wo mujhe qabool Ha. Magar mera guzara ab khatam ha kyun k mei bohat thak gayi hu is trha reh k. There is no understanding between my husband and me. We bately live together as he works in anotherbprovince and i live here with his family. I have no family life with him.
    on the contrary i met another guy in the meantime who is of the same profession as mine and is ready is to support me and marry me. I see more of a spark here than with my husband. I want to end it with him and marry the guy i like and who likes me. But i am afraid of my parents and is duniya ki baten. My parents will never let me file a divorce because unh izat ki fiqar ha. If i stay like this forever i would be dead from the inside. I cant lead a compromised lige like this seeing that i could get alot more.
    please make dua for me and tell me any good dua or wazifa to end this marriage in peace.

    I Heard that there is one dua which will cure all sins and mistakes.
    i know only its fist line….if any body knows completly plz post the complete formate in arabic and english…..
    dua start with…..
    “”””allahumma yamanna yasaluhu samhunanasamhin …………….””

    plz reply to my mail id….

  75. Salamu aleikun,

    Please I need your help in prayers . I am frustrated and depressed right now as I am unable to cater for myself and my family. I am 32 years old man from Nigeria without work or means of livelihood. All I have been laying my hands on has been negative nothing seems working for me. I am a graduate with bsc in geology and MBA in marketing yet no work. The first work I got was all frustration and debts that I had to leave and start a business . The business has also collapsed. I ave been battling with this trouble for almost 6 years now.After so much frustration I even started going to church but I stopped because I felt Islam is the way for me. As I write am highly indebted and no means of livelihood. Infact its more or less like my wife is the one helping with her meagre salary. Please kindly suggest any dua or advise for me to get out of this trouble.Thanks

  76. Salaam alaykum. Please make duaa for me that my husband will live with me. I have been waiting almost 5 years. Please ask Allah to bless us with pious, healthy children.

  77. Assalam aleikum, thank u all for d notes but kindly i am requesting u generally to Please, please and please make a dua for me. I am 25years and unmarried with is making me get depressed every day coz i failed to figure out why me in this situation. I wish that God links me to a good marriage partner to fulfill my deen.And also am looking for a more comfortable Jobs to settle all my financial constraints for Allah’s sake.

  78. Asalamualaikum, Ramadan Mubarak. Please dua for my husban’s work visa to be approved. We have been waiting almost 3 months result still pending and my husband is now out of job.Thanx

  79. Please make dua for me that my husband heart is soft towards me and takes me back as im in my iddah period… I love him dearly and pray to Allah that he gives me another chance and our marriage dont break… I pray for Allahs guidance in my marriage so i can please my husband and he be please with me … Something that i didnt bother do before i ignored him as i was having family problems. Thank you

  80. Asalam alaykum Please make post anon. Please make Dua for me that Allah takes away all my bad attitude/habits/manners and makes me better person, make Dua for me that Allah fixes my broken relationship and that Allah continues to comfort the heart of my partners family as they’ve just lost their dad. Please make Dua for Allah’s mercy on me. I really want to be a better person and to be there for him, please make dua for Allah to remove any form of separation and discord and to maintain love and peace between us. May Allah grant all your duas as you do so Jazak’Allah khayr.

  81. Asalam alaykum Please make post anon. Please make Dua for me that Allah takes away all my bad attitude/habits/manners and makes me better person, make Dua for me that Allah fixes my broken relationship and that Allah continues to comfort the heart of my partners family as they’ve just lost their dad. Please make Dua for Allah’s mercy on me. I really want to be a better person and to be there for him, please make dua for Allah to remove any form of separation and discord and to maintain love and peace between us. May Allah grant all your duas as you do so Jazak’Allah khayr…

  82. salaams,

    i was looking online for something to help me deal with my marriage problems some kind of dua or verse from the quran but i came accross this page and wondered if you could do dua for me iv been married for just over a year i have a child and i love my husband alot but lately i feel that we hav drifted apart hes said that he doesnt want me to be unhappy with him so i can leave hm and im holding on to this marriage And trying 110% to make it work but i feel like h’s given up he keeps saying that hes unwell and that is why he cant thnk straight but people my family members tell me hes fine he is currntly abroad i gt married in pak. i just dont know what to do anymore i know our problems r both of our faults he hd mde me feel like i couldnt speak my mind to hm and i let people get involved when i should have been responsible for my marriage and now that things arent working out im really regretting it and i wnt him to be apart of my childs life but he shws no intrst in hs son or me and i dnt knw wt to do. i just need some advise and wanted to ask you to plz make dua for me that things sort themselves out.

