19 Islamic Defenses Against The Dark Arts

This Job Is Not Cursed

Not sure if you’re a Harry Potter fan, but if you are, then you get the heading and subtitle. And if you’re not, don’t worry. It’s not that important.

In Harry Potter, the wizards and witches at Hogwarts were trained to defend themselves against the dark arts. In other words, black magic, evil magic, dark magic, and all that stuff.

We’re going to ignore the fact that magic is evil and forbidden in Islam. And I’m talking about real magic; not that slight of hand we see hucksters do on TV with playing cards and mirrors.


Well, did you know that Muslims also have a teacher for defense against the dark arts? You guessed it. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught us many centuries ago how to handle the evil eye, sorcery, black magic, and all that nasty stuff.

And it really isn’t all that hard or complicated. You don’t have to hang ropes of garlic all over your house or wear your clothes inside out or any of that foolishness. All you gotta do, is obey the Messenger of Allah, purify your heart, and put your trust in Allah.

I know. Easier said than done.

But there are some specific steps you can make to ensure you’re protected against the harm that can come from the devils from humans and jinn. And I believe protecting yourself from these evils takes more than reciting a few verses from the Quran and some memorized duas.

You have to protect every aspect of your life. You have to shield from harm that can come from many different directions. This may require you to change and adopt many habits.

So I’m going to list several tips I’ve picked up over the years on how to protect you, your household, your family, and your spirit from black magic and sorcery.

Remember: this isn’t hard. But it does require dedication.

And it requires faith.

Defense Against The Dark Arts Class Is Now In Session

Take Your Hygiene Seriously

1. Clip Your Fingernails and Toenails
2. Shave Your Pubic Hair

Both of these actions were encouraged by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The evil Jinn like filth and doing these things will improve your hygiene, Inshallah.

To shave the pubic hair, clip the nails, and to cut the mustache short are characteristics of the Fitra (natural order).

Sahih Bukhari

 3. Make Dua when before entering the bathroom.

Narrated Anas: When the Prophet used to answer the call of nature, he (pbuh) would say: “Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from all evil things, both male and female.”

Sahih Bukhari

Change Your Habits

You should also be careful of the daily, mundane things you do in life. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has given us lots of advice on how we can ensure that even the smallest actions are blessed.

So if we can be mindful of these little things, Inshallah, we’ll be protected from the evil Jinn.

4. Say ‘Bismillah’ before eating.

5. Eat with your right hand.

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was sitting while a man was eating food. That man did not mention the Name of Allah until only a bit of food was left. When he raised it to his mouth, he said: “Bismillah awwalahu wa akhirahu (With the Name of Allah, in the beginning and in the end).” The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) smiled at this and said, “Satan had been eating with him but when he mentioned the Name of Allah, Satan vomited all that was in his stomach.”

Abu Dawud

Reciting Allah’s name over your food will bless your meal. If you don’t say Allah’s name, you can never tell who else might partake in that same meal.

Umar Ibn Abu Salamah reported: The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said to me: “Mention Allah’s name, eat with your right hand, and eat from what is near you.”

Bukhari and Muslim

6. Cut Out The Music

All of you might not agree to this one. And I don’t want to get into the whole debate about whether music is halaal or haraam. I’ve already written about that anyway.

Simply consider the following phrase:

Just Dance by Lady Gaga.

If you’re not disgusted after watching that video, there’s something wrong with you. Allah knows best, but if you’re jammin’ to songs like this in your house, you won’t be jammin’ alone. (C’mon; you weren’t actually expecting me to link to that trash, were you?)

Protect Your Household

7. Remove Pictures From Visibility In Your House

8. Don’t Keep Dogs In Your House

Narrated Abu Talha: The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: “The angels do not enter a house that has either a dog or a picture in it.”

Sahih Bukhari

I’m sure you’ve heard this before (I’ve heard it several times myself). But if the angels aren’t coming into your house, what is?

