5 Things Silly Young Muslims Get Wrong

Silly Rabbits. Tricks Are For Kids.

The old saying is true: Youth is wasted on the young. Young people (yes, that means you) have always liked to think they have all the time in the world. This is even worse with today’s atmosphere of instant gratification. You have been trained to think that you should get whatever you want right when you want it.

Young people at a bar in Malaysia. Photo courtesy vernieman.
Young people at a bar in Malaysia. Photo courtesy vernieman.

Ironically, that same sense of urgency doesn’t transfer to Islamic duties. Most young Muslims don’t feel the need to be pious right now. Many of you think this is something that can wait until you’re older. This is how you think:

  • Why make Hajj now? Go out and have some fun, rack up some sins, and then when you’re old and gray, that’s when you go and make that trip to Mecca.
  • Why bother with prayers now? You’ve got your whole life in front of you. You can pray later on when you’ve got kids and you really need Allah’s help.

That is the wrong idea. So, let’s go over some of the things you silly young Muslims believe when it comes to your life and Islam. And if you don’t think like this, then I guess you’re not a silly young Muslim. Instead, you’re quite wise.

1. Death Can’t Touch Me

This is really silly. Everyone knows that they can die at any time. We all know that accidents happen and we have little to no control over our destiny. Whatever Allah decrees for us, is definitely going to happen.

But young people (young Muslims also) tend to think that those things happen to other people. It’s so hard to imagine these tragic things happening to ourselves. Yet, the reality is that those who died young also thought the same thing.

Nobody wakes up in the morning thinking they’re going to get into a car accident later that afternoon. Young Muslims should appreciate the fact that every day is a Mercy from Allah and a chance to get closer to Him and earn His Mercy.

And you should also know that one day, it will be your last day. And every day that passes brings you closer to that day.

2. I Can Do It When I Get Older

This one is so silly it hurts. Let’s not even go over the fact that you might not even live to get old! You may very well die young as mentioned above. But let’s look at something else. As you age, your body cannot do a lot of the things it can now. T

here are certain things that require fairly good health in order to do properly. Let’s take fasting, for instance. Every year, Muslims have to fast during Ramadan. But as you get older, there may come a time when your body will not be able to fast regularly.

Or you may develop a sickness that will prevent you from fasting. While it is true that Allah will pardon you for not fasting due to legitimate sicknesses, you have no excuse for missing fasts now, while you’re young and healthy. Hajj is another example.

Traveling to Mecca, performing the Hajj rights, circling the Kaaba, sleeping in tents, and all those things are difficult and tiring. You must have a certain level of strength and vitality to do them all properly.

It is very foolish and unwise to deliberately postpone making Hajj when you’re young and you have the strength and ability to go now.

3. I’ll Be A More Serious Muslim When I’m Older

Really? So you plan on having fun until you’re 40 years old and suddenly flick the “Pious Muslim” switch? Do you really think it’s that easy?

Trust me, it isn’t.

People don’t just change overnight. If you’re skipping prayers and not fasting when you’re 20 years old, then chances are you’ll be skipping prayers and not fasting when you’re 40 years old. Even if you turn 40 and sincerely want to do better, it will be very hard to get into that habit.

Can you imagine how difficult it will be to make the regular 5 prayers when you’re 40 years old after so many decades of little to no prayers? Will you even know what to say? Will you be able to maintain the proper concentration?

But if you start young, then these good habits will become a part of your life. If you make the prayers regularly as a young adult, then by the time you’re an old adult, it will be second nature. This will give you many years, InshaAllah, to perfect and improve on your prayers.

4. I’m Muslim So I’m Going To Heaven Anyway

Hmmm…now where did I hear something like this before? Ah! That’s right.

And they say, “Never will the Fire touch us, except for a few days.” Say, “Have you taken a covenant with Allah ? For Allah will never break His covenant. Or do you say about Allah that which you do not know?” Chapter 2, verse 80.

This is what some of the Children of Israel used to say about Allah’s punishment. Unfortunately, this same thinking has got into some silly young Muslims heads also. However, there is some truth to this idea.

None shall enter the Fire who has in his heart the weight of a mustard seed of Iman and none shall enter Paradise who has in his heart the weight of a mustard seed of pride. Sahih Muslim

But let’s look a little closer at this. How is Iman (faith) proven? It is proven by good deeds. And if you die without having good deeds on your record, that is proof that there was no faith.