  83. ASelamu aleykum werahmetullahi webrekathu brothers
    please I need to marry suallih wife. don’t forget me with ur dua
    Gezakellah heiren.

  84. Asalamualaikum. By Allah my struggles over the past ten years and more are breaking me down now. I have had a very hard life. Now I’m nearing 37 and tiring fast of waiting for nikkah. Nothing has been easy. Please pray Allah gives me the strength, the courage, the patience and the wisdom to bear whatever He has willed for me, that Allah inshallah stays with me through this with love and mercy and that whatever He has willed for me does not cause anyone else pain. The reason I say this is because I have accepted that perhaps there is no marriage or love for me but I can not bear the pain in my parents eyes. I have spent most of my life accepting rejection, abuse, ill health and unemployment despite having medical qualifications. Now after five years of having done every demeaning menial job I have alhamdhulillah a position as a Clinician in Paediatrics. When I see all these patients and their families I get sad because I know that was something I had wanted one time but killed the dream and forgot I am a woman to live my lonely life free from zina or warped in broken dreams. I am weak and Allah’s trials too big for me. I need the strength of your duas to keep going. When suicide crosses my mind I remind myself of how my mum bore me and brought me forward healthy with big dreams. That my life isn’t mine alone. That life is a gift from Allah. But I have been standing in the same place for the past 12 years or more. Please will anyone give me one dua as their sadaqa that I bear Allahs will for me, that I can take away the burden in my parents heart, that I can have one day when I don’t cry? I am not Ayub alaih salaam. I am just a minority race 37 year old immigrant in a non muslim country. I am broken. Your dua could be the glue to put me back together. When I make dua I say Ya Allah someday all my tears will become a river. That river now exists but I can not let it wash me away or affect the lives of those by me. Let your dua anchor the lives of everyone standing by me…

    Jazakallah khairan

  85. brothers and sisters Ask Allah for forgiveness day and night. Seeking forgiveness could be a long path and could be tiring, but it is your only hope. Know that you probably won’t be forgiven in a day, nor is He likely to forgive you after listening to just one or two prayers. It is a slow process of improving yourself from within. •The Prophet (S.A.W.S) said: “Allah, the Exalted, will continue to stretch out His Hand in the night so that the sinners of the day may repent, and continue to stretch His Hand in the daytime so that the sinners of the night may repent, until the sun rises from the west (start of day of judgment)”. [Sahih Muslim].

  86. Please brothers make dua for me.
    I am having my A levels and so far they are not good. I really want to do well for my A levels. Please make dua for me. Ameen

  87. hi i have a story of mine to share if you care to listen..

    i am 20 years old and im in college. i was born with genetic disease that involves missing the middle index from the pinky finger ( middle part of finger) this itself came from my mother who has it in 2 hands in the pinky fingers she also got it from her dad same dad came from a moderate family he was healthy.i barely managed in school i was so depressed and devastated the whole time , i used to stay quiet and hold it all in, people used to call me a freak and give me weird glares and looks i don’t blame them for that. when i tried to ask my parents for their reason politely, first my mom didn’t care she clearly was after my dad money. and when i asked my dad i was so shocked he said he liked her, liking her is one thing but why bear a child like that tried to ask him so, he started mentioning about how awful his dad was with him and nagging that he wasn’t given rights as others were. so it seemed to me like a personal grudge against his dad decided to take it out on a child. he couldn’t suck it up and deal with it. i didn’t tell him this directly but i asked what about me and he said you yourself deal with it. making me pay for his mistake. this thing is incurable i tried doctors they said its genetic, drugs are risky and don’t help. i am really wrecked from the inside out. i tried my best to treat people good and do a lot of charity but still can’t get allah to help me. this is unfair and discrimination from my parents. im on a scholarship in college barely made it but its tough specially like this. i have a a problem in cologne now that whenever im in stress it gives an awful pain in the cologne just from holding on to this. dua against my parents already made it and it’s is a bad one i had a terrible nerve breakdown and let it out at them. why me… what can i do please help me..

