Bilal Philips: The Oneness Of God

Bilal Philips: The Oneness Of God

Who Is Bilal Philips?

Without a doubt, Bilal Philips is my favorite Islamic speaker. Of course, I’m a little biased because I went to the same Islamic school with his son. But all that aside, I get so much benefit listening to Bilal Philips’ lectures.

What I find most pleasing about his talks is that he always backs his stuff up with evidence. Whenever Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips makes a statement regarding Islam, he brings forth the hadith, or the verse from the Quran, or the ruling from scholars that proves what he’s saying. This type of authentic knowledge is what Muslims need these days.

In addition to the proof he presents, I also like that he uses a lot of science and logic in his arguments. A lot of Muslim speakers make statements without offering any reason or scientific logic. They often just rely on emotion and religious scripture.

Of course, religious texts are important. But in today’s world, with so many skeptics and so much information at our fingertips, it is important to have the science along with the scripture. At some point, as Bilal Philips often points out, we just have to have faith. However, it never hurts to use science and statistics when they’re available.

Bilal Philips and Tawheed (The Oneness of God)

One of the major points that Shaikh Bilal Philips talks about a lot is the concept of Tawheed, or Islamic monotheism. He has consistently tried to correct the beliefs of several groups, both Muslim and non-Muslim, that violate the concept of Tawheed.

Tawheed is the Oneness of God. This is the belief, that is central in the Islamic religion, that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah. It is this belief that sets Islam apart from all other faiths.

Bilal Philips has worked hard at making this issue clear for many years. He has striven diligently to clarify to Muslims, atheists, Christians and others that Allah is One and demands that we worship Him as such.

It is unfortunate that there are many Muslim groups, sects, and movements that actually violate Tawheed. We expect it from the atheists and Christians. But surprisingly enough, there are many Muslims around the world that commit deviant acts such as praying at graves, wearing talismans, and swearing upon the creation of Allah.

Abu Ameenah Bilal Phillips is so determined to educate Muslims about how to truly worship Allah, that he has even established a low cost, virtually free, online Islamic academy called Islamic Online University. In fact, I’m enrolled in that school now (though admittedly, I haven’t had the time to commit as seriously to my studies as I’d like).

Hopefully, your understanding of Tahweed is correct. You might think it is, but you’d be surprised how often we take things for granted that might actually earn Allah’s wrath.

For instance, I once knew a Muslim sister who used to say “Ya Abb” whenever she heard something surprising.

This phrase “Ya Abb” means “Oh Father.” She said this phrase because many people where she came from said the same thing. She wasn’t saying it because she worshiped her father instead of Allah.

Nonetheless, a little phrase like this actually violates Tawheed. When someone says this phrase, it is like they are swearing on their father. It’s just like when a Christian yells “Jesus Christ!” in frustration.

Ironically, I let this same sister read a book by Bilal Philips, Tawheed: Islamic Monotheism, that I had just finished reading. After she read the book, she was so shocked to learn that the phrase she was saying may have been earning her sin.

She immediately stopped saying it.

I was very excited when I heard Bilal Philips put out a new DVD package called “The Oneness of God.” I haven’t heard it yet, but I plan on getting it by next month, Inshallah. When I do, you can expect me to give a very thorough review.

I’m sure he’s gonna lay it down good in this DVD and I can’t wait to get it. If you’re interested in getting it, it’s available at Dar-us-Salaam bookstore. Watching this DVD will be so much more beneficial than wasting time on some silly reality show on television.

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4 Responses to Bilal Philips: The Oneness Of God

  1. I also really enjoy listening to his lectures. He recently came to Trinidad for a visit and held a few interactive seminars that were very beneficial. He is one of the few, “Academic Islamic Scholars” (for lack of a better description) that the Islamic Society has. He could win you over with logical reasoning, scientific proof and at the same time rattle out a masla in defense of it. May Allah (SWT) continue blessing him and have Mercy on him. Ameen.

  2. Aslam brother

    I need your advice. I was teaching Islamic class the other day and I mentioned that Allah will forgive any sins except SHRIK. Allah will give Prophet Muhhumand (SAW) to intercede on the behave of the believers. I am right if not then I will correct this.

    I don’t mind to reply me and gave me verses in the Quran and in Hadith to support this please.
    thank you

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      You are right Sr. Robeena that Allah may forgive any sin except Shirk. This means that if we die with major shirk (associating partners with Allah) then, in general, Allah will not forgive that sin.

      But we must be careful not to say a specific person will not be forgiven, unless we know that from Allah and His Messenger (pbuh). For instance, we know that Pharaoh will be in hell and we know that Abu Lahab will be in hell because both of these men were condemned by Allah in the Quran.

      But we don’t know for sure that (just using an example) that Martin Luther King will be in hell, even though as far as we know, he died a Christian. This is something that only Allah knows. But we can say, that in general, people who die worshiping Jesus (AS) will be hell.

      If a person commits shirk they can still be forgiven. All they have to do is repent before they die. Allah accepts all true repentance, so even Shirk can be forgiven. But it must be done before death.

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