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Top 10 Questions About Sex In Islam

Top 10 Questions About Sex In Islam

This is the final segment in the series “Love, Sex, and Marriage in Islam.” 

Sex in Islam, Always a Hot Topic

Since beginning this series (and before) I’ve received lots of questions about sex and Islam. I was surprised at how little Muslims know about this topic. Things that were common knowledge to me, were not so common to others.

I have learned the sad fact that many Muslims lack a basic understanding of Islam. This is what inspired me to create this website in the first place. Even sadder is that many do not understand what is halaal (permissible) and haraam (forbidden) when it comes to sex.

Without this knowledge, you might be committing illegal sexual acts without even knowing it.

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Islam Abortion

Islam Abortion

What is the Islamic view on abortion? How do Muslims feel about this controversial topic? The video above is of Scott Roeder. In May 2009, he shot Dr. George Tiller as he was attending church services. Less than a year later, Scott Roeder was convicted of killing Dr. Tiller and sentenced to a minimum of… Continue Reading

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