    Thank you may allah bless you and not make you go through what i went through.
    Best wishes,

  88. Salam,

    Dear brother; Could you please let me know about these Duas (Dua Miraj, Dua Qadha, Dua Ganj Harsh & Nade Ali). I have been told by some people that these Duas are not mentioning in the Quran & Hadith and you should not read it.

  89. Salam,

    Dear Brother: Could you please let me know about these duas (Dua Miraj, Dua Qadha, Dua Ganj Harsh, Nade Ali). I have been told by some people that do not read these duas because they are not mentioning in the Quran & Hadith. Please clarify this for me.

  90. Salam alaikum, I recently just turned 23yeard old few weeks back, my parents are bothered so much they really want me to settle and get married, good job, and successful collect my certificate from the University and I have recently been promised so certain amount of cash by my friend but till now he’s even not picking or returning my calls, please I need dua that I can recite to overcome all this…. Thank you

  91. Assalamu Alaikum Brothers/Sisters In Islam. I am Emran Choudhury From Bangladesh. I Request Each & Everyone’s to Make Urgent Dua to Almighty Allah Due to I Have Major Financial Problems & I Really Need A Job ASAP. I & My Family Struggling With Money & Food. I Beg Each & Everyone’s to Make Dua to Almighty Allah For Me & My Family. Jazak Allah Khair: Emran Choudhury

  92. Assalamualikum brothers and sisters,
    I’m re taking my A level exams as i had scored some very awful grades the first time I sat which hurt my parents deeply because they had to spend a lot of money for each of the 12 papers that i had to write and now they have to spend the same amount all over again!
    I’m totally distressed and i dont want to see my parents hurt again! Please pray for me because much of my future will also depend on these exams in terms of higher education! It’s a humble request! please please please remember in your prayers! Barakatullah feek.

  93. Please make dua for my brother to return home because the police arrested him and beaten him a lot and made the wrong case. My brother is innocent my mother is a kidNey and heart patient.. she is having only one son… who is in problem please do dua for him so that he comes back home tommorow.. pz i beg all of u..

  94. Asalamaliakum ,please i need your help. i have a relationship problem. and it is with a guy i met online. we use to chat very often but now when ever i chat with him, he does not reply any of my messages. i really like him and i know and believe he likes me too. so please is there any special dua you can help me with,so that we can be together once again?

  95. salam
    i m a bengali brahmin girl n i love a Muslim pathan from Peshawar… he also love me but dont accept it as u know pathans r very orthodox..
    i m ready to leave india,for him…everything was going was he who 1st step forward showing love but now when i accepted it he is ignoring me now a days….
    i know things between us is not easy but atleast we can try in the name of Allah will decide but his ignorance is hurting me….many said me he is muslim that too pakistani he will definately cheat u….but i trusted him…
    he is very religious…good person..
    i pray all happiness for him..
    i had accepted him as my husnand n there will b no one else then him..wether he is with me or not ..

    please pray that he get all success in life…he stays always happy…

  96. Yah allah please accept my prayers for my sick cousin and brothers and sisters please do duaa for my sick cousin she has cancer and is at a very unwell state pray for hr to get better and live a long life

  97. Asalamu Alaykum, please make dua for me, my name is Abdurraheem Tarver, please please make dua for me that I can make Hijrah and see my father..,

    I don’t want to sound like a bother, but I was overseas in a Muslim country with my father, but I left for worldy purposes and dunya, now I deeply regret it and feel terrible and I am depressed, because I can’t practice Islam easy anymore and I am getting weak on my deen, so please can you all make dua for me that I make Hijrah.

    • I will. Me and your situation are opposite/mirror. I come from US and am on temporary stay in a holy city. The law of government allows students and outsiders temporary stay! The ONLY exception for an outsider is to marry one of the men. I am not very good looking, no hair, etc. But I love to be in this holy city…who will marry me (alot of the men here do not, they go with there own.) If I make dua for you to return to your father.. will you dua that one of these men (he has to be from the country) accept me as there wife? 🙂

  98. Assalamallaikum,
    My father is skilled person,
    Good natured pious man,what ever he does like job he faces many problems in that.he lost money,due to which no one respects him especially his brothers,no one supports excep my mother who works as teacher to run family since 21 I want to be successful and make my parents proud… plz pray for me to get a good job and reach highest position to make my parents feel confident in society
    . Shukran jazakallahu khayr

  99. Dear brothers and sisters!!!
    Allah listen to everyone of us, he loves usmore than anyone could love us, we should ask him whatever we want, we should thank him all the time, i am in a problem but i know that only Allah can fix it and iam going to ask him until my problem is fixed, and i have started to love Allah more because i cant explain what he means to me, i know he will listen to me and he is listening to me i believe him, plz pray for me that my problem is solved, and never ever think that Allah will not listen, he listens to everyone.

