Fate and Destiny in Islam

Fate and Destiny in Islam

What is Fate and What is Destiny in Islam

Let me ask you a question.

When you woke up this morning, did you know you would be reading this article?

Most likely you did not. Most likely you made a random set of choices that led you to this page. In a small sense, those choices you made, brought forth your destiny which was reading this page.

However, it is your freewill to continue reading. You have the choice to stop reading now and do something else. Whatever you decide to do, will effect your destiny.

Many people, Muslims included, are confused about fate and destiny. They are not sure how much free will they really have. They are not certain if they have the freedom to make their own choices, or if Allah has forced them upon a certain path.

I always believe the best way to tackle any problem is to start with the basics. So first, let’s lay some groundwork.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Allah is the creator of all things, including our actions.
  • Belief in Allah’s power, knowledge and control of all things is one of the six articles of faith in Islam. This is called Qadar, loosely translated as Divine Destiny.
  • A person has the freedom, the choice, to do as he/she wants.
  • We have no control over the outcome of those choices.
  • The outcome of these choices is our destiny. Only Allah knows what this destiny is.

Do You Control Your Destiny? Or Are You A Slave To Fate?

For example, say for instance you decide to go into business for yourself. You do all the necessary research. You consult others in the field. You draw up a sound business plan and line up multiple investors. You do everything possible to ensure that your business is a success.

Does any of this guarantee that your business will be successful? Not at all. The economy may falter. You may have miscalculated certain expenses. A natural disaster might wipe out everything you own. There are innumerable occurrences that could adversely effect your business.

It is vital to the Muslim’s belief that we understand this concept. After all, the word Muslim means “one who submits to the will of Allah.” By accepting Allah’s power, knowledge and control of our destiny, we learn to submit to what He has prescribed for us.

Belief in Qadar, divine destiny, prevents us from becoming too boastful or too despondent. When tragedy strikes us, we must understand that it is the will of Allah, for it to happen. That way, we learn to accept it with patience and humility rather than despair and frustration.

Of course, one may become saddened or upset about unfortunate events in their life. We are only human and it is natural to react a certain way with tragedy befalls us. However, the Muslim understands that no matter how difficult said tragedy is, it was within the will of Allah, and we cannot let it paralyze us.

And if something good happens to us, belief in Qadar will prevent us from becoming too boastful or arrogant. Many successful people believe that they have attained their wealth and status because they are inherently better than others. Or that they are smarter, wiser, stronger, or just more deserving of success than others.

The truth is, they have no control over their success. They may have made certain choices, but it is Allah that made those choices work out well for them. If they had control over their success, then they should be able to control every aspect of their life and never face any sort of adversity. But the reality is that even the most successful individuals face some hardships at some point in their life.

Man may choose a certain path. But it is Allah’s will that controls what destiny that path will lead them.

Fate And Destiny According To The Quran And Sunnah

It is also important to understand that Allah has knowledge over all things. Allah knows what will happen to us before we do. Allah knows the outcome of all of our decisions. And Allah has stated in His book, the Holy Quran, that everything that will happen throughout all creation was already written.

Surah Al-Hadid (The Chapter of Iron) verse 22 states:

“No calamity befalls on the earth or in yourselves but it is inscribed in the Book of Decrees (Al Lawh Al Mahfooz) before We bring it into existence. Verily, that is easy for Allah.”

And Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him) has stated:

“Allah wrote down the decrees of creation fifty thousand years before He created the heavens and the earth.”

From these two statements, we understand that Allah has written all things in a Book of Decrees known in Arabic as Al-Lawh Al-Mahfooz, and that this was done 50000 years before He created the heavens and earth.

This does not mean that we are forced to walk upon a certain path, or that we have no freewill. This only means that Allah is already well aware of all actions that we will take, and the outcome of those actions.

At the same time, whatever we choose to do is governed by the will of Allah. If Allah does not will for something to take place, then it will not happen no matter how hard we try. And if He wills for something to happen, it will take place no matter what we do to stop it.

Muslims must believe in destiny, or more accurately, Divine Destiny (Qadar). But we should not believe in Fate. Fate is defined as: “an event (or a course of events) that will inevitably happen in the future.”

Nothing is inevitable as Allah has control over all things. And Allah controls the Divine Destiny. People who accept fate, or that certain things are inevitable, are fatalists, and tend to leave things to whim.

But a Muslim who believes in Qadar (Divine Destiny) will try to live according to the laws of Islam, pray to Allah for guidance when making decisions (Istikhaarah), and put their best effort forward in everything they do. Then, they leave the outcome of these actions to Allah and accept whatever He has decreed.

In summary, Muslim beliefs in Qadar (Divine Destiny) is made up of four things:

  • Understanding that Allah’s knowledge encompasses all of creation and He knows everything that His creation will do. Even before they do.
  • Believing that Allah has written all that has happen in the Book of Decrees (Al-Lawh Al-Mahfooz).
  • Accepting that whatever Allah decrees will take place, and whatever He does not will, does not take place.
  • Knowing that Allah has created all things, including the actions of His creation.

Accepting Allah’s Qadar (Divine Destiny) will lead us to a more satisfying and productive life, Inshallah.

And Allah knows best.

For further clarification of this subject, please read the next post in this series: Fate and Destiny Revisited

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145 Responses to Fate and Destiny in Islam

    • My interpretation of destiny is “whatever Allah decrees.” We just have to accept that our destiny is ordained by Allah and known by Him, and He will give us what’s best if we put our trust in Him.

  1. vy nice artical.actually i was confused abt fate and disteny.this artical help me to sort out my problem.thanku for writing such a important issue of islam.

  2. this article is very good and nice,it define and expalin the destiney very well. i have one question that how can a person’s destiney will be changed……….. now a days im really shocked,i have can’t pick the option whether to die or live,i can’t commit a suicide because it is cowardness and haram in islam,but unfortunately i also can’t live any more,its all over. this issue is about my love…… i lost every thing.

    • Thank you for reading the article. I’m sorry you’re going through such a desperate situation. I don’t know what you’re going through that causes you to feel this way, but whatever it is, I’m sure it’s difficult.

      The best thing to do in your case, is to put your trust in Allah, and ask Allah to give you life as long as there is benefit in you staying alive. You may not know how important your life is, but Allah does. Perhaps there is somebody in your future whom you’ll save from a bad situation. Or perhaps there are people that know and love you who will still benefit from your life.

      If it is better for you to return to Allah, then according to His wisdom, He may cause you to die in order to ease your pain. Whatever His decree is, please accept it, submit to it, and know that there is a wisdom behind it that you may never understand.

      And Allah knows better.

      • yes brother, it is true. i am passing through same question but not for somebody,s love . personally i feel my world is ruined . my wife is only bread winner of our family of 4. i am unemployed and my wife job is at stack. her salary is half and that too gets paid delayed. she works in air india. . i am above fifty and can,t find job. i sit all day home like a fool. is it the will of Allah:? why he wants me die of depression ? our monthly expenses are 50 thousand while income is 30 thousand. and these expeses are so basic that any cut in them will hit my kids hard and they may feel depressed. they are not spoilt kids. it is their school fees, college fee, one is getting treatment for anxiety which is costing 7000 per month….. i can not believe all this is happening with me. i try hard to console myself in taking refuse of religion and surrender to the will of God, but sometimes i succeed sometime i feel our own action has brought us to this point. i being the main accused. i never planned wisely. then i ponder over and find i did what i could. i am have very limited far-sight and intelligent and i could not think beyond it so that is why i have become an instrument to cause pain to my wife and kids. how can i forgive myself ? why god will do any harm to me? or if it is previous karmas then all of must have done something bad in our past life and now doing the remaining punishment because we in our previous birth we committed suicide to escape this pain….. is it like this or i am feeling too much in panic.? please guide.

        • Brother, I can tell from your comments you have the wrong attitude about all of this.

          First of all, there are no “bad karmas” and previous lives. That is shirk and not from Islam (sounds like Hindu talk to me). Allah put your soul into your body while you were in your mother’s womb and that’s the end of it.

          Yes, I do understand you’re going through a difficult time. Your pride is hurt and your children are not living the life you would want for them.

          But is this the end? Is there nothing to be grateful for? Is there nothing in your life you can praise Allah for?

          Here’s what I suggest you do: During this period that you have this free time, use it to get closer to Allah. You obviously have access to a computer so begin to do more studying about Islam and understand the truth about Islam. I only say this because some of your comments are not consistent with Islamic beliefs.

          You don’t have to sit around the house all day. Go to YouTube and watch videos from Bilal Philips, Zakir Naik, and others who will help you understand more about Islam.

