So you just had sex?

That’s great. I’m happy for you. I’m sure you and your spouse had a great time. That’s cool. It’s halal. May Allah bless you with some good kids.

But now it’s getting time to pray, and you’ve gotta get yourself cleaned up. Sorry buddy. A simple ablution just won’t do. You’ve gotta take a full bath or what we call in Arabic, a ghusl.

And just in case you’re wondering, sex isn’t the only reason for making ghusl. Let me list them for you.

  • Sex – Alright, I think we’ve covered that one already. But just to make sure we’re clear. Any time the genitals of a man and his wife (the only people who should be having sex) touch, ghusl is required. It doesn’t matter if semen comes out or not. Are we clear on this point? Good. Moving on…
  • Ejaculation – Fellas, anytime the thick stuff comes out (you know what I mean) you gotta make ghusl. So if you have one of those wonderful dreams and you wake up and your clothes are all messy, then head for the showers.
  • Menses – This one is for the ladies. Obviously. When your monthly period has come and gone, you must make ghusl.
  • Lochia – Also known as postnatal vaginal bleeding, also known as postnatal bleeding. This is the discharge that women experience after giving birth. A woman cannot pray during this period. But when the discharge stops, she must make ghusl.
  • Fridays – Islamic scholars disagree about whether a ghusl on Jumua is mandatory or recommended. My suggestion: play it safe and make ghusl.

So now you know that if you fall into one of the above categories then you’ve gotta take a full bath. But don’t rush into the hot tub just yet. This thing we call Islam is a way of life and you just can’t do things the way you want to. We have an example to follow (Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him), therefore let’s make sure we do the ghusl the way he taught us.

Before we even talk about how to make ghusl, please make sure your water’s right. You just can’t use any old water. The water must be clean and it must be flowing or running.

A ghusl can be made in any large body of water like a river, ocean, or lake. Or you can even use a bucket so long as you are pouring the water over yourself. And of course a shower is just fine.

But taking a nice, hot soak in a bubble bath will NOT give you ghusl. The body of water is too small, and the water is not flowing. Our modern understanding of a “bath” is just washing in stagnant, dirty water. If you have the means just take a shower. If not, then put the water in a separate container (like a big bucket or basin) and pour it over you.

Alright, so let’s look at how we make ghusl.

  • Wash the private area – That area is usually the cause for the ghusl anyway, so get that out the way first. Wash from the navel to the knees and everything in between.
  • Make wudu – Perform the full ablution like you were getting ready for prayer. YOU MUST RINSE OUT YOUR NOSE AND MOUTH.
  • Douse yourself in water – Take water and pour it over your head until your entire body is wet.

That’s it! You are now officially clean and can go worship your Lord as He deserves to be worshiped.

Before we end, let’s take a quick look at some other times when it’s recommended to make ghusl.

  • After washing the dead
  • When taking Shahada and entering Islam
  • Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha
  • Before entering the state of Ihraam when making Hajj or Umrah.
  • Non-menstrual, vaginal bleeding
  • Unconsciousness
  • Burying a polytheist


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25 Responses to Ghusl

  1. Hi

    I just want to say that your site is awesome. Especially to someone like me, who is Chritian and am very interested in the faith as I am am dating a muslim man. I love that it is so easy to understand. Please sign me uo as I really want to learn on how I can be a partner that he will love and cherish, I know that God will only be exalted if we place Him first in everything and I do want HIS blessing and favor in my relationship with Mohammad.

    Kind regards

    • Hello Melanie,

      Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. It is very inspiring to hear that you’re interested in Islam. Please continue to learn and continue to seek the truth.

      I must advise you to encourage your boyfriend to marry you. As a Muslim, he should know that “dating” in Islam is not allowed. I don’t want to get into your personal business, but it would be better for both of you spiritually, if he marries you (Muslim men can marry Christian women) and the two of you can begin to build your life together.

      Whatever your decision, I wish you the best.

  2. first f all i say thanks for this web. my question is: i am a muslim, but i did a great sin to ALLAH of having sex with a girl who is not a moslim, she is pregnant now, but she wills to become a muslim. is it possible for me to be for given by ALLAH because am asking for forgiveness to ALLAH. is it allowed for me to get marriad to her? or to make nik with her? help me and tell me. thank u.

    • As-Salaamu Alaikum Br. Ismail,

      Thank you for leaving a comment.

      Fornication is a serious sin in Islam. The punishment for an unmarried person who commits this sin is 100 lashes and one year banishment from the community. But it is better to repent from this sin, keep it to yourself, and resolve never to commit it again.

      You should understand that Allah forgives all sins, so long as we repent and strive never to repeat them again. Allah is the Most Forgiving and The Most Merciful. Please listen to this video that I made about repentance.

      If the woman is willing to become Muslim that is a good thing. If she accepts Islam that will clear her of her sin, and if you can marry her and try to keep this shameful act between yourselves and never do it again.