9. Recite Surah Al-Baqarah In Your House

Abu Hurayrah reported: The Prophet of Allah (pbuh) said: “Satan runs away from the house in which Surah Al-Baqara is recited.”

Sahih Bukhari

Protect Yourself At Night

Most evil happens at night. One study shows that most sexual assaults and rapes happen at night. So it is obvious that we need to protect ourselves during these critical hours.

10. Keep Your Children Indoors As The Sun Sets

Jabir Ibn Abdullah reported: The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: “When the night falls, keep your children close to you for the devils spread out at that time. But when the night has fully come, you can let them free.”

Sahih Muslim

11. Recite The Last Two Verses Of Surah Al-Baqarah

Abu Mas’ud reported: The Messenger of Allah said: “If anyone recited two verses from the last of Surah Al-Baqarah at night, that will be sufficient for him.”

Abu Dawud

12. Recite Ayatul Kursi Before Going To Bed

Abu Hurairah reported: [A thief who was trying to steal the sadaqah] said: “When you go to bed, recite Ayatul Kursi for then a guardian from Allah will be appointed to watch over you, and Shaytan cannot approach you till dawn.” When the Prophet (pbuh) heard, he replied: “He told you the truth though he is a liar. He (the thief) was the Shaytan.”

Sahih Bukhari

13. Do Not Share Your Bad Dreams

This is simple. If you have a nightmare or a bad dream, keep it to yourself. However, your good dreams you can tell to someone you love or trust.

Abu Qatada narrated that the Messenger of Allah said: “The good vision are from Allah and the evil dreams are from the satan. If one sees a dream which one does not like, one should spit on one’s left side and seek the refuge of Allah from the Shaytan; it will not do one any harm, and one should not disclose it to anyone and if one sees a good vision one should feel pleased but should not disclose it to anyone but whom one loves.

Sahih Muslim

14. Go To Bed While In A State Of Purity

Make wudu (ablution) before going to bed. If you’ve had sexual relations with your spouse, you should still make wudu before going to sleep, even though you cannot pray in this state.

Keep in mind, that if you’ve had sexual relations, you must make ghusl (bathe) before prayer.

Aisha reported: “Whenever the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) intended to sleep after having sexual intercourse, he performed ablution as for the prayer before going to sleep.”

Sahih Muslim

The Quran Is Protection

I’ve already discussed some parts of the Quran you can read to protect your household. The following Surahs are especially beneficials for protection everywhere. And Allah knows best.

15. Recite Surah Al-Falaq and Surah An-Naas Often

Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri reported: The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) used to seek protection against the evil of jinn and the evil eyes till Surat Al-Falaq and Surat An-Nas were revealed. After they were revealed, he took to them for seeking Allah’s protection and left everything besides them.

Jami At-Tirmidhi

16. Recite Surah Al-Iklaas Often

Abu Hurairah narrated that: The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: “Surah Al-Iklaas is equal to one third of the Quran.”

Sahih Muslim

Be A Good Muslim

It stands to reason that a person who trusts in Allah will be protected by Allah. If you strive to please and obey Allah, follow the teachings of His Messenger (pbuh) and know that nothing can harm you except by His permission, you won’t have anything to worry about.

17. Trust In Allah

Private conversation is only from Satan that he may grieve those who have believed, but he will not harm them at all except by permission of Allah . And upon Allah let the believers rely.

Surah Al-Mujaadilah, Verse 10.

 18. Believe In Allah

Allah is the Protecting Friend of those who believe.

Chapter 2, verse 257.

19. Obey Allah And His Messenger

Whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger will be among the successful.

Chapter 24, verse 52.

I really wanted to make this list an even twenty, so if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below.

