5 Things Muslims Should Stop Getting Mad About

Get Over It

We Muslims are pretty good at getting mad. It doesn’t take much for us to firebomb embassies, burn world leaders in effigy, and shake our collective fists in the air. There was that whole Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) cartoon ordeal. About 200 were killed in the riots and after a few weeks, we all went back to our biryani and chai.

Sorry America. No one destroys our country but us.
Sorry America. No one destroys our country but us.

We seemed to have learned our lessons a bit and managed to only kill a few innocent diplomats when “The Innocence of Muslims” movie was put on YouTube.

And then there was the Pope Benedict foot-in-mouth comment about Islam back in 2006. He quoted some medieval text about how Islam was spread through violence. Some Muslims decided to prove this false by staging violent riots.

And how can we forget that crazy Florida preacher who wanted to burn a bunch of Qurans? We didn’t take too kindly to that one either. But maybe there are some things that we shouldn’t be getting so mad about.

In my humble opinion, we really need to stop getting mad about every little thing that pricks our fragile sensitivities. Perhaps some of these incidents are deliberate provocations meant to stir up the Muslim world and get someone a little face time on CNN or Fox or Sesame Street.

There are lots of things we Muslims do need to get angry about and raise the roof about. I personally would love to strangle the next guy who’s Nicki Minaj ringtone goes off during prayer. That’s really not cool. But these other things…it’s time we chill out about them.

1. The Start Of Ramadan

It happens every friggin’ year. Here in the U.S. it never fails, especially in the big cities (here’s looking at you New York). Half the Muslim population starts fasting on one day. The other half starts fasting on the next day.

I'm like John Cena; U Can't C me!
I’m like John Cena; U Can’t C me!

Why does this happen? Because some folks want to follow the calendar back home or in Saudi Arabia or wherever. The other half wants to follow the moon sighting here in America.

First of all, I’ve been Muslim my entire life and have spent over 30 Ramadans in the United States. I have never, ever seen a Ramadan or Eid Al-Fitr moon sighting in the U.S. of A. Not one. I’ve lived in big cities like New York and Atlanta.

And I’ve lived in smaller cities like Birmingham, Alabama and Daytona Beach, Florida. Where the heck are people going in this country to “spot” the moon? Montana? The only time I’ve ever seen the hilal (new moon sighting) was in Trinidad as a student at Darul Uloom.

I’m willing to bet most other Muslims in this country haven’t seen the moon either. There are three reasons why it’s difficult and darn near impossible to spot the moon in most parts of America:

  1. The hilal is very, very slim and faint.
  2. When it does show, it is very low in the horizon. I get a kick every time I walk outside a Masjid just before Ramadan and see a bunch of brothers looking straight up into the night sky searching for the moon. Sigh…may Allah reward their effort.
  3. It only stays up for a short time. That little sliver shows itself, and then it’s gone after about an hour or so. So you’ve got to really know what you’re looking for, where to look for it, and when to expect it.

Since there’s little chance of Muslims ever reconciling this issue in the near future, perhaps it’s best we at least stop hating on the other half. So whether you prefer to start when the moon is (or isn’t) spotted in the U.S., or you prefer to start with the “international” community, chill out and take it easy.

2. Long Recitations In Prayer

A few months ago, I gave the Khutbah at a local Masjid here in Atlanta. My khutba was primarily about the message of Surah Al-Hadeed. After the khutbah was over, I led the prayer and recited about half of that same surah in the prayer.

I hope prayer is no longer than 5 minutes so I can wait 10 hours in line for an overpriced phone that will be obsolete in 2 years.
I hope prayer is no longer than 5 minutes so I can wait 10 hours in line for an overpriced phone that will be obsolete in 18 months.

The next day, there were a flood of complaints from people saying my recitation was too long. What? I recited what amounts to two pages in your standard Saudi Mushaf.

Two pages.

One page in the first rakaat.

One page in the second.

The prayer lasted all of ten minutes. People were complaining about having to stand up for five minutes at a time in each rakaat. There’s something seriously wrong there. So what did I do? Well, the next time I gave a khutbah at that same Masjid, I directly addressed that same issue.

I told them that the reason my recitation was kinda long (come one…ten minutes is not long) was because I was trying to follow the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh).

