Empowering You And Your Mind!

Empowering You And Your Mind!

To your mental health and empowering you and your mind!

After trying to manage the affairs of my household in chaos for so many years, it was time to seek some assistance! This week, I was blessed to have a professional organizer come in my home and help me get organized. There’s nothing wrong with seeking help.

However, it is wrong to continue to wallow in dysfunction and disadvantage those around you when you don’t have to. I knew there was someone out there to help me and now that I found her, I was willing to take notes, roll up my sleeves and do my part so that I could turn my life around.

But during the first meeting, I was hit with a surprise. While I was expecting one thing during her visit, I got another. I had expected quality service from this sister. Upon meeting her I was struck with her professionalism, her resume and the results she was able to produce. There was no doubt in my mind that she would do an outstanding job in helping me to get my home organized, thus leaving me feeling empowered and with peace of mind.

She had done an assessment of my situation ahead of time by having me fill out a detailed survey and once she met with me, she asked me to give my own definition of organization and did not let up until it was clear. This was expected; however, what wasn’t expected was me reaching a major breakthrough and discovering something about myself.

The Benefit of a Professional Organizer

Did you ever notice how sometimes we can easily point out something about someone else, without them even being aware of it themselves? Many times, it’s much easier for someone from the outside to catch something than it is for the person living it.

This is what made my meeting with the professional organizer so valuable. I enlisted her, hoping that she will teach me the skills to organize my home but I had no idea that she would get me to look in the mirror and place me on a road to personal exploration and empowerment.

Not only did she get me started with organizing my home, but she dared to get to the root of it so that I may reach a resolution. She expressed to me that thoughts were responsible for the creation of the chaos and in order to totally transform and maintain organization, I must address the mental part of it. This was something that I had prior knowledge of before meeting her, but what I didn’t realize was how much I was affected by those thoughts and the great impact it had in my life.

I consider myself a positive person but she pointed out that my mind had been plagued with negative thoughts. I had no idea!!! After reflecting on this, I realized that fear was the cause of most, if not, all of my negative thoughts and in order for me to be successful I would have to let go.

The first step to admitting a problem is acknowledgement. All of us have shortcomings and weaknesses; this is who we are as human beings and we cannot escape this. However, the question is, when we are made aware of something about ourselves do we deny it or do we embrace it and make a sincere intention to improve?

Empowering Myself

I made the decision to empower myself and it felt great! My first inclination was to be overwhelmed but then I realized that I don’t need to. The Merciful Creator sent me the help, someone with the expertise to assist me and I will take advantage of it!

Also, I decided to embrace who I am and where I am. We are all on a journey called life. None of us can truly say that we “made it” or that we reached a stage where we no longer need to grow. Living is growing and if we are not growing in some type of way, we are dying.

So instead of beating myself up for my shortcomings, which is natural to have as a human being, I chose to honor myself and recognize myself for my brave efforts to keep moving forward, despite the pain and frustration I will face from time to time on this journey. I will fall but the key is not to get stuck when I fall or feel bad about it.

I accept falling as a necessary part of life and keep on going, appreciating my willingness to get back up and celebrate my efforts. One of the ways I do this is by keeping a journal; it provides me with a release unmatched to anything else. Also, keeping a log of my progress and the breakthroughs that I encounter boosts me and my psyche. I realize that I will face set-backs which don’t feel so great but highlighting the fact that I am taking practical steps to reach my goals encourages me to persevere. And whenever I feel overwhelmed or demotivated, I can take a short break.

Negative Thoughts

All of us have negative thoughts to some degree. Many of us have these negative thoughts without even knowing it, let alone realizing the magnitude of the destruction and damage that they play on our own lives. We are generating these thoughts and causing our own selves misery, without even realizing it! I know because I was a victim of this until someone was caring enough to get me to look in the mirror and I invite you to do the same.

I’m not telling you go out there and hire a home organizer, but if you could use one please do not hesitate in doing so. You and your family will thank you tremendously! However, if you choose not to do so, there are other things that you can to increase your productivity, gain clarity of the mind and help you gain peace of mind.

Something as simple such as keeping a journal can work wonders in your life! Not only is it therapeutic but it helps one to gain clarity and reflect on the things that are on the mind. Also talking to someone who has the training to recognize certain words used in language, can be a tremendous asset.

Attaining Great Clarity

There are tons of people out there qualified to do this. In my case it was my professional organizer.   However, there are other people out there who are able to do the same thing. Some are called life coaches, psychologists or counselors. You may be surprised and run into someone who doesn’t necessarily hold a “title” but has a great capability of doing the same thing so never discount anyone who comes across your path.

Whatever means of empowerment you choose, just know that it will be all worth it. You will begin to gain clarity, accomplish your goals and reach incredible new heights! Even if you don’t see results right away, keep at it and don’t quit. There may be times where you are growing, but similarly to your baby who you see everyday, you may not be able to see the growth.

However, someone who hasn’t seen your baby in a while will notice that your baby has indeed grown since he last time that he saw her. As long as you are making a sincere effort and trying your best, you will be successful, so don’t give up and never lose heart! To your mental health and empowering you and your mind!

P.S. I made a pledge to commit myself to meeting the professional organizer for at least 6 weeks. To get an update on the journey, my breakthroughs and discoveries, visit my website at www.subhanahwahhaj.com. Enjoy the journey!

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