A person who has a “mustard seed of Iman” in his heart is a person who does the bare minimum of obligatory good deeds, and does them for the pleasure of Allah.

But if you do not do good deeds, even if you call yourself a Muslim and you say you believe, then you probably don’t really have faith.

5. I Don’t Have To Pray; Islam Is In My Heart

Ugh. Now that’s just plain crazy. This is what happens when we spend too much time around modern day hippies and love-nuts and new age feelgoodies. But…once again there is some truth to this statement even though it’s being applied incorrectly.

“If anyone testifies sincerely that there is no true god except Allah, and Muhammad is His slave and Messenger, truly from his heart, Allah will safeguard him from Hell.” He (Mu’adh) said, “O Messenger of Allah, shall I not then inform people of it, so that they may have glad tidings.” He (pbuh) replied, “Then they will rely on it alone.” Bukhari and Muslim

However, you’ve got to be careful with this. You must know that the hell fire is not the only punishment that Allah has. For some people, Allah punishes them by removing faith from their hearts! Here’s an example: Prophet Musa (pbuh) made a dua (supplication) to Allah.

Our Lord, obliterate their wealth and harden their hearts so that they will not believe until they see the painful punishment. Chapter 10, verse 88.

Did you see that? Prophet Musa asked Allah to take away the wealth of Pharaoh and his people. And on top of that, seeing that there was no good in them, he also asked Allah to put a seal on their hearts against faith.

The point is, don’t be so confident that your faith will save you from the hell fire. Just like Allah gave it to you, He can also take it away. And we seek refuge in Allah from that ever happening.

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8 Responses to 5 Things Silly Young Muslims Get Wrong

  1. I’m officially wise! Lol kidding, but what I have experienced is that old adults and sometimes even parents will encourage this type of behaviour and tell they youth that they must enjoy themselves and go out and have fun and especially when it comes to dating etc they’re all for it and if you are a young Muslim who avoids the things mentioned in this article, and if u put Allah and Islam first then they will think you’re weird and don’t understand why you would want to be so. serious about it while u are so young, old adults often want to know “what’s the rush???” As if anyone knows how long they will live. Anyway cool article, shukran:)

  2. I agree that many people think that i even thought that at one point of my life but then fear and sadness and guilt built within me. So i bet myself to beat the devil at his own game and pray to Allah and try my best to be a good muslim. So far im happy and i feel mountians have decided to stay on earth instead of my shoulders and i love hearing and reading about Allah because its so facinating. Subhanna Allah wa la ellah ela Allah, Allahu akber. I hope that we all became faithful tonAllah and better our Iman.

  3. I remember this hadith telling that among 10 people who are protected by Allah in judgment day in His Divine shade is young people who spent his youth in repentance and draw closer to Allah. I forgot the exact words of hadith, but better start young to receive this kind of Akhirah shade isn’t it?

  4. I recently spoke with someone about this very subject. They want to wait. My reply was why wait when you can see for yourself that it’s very necessary now. And they were born into this religion I wasn’t. I see the importance and I refuse to ignore it.

  5. Excellent and concise post, Br. Muttaqi. I’ve said this before, this is the kind of reminders the Millennial/Internet age youngsters need. Short, sweet, relevant and blunt with a touch of humor. Keep it up!

  6. Very good points, mashallah.

    I do have to point out though, that the photo is quite misleading. Those are clearly Chinese Malays, who are not Muslim. Malays do not look like that.

  7. “How many people do we know who were Muslims at one point in their lives but no longer are?”

    Totally agree with this point. I know a woman who’s very harsh and arrogant when it came to deeni matter and quickly pointing out people who differed with her opinion as deviant, mubtadee, etc. Even her husband is not free from her vile until they’re divorced. In the end she experienced a burnout and finally left Islam. I read and listened to lectures like Sh. Abdal Hakim Murad where he told the similar scenario like this (arrogance and extremism ending up in kufr) happening, in different people.

    Truly we may not be arrogant with our imaan and Islam or underestimating them “but I will go to Jannah later”. No one really knows if this might makes Allah to punish you by taking your imaan away from you. This indeed happens.

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