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) used to recite a great deal of remembrance, engage little in idle talk, make the prayer long and keep the khutbah short, and he would not refrain from walking with a widow or poor person and tending to their needs. Sunan An-Nasa’i

And after giving them this information, I guaranteed the prayer wouldn’t be longer than ten minutes and that there were chairs available for the sick and elderly. I also promised them I would cut the recitation short if a baby started crying, since that is part of the Sunnah also.

I stand in prayer, then I hear a child crying, so I make my prayer brief, because I do not want to cause hardship for his mother. Sunan An-Nasa’i

So I finished up the khutbah and went to lead the prayer. This time I recited Surah Al-Hujurat which is a total of about two and a half pages. That prayer was just a little over eight minutes long. And guess what?

The same people complained again about my recitation being too long! I gave up after that. If Muslims are going to get mad about a ten minute prayer, but have no problem waiting all day for the next iPhone, then we’ve got a long way to go.

3. Polygamy

Go on. Send in your hate mail. Write your flaming comments. I’ve seen and heard it all before. There’s no reason for me to argue about whether polygamy is right or wrong. I’ve made my position sufficiently clear already.

Um...why are there 5 women in this picture?
Um…why are there 5 women in this picture?

But I’m so darned tired of arguing about it. I don’t even bother to respond to most comments for or against polygamy.

Why are people still getting mad and arguing about this subject? Is this all there is to Muslim marriages? Is polygamy the biggest threat facing the Muslim world that we have to waste so much time fighting about it? Really, people. Get over it. Whatever your position is, that’s between you and your Lord.

4. U.S. Foreign Policy

No, I don’t work for the U.S. Government. Nor am I a stoolie for the FBI. And if I was, would I even tell you? I just think it’s high time we stop tearing our hair out about all the crap that America does overseas. All of your belly aching ain’t doing an ounce of good.

Take that America. Next time, it won't just be flags and signs we burn. It'll be Barbie dolls and baseball cards.
Take that America. Next time, it won’t just be flags and signs we burn. It’ll be Barbie dolls and baseball cards.

Yes, there are certainly many things that the U.S. has done in the Muslim world over the past decade that are truly heartbreaking and downright bad.

  • Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Keeping Guantanamo open.
  • Iraq and Afghanistan.

Certainly, these events are things we shouldn’t forget about and pretend they never happened. But should we get mad about them? Should we take to the streets and protest and hold mini-Quran’s and Kalashnikovs up in the air? If you really want to protest America’s actions in the Muslim world, here’s what you should do:

  1. Free your mind. Get your head out the television and off Facebook and leave those “Harlem Shake” videos alone.
  2. Study Islam. With all the free time you’ll have from step one, you can now spend your limited time in this life doing something beneficial.
  3. Talk about Islam. And now, with sufficient knowledge of Islam, you’ll be in a much better position to talk to the average American about the true beauty of Islam. Perhaps they’ll learn just how much better Islam is than any other way of life and how nice and kind, truly practicing Muslims should be.

Doing these things will do a lot more to change the nature of America’s foreign policy decision than all the protests and petitions the world can muster. Not to mention these things will go pretty far in getting Allah on our side.

5. Jews

Stop blaming Jews for everything. I’ve heard Muslims blame Jews for everything from 9/11 to Nicki Minaj (I’m not sure why her name appeared twice in this article…I bet it was them Jews).

Seriously, this needs to stop. I cringe every time I hear otherwise rational and intelligent Muslims blame Jews for the craziest things.

And after the shipment comes into Cairo, have Saul...OMG, the Muslims are here! Quick, hide everything!
And after the shipment comes into Cairo, have Saul…OMG, the Muslims are here! Quick, hide everything!

Now this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak out against the atrocities committed against Muslims in Palestine. But we need to make a clear distinction between “Jews” the people, and “Israel” the nation-state.

Not all Jews support Israel. In fact, there are many Jews who risk alienation from their families and community to side with the Palestinians. Israel as a nation, is wrong for the many crimes and virtual imprisonment of the Palestinians.

There’s no doubting that. But blaming all Jews for what happens in Israel is like blaming all Christians for America’s war in Iraq. Or all Muslims for 9/11. If you’re going to blame Jews for all the things wrong in today’s world, at the very least learn how to use “anti-Jew code.” Instead of saying the word “Jew” or “Jewish” say things like:

Those are ambiguous phrases that prevent anyone from labeling you as antisemitic. Plus, they make you sound intelligent and well-read. There are many things going on this world that we Muslims legitimately have a right to get angry about.