          Read the Quran and download some free tafsirs to understand what Allah is telling us in His book.

          You have complete control over how you spend your time. You’re not in jail. You’re not blind. You’re not insane.

          I don’t mean to be insensitive but you must stop pitying yourself. Use whatever tools Allah has given you and do something to get yourself moving.

          And Allah is the source of strength.

          • i had a rough time since you are very depressed so i wolud like to share it with you. after my high school i got rejected by every university, i used to study so hard in my child hood but with the pessage of time i stopped studing and ended up in a psycological disease maladaptivedaydreaming and im telling you its such a disease that takes all the will power from you, so didnt get admission anywhere i used to look at my mother and start crying because she did so much for me she was working in a canteen at that time n hoping that i would become some very good professional some day, i used to start crying during sleep in the middle of the night due to depression and then all i did was pray i used to pray nafl e hajat all the time as i used to be free and you wouldnt believe the next time i applied i made it to best engineering institute in my country n all that was ALLAH’s blessing i know you are depressed but HE loves you more than 70 mothers pray to HIM nafl e hajat i used to pray them and today i am an engineer happiness for my mother.

  3. Jazak-Allah-Khair for your efforts.

    I came across this article while wondering and looking for an answer and think it might be useful to put out my question.

    I am a strong believer in everything mentioned above, Alhamdulilah. Everything, including our actions, take place at Allah’s will, but when I am trying to achieve something and am praying to Allah for it but have difficulties in achieving it, at what point do I accept that it is Allah’s will and I am not going to pursue this anymore because this is not something what Allah has for me.

    If I give up pursuing it then it would make me wonder if the thing that I am trying to achieve was actually there for me but would have just take an extra effort to obtain.

    This thought keeps me going in loops, at one point I comfort myself by believing that this wasn’t for me, but at another time it makes me wonder if I could have done or can do more of an effort to achieve it.

    Mashallah with your knowledge, would you like to share your opinion on this point.

  4. Dear muslim brother, I need to ask a very important question regarding destiny. I started a business a while ago and I was doing reasonably well. One day I believed I received a sign from allah that on a certain date I would have a house on an exclusive road in my area. I said to myself all I had to do was keep on working and on that date, it is allah’s promise you will have that house. Unfortunately, I met this female half way through my business plan and I did some haram things with her. I believe that this is the reason why allah has not given me this house by that date. I have been killing myself saying why I saw her etc etc. But could you please tell me the reason I didn’t get that house was because I saw this girl or was it just a desire I had and not allah’s promise. I believe I will inshaallah be able to get the house within the next few years. It’s just that I wanted it now and what happened over the last year in my business, I could have done it had I gone with the right direction of the market.

    • reward : either u did something good
      or it is a test

      punishment: either bcoz of some bad work or it is a test

      something did not work buisness or marriage:
      either we did some thing wrong or it is test………..

      all the situation accepts what comes to you by putting ur trust in Allah,,, and aviod haram ,, use halal methods to fulfill ur needs in this world and
      follow Quran and Sunnah….
      bcoz this worldly life is just a time being and it is a test for hereafter
      sucessful r those who r saved from hell fire….
      keep doing good and keep asking from Allah …
      Rabbana atina fee addunya hasanatan wafee al-akhirati hasanatan waqina AAathaba annar
      Translation: Our Lord! Give us good in this world and good in the Hereafter, and defend us from the torment of the Fire!

  5. Bismillah,ir-Rahman,ir-Rahim.
    Ashahadu An Laa illaaha illal llahu
    Wa Ash Hadu Anna Muhammadan Abdu Hu Wa Rasooluhu

    ”I bear witness that there is no deity but Allah
    who is without partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) is the Rasool.”
    “O Allah, Shower Your Peace come upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, as you have brought peace to Ibrahim and his family. Truly, You are Praiseworthy and Glorious. O Allah, Shower your blessing upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, as you have blessed Ibrahim and his family. Truly, You are Praiseworthy and Glorious”.
    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, As-Salaam Alaikum!
    My Name is Khalid U.Ibrahim. I am in need of your (Du’a) Prayers for ALLAH’s Help and Protection. (Ya ALLAH!) OALLAH! I Beg of you to Bestow on us (the Believing Muslims) a Home, a Home of Safety, Security and Peace in this World Life, Out of the Reach of the Dajjal and his army, and also Grant us a Home of Safety,Security and Peace in the Life Hereafter,Out of the Reach of the Fires of Hell!.(Ya ALLAH!) OALLAH! I Beg of you to Increase our Faith and Devotion, and to Bless us with Peace in our Hearts and Souls.(Ya ALLAH!) Please Forgive All The Believing Muslims,(Ya ALLAH!) Please grant All the Believing Muslims the Best in this world Life and the Best in Hereafter, and(Ya ALLAH!) Please Protect us(the Believing Muslims) from own Nafs, and(Ya ALLAH!) Please Protect All the Believing Muslims from the hands of the Dajjal and his army.] {No One in this World care!} (Ya ALLAH!) OALLAH! I Beg of you for the means to do good, and to avoid evil, and Bless us to Love the poor, and I beseech you forgive us(the Believing Muslims) and have mercy on us. And When you subject the people of theWorld to trial, Protect us from being affected by it.(Ya ALLAH!) OALLAH! I Beg of you, your Love and Protection,and the Love of those who Love you, and Grant us the Love of all such actions that will bring us closer to you, with our Love and Devotion to you.(Ya ALLAH!) OALLAH! I thank you for all your Mercy and Protection that you have bestowed on us, and all that you have given us in these trouble times that we are facing,(Al-Hamdolillah!).

  6. Salam !

    If God knows HOW and WHEN we will die then why is it that if someone kills me he/she will go to Hell ?

    So God must’ve known that that person will kill me, because God himself says that nothing can be done in this world without my permision or without God knowing about it because God knows and controls Everything.

    Then God should show the killer the right path or stop him from doing such act …. if God says we are here on a test then why would the killer be thrown in Hell because without God’s permision a single leaf cannot move that means God knew about this so why should he/she be punished for this crime because then God must’ve planned this for him/her as well the day he/she was born !

    • Please read sura An-Nahl, I understand that Allah has given us free will to choose and to be accountable for our actions. Example number one: Adam and eve, Allah tough them the divine law and when tempted they disapointed them selves. But Allah showed mercy on them and the rest of creation by his mercy and favors. Allah gave Adam and Eve free will to choose. Allah doesn’t make us do bad, this is a misconseption due to the fact that Allah is all powerful and all knowing that he knows what we are capable of even before we do any action. Allah makes it clear in the Quran that what ever bad comes to us is by our own doing and what ever good comes is by his mercy………..So we should never make the mistake of blaming Allah for the bad that we do or the bad that happens to us, and we should remember his Mercy us, for he is all forgiving on those who come to him free willingly…….Subhana Allah

    • there is temporary will gvn to each and every individual…. so he is responsible for his action…..
      does anyone eats shit of others ,, no bcoz he knows it is bad … Allah has gvn mind to distinguish between Good and Bad ,,, thats why he is responsible for his actions

  7. I am not some super wise dude but.

    God knew that the person was going to kill you.

    The Right path must have been shown to the killer but the killer rejected the path.

    God knows that the person may do a bad thing and will make him feel that thing is wrong but if he rejects that its on him.

    God authorized your death for a reason that only he knows (sometimes its called El 3ebra = sign to others )

    The guy will go to hell cause he didn’t have a valid reason to kill you.

    God doesn’t give you the permission to do bad things its you who permits that.

  8. i m still confused. if God knows what we are going to do , why doesnt He make us do good only? why bad? why do we have to go to hell if it was destined any way??

    pls. enlighten me. i love Allah but i am confused as to why the human has to be accountable IF it was destined ANYWAY. Jazakhaal khair

    Pls. leave a commment on this page.

  9. In all religions that believe in Allah(God) it is written that the Almighty has given us free will. In doing so life becomes about choices we make on our journey. Allah
    (God) knows how our life is written but each chapter is in our own hands until the end. What we have to write with is “Faith”. The stronger our beliefs in what the Quran and Bible has taught the easier it will be to accept the outcome. You cannot fear change or stop trying. Destiny is what you make it. So make it wisely knowing Allah(God) is by your side.

    • Thank you for commenting Neelofar. In Islam, we really only believe in destiny. Fate, as it is understood in English, is like an external power (not God) that controls our lives and we’re just slaves to it.

      But you are right…even in the English understanding, there is a slim difference between the two.

      And Allah knows best.

    • Hello Caleb,

      Thank you for visiting Islamic Learning Materials.

