Allah Is Just

How Do I Know That Allah Is Just?

In this video I discuss a personal experience I had recently that helped me understand that Allah is just.

To sum everything up (though I do suggest you watch the video for more info), there was a time recently when I felt some people were unjust or wrong to me. But what bothered me most, was that these people who did wrong (at least from my perspective) seemed to come out on top.

They got what they wanted while still managing to harm or hurt me.

So I got to wondering what did Allah mean by all of this? Was this a punishment for me? Was this some sort of trial?

Certainly, it was a trial of some sort. Allah alone knows if it was a punishment; I can neither say it was or wasn’t.

But I can say that Allah has assured us of His perfect justice. And while I may feel that I’ve been wronged and the perpetrators have gotten off scott-free; ultimately Allah will judge everything in truth. He will bring us all to account and will show us all the truth behind our deeds.

So watch the video and hopefully it will help you see that though mankind is imperfect, Allah is perfect and nothing escapes His knowledge.

This is the link to the verse of Quran mentioned in the video.



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