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32 Responses to 19 Islamic Defenses Against The Dark Arts

      • I dont even know if black magic is real. I am really worried. i think one of my family member is practising it on my DAD. A suspicious scource of bad luck started hapening after 12 o clock in the morning. I am very worried. May Allah Protect Those Who Are In The Contol Of Black Magic. Ameen

  1. Sellam aleykum brother,
    our people have so many rituals and superstitions that it’s hard to keep track of the legit ones.
    For example, you should not leave somebody’s house if you ate there, until they clean up the table.
    … you should put on the right shoe before the left one (there’s all kinds of right vs. left things, but what if you are left-handed, would Allah punish you for the way you were born?)
    … you should not cut your fingernails/toenails during the night.
    … if you were drinking something at your host’s house, you should not leave a part of the drink in your glass, because you will bring quarrel/fighting into the host’s house

    • I have heard of putting on the right shoe first.

      The others I have never heard before in all my years of studying Islam. If you can provide links, that would be helpful, Inshallah.

  2. assalamualaikum brother. very interesting and nice article. i would suggest you to write sallallahu alaihi wasallam instead of pbuh, writign durood has a lot of merit thats why muhadditheen never wrote it in short form in their books. i hope your future articles have the durood in full either in roman english or in arabic. jazak allah.

  3. Hi thank you for the article. If you want an even 20 I would make the “be a good Muslim ” as one of them. When someone lives there life taking care that each action is good, volunteering, helping others… They become what Allah wants. They encourage others to do the same, they give a good example of Islam and may encourage good relations with others or even bring people to Islam. They are thinking of Allah all day. But actually you forgot the most important. Do your prayers. Allah will help those who ask for help. My son in his early teens stop doing his prayers and went out at night. This weakened him and when someone did black magic on him, he was not protected and then Jinns where always with him. He became much more violent and did not act like himself. It is through prayer that he has gotten better but he still is not 100% healed as he still does not do his prayers. I trust in Allah and patiently wait and pray. Oh totally got the Harry Potter reference. Love it. Kathleen

  4. as a muslim what i realy feel sad is once you knew there is satan palying aginst you,and trying crying for help forgivenouse from god there is no a quick respond that will make me angry so much,

    i always say what have i done to suffer ok.
    recognizing the god existance and ask for help.

    its not there.you just confused.

  5. Do not strive to become embedded in trial matters….
    Muslims the world over are misdirected away from spirituality. .. because they spend all day each and everyday in illusions. ..
    Keep Keep your mind on allah Subhan nu allah… and allah subhan nu allah will keep your mind on righteousness. ..
    Instead of bickering. ..
    Enmity… division. .. diversion. ..
    many muslims spend all their day argueing about this and that. ..

    Does anyone even read Qur’an?

    Who told you bicker…?

    ALlah or jinn?

    • Don’t watch it(as I have not). If you want to keep away from shaitan as possible,then why would you want to look at something which a muslim said is trash?
      I know(and hope) that you don’t really man it, but the more you keep away from evil and protect your eyes and ears, the more you will be safe from it, god willing.

  6. Assalaamu Alikum Warahmatulahi Wabarakatu…

    Very interesting, as I personally searched for assistance on the internet now, regarding this Topic of Seeking Protection against Sihr/Witchcraft/Balckmagic…