      I don’t have the time to give you a full, head-on answer. Furthermore, your comment is a little unclear (“Christian is what you really need to believe in.” What the heck does that mean?).

      It seems as if you’re saying the Muslims on this blog should be Christian and that we should believe in God.

      This displays a little ignorance on your part as Muslims DO believe in God. We just don’t believe He can be 3 different beings (father, son, holy ghost) all at the same time.

      We also don’t believe God is a man (which Jesus, peace be upon him, was). We just can’t believe that God came out of a woman’s birth canal. We can’t believe that God defecated, urinated, and has DNA (which Jesus being human must have had).

      I mean, if Jesus was God, that would mean that if archaeologists found some of his DNA, they could clone God. How crazy would that be? (Sounds like the makings of a good summer blockbuster, though).

      Look Caleb, you’re more than welcome to visit ILM as much as you’d like. If you want to preach your beliefs, I’ll let you do that to a certain extent but be ready to defend them vigorously.

      Because, I’m not gonna let you off easy.

  10. Bro,
    God is the (father, holly ghost, and son).
    I respect your beliefes.
    But all I’m trying to say is when judgment day comes and you all were wrong.
    What are you going to say then….?
    Who do you think created the earth? A man?
    Well that’s pathetic.

    • That’s what I’m saying…you don’t understand Islam.

      YOU are the one who believes a man created the earth because YOU believe God was a man (Jesus).

      Muslims don’t believe anything like that.

      You are at a serious disadvantage in this discussion because I know Christianity and you obviously don’t know anything about Islam. If you think Muslims believe a man created the earth, then you are starting off on the wrong foot.

      Before going any further, I highly suggest you learn more about Islam. Whether you believe in Islam or not is irrelevant at this point; what’s important is that you at least understand what Islam is because right now you sound really uninformed.

      Check out this link on Islamic monotheism. It’s a little technical but hopefully it’s not above your head. If it is, I have a free audio called “Islam Simplified” that explains the basics of Islam. If you want to learn about Islam so that we can have an informed discussion, I’ll be happy to email it to you for free.

  11. I am going through a very difficult and confusing situation. I am 32 sudanese Muslim women and would like to marry a muslim revert, however, my family are totally against this as he is not sudanese.

    I do understand that my life is written and if Allah wills me to marry this man then that will happen. What I’m finding it hard to understand is what i do in the process. Will Allah just bring this man to me? I keep talking to my older brothers (my guardians as my dad has passsed away) and they keep telling me to stop going on and trust in Allah.

    I can’t understand this please can you help me understand their point of view as it is making me extremley frustrated. I am 32 already and I’m worried that i will never get married and worse still will not be able to have children. They have never brought a suitor to me and I do not feel they even have he interest to do so.

    Do you think i will be forgiven if i went out and got married against their will?

    Please help

    Thank you in advance

    • As-Salaamu alaikum Sr. Aida,

      Unfortunately, this is the case with many Muslims these days. They are too concerned about tribalism and nationalism and forget about the most important quality for all Muslims and that is Islam and tawheed.

      I’m sure your parents want the best for you but they if what you’ve told me is the complete story, then they are not making this judgement based on Islamic principles, but instead on nationalistic principles which are from the Shaytan.

      Nationalism and tribalism and racism has done nothing but harm the Muslim world. We can see the tragedy in Somalia where everyone speaks the same language and practices the same faith. Yet they are killing each other because they are in different tribes.

      I encourage you to talk to your parents and have other knowledgeable Muslims talk to them also.

      I am reluctant to encourage you to disobey your wali (guardian) whom I presume is your father. Instead talk to him and bring him proof that what he is doing is evil and he is preventing you from what may be good.

      But be careful. I do not know your situation clearly and it may be that your father sees something in this man that is not good and it may not just be nationalism. So I encourage you to talk to your family and really try to understand what they have against this man.

      Put your trust in Allah and make dua to Him. Ask Him for guidance and seek the help of others in your area who are knowledgeable and familiar with the situation.

      • as salam alaik,
        i need your advice on an important aspect of my life.
        I am a muslim, male, 30yrs of age from Nigeria.
        I fell in love with a christian lady which i believe will do anything for me for she is untouched.
        My younger brother disliked her solely because she is older than me and has gone ahead to poison the mind of my parents against her.
        They on their path are standing on the path that she is a christian.
        Yet in surah Ma’idah, muslim males are allowed to marry chaste girls from among the people of the book. Besides, my being a muslim is only by the Rahma of ALLAH (SWT).
        So i believe no one can ever judge that a christian can not convert to islam.
        ALLAH wills to keep anyone on the true path as HE wishes.
        I have three close people who married christians and their wives converted and perform all the rites of islam accordingly even in the absence of their husbands. please i need a reply from you here or on my mail

  12. Thank you for your reply.

    I do agree with you, it is awful that it still exists in this day and age especially when the quran states not to discriminate against race. I also really would like to avoid upsetting my family but their beliefs are going against everything I understand about Islam.

    My dad passed away when I was young so my oldest brother would be my wali. When this man called my brother to discuss marriage my brothers response was “i am not intersted , please do not call me again” without knowing a single thing about him. Other family members have met him including my mother and 2nd eldest brother that went to the mosque with him and had a chat. Not one person has come back to me and said anything bad about him. They are all scared to go against my oldest brother so will not support this marriage unless my older brother allows it. My personally feeling is that he is not fit to be my wali as he is not following the words of Allah. For this reason can i dis obey?

    What I need to understand is if it’s my destiny to marry him should I sit back and do nothing? Is there any need to get a sheikh to speak to my oldest brother? Would it just work out somehow or does Allah give us the gift of a sane mind to be proactive and fight for what is right?

    • Assalamu Alaukum wa rahmatullahu wa barakatuh,

      Dear Sister Aida,

      Accidentally, I happen to read your situation, & I couldn’t stop myself writing a message to you. (hope it`s not so late)
      PS”I hope my mail will be helpful for you, whatever I present is only to serve for you as reference, the final decision is YOURS”

      I heard from lots of people (relatives, friends), they do offer 2 rakat of Salah which is called Istikhara, when they are in dilenma and/or when they don`t know which one to choose between 2 choices. So I thought this will be helpful for you too inshaAllah.

      Source: Fiqh-us-Sunnah, volume 2, number 32 and volume 4, number 141.
      Often, we have to make major life-changing decisions: whether to undertake a major project or not, whether to apply for a promotion or not, whether to change career or not, whether to invest in a certain company or not, whether to get married or not, whom to get married to, etc.

      Istikhara (Arabic) means to ask Allah to guide one to the right thing concerning any affair in one’s life, especially when one has to choose between two permissible alternatives, e.g. a career choice, getting married, etc. And The istikhara prayer is a prayer through which one seeks Allah to guide one, through the outplaying of destiny as it unfolds, towards that which is best.

      Sa’ d ibn Waqas reported that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “Istikharah (seeking guidance from Allah) is one of the distinct favors (of Allah) upon man, and a good fortune for the son of Adam is to be pleased with the judgment of Allah. And a misfortune of the son of Adam is his failure to make istikharah (seeking Allah’s guidance), and a misfortune for the son of Adam is his displeasure with the judgment of Allah.” Ibn Taimiyyah said, “He who seeks guidance from the Creator and consults the creatures will never regret it.”

      So, We as a humans are weak and we usualy dont know what`s THE BEST for us. What we think might be the BEST for you NOW but not enternally. The Creator knows what is THE BEST for us enternally for our lives, family and hereafter.
      Istikhara for Marriage
      When one desires to make istikhara for marriage, then keep the person in mind whem making niyah. Then do wudhu and perform Salaat. Then praise Allah, mention His Greatness and plead:

      اللَّهُمَّ إِنَّكَ تَقْدِرُ وَلَا أَقْدِرُ وَتَعْلَمُ وَلَا أَعْلَمُ وَأَنْتَ عَلَّامُالْغُيُوبِ ، فَإِنْ رَأَيْتَ أَنَّ فِي فُلَانَةِ خَيْرَاً لِي فِي دِينِي وَدُنْيَايَ وَآخِرَتِي فَاقْدُرْهَا لِي وَإِنْ كَانَ غَيْرُهَا خَيْرٌ مِنْهَا لِي فِي دِينِي وَآخِرَتِي فَاقْدُرْهَا لِي

      “O Allah, You have power (control) and I have no control and You know and I do not know, and You know the condition of the Unseen. Thus if You see (deem fit) that this woman (here mention her name) is good for me concerning my Deen, world and Akhirah then grant me her control (make it possible that I marry her) and if besides her there be (another woman) which is better for me concerning Deen and Akhirah then specify her for me (grant me control over he)”.