  100. Assalamualaum WRWB Brother, my mother is under life support for 7 days. Me and my family members have done Khatm e Yunoos for her shifa and me and my wife have started the khatm e shifa( LA ILAHA ILLALAH). Could you please pray to Almighty Allah SWT for her to get well soon as well as request the brothers and sisters of this blog to do the same.

    Jazak ALLAH

  101. Assalammualaikum… Dear brothers and sisters i really need your help… My mother is facing a lot of difficulties these at work even at home.. She is very hurt… Sometimes i ever hear her crying but i feel so helpless because i am unable to help her.. I really loVe my mom.. She is my evrything.. I cannot see her like this.. She is working for us to give us better education… At times she has to bear a lot as at work those people harass her and insults her… Is there any dua or any thing that i can do to ease the pain of my mother.. Please help.. My happiness lies in my Mom.. If she is unhappy like that.. Please help..

  102. Assalamu-alaykum. That is very nice job I just visit this website and gain alot. We are really thankful

  103. Assalamu aleykum
    My name is mohammed nego I have many problems I couldn’t pray salaat on times and I am civil engineering student 4th year.I need to finished my school and help my family cz they are waiting for me .can you please help me with dua

  104. Dear Brothers and Sisters.

    Please pray me to gain my iman, I have also committed a lot of sins and whenever I try to repent I feel, it’s not from my heart. ….Please please

  105. Assalamwalaikum,
    I actually don’t know whether to post this or not. I have gone through all comments and posts and hope it helps me well.
    My problem is I’m underweight, I have tried lot of products naturally and medically but finds no result. I have even tried eggs,butter,dates n cucumber,milk,meat, etc..but didn’t put weight. I’m really suffering with this problem and nothing could help. Even in prayers I cried a lot and asked Allah. Is there any such dua that could help so that it will be helpful for me. Also I’m 22 going to marry in other 2 years.
    Please someone respond me.

    Jazakallah khair

  106. hi im 12 years old and i go to this school called RMSA. i have the worst thought at there and i ask Allah every time in my prayer if i could LEAVE. i don’t wanna get away from Islam. i wanna stay the closest as possible.Its not an Islamic school its a Somali school and i don’t appreciate how rude they are. They lie to my parents i know deep down that school is horrible. I wanna say please please please make due for me i leave that school it would mean the world jazaklllah.

  107. Asalam alikum. It Will be a Big help if you took 30 sec of your life and made a dua for me. Im interested in a guy and I know he is too. Please make dua that we gets married with Allahs khair, barakt, rizq and love. Pray for us that Allah Will make us for good for each other and Allah makes a Way so we gets married. And also that Allah comes rahim and love in our heart to each other. May Allah bless you and give you all good things in This dunya and akhira Ameen

  108. Salaam aleykum. Please make a dua for my son.
    This coming Sunday on August 7,early morning my son and us(parents) are going to talk on the skype with a girl and her family. She is from our country. For my son is the first time seeing and talking to her .He is 30 years old. If she likes my son Inshallah , than we are setting the engagement later. Make a dua because my son has some anxiety, depression, he is so messy and hurried . He has very good heart , loves the family , works and goes to mosque. He really wants to be married and us as his family too ,but we are worried because he has these things above. Please help him, us , make dua so Inshallah his problems will reduce and leave little by little from him, so she can like and love him . Thank you so much ! Allah bless you and your family.

  109. Salaam aleykum. Please make a dua for my son.
    This coming Sunday on August 7,early morning my son and us(parents) are going to talk on the skype with a girl and her family. She is from our country. For my son is the first time seeing and talking to her .He is 30 years old. If she likes my son Inshallah , than we are setting the engagement later. Please, make a strong dua because my son has some anxiety, depression, he is so messy and hurried . He has very good heart , loves the family , works and goes to mosque. He really wants to be married and us as his family too ,but we are worried because he has these things above. Please make dua so Inshallah his problems will reduce and leave little by little from him, so she can like and love him .