    I have been a victim with my adult children now, who are married, including my 3grandsons… I have personally witnessed “Muslims” within my immediate family and my ex-in-laws practice Sihr and this is not Suspicion, but witnessed the individuals guide children and tried to influence me too, to Not Read Salah and do everything opposite to The Teachings of Islam, disguising themselves to be Muslim and are Not… This Satinist hide behind Religion, whether Christian, Jew or Muslim… I have also witnessed individuals drinking their urine and challenge me by saying that no one will believe me, as these particular individuals are well established within the Muslim Community, the men always at the Masjid and always “hood winking” with window dressing, yet behind closed doors are they totally shaytaans cronies… And, I am speaking of my ex-spouse in particular and his entire family… Many of our Muslim Brethren from India have inculcated Hindu Practices and integrated these practices into Islam… Drinking the urine is one… And, True to Our Beautiful Deen, Islam with The Teachings of Our Noble Prophet Muhammad Salallahu Alaihi Wassalam and Almighty Allah’s Guidance through Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Salallahu Alaihiwassalam’s assisance in guiding Us further as The Noble Ummah to understand The Hadiths and The Quran, do we have to try to inculcate A Firm Belief System(Yaqeen), which only Almighty Allah can and Will allow to develop, as we cannot help Ourselves or attribute anything to ourselves, but the reliance on Almighty Allah’s Infinite Love, Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness, Guidance, Protection and through Almighty Allah’s Promise to Never Abandon Any of His Servants when they call on Him… Which I have personally experienced and still am at present for the past 35 years… Constanct Purity/Tahir/Salah/Quran/Zikr… That sometimes my day goes by withoit me being able to attend to even cook a pot of food or attend to any of my kids as I had to keep on Recitation of The Quran/Manzil/Zikr and blow onmyself and kids daily for protection… I have and still do see the black shadows, feel the heaviness on my head, shoulders and entire body, interference of napak jinn with myself and my kids loosing our tempers, not being able to accomplish much energy wise, financially.. Always battling along without giving up hope at all… And… I have been to many Amils, who cannot assist in removing this napak jinns who have been sent to ensure that we must suffer and even worse, loss of lives… Bit, all within The Divine Decree of Almighty Allah… Although I do implore Almighty Allah daily to remove this Evil, as no creation has been successful thus far for the past 35years… And, our Noble Learned Scholars, whom I have approached, just revert to Duaas, as my case is a very challenging one, for these perpetrators keep on sending as much as clearing is done…

    The bottom line, Never Lose Faith and Hope… If Almighty Allh has, is and Will always assist me, how much more will He Not Assist The Learned Scholars, as I am but just a mere, ordinary Muslim, not being A Hufaaz or An Alim/Alima, yet has Almighty Allah not abandon me, even though I face these evil jinns and the owners daily… I have been through 4operations over a period of 20 years… Divorced as I walked out of my marriage, witnessing my ex not fasting in the Holy Month of Ramadaan and having A Hindu Girlfriend, having relations with her in The Holy Month pof Ramadaan and sat for Itikaaf and also has Talooq with A Shaikh Kameel, Who is A Prominent and Well Respected Alim in Our Community… This Highly Respected Shaikh taught me and my children… May Almighty Allah Bless him With The Highest Stages in Both Worlds, as his Intellect and Taqwa is that while anyone has life, is there a chance of Repentance, to also be careful that 2 Wrongs does not make A Right, be more careful of losing One’s Imaan and leave All perpetrstors with shaytaan to Almighty Allah… It is Not Easy, but the Peace and Comfort that Almighty Allah instills within me, is my Strength and Survival Kit with Daily Salah/Zikr/Quran, even if it has to be done the whole day, extending to the next day, weeks… But, relief is experienced and Mental and Physical function is restored… Alhumdulilah…

    May Almighty Allah, through His Infinite Love, Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness, Guidance, Protection and through His Divine Promise Assist me, my children and offspring and The Entire Ummah More, as we are weak, and further through The Mubarak Duaas of Our Noble Prophet Muhammad Salallahu Alaihiwassalam made while he was alive for his Ummah and while departing from this mundane World, through the waseelah of The Kalima Tayyibah, All The Malaikah’s intercression, through the wasselah of Almighty Allah’s Hisbul Azam, through the wasselah of Al The Pious Bushrooqs of the past and present (as Duaa is the Weapon of A Mu’min, Duaa fights with Balah and changes Taqdeer)… May we All Be Divine Blessed, Personally by Almighty Allah, with Kameel Shifa, Spiritually, Mentally, Physically and Emotionally and further may We All be Divinely Blessed with Kameel Imaan and Taqwa with Only Desiring Almighty Allah in Both Worlds, with The Mubarak Company of Nabi Muhammad Salallahu Alaihiwassalm in The Hereafter… As when We have Almighty Allah, do we have Everything and All… Alhumdulilah… In Sha Allah… Allahuma Ameen… Ya Rabbul Alameen… Thuma Ameen…