      May Allah guide us into right path and gives us the right partner in the life inshaAllah.

      Please forgive if i said something wrong or unrelevant to your situation, All I wanted to share some useful information. Whatever good in this message is with my pure intention for the sake Creator and whatever bad in this message is from Shaytan.

      PS” Once again, whatever I present is only to serve for you as reference, the final decision is YOURS

      Wa Alaykum Assalamu wa rahmatullahu wa barakatuh

  13. Dear Ibrahim
    Apologies for earlier. Basically my question is. I’ll give you a background. I started a business. When I started this business, I was in deep religious thinking and I believe I received a sign which stated I would have a house by a certain date. I said to myself all I have to do is not drink, take drugs, smoke or see any girls. For two years I did this, but two years before this date, I met this girl and committed sin. Do you think it was because I saw this girl that Allah didn’t give me the house? I believe I had a contract with Allah. Do you think this was a contract or just all in my head? Also I was asking myself to revise my work and when I was revising, I said this is easy. But when that time came, I was suppose to buy the market but because I didn’t revise I sold the market instead. I worked out that had I brought the market, there was a strong possibility, I would have my house now. Throughout the four years of my business, I remained a good Muslim, prayed and did all things right. Just I made one mistake. I also made a mistake at university with a girl but I worked hard and got my degree.
    So my question really is do you think I violated the contract I had with Allah by seeing this girl, and therefore I was punished by not getting my house or do you think it was simply a case of not revising? Kind regards and thank you in advance for your knowledge. This issue has caused me great distress over the past 6 months.

    • As-Salaamu alaikum Ami Ti,

      Thank you for sharing your story. I’m going to give you a brief answer here, for the benefit of others who may read this post. But I’d rather communicate with you directly as your situation appears to require a more detailed response. Look out for an email from me with my thoughts, Inshallah.

      There are a several issues that need to be dealt with.

      First, from what you’ve written here, you seemed to want to do good deeds in order to receive reward in this life. That is the wrong attitude to have with your actions. You should do them to please Allah and earn reward in the next life.

      Second, you can’t assume such things as having a “contract” with Allah. Allah has mentioned in His book that He promises us that if we do righteous deeds and seek His forgiveness, then He will forgive us and admit us to Heaven. That is about the only contract we can definitely say that we have with Allah. So be careful about saying things about Allah that you don’t have knowledge of. I am not saying this to be harsh; I’m saying this because many people follow this same thinking (I may have fallen into it myself at times).

      Instead, do what is right and worship Allah alone for his sake. Make dua to Him for those things you want and be patient with His decree.

      I’ll send you a more complete response via email soon, Inshallah.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Abdulbaki,

      Alhamdulillah. If you get any benefit from these articles, all praises are due to Allah. Please let me know if you see any mistakes or if I could do a better job with anything.

  14. Salaamu alaikum thanks for your well articles and the understanding of the religion God will increase your kwonledge. thank yuo everymuch

  15. Salaamu alaikum, my articles or question is that why is that some men doesn’t ‘belive the problems in them is thire destiny, then looking for easy were for the solution? like some men that have a low spam medically but have the belive that is the woman that have the problem. dose it mean that men does not have problems or they did not belive in the destiny. i will like you to educate the men on how to accept all that come to there way as the destiny than push it to the women. because the way the nation is go, is because of the give the child not to the right person. please put more light on this for everybody to learn from. i will like to be part of all you article

    thank you

    • Wa Aliakum Salaam Olagunju,

      You are correct that many people, Muslims included, are not able to accept destiny (Qadr). Accepting Qadr is very beneficial and will help us become better Muslims.

      As for men with low sperm count, even though that is Allah’s Qadr, it is acceptable for us to seek medical means to correct things like this. You are correct that it is wrong to blame the women all the time when it may not be their fault at all. For things like this, it is wrong to blame anyone; we should just accept it as the Qadr of Allah.

      However, we can take practical, Islamic steps to correct certain issues so long as they do not violate any of the commandments in Islam.

  16. Mr Ibrahim…..I read your column with interest – I am not a Muslim and personally can’t believe in a Creator who demands his creations to put him on a pedestal and worship him 5 times a day with strict conditions re washing beforehand…..I don’t expect my children to worship me or wash their hands before talking to me….and I created them! But I am impressed by your patience in answering the questions of non-believers….so many Muslims take great offence at questions about their beliefs. Belief in pre-destiny , it seems to me leads to all sorts of questions – and the questions here show that a lot of believers are struggling to get to grips with it. You told someone that if they got murdered, it was because God allowed that murder (- for reasons best known to him) to take place ie….it was pre-destined. On this basis, why do Muslims get angered for example, at Salman Rushdie – who only wrote his books…because God allowed him to??? Also, the illogic of this reasoning is further highlighted when , for example, you consider babies being hacked to death in African countries…..God allowed this??? or when a plane crashes killing everyone on board…..God allowed all this people to come together….in order for the engines to fail and all die???? Come on….can’t you see the illogicality of this train of thought? How much more logical to accept that like all accidents and good fortunes that it was just coincidence rather than a divine act of God.

    • Well, A. Syam I thank you twice for this comment.

      Once, because I was procrastinating in answering a lot of comments that were being held for moderation. But seeing your comment has given me the needed motivation to answer everyone’s comments.

      And the second thanks because you’ve given me a great concept for my next article. So I will respond to your comment, in full, on Thursday, April 19, 2012 by 11:00 am Eastern Standard Time.

      Unless, of course, Allah does not allow it. 😉

      Apparently Allah has allowed it. My response can be found here.

  17. Nice one!
    Meanwhile, please consider another point which I would like to raise albeit somewhat politically sensitive : If Allah/God either decides to allow or disallow someone’s action and the outcome is deemed to be ‘Allah’s/God’s will’ (ie Inshallah), that would imply Allah/God permits the suicide bombings so prevalent in the Middle East and consequently the loss of innocent life. Indeed, nearer home and today’s court hearing – Allah/God allowed Anders Breivik to slaughter 70+ innocent students. It would further imply that Allah/God allowed Josef Fritzl to keep imprisoned his daughter for 24 years and constantly rape her.
    How an ANY creator allow this sort of action???
    It is for this reason that I don’t believe prayers work….if Allah/God intervened in peoples lives directly, surely he would have done so in these horrific cases.
    I do look forward to hearing your beliefs on these matters.

  18. Another thought ….you wrote ‘DO you expect God to intervene in every disaster/tragedy??’…..etc etc.
    Why not??? He is Almighty and all-seeing! (supposedly). If I asa mere human being saw any child fall into pond…I’d do my best to assist and save that child – if I as a imperfect human being does that – why do you then expect so much less of God?? A landslide occurs and 75 children die swallowed up by mud with humans – in all their imperfections – frantically digging with their bare hands to save the children….why let God off the hook and expect him to at least help those humans to save those chldren…but no….he doesn’t! And yet he wants us to worship his greatness?? Come on – get real! Why does he NEVER intervene in a deliberate act of supernatural power….? maybe because he doesn’t exist??

    We should all ponder on what Dawkins wrote:
    “there’s all the difference in the world between a belief that one is prepared to defend by quoting evidence and logic, and a belief that is supported by nothing more than tradition, authority or revelation.”

  19. As Salaamu Alaykum,

    I have one question on which I cannot find the answer:
    “Is the person that we will marry with already written for us and can this person be changed with prayers if he/she is not good for us?”

    Thank you for ur answer…

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Whomever you marry, it certainly was destined for you to marry that person because it happened. And yes, a person’s character can be changed and there’s nothing wrong with asking Allah to change someone’s character through dua.

      And it may be that a person has a bad character, but they may still be good for us in other ways. It is a complex subject that only Allah truly knows the secrets to. That is why we accept Allah’s Qadr, put our trust in Him, ask Him to give us what’s best, and are patient with His decree.

      And Allah knows best.

  20. salam my brother, i wanted to ask many question about this topic. How do you the difference between the destiny or the destruction of a destiny by a Jinn. I herd from many articles of Jinns can intervene with destiny.Also Allah says never to give up our dua so how do you know that a certain dua is not ment to be for us. Finnally if Allah chooses our path and everything in command then it’s not really free will?

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      No one can interfere with what is written in Preserved Tablet (lawhil mahfooz). What you might have heard is that the evil eye may disrupt destiny, but that is only our daily or yearly destiny. Surah Laylatul Qadr mentions that all of the affairs for the year come down on Laylatul Qadr. It is this destiny that can be changed by dua and by evil eye and sorcery.

      And Allah knows best.