    Thank you so much ! Allah bless and help you and your families

  110. SubuhanaAllah..may Allah grant u want u urgently ask from him Because your so honest on how you advise his people.Indeed there is no best Dua than that which comes from ones heart.was also looking for the best Dua but Alhamuduliahi u have opened my eyes because so many times we reciet what we don’t understand.Thanks alot.

  111. Assalaam wa alaikum. I was working in a well established organization for 9.5 yrs. All of a sudden I lost my job. Initially I wasnt getting any job but afrer sometime I used to get job but within a week or so I use to loose the job as well. This has been hapenning since last 9 months now. I have 2 daughters hence I am tensed. I offer namaz everyday. Please pray for me.

  112. mera Naam Wasim h meri Age 29 old h mene ek ldki se sadi ki h uska naam Aarzoo shah hus ki Age26 h .sadi k baad is ki tabiyat bahot kharab hui h.har jagah or hr Dr ko Bataya But sari report Nikal ne pr sab kuch normal aaraha tha .but aage jakr paat cala .k usko kisi ne black megik kia h.or abhi usko brain tumer ka pata cala h .so pleas us k liye dua karo .wo Jlad hi achi ho jaee .Allah or Allah k Rasul k waste .

  113. Assalam o alykum
    mera Naam Wasim h meri Age 29 old h mene ek ldki se sadi ki h uska naam Aarzoo shah hus ki Age26 h .sadi k baad is ki tabiyat bahot kharab hui h.har jagah or hr Dr ko Bataya But sari report Nikal ne pr sab kuch normal aaraha tha .but aage jakr paat cala .k usko kisi ne black megik kia h.or abhi usko brain tumer ka pata cala h .so pleas us k liye dua karo .wo Jlad hi achi ho jaee .Allah or Allah k Rasul k waste .

  114. My name is Dilruba Nasrin. i am a mother of two kids . lots of problems i have recently i am living two kids without my hubby. and no two my kids adnan suffering jin saitans problem . what is the process to drive out jin from my house and how can i increase my income.

  115. My name is Dilruba Nasrin. i am a mother of two kids . lots of problems i have recently i am living with my two kids without my hubby. and no two my kids adnan suffering jin saitans problem . what is the process to drive out jin from my house and how can i increase my income.

  116. As_Salaam alaikum brothers and sisters,May Allah Subhana-wataalah grant us all what we need
    and not what we want. Insha Allah, only he knows best. May Allah grant peace and unity for our entire Ummah suffering throughout this world and Jannat-ul-firdous for our loved ones who have passed on (Ameen). If i may give one small advice brothers and sisters Allah loves those who are charitable and those who read their namaaz and those who respect their parents. im far from being perfect but im gona try Insha Allah. May Allah guide us to becoming better muslims.Insha Allah.

  117. As salaam alaikum my family,

    PLease i humbly request any able person to help me in my prayers and duas for the following;
    -A job , as i got my degrees but with little work experience
    -resolve my visa problem that i have been praying for years
    -For me to pass with good grades my international exam next week.
    Insha Allah, with more people praying for each other, i have faith my problem is already solved. May Allah hear us all. Ameen ya rabbi.


    • Hello Hawa

      I’m also going thru the same problems like yours and constantly praying n trying to get the desired result in my international English test to get my visa
      I will make dua for u …u too plz pray for me.
      Insha Allah Allah will bless both of us with all success

  118. Asalamu Alaykum
    I just turned 16, I am a sophomore in high school I take 2 AP classes and the rest accelerated. All I wanted was to make my parent happy. My sophomore year hasn’t been so great. I cry way too much over my grades and the amount of stress I go through. I try my very best to get straight A’s but I never do. I’m getting mostly B’s. My parents want me to get straight A’s but I’m barely getting A’s. I’m finding my studies to get difficult. I usually have sleepless night. Whenever we have days off of school I usually have a sick feeling in my stomach about school. I stress about it. The year is almost coming to an end and the goal I have expected hasn’t turned out right.

  119. Alhamdulillah! For what all Allah has granted me till minute. My husband is seeking a job . His previous job contract in Singapore is over and now we want a Job in Singapore itself as our three children are settled in their schools . We’ve been here for 11 years and being non PR we’ve managed a good local schools for our children. Every success of getting placed in local schools was a big struggle as the preferences were for PR , citizens. After all prayers and struggles, Alhamdulillah ! Now all fine but my husband don’t have a job ! Please brothers and sisters include me in your dua to get a job in here for my husband .

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