    One will I wake up with all this evil personally removed by Almighty Allah Alone… In Sha Allah… Allahuma Ameen… Ya Rabbul Alameen… Thuma Ameen…

    Much Love, profuse Respects envloped in Almighty Allah’s Noor/Light for Total Accomplished Success in Both Worlds to All My Beloved Brothers and Sister… In Sha Allah… Allahuma Ameen… Ya Rabbul Alameen… Do Not Give Up…

    • Mashallah sister, your words bring tears to my eyes, but yet I feel strong and hopeful, may Allah subhanu wata alla keep you and your loved ones protected from all evil.

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  8. First and foremost pray 5 times daily. All these mentioned above will help you if you perform salah 5 times daily. Inshaallah Allah will protect us.

  9. Salaam aleikum.
    I always knew the protection had to come from Islam and not Harry Potter-like solutions but I allowed myself to get immersed by these very wicked things to fight wickedness. No more!, and your contribution helped me to maintaib my resolve.
    May Allah bless you.

  10. May Allah bless you for this. I am going thru so much right now, and this gave me hope and comfort. No matter what I will never lose hope in Allah.

  11. Rukeya Moosa Ally…

    Assalam o Aleikum,

    Sister, these things happened to you while you were married…but it happened to me while i was dating my boyfriend and his relatives used all that bad against me…and i didnt even know or realised it..they were against me because they wanted him to marry wealthy girl…anyways its all past now..but shadows and post effect are felt sometimes..
    May Allah help you and your children.
    hope you read this massage.

    Ameen Ya Rabbil Al Amin

    • Dearest Ay… There is Non more Powerful than Almighty Allah… The Power of Salah coupled with Duaa fights with Balah/Calamity until The Day of Judgment… And The Power of Duaa changes All Evil Taqdeer/Fate into All Good…

      This World is A Prison for A True Believer… And, A Jannah for A Non Believer…

      May Almighty Allah Forgive, Guide & Protect Us against All Forms of Evil… In Sha Allah… Allahuma Ameen… <3

      • Dear Rukeya,

        i am glad you responded, and so sorry for my delay.

        you said very True words and i totally agree with you.

        “This World is A Prison for A True Believer… And, A Jannah for A Non Believer…” this wisdom stays with me now.

        Love & Hugs to you my Sister.