  21. Salaam a laikum

    I’m a divorcee aged 38 now I met someone in 2005 I did my istihara and mashallah it was a good dream. In the dream we were going on holiday but got held up in the airport where we were questioned by the police they eventually let me go but I was waiting a long time in the waiting area for him to come out but he did eventually get released then he grabbed my hand in we continued our journey I was wearing red he was in a normal shirt and trousers according to this dream I thought he was the one but he later married someone else after 4 years if ended terribly but he still comes in my dreams deep down I know he’s not happy but I left it in allahs hands and ge knows best but I dud totally rely on the dream,, please could you give me an answer… I also have been praying and hoping I will get married again in the future but nothing

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      I made a video about Istikhaarah and how it should be approached.

      Basically, you shouldn’t rely on dreams for Istikhaarah. Instead, you make a decision, and then you make Istikhaarah that Allah will give you what’s best concerning that decision.

      If you wait for a dream, you’re leaving yourself open to Shaytan’s whispers. He may influence your dreams or even your understanding of the dream.

      If you really want to marry this brother, he is allowed more than one wife in Islam. There’s no reason to hope he divorces his first wife before he considers marrying you. You can have your family or wali or guardian talk to him about being a second wife. Now that is something you should seriously think about and then make Istikhaarah about it, whatever your decision is (I know it is not an easy one, but one that Allah has allowed).

      Perhaps you should consider marrying someone outside your ethnic group (I have no idea what you are, but your email says UK so I going to assume you’re of Indo-Pakistani decent). There are other options for you, but still continue praying to Allah.

      May Allah make it easy for you.

    • As-Salaamu Alaikum,

      By Hayat I think you mean modesty. If not please correct me.

      There is a hadith related in Riyaadus Saliheen where the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) used to say:

      “O Allah, I ask you for guidance, and piety, and chastity, and self-sufficiency.”

      That’s the closest one that I know for modesty, but perhaps someone else knows a different dua.

      But you should know that the best dua you can make is the one that comes from your heart. This is a dua that no one else can copy. So just turn to Allah and ask him in whatever language you’re comfortable with for whatever you need. Allah understands all languages and hears all of His servants cries for help.

  22. As-Salaamu Alaikum,
    I am Nausheen, and i got engaged 5 months ago. after my engagement i was asked to talk to that person.. initially he was really nice to me and acted as if he will keep me happy always… however with time his attitude began to change, he started showing hints of not being intrested in me.. he was really rude to me and it was all intentionally and during the month of ramadan we broke up… my question to you is, he and his family used to do Istikhaarah every single day for the same thing – our marriage… if once they got positive signals in their Istikhaarah than is there any need to repeat it again.. plus even after a positive Istikhaarah they broke up… he actually ditched me by showing off his fake love and also promised that he would never leave me or ditch me.. all that has happened has really disturbed me alot… n am not able to come out of it… i feel reallly weak.. Just guide me to come out of this problem as it has really affected me mentallly..

    I do look forward to hearing your beliefs on these matters.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Nausheen,

      I’m sorry to hear of your troubles. I’m going to send you an email with my thoughts privately, Inshallah. If other people would like to comment on this thread however, please do so.

  23. well it is important to believe that whatever happens to me has already been written in Qada. My question is if an accident happens due to someone’s fault should it be assumed that it was in Qada and not anybodys fault or the person responsible be punished? please comment on the factory fire in Karachi in which 259 people including children and women died.

    • No…we do not assume that it is nobody’s fault.

      This tragedy was the result of poor governance, corruption, and greed. Do not blame this on “the decree of Allah.”

      When something bad like this happens, yes we must say that Allah has full knowledge of what has happened, and He knew it would happen long before it ever happened. But do we say that Allah “made” this happen? No. A tragedy like this was the fault of people and those who are guilty should be held responsible.

      Allah has given us minds and morals to use for justice. We are not to be mindless sheep who just go through life waiting for sustenance to fall from the sky.

  24. Thanks for this awesome article!
    one thing i want to mention. that if ALLAh know everything then why we have to do everything!
    The Answer is simple: that human brain can’t to understand it. because human brain has no capabitilty to think and understand it. therefore we have to leave it on ALLAH!

  25. it was really good article..it really open up my eyes to see things in beautiful ways.
    i have question in mind. now im in my Internship program for 6 months,and after 1 month i wondered whether i have made a correct choice in choosing place for my internship,with no work were given to me sometimes i have thought that i choose the wrong path, and i probably will be happy if i choose the other place. seeing other friends posting saying things like they have a lots of works,their place is great, it really make me jealous.
    is this kind of action shows that im not satisfied with what Allah has plan for me and not believe in Allah qada’ and qadar?
    it really make me sad thinking about my internship here and im 22 y/o and looking forward for a job after done with my internship program next year and hoping for a bright future next

    hopefully you able to give a few advises for me to build inner confident for myself

    • Alhamdulillah Nurul, I’m glad you liked the article.

      We can always look back on the decisions we’ve made and find some reason to regret them. But that is really a waste of time. If you’re going through difficulties right now, you should know that it is a test from Allah. Had you chosen another course of study, you would have experienced some other trial.

      If you like what you’re studying and you really enjoy it, then I would suggest you stick with it and see it through. Try to think of some way you can use your knowledge to help Muslims and earn Allah’s pleasure.

      But if you don’t like what you’re studying, then you can always go into another area. Come on…you’re only 22 years old! Your life is not over yet.

      Be patient, put your trust in Allah and study those things which you enjoy and which will be a benefit to humanity.

  26. I was looking for an artice about destiny which describes everything you have written, thankyou for writing out a intresting and imformative article in a excellent and understandable way.

    • Alhamdulillah, you’re welcome. I think I may need to expound on this subject some more, though. I’ve written a couple of follow up posts, but I think more may be needed. We’ll see, Inshallah.

  27. Very good article.. I am a non-muslim but everything here nmakes so much sense to me… it is what is decreed in all religions.. thanks for sharing… i feel such peace after reading this…

  28. Assalamu Aleikum
    I have a rather odd question

    I have experienced quite some failures and embarrassing situations in my life including divorce, financial loss, unemployment, being looked down upon in society, insulted etc.. for some of which i may not be the cause. I am very unhappy about my past and it bothers me a lot. Since Allah can do anything including giving life to the dead, Will Allah answer a dua asking him to erase off my past failures and embarrassing situations as if though such never happened and instead that i have lived a normal life any other. I am a god fearing person.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Can Allah do what you’re asking for? Sure, He can.

      Are you asking that Allah alter the space-time continuum (Star Trek fan here) in order to change your past? Allah can do that, but if He did you would never even know about the mistakes you made and would probably go down the route and make the same mistakes again.

      Or, are you asking that Allah give you the strength to get over your failures, the wisdom to learn from your mistakes, so that no one thinks about them any longer and if they do, they see them as a point of inspiration? Yes, Allah can certainly do that as well, and I believe that would be far more beneficial for everyone.

  29. Allah gave me a fantastic result in my board exam and for that i got the opportunity to give admission test in the best engineering university. But i didn’t study hard and now i don’t get chance in any public versity.i wanted to study on that particular university not just for my career but for many other noble deeds for both islam and humanity. But now all those dreams looks difficult.i say my prayer regularly and also finished reading Quran recently.Allah gave me a lot of things in my life which i didn’t expect.but what should i do now?

    • May Allah make it easy for you.

      From what you’ve said, it’s not a done deal that you won’t get into this university. So continue asking Allah for this and put your trust in Him that He will give you what’s best.

      Also, it may be that something you think is good for you may not be good for you, and something you think may be bad for you is actually good for you. And just because you don’t get into this university, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams.

      Sometimes, we need a setback or two in order to inspire us to try harder. Thomas Edison experimented with hundreds of different prototypes before he finally discovered how to make the light bulb.

      My point is, put your trust in Allah and keep trying. You have to do your part, of course. Make sure you study and work hard. But also make dua to Allah for what you want. Life is full of hardships and setbacks. The successful ones are those that overcome these setbacks and continue to strive.

  30. Salam
    My question is if Allah already knows what we are going to do before we even do it. Then where is the power of CHOICE because he already knows????
    This thing is really stressing me out?
    Please help me understand destiny. …

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Just because Allah knows we’re going to do something, doesn’t mean we’re forced to do it. It just means He knows what we’re going to do.

      Don’t stress yourself out trying to understand destiny. Do what Allah and His messenger (pbuh) have ordered us to do and you will find that your desires and Allah’s decree will almost always go hand in hand.

      • Im sorry brother Ibrahim

        but I don’t understand your statement. If Allah knows what were going to do, then its already been decided, so we don’t really have that choice. If our destiny is already written then how on earth do we have that choice, we don’t have the choice, Allah has already written how each person will live his life…..

