Animated Explanation Of The Five Pillars Of Islam

I really enjoyed making this video. It only took me about twenty minutes to put together. The hardest part was getting my kids quiet enough to make the recording.

The reason behind me making a video like this was to create something entertaining for my kids to learn Islam. I teach them Islamic Studies every week covering what I believe are the four most important topics for a Muslim:

  • Tafsir – Explanation of the Quran
  • Fiqh – Islamic legislation
  • Aqeedah – Islamic doctrine (the nuts and bolts of Islam)
  • Seerah – History of the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

I try my best to make it interesting for them by joking with them and telling stories along the way. Of course, all of them know the Five Pillars of Islam already. But I figured if I could create a simple video explaining the five pillars, I’d eventually be able create even better videos about more complicated topics.

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  1. Oh you said that there’s o eating, drinking etc during the month of Ramadaan but some might think like the whole month and then we would die lol so maybe add that its just between sunrise and sunset

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