        Assalam – o- Aleikum va Rahmatillahi va Barakatu. <3

  12. Assalam o Allikum,

    I am also a victim of black magic along with my 11years old son, my husband and his family doing this magic on me as to make me disrespected and discontinue my relation with all and they did it, they wanted to snatch my son from me and making my life hell so, I myself runaway while leaving my son to them, so the blame come on me alone. My husband brother and sister no one have children, my son is the only child in their family.
    My husband is not a good Muslim and not his family too, they do magic , they have their own mufti, they called him mufti but he is actually a magician doing black magic, giving taweez and all.
    My husband always abuse me, always fighting with me, always insulting me when we are out in public, whenever we ask help from anyone after sometimes they start defending my husband and start condemning me, even when I went to court the prosecutor start taking his side and forcing me to listen him only and face and obey whatever he is saying, otherwise they snatched my son and give him to his father, my condition was in front of prosecutor that I wanted to say but I couldn’t able to say anything after sometime I was like words was not coming out properly from my mouth and I started foolishly speaking.
    My husband have some physical medical infection and manly problem to hide that also he always fight with me couldn’t keep normal, healthy husband and wife relation. First force me to have relation whenever I agree he started fighting so I myself say no to him, other people ask me to keep him happy so he will be cool and behave good to me, I started ignores his fight and let him have relation with me but I noticed that after that relation he become more angry, and just after finishing this job, he starts abuse me my family, my mother and still the same situation or maybe more worse, now I stop relation with him, it’s our 13th year of marriage started, he used to make me scared of the rules and ahadeeth to not to say no to husband, but I told him till the time you will not stop abusing me and my family, not stop torturing me, not stop insulting me, not stop cursing me and my family all the timeI will not have relation with you, he again abused cursed, tortur me but tell you what he cooled down now as he doesn’t need to do drama of first showing the need of having relation like normal man, and then fight to not have it.
    I was a religiously strong lady but after marriage I stop praying and most of the time in dirty condition, afraid to take bath, etc. after 12 years I realized something very bad going around me, something very negative as I am cut off from everyone, everyone say bad to me rather I was the one abused, insulted, tortured, nothing to had for food , kept in house only to go out and have food whatever my husband says I do, my son is also tortured with me, but no one is here in this world to help me.and even to listen to me, even have sympathy only,
    Now I started again 5 times a days, started reciting Quran, all the time praying tazbee but magic is so strong I started having severe pain in my back, like I couldn’t even move, I pray tazbeeh with digital counter but I have so much pain and swelling on my body that everything becoming difficult for me even praying tazbeeh, but still I manage to do. We have changed our house recently here there is more floors and flats on top but when I and my son alone we heard so much noise from roof of out flat and sound like someone breaking bricks on top, bajri type, bricks anyways so much noise as someone will break the roof, my son and I feel so scared couldn’t go to another room, as we heard so much noise and scared someone is there, when ever we tell anything to him, my husband , he used to say nothing, it’s all in your mind, there is nothing and no one is breaking bricks or anything in the flat up.
    Allah’s help is with me and my son if Allah’s permission is there, if Allah wants some professional Aalim to help me, I’ll be more than happy to get it,
    Please pray for me and my son to be always in Allah’s strongest protection, and Allah safe us from all evil, magic, curse, lies, discontinuing us from all, not letting understand and believing us, Allah take out me and my son from all this misfortune, evil and scaring life, and give us the best, happy, fortunate life and not make us dependent of anyone other than him alone.

  13. It’s actually not easy to live within a cycle of evil shadows. What everyone of us needed in this world, is Allah’s Protection. I am a writer (Islamic Writer), I have read and seen a lot, I think I have several months to talk and discuss about magic (black magic, witchcraft, sorcery, Sihr,etc), but I rather encourage all of us to solely depend on Allah alone. The word ‘Innaka ala kulli shay’in qadir’ is so powerful, it purely explain the power and mighty of the Almighty Allah SWT. lets remember what Allah says in Suratul Yunus, verse 81 ‘innallaha laa yuslihu amalal mufsideen’ is a hope that whatever it takes, they fail, whether humans, jinns or nature. is a promise made by Allah SWT. thanks tob you all, May Allah SWT Protect us, amin.

  14. As point number3 I added circumcision to cleanliness.The majority of Islamic scholars agree that circumcision is obligatory for men providing they do not fear that it may harm them. Circumcision makes it easier to keep the penis clean from traces of urine, dirt, or impurities and it involves cutting the foreskin covering the glans. It does not involve flaying the skin or part of the penis, in fact to do so would be causing deliberate harm and thus be against the teachings of Islam.
    Female circumcision is not part of the obligatory rites of Islam.
    Thereby moving each other point a number downwards.

  15. I am suffering with black magic also witchcraft and voodoo spell can you help me please since more than three years

    • read into 5 liter bottle water 2.5-3 hours sura baqara.. drink 1/2 cup. wash with rest.. rub the same prepaired olive oil (5 liter bottle) do it 3 months, until the jinn goes out. first 5 days very hard.. for protection read ayat Kursi mornings and evenings before get up and to sleep

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