        This does not make sense.

        please can you clarify?

        • It’s very simple. Did Allah make you pray this morning? Did He send an angel or force you against your will to pray?

          There’s no way you can say He did. But whether you prayed or not, Allah certainly knew whatever it was you were going to do.

          You do have the choice and that is very obvious. You have the choice to drink water or milk. You make conscious decisions every second of every minute of every day of your life. However, whatever decision you make, Allah knew you were going to make that decision.

          I’m sorry if you cannot understand that. There is a big difference between knowing something is going to happen, and forcing something to happen. Allah does not force us to do good or bad actions. But He knows the actions and the course we will take. But no sensible person can say “Allah made me do this, so it’s His fault.”

  31. Salam!
    I don’t know where to start. So much on my mind. I really want and need a change, but still I feel that I’m in the same spot. It’s been like this for 3 years now. I make up plans , but when it comes to get the plans in action I fail. I feel such a guilt for not compleating all the things I should. I do turn to Allah. And I’m ashamed cause I’m not using the time as I should. Are we allowed to trust signs, don’t know how I should call it. Like the other day I went to a supermarket in a city where I was visiting a friend. I was looking for juice and I guess it looked like I couldnt find the ‘right one’. So a man, 65 yrs I think starts to talk about “how much there is to choose from”. And I say that I’m from out of town and it leads us to talk about life! Everything that I’ve been thinking of he mentioned. And especially the country and city I’d love to visit again, and work/live in inshaAllah. I was like “are you kidding me!?” I got tears in my eyes and said I had to go. And he also said “don’t think too much” like it is shown how much I’ve got inside my mind, but trying to act “normal” on the outside. But I guess I look like a mess, and its shown that something isnt right…

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam XX,

      Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re going through a tough time. But the fact that you’re still turning to Allah shows that you have faith and hope in your heart. You have to know and believe that Allah knows your situation, and He has a greater plan than anything you can think of.

      As for reading signs in certain things, I would say be careful. Like the man said, don’t think too much. Don’t look too deeply into mundane things and read too much in them. Take things for what they are. Sometimes you might be inspired by a simple event to do something great. But if that happens, then it’s a mercy from Allah. Praise Him for that and keep moving forward.

      There are lots of tips from the secular business world on how to improve your focus. From an Islamic point of view, I wrote an article you can read that might give you some additional help.

  32. Salam. (I posted a comment but I can’t see it. So I’ll re-write)

    I wonder if we as muslims can believe in ‘signs’. And if so, what to do with the sign?

    I’ve got so much on my mind. I feel guilt and ashamed for mot getting anywhere. I want and need change cause I’ve been in the same spot for 3yrs. I pray and try to do good deeds and helping others. But when it comes to getting plans into action, I fail. And I’ve got the ashamed/guilt feeling all the time. So I met a older man in the supermarket, we started to talk about juices and it ended up that he mentioned the things Ive been thinking about. Like a country and city Id love to visit/work/live in. I was thinking ‘are you kidding me?”. Subhanallah! And he said that I shouldnt think too much. And today I met a lady that I know. She also mentioned some things.
    I try to act ‘normal’ but it looks like ppl can see what a mess I am on the inside.

      • Salam
        I do not wish to complain but may be you can advise me. I am 28 years and was married to a girl for 2 weeks and she called off the marriage. This was a huge shock for me and my family.
        Divorce is something that is most hated by God. I did not want to this divorce with this girl but she initialized it.
        I prayed and hoped that this marriage would stay intacted for my whole life because I loved this girl and wanted to stay married.
        I had invested so much time and money to my marriage that people get shocked when they hear my story.
        This was my first and the girl’s second marriage. It was arranged by our parents and we got to know each other well enough before marriage but after marriage things flipped.
        I am an emotional, and not so good looking person.
        I have never had any girlfriend, and donot have any bad habits.
        I donot understand why she left me ? Are muslim women characterless these days and looking for fling and swing ? I wanted a reliable and loving life partner, not somebody who is tit for tat in every sort of way possible.
        My question is if God hates divorces so much why there is so many divorces ?
        I have worked really hard to get my education complete and still searching for a better job but nothing.
        Now, even though I am a muslim male, it will be very difficult to find a nice muslim lady to marry who will understand me and at the same time has no past baggage with her.
        Most women like to drive bmw and wear fancy clothes and buy things like louis vuitton, chanel, D&G. There is nothing wrong with having those things but I cannot afford these things out of my pocket.
        I have lost so much money that it will take 10 to 12 years to generate that kind of money.
        I am totally lost.
        I know people will say the reason it happened to me is because I did something wrong or it is a test or I deserve it . Anyway, that brings more questions to my mind and it is not an easy feeling.
        Instead of going forward, I am going backward and so much chaos is happening around me that I do not know how I can overcome my problems?
        I know people have more problems than me and I do not wish to compare.
        I do not have any resentment against anyone including my ex and her family but a wishful complaint against God that why did HE entrap me ?

        If you can help me with dua because I have persistent in dua and good work in various ways. I apologize for my lengthy writing. Probably some people might benefit about what you write here.

        • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

          I am sorry that you’ve had such a difficult experience. It sounds like a terrible thing for anyone to go through.

          You have to be strong through this tragedy (and it is a tragedy from your point of view). You sound confused and angry, even though you said you’re not bitter. That’s to be expected.

          Did the girl ever give you any reason why she wanted a divorce? Was it just because you didn’t make enough money? If so, then that’s an indication that she probably wasn’t a good wife anyway. As you said, she was divorced previously, so now she’s twice divorced. Evidently, she has some problems that she needs to deal with.

          This is the time to really put your trust in Allah. Rather than ask “Why me, Allah, why me?” try to focus on how you can get over this. Is feeling sorry for yourself and getting angry at all women going to solve your problem?

          Of course not.

          Turn to Allah and put your resolve and trust in Him. Pray to Him consistently and increase your good deeds. Ask Him for help and ease through these difficult times.

          Just reading your comment, it sounds as if you’re losing a little faith. I must warn you against going down this path. This is absolute failure for you. Rather, use it as a catalyst to increase your worship and strive to get closer to Allah.

          May Allah make it easy on you.

  33. I put my trust in Allah and always have BUT I think what is said is very contradictory. Please elaborate, if Allah has already decided what is in store for me or what I’m going to do then why didn’t Allah just make me a 5 time namazi and the rest. This is a test right? we pass Heaven, we fail Hell. But how can it be a test if the result has already been decided by Allah? Thanks

    • YOU are saying that Allah has decided something, as if He has put us on a path of failure. Actually, you make the decisions in your life.

      Stop trying to figure out what Allah did and focus on what you have to do. Just like Allah didn’t force you to write that comment, He doesn’t force you to pray. You have that choice.

      It’s not contradictory; it’s reality. You know you make conscious decisions every day.

      Allah didn’t make you pray five times a day because He already has a race of angels who do everything He orders them to do. So he’s given you the opportunity to make your own decisions. But the decisions you make are recorded and known to Him. But that doesn’t mean He makes you do anything.

      • My take on it is, we have a free will but Allah with His knowledge surpasses all, and He knows how we are going to use or direct our own free will. Actually if we read non-Islamic self help books, even they accentuate the importance of “letting go of attachment” or “let go and let God” after we exhorted our effort.

        Still, many muslims fell to this “okay I have tried and supplicated but seems like God doesn’t ‘agree’ with me” mentality. Wrong. It is Ali ibn Abi Thalib who said, the fulfillment of your prayer is equivalent to your effort. And secondly, your prayer is being delivered to you, but sometimes we are tested with patience to wait it come true. Or third, Allah knows which one is better for you. So instead of giving you A like what you ask for, He will give you B, or either giving A but creating a new challenge along the way to make you grow.

  34. Hi ! Very nice article. We are all children of Allah/ God/ Bhagvan. The words have the same meaning but expressed by different cultures/ religions.
    My only concern is if all is decided or preordained then why pray. Any way how many of us pray without asking for favours? I am fully in agreement with the logic if we pray to the lord without asking for favours.
    Please do not take offence of my querry, it is not to offend anybody.
    Let us live better and more fruitful lives.
    Warm Regards

    • Thank you for your comment, and there’s no offense within it.

      As Muslims, we believe that we should ask Allah for help and favors. Even if it’s just forgiveness of our sins. Allah is our Creator and Maintainer and He wants us to rely on Him and ask Him for that which we need.

      To pray to Allah without asking for something is kind of like being arrogant. It’s like saying: “I don’t need you Allah. Thanks, but no thanks.”

