Everything I Have Was Donated

Everything I Have Was Donated

It recently happened amongst some believing sisters, and the start up of my anecdote was a mere conversation in an unnoticed garment of gossip on the corridors of a masjid after the Jumma prayer.

According to participants in the said conversation, a certain sister for the second or third time running had dressed to the place of worship, apparently in a short outfit.

But unknowingly to the sister before parting the masjid on her naturally charming smiles, she was a spotlight of the discussion and almost join in the conversation.

The primary argument of sister’s in the mentioned conversation was: ‘How’, and not ‘Why’ would the sister in question dressed in a particular way to the place of worship?

Afterwards on same corridors of the masjid, a close to seventy years old female worshiper became bothered about the conversation generating into gossip, and sure did ask politely:

How Many Would You Keep Within The Glorious Circles Of Islam, And How Many More Would You Cast Ignorantly Into The Blazes Of Time In The World?

Today, why would you and I as believers care less about the hard fact? Maybe that was the best of all I had and would wear to the place of worship. Or, perhaps the sister in question had a little or no
knowledge about the proper or modest form of dressing for sisters in Islam.

In order to further register the awkward perception of many people about the Muslims and Islam on evil records of the enemies, maybe or not the alleged indecent appearance and the condemnable individual attitude was intentional.

Maybe or not such was a test case for anyone, or even the sisters talking about the situation. No doubt, the need be deserves to be educated, and those in the know must clearly address such cases
according to the teachings of the Holy Prophet Mohammed [saw].

Maybe-Maybe-Maybe, and Maybe or not I shall someday fail the test, or you will pass such like that when next the situation presents itself to you as a believing Muslim fellow.

Few days behind the above mentioned conversation on corridors of the masjid, another believing sister heard about the gossip-garbed conversation, and right ahead did she go to share her own firsthand personal experience.

Saying, once upon a time in her past life, “ALL I HAD WERE DONATED”.

It was added by the sister that from her head to the toes were always the Donated Items in quote.

Basically described the situation to include Funds at hand and Food in her stomach.

Without doubt, this is the regular world we live and there are no human fingers as equal in shapes and sizes. Financially and material wise, some do have more than enough to flout around, and many
definitely have got so less to use.

Hence, many may have to depend more on others to survive living.

The questions for all:

  • Dear Brothers and Sisters of faith, regardless of the time and periods of faith or religious practices all round the year. Who are you when it comes to the selfless act of charity?
  • Also, what takes the preference of the best you give out to those around you, or the less you refuse to share or let into the hands of the needy?
  • How much do you fear being poor from the so little or the much you give out to others?
  • In your kindhearted charitable act, do you care or get bothered about my taste, my size plus other preferences to what I get from you?
  • The needy or beggars as otherwise called by you should have no personal choice, or get to choose what works best for individual?

The truth be said:

Quite a number of Muslims are only known to be charitable, especially in the holy month of Ramadan.

No doubt, this is best for whoever shall take advantage of the sacred month and engage in the
highly rewarding act.

However, more of the best which you do within the rest of the eleven months of the year would earn you bounty benefits, if so you know and do it in a plane manner of all necessity.

  • Remember in some cases, quite a number of people had come to you looking so good, yet, all they would ask to have from you was a helping hand. Here, take no judgment by the appearance, but give the best you can offer and thank your God for having you in the position to give.
  • If you have always been amongst those who would fear poverty even in riches, do have a change of heart towards having more from the much giving out to the needy by you. There was no evidence to substantiate the myopic feelings about losing more by the much which you give out
    to the true needy.
  • Did you know?…Giving charity to anyone in need was like an intended journey. Before you get started as the traveler, you should have an idea about the destination, why the journey and benefits of traveling. That is, if all primary purpose would be of any importance
    to you.

In other words, ask prior questions to have knowledge about what to give to who, and the essence for which it was important to giving out so right. This is because as much of the importance duly attached as rewards for your selflessness and kindheartedness, so also the taste, sizes and the individual choices of the beneficiaries.

As one humble benefactor in the position of discharging the delicate duty of giving out to the needy, under the divine appointment of almighty Allah. Do call, see or address no one as a beggar and take no offense if the needy move to make a desirable choice.

Conclusively, there was always a period of ONCE UPON A TIME in the life of everyone. If today you are blessed to have lived through the past times, and you are better positioned to bring about a change to the worrisome situation of others around you, please don’t hesitate towards making the world a better place.

Meaning in your day-to-day activities, kindly leave no stone unturned towards being a God sent agent of change in the life of others.

Essentially, always would you be more than happy to fixing smiles on the faces of those in need.

Note: no matter how worse was your own situation, someone was somewhere praying fervently to having your type of current condition as best required.

Therefore, make sacrifices and cheerfully give to the world like you are out of your senses by the selfless manners through which you help and give out to others around you.

Sulaimon Salam Bamidele blogs at www.believeingreatdreams.com/

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