      If she does not accept Islam, and she is a Christian or Jew you can still marry her. But if she is a Hindu or Buddhist or Atheist, then it is not permissible to marry her. Regardless of whether you marry her or not, you still have a responsibility to provide for your child.

      Repent for your sin immediately and ask Allah for guidance.

      And Allah knows best.

  3. I’m a christian woman dating a muslim man and I love my man as he asked me to marry him,I don’t know if he was serious or not but I love him and he loves me.It’s just that I’m too jealousy.I wont mind converting to Islam and I would love to have children with him in future.And I’ve got a 7 year old child to my previous relationship.Please advice me of what to do.

    • Hello Pumla.

      Thank you for leaving a comment. It is wonderful news that you’re thinking about accepting Islam.

      I would suggest you convert to Islam immediately regardless of what happens with your boyfriend. Your relationship with God is more important than your relationship with any man.

      Second, your boyfriend is committing a major sin by dating you outside of marriage. If he wants to marry you, I would suggest you accept his proposal so you both can stop committing the sin of fornication.

      As for your jealousy, first accept Islam, then pray to Allah for patience and to cure your jealousy. The same advice refers to your child. Accept Islam and raise him/her as a Muslim.

      Once again, the most important thing is your relationship with Islam.

      May Allah give you what’s best.

  4. What can’t we do until we’ve made ghusl?

    I woke up this morning after having a nocturnal emission, and had to rush to class before getting to make ghusl. I know we are not allowed to pray or read from the Qur’an in this state (is it called a state of jahannam?) but my main question is are we allowed to make dhikr or recite Qur’an we’ve memorized?
    Also are we allowed to make dhikr or recite Qur’an when we arent fully covered from naval to the knees? I am not sure if i understand these concepts completely and would greatly appreciate any information.

    • As-Salaamu Alaikum Br. Ali,

      Yes, you can recite Quran from memory and dhikr while in a state of Junuub. Junuub is a condition of impurity that comes after having sexual intercourse or releasing semen, even if done during sleep.

      You can also dhikr while covered from naval to knees. An example is that we are told to make dua before sex which is a form of dhikr. We are also advised by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to recite certain chapters of the Quran before sleeping, and many people sleep without being fully covered.

      I will encourage you to check other sources as I may not have all the information or there may be other things that I am unaware of.

      And Allah knows best.

  5. Salam Aleikom.. i want to know.. How many Ghusl have it..what i learned from my in-lows the are 5 but i want 2 make sure.. & what wich word’s we need to read in Arabic when we are making a Ghusl..i mean wich DUA?? THANK U VERY MUCH

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      I am aware of two types of ghusl – a regular ghusl and a Ghusl Junuub. Ghusl Junuub is for people who have had sexual intercourse or other similar reasons.

      As for what to say, it is sufficient to simple say bismillah.

      And Allah knows best.

  6. Hi I want to thank for all the information provided in your website.
    I am Christian and i been seen a Muslin for about 3 months and we both are in love very much he ask me to Marry him but things are a little difficult now for us and he ask me to marry as a temporary marriage that way we do not sin, but until today i am not sure if i do the right thing or if he even do the right thing since he make me said all in Arabic and also make me said i don’t want no money or any expiration date. he said was until we can announce our permanent marriage. we did it online I don’t know if that is right or wrong. I love him very much and he also love me. Another thing is that I cant have children s anymore and he said he dont care about it. the only way i can have a child is if i can do an Artificial insemination or a get a surgery to un tight my tubes i don’t know if that is acceptable please advise me

    ofcourse i am willing to became Muslim i been studying a lot since i meet him.



  7. After your period ends when you are performing ghusl what is the du’aa you read I am new to this so I’d like to know
    Thank you
    Regards aisha

  8. Hi, I am Mira,

    I have this problem and I feel very guilty of it. So I am living with my husband and my parents. Now I have not been officially married and gone to my husbands house due to some circumstances. So he’s living with us and its Ramadan. After Isha things happened between us and I had an orgasm. Note we did not have sex as I am not living with my husband as of yet. We have our nikkah done and we are engaged. I know you have to do ghusul and I would have done that straight away. BUT the problem is this I can’t get a shower everyday because my parents will know and they are always watching us 24/7 . Today I am supposed to be fasting but I am not in a pure state as I can’t do ghusul. What should I do??? This has happend a few times and I don’t know what to do as I feel ashamed and guilty. I don’t know how much of my sins Allah will forgive becasue this keeps repeating its self. Please help!

  9. Assalamualykum janab……i have done hair transplant few days back and now i cant take head bath for 12 days so without head bath how will i perform Namaz and how will i read Quran please please let me know i am waiting for your reply.please do email me regarding this.

    • Wa Alaikum Salam,

      If you can wipe over those parts of your head with water, then that will do. If you cannot even wipe over it with water, perhaps damp hands. If not even that, just do the rest of your body and leave that part alone.

      Islam is easy and Allah gives us a way out, barakAllahu Feek.

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