      In our daily lives, we will inevitably ask other humans for different things all the time. How can we not be willing to ask the creator of all that exists for something?

      • Thank you for your reply.
        It is not a question whether why God has chosen me for this thing to happen ? But it is about when one has good intentions and does good why that good does not result ?
        Is black magic the reason or that good was never meant to be appreciated by God ?
        I have slipped, crumpled, tumbled and bruised by this word of faith and it only gives pain and nothing. Time goes and Like God has given time to man to do right or wrong , that time will never come back no matter if what the future is ?
        So people who sin more and repent later are better than who do good always (including repentance)
        God is just in an unjustly way.

        • Who says good doesn’t result? Good is good according to what Allah and His Messenger say is good. You and I might not see the good in something because we only have limited knowledge about the situation.

          For instance, during the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the Muslims of Medina wanted to make Umrah (minor pilgrimage) to Mecca. But at the time, Mecca and the Kaaba was still under the control of the pagan Quraish.

          When they arrived near Mecca, the Quraish barred the Muslims from entering, so the Prophet of Allah sent his companion Uthman to negotiate with them.

          Eventually, the Prophet and the Quraish came to an agreement that seemed very lopsided at the time.

          • First, the Muslims were not to be allowed to make Umrah that year. This was the biggest disappointment to the Muslims as they were promised by the Messenger of Allah that they would make Umrah.
          • Second, the Muslims and Quraish agreed to not fight for ten years.
          • Third, the Muslims agreed to return any refugee from Mecca who fled to the Medina seeking the Muslims’ protection. This was also very difficult for the Muslims as it seemed unjust when compared to the next term.
          • Fourth, any Muslim who fled to Mecca, did not have to be returned to the Muslims.

          The Muslims did not like the terms of this agreement and some of them, like Umar Ibn Khattab, even questioned the Prophet about it. At that time, it seemed like the Muslims had given up a lot and gotten very little in return.

          But Allah had other plans.

          With the ten years of peace, the Prophet was able to focus on dawah and invited tribes and kingdoms from around the Arabian Peninsula to Islam. Many of them did so which dramatically increased the Muslims’ strength.

          Also, since the Prophet agreed to return any Meccan refugees, those that came to Medina were not allowed to stay there. So when the Prophet sent them out, rather than return to Mecca, they roamed the travel routes and attacked the Meccan caravans that came through.

          This was much worse than anything the Meccans had bargained for and they eventually asked the Prophet to cancel that part of the deal, which he did.

          And as it turned out, within a few years of this agreement, the Muslims were much stronger. When they made that treaty (called the treaty of Hudaybiyyah) outside Mecca a few years earlier, they only numbered 1400 men.

          By the time the Meccans broke that treaty by attacking a tribe affiliated with the Muslims, the Prophet had an army of over 20000! This allowed the Muslims to conquer Mecca without a fight.

          So, hopefully this shows you that you have to accept that Allah’s plan is much deeper and more complex than anything you can imagine. That’s why we have to put our trust in Allah and be patient with what He gives us.

  35. May Peace, Mercy and blessings be upon you…
    I’m slightly confused with some essential belief… Hope you can help!
    Just a thought process for my questions…

    Everything in Life happens for a reason
    God has the best plans for us (3:54)
    God is the most Beneficent & Merciful master of all (1:3)
    Everything which happens to us is the best thing which could have happened
    The Situation that one finds oneself in is the best situation that can ever be in that moment of time
    Your imperfect/irresolute plans may not coincide with God’s perfect plans
    The situation you are in may be displeasing for you, although it is the best situation for yourself (2:216)
    On no soul does God place a burden greater than it can bear (2:286)
    God will not change the condition of one until they change what is in themselves (13:11)
    God has granted one freedom of choice
    One can choose what path he wants to take (78:39)
    However, one cannot will it to happen unless God wills it to happen. (76:30)
    Hence, one can choose what actions to carry out in a situation one is in but is unable to choose the outcome that result from his actions.

    God has already written down our destiny
    If ‘destiny’ is defined as one solid path whereby one’s life would always be what God has destined, then why put effort in doing stuff?
    Why the Effort?
    Why ask God for something else if everything’s already destined?
    Why put us through a test, if God knows who’s going to fail and who’s going to pass?

    Does the ‘destiny’ in question refer to the situation that we land ourselves into from our actions?
    That we can have many destinies? That God knows all of them, that he knows all the results that will follow from our actions
    Hence whatever action we take, God will provide us with the best result for our own sake and that God has destined all the different results that come with our different choices we make.
    If that is the case, why pray for something else, when everything is already the best for oneself and that all the results from one’s actions have already been written down.
    If God knows everything, why not know who is definitely going to be a righteous servant of God and who’s not?
    Our freedom of choice and God being the All-knowing is slightly confusing to be placed hand in hand…

    • At some point of time, we should accept that certain things are beyond our understanding and we leave it with Allah.

      I’ve tried to explain this concept of destiny in previous comments and in this article and others but some people still can’t get over it. If you’re having trouble accepting that Allah has given us free will, yet He knows everything that is going to happen, then it’s best you just leave it alone. It’s not life or death and it’s not going to benefit you much one way or the other to understand it any deeper.

      Some things are just beyond human comprehension.

      And Allah knows best.

  36. There are many things i have seen around me and would like to know if these are also God’s will although they are not the right things but just happen for some reason… The two things i saw in my circle are
    1 a conservative family girl practicing religion faithfully elopes, gets married gets pregnant, eventually family agrees and gets the couple married as a legal ceremony. If this act by that girl had not taken place there was no possibility of family agreeing to the union/ marriage of the guy and girl
    2 . Abortion- is that God’s will too? No matter what condition, circumstance, etc, to give and take like or lead a Person to abort pregnancy also God’s will?

  37. @ Ismail, Brother clear your mind first that our knowledge ends where Allah starts his, so we just cant understand every single thing around us for example : Allah has better plan for us thats our knowledge and what are the plans only he knows why would he tell you or me or anyone if we are just creatures ….. If we humans made something like computer television or telephone yes telephone …. you ever heard telephone ever asked graham bell (the so called inventor) you should have done this thing to me and not this thing to me , now come on men he is creator of every single thing which possibly is existing and maintaining them perfectly you cannot find a hole in a sky you cannot feed a fish which very down in the centre of the sea you even don’t know its existence.

    Why he made humans: to reward you, if everything i perfect no murder no crime then why world we all ll be living in heaven and heaven is place which you have to earn by very little efforts with 100% of Allah’s help cause we make uncountable mistakes and forgives well well well no idea how Great he is not enough, ok: in quran it is mention in an ayyaat ” that we have presented some possibilities to all the creatures but only humans had accepted it” it is before he created humans what he presented life, heaven, hell, exam, and human accepted he said “that humans are very cruel” and you know what there is complete chapter in torah about the same topic that human accepted this by themselves.

    You tell dude: 60,70 or 100 years of patience and the reward out of our imagination and on the other hand the only thing that he wont forgive is shirk (that you assign a partner to him) but off course he will punish you hard and don’t have words (please Allah forgive us ameen) … and think calmly are we human really like of this nature if something unbelievably attractive and out of this world presented to us vise versa and asked jut wait for 40 years and do as I say what will we do hhhhhhhhhhh we all say okkkkkkkkk we are ready show us the examination room.

    One little advise to my brother: The best possible guide for any person is nothing but QURAN read it slowly make it understand by urself and with the faith that it will show you the right path not with negative mind…. May Allah bless you because he only blesses us its us who made our life hell, what if you succeed or not what if I ll go heaven or not dosent make any difference to Allah the Almighty He is far far superior then we can imagine so please just follow the instruction.

  38. If everything was written at Lawhe Mahfuz 50 thousand years before the universe was made, it was also written what type of mentality I would possess and what decisions I would make and what outcomes I would get. It was also written if or not I would make any choice. So if now I want to rape someone, it was written that I would want to rape someone. If I really rape someone, it was written down that I would actually rape someone. If you say, “No, it was not written that you would rape someone”, then you cannot say that everything was written at Lawhe Mahfuz 50 thousand years before the universe was made. What type of Lawhe Mahfuz is it that did not know that I would be a rapist? If it new, then what type of writer is it that made me a rapist by design before I was born?

    • I think you do not have the full grasp of the predestination in Islam , Allah knows everything that happened, will happen past and future and at this moment , including this moment i a replying to you, tho Allah has destined it but i made the choice to reply , and Allah knew that i will make the choice so he wrote it in my destiny , like wise if you are going to be a rapist, the choice is yours not your destiny is forcing you to do it rather your freewill and Allah knows that choice of your before hand and HE the almighty writes it .

  39. Allah is the only Creater and Controller of the Universe.he controls and steers it through His own Will.There are relevant operational inherent Cause and Effect forces producing results of which the Creater has full knowledge.Why the Jinns and Humans have to be sent to Paradise and Hell is simply because the Creater so willed but not without scrutiny.Allah delegated a tiny bit of his will to these main creatures and continues to provide them guidance .If everything was predestined Allah could have gone to sleep and get up on Day of Reckoning.Why Allah had to guide us through stories of the Past generations at the sme time making us aware of his mercy and forgiveness .Read Ayatulkursi In pQuran and it becomes so easy to understand the Creater and his relation with the created.m

  40. Asalaam..

    Hi, I’ve a question, last month my wedding was fixed.. everything was going great, we were a perfect match.. If I was d most eligible girl, he was the most eligible guy but just just two weeks before marriage our wedding broke due to a very very silly reason which was quiet hard to believe.. but later on request of my cousin, I went to a poise lady and she mentioned that back magic had been done on me so that I would never get married and she removed it as well, and by Allah she was true and I can feel it now that I get many proposals and before it was like one in hundred. So, in this case was my wedding broke due to black magic or was it all destined? Can sihr change destiny? or can evil eye change it?

    Any answer will be gretly appreciated as am hurt of wotever Allah has done..

    Jazallah Allah

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Allah knows best if this happened because of black magic or not. How did the lady know it was black magic? And how did she know how to remove it?

      In my opinion, if she was telling the truth, then either:

      1. She is well versed in magic in which case you should avoid her
      2. Or, she put the magic on you herself, in which case you should absolutely stay away from her!

      Or perhaps, she was just making this all up, and therefore she’s lying, and all the more reason to stay away from this person.

      In the end, things happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they just happen because we make silly mistakes.

      Whether this was magic or not, it was the will of Allah. Allah knew and decreed for this to happen to you for a reason which only He truly understands.

      My advice to you is to study your religion (Islam) and learn how to protect yourself from these things yourself so you do not have to rely on other people using magic or anti-magic for or against you.

      And Allah knows best.

  41. Assalamu Alaikum brother

    I also have a quick question regarding fate and destiny.

    I have recently gotten to know a sister, nor personally but through other means (online) which unfortunately is haram and I understand that. However, we had intended to go about things the right way by getting married, subject to parents consent. However, the parents, while open to the idea of us getting married at first, have now denied this, saying that they’d prefer their daughter to get married to someone within the family and this is not the right way to go about things.

    I very seriously regret this and have asked Allah SWT for forgiveness. I have also asked our lord to give me another chance and perhaps put understanding in their parents hearts that although we did not meet in the ideal way, we would still make an excellent muslim couple who only fear Allah and want to lead each other to Jannat.

    My question to you is that, would this be acceptable? I have one friend who has said that it’s fate and perhaps we were just not meant to be. However, I have another friend who has told me to ask Allah forgiveness and another chance as it may still work out. And that only dua can alter a persons fate.

    What is your take on all this, brother? Would highly appreciate some input as it is a confusing time for myself and the sister. We had nothing but clean intentions and have never met, in order to keep things halal. Instead, we went straight to the parents.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Take your second friend’s advice. You can make dua to Allah for anything that is permissible, and marrying this young lady is permissible if she’s not already married and is not a close relative.

      Furthermore, keep asking Allah for forgiveness, and keep trying to talk to the parents. Perhaps they may change their minds, Inshallah, especially if the young lady wants to marry you also.

      Besides, it is haraam for them to force their daughter to marry someone she doesn’t want to marry. So if they’re forcing her to marry someone within her family and she does not love that person, they are committing a sin. The young lady has a right to refuse to marry anyone and parents are not allowed to force their daughters to marry someone in Islam. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has forbidden this.

      Unfortunately, this is one of the sad results of Muslims practicing cultural Islam and not real Islam.

      May Allah make it easy for you.

  42. Assalaamalaikum to all,

    I am Rafique from India….i am going thru a lot of difficulties in life,i have done MBA and started working in Sales field,have worked in Sales for few years,but i cant continue in sales as i believe that sales is not my field,i discontinued sales as it has now become phobia for me coz i have seen lot of problems working in sales,mental tensions,physical problems all have been hitting me hardly…now i dont work anymore for last few years i dont have a job i am married and have a kid,my wife is a house wife and becoz of me she is facing lot of problems as there is no source of income my family is taking care of us but to be frank as each day passes it becomes more and more difficult for me to live coz of shame,,,,i dont know whats in my destiny whats written for me by Allah….I have applied for a governament job and its been four years i am waiting for the result have gone thru every tests and interviews and cleared everything but then result are not getting declared becouse of some politics being played in that company….sometimes i feel like comminting suicide but i always stop coz i cant leave behind my kid and wife in trouble,i am not a bad guy or loosehearted but the situation and the condition is so bad that the thought of suicide crosses my mind everytime i see my wife and kid going thru these problems,i want to give them a good life and fulfill every wish of there’s.

    I cant continue that sales job anymore,
    Will i ever get that govt job coz now i think that my life is depended on that govt job….whats in my fate??
    Will i be in trouble always will i ever be happy.
    What should i do to get a better life.

  43. Assalamu aleykum wa rahmatullahu wa barakatuh.

    Thank you for the article, may Allah(Subhana wa’taala) reward you for your work.

  44. salaam.plz tel me how some people have harder lives than others imean how does ALLAH do justice to his creatures in destiny? does He balance good luck n bad luck for every single person or are sm ppl made happier n luckier than others?like sm1 had a terrible childhood but gets to liv a great later life n vice versa n so forth???

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam.

      Most of this we’ll never know. Also, many things are subjective. There are wealthy people who commit suicide and poor people who live long, happy lives.

      Allah says in His book that the evil we experience is a result of our deeds. Therefore, perhaps we experience difficulties because we’ve done evil to others.

      And then, when we go through these difficulties we get mad and blame and complain and abuse others so Allah punishes us even more.

      Ultimately, only Allah really knows.

  45. Wa Alaikum Salaam.

    I would like to ask a question. My husband is a muslim (born and raised) I say that because sometimes when people as adults have chosen a religion because they find it to be the true religion has more stake in it because they have done the research, than someone who is a child and just follows a religion because that’s what their parents were. That being said, my husband identifies with Islam and prays. Recently, I discovered he had an affair of eight years and produced a illegitimate child. On that accord he has apologized and has begged to stay in the marriage. But my difficulty with accepting his apology is that he blames his action and “free will” choice on Allah. And in essence, blames Allah for him cheating and having a baby outside of our marriage. My argument, of course, is that if we blame Allah for all of the bad choices we make, then what kind of God are we saying Allah is? Please help me to explain this to him, that his bad decision albeit, Allah knew he was going to make it, was not the “Will” of Allah.

  46. thank you for the article

    i have a question , i got married 2 years ago with a girl i truly liked , and it was mutual , before getting married i did salat el istikhara , i had never dreamed of her before , that same night i dreamed about her fixing a dish for me , so i thought it was a sign , the father unfortunately was not happy with us getting married , didnt like me for some reason , although i pray , fast , work , islamicly had no reason to say no , we got married anyway and kind of tried to get along with the father , god knows i treated her like a princess , except for few times i got angry smashed her phone and called her stupid because the way she would dress or crying for no reason, i quickly apologized , bought a brand new phone for her , brothers and sisters , i have provided shelter , food , cloths , vacations , car , you name it , she cant cook so i also cook for her ; and i mean breakfast , lunch and dinner , and i was happy doing so , i cared so much about her and our marriage , i thought her how to pray , (she is half european half arabe ) .
    6 months ago after her birthday witch we spend in her favorite place , i got her a ticket to go spend holidays with her familly , we kept in touch untill one day we had un argument on the phone , i was not happy with the language her brother used , and told her , yet i had warned her to keep respect regarding this things with her siblings , things escalated she started crying , called me NOT A MAN , and never came back , i have tried everything to try to fix this , went to her parents , they didnt even care to see me , and filled for divorce . the mother said to me sorry she dosent love you anymore . i cant help you ,
    next week is the date for court , and i just dont understand , the parents made false allegations against me that i hit her yet they cant prove it , thatt she had a misreble life yet the pictures and my bank account can prove otherwise .

    my question is , is this a test from allah ? because I’m really hurt , while living together my dua after almost every prayer was to thank allah and ask that my marriage succeeds and have children inshalah ,

    one night , about a month before the separation happened , i have heard the prophet pbuh talk to me in my dream , i didnt see him but for some reqson you just feel it in your heart , and has warned me , told me in arabic , do not vilify my ummah ,


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