Corrupt governments. Women’s rights abuses. The fact that Nicki Minaj is famous (there’s that name again…darned Jews!). But let’s give these other gripes a rest, shall we?

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19 Responses to 5 Things Muslims Should Stop Getting Mad About

  1. 2nd Point, last paragraph : “I gave up after that.”

    Eh mate you shouldn’t give up!

  2. #1: I’ve lived in almost every state west of the Mississippi and several in the eat, I’ve never not been able to sight the moon, except now living in Seattle it’s always cloudy. Most Americans go with whatever ISNA says. I became Muslim when I went to Turkey and learned and experienced Islam from Turks; Turks almost always started (and end) Ramadan the day before ISNA.

    #3: I’ve always had a problem with the way people look at Polygamy; they are not to be forced to, and they must be all treated equally. Just as gov’t should have stayed our of interracial marriage, now same-sex marriage, it should stay out of multi-spouse marriages, it’s a personal issue. I don’t think most men are capable of having more than one wife and treated them according to the teachings of Islam but who am I to judge anyone’s marriage.

    #4/#5: I agree, people need to remember that the decision a state makes is not necessarily the views of the citizens. The US is quite large and, now, majority of the country is against the two wars. Jews are people of the Book and should be treated as such; what Israel does has nothing to do with religion, it’s all politics.

    • We must all remember that the Divine resides in all of us no insult in the world is worth the killing of even one of us, anyway I think that God is big enough to take it and that He can look after Himself. I recommend you find the Divine inside of you and stop squabbling about trivial issues.

  3. As salamou alaykoum dear brother,
    mashallah! Let me thank you for your article! Everything you wrote is so absolutely true! Im so glad you wrote this article because I had the same thoughts for a long time and I felt quite alone with this kind of opionion in our community.
    Let me add another point inshallah: muslim women should stop judging other muslim women about their manner of wearing the hijab. Its not automatically: Ah, she wears jilbab and niqab – she will enter Jannah for sure! Or : Oh, look at her- she does wear a turkish hijab with a fancy design- she must be such a fashion dependend misguided person.
    I really dont like this attitude. I know women from many different backgrounds. I know some Niqabis and some of them are really Mashallah! But some of them…. May Allah guide them and us Ameen.
    And its the same with women who decide to wear turkish hijabs or other ,,fancy” colorfull hijabs. Some of them are very strong believers who never miss a single Fajr , who fast on Mondays and Thursdays and some are the contrary. What you can do: you can kindly remind them about the correct hijab and than youve done your duty.Its between them and Allah.Thats all but please stop backbiting about them or even feeling million times better than them.
    Djazakallahu khairan.
    Um Yassin

  4. Masha Allah very well written article brother. Makes the point while keeping the tone light. May all of us have your disposition and temperament. More power to your keyboard!

  5. Your right on most points, the problem with the majority of Muslims today, is they forget what their religion is, they blindly follow it without questioning and researching. They follow the religion of their fathers… the majority of muslims today would probably be idol worshippers if their parents had been…

    It annoys me to think that our brothers and sisters of Islam have become so arrogant, so idiotic, uneducated and indoctrinated that they would snap into a frenzy over something small. If someone insults the word of a qur’an than it is His choice… and his judgement from Allah and no man should interfere with this.

    Most Muslims like to talk and protest and riot about things, the murders and child organ harvesting in occupied palestine (by Israeli zionist government), the bombings, rapes and murders in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya (and soon Syria and Iran) but they’ll never do anything. Instead of wrecking the countries you live in, making your selves look like rabid dogs…. a peaceful and calm protest is fine
    (and I know the government often does falseflagging attacks to attack peaceful protesters like they did in London student protests)

    But if you are really interested and really seek to help, then go to these lands and do what you can to help, doesnt mean you have to shoot someone or join the mujahideen as a warrior… Muslims are a great force… but right now, without a proper leader, they are blinded cattle, getting sent to the chop block by the servants of al-shaytaan

  6. so true. i love islam. i love my religion. its beautiful. but i dont like the people. muslims these days arent following the quran anymore. yes, muslims all over the world are being killed. but we shouldnt kill the americans0. we shouldnt fight back. that makes it worse. and allah never said we should do that anyway. muslims that do that will surely be punished. im very scared. because our world is being corrupted. i know allah is dissapointed in us. it upsets me that people “do it for islam and allah” like no! idiots! thats not what allah said for you to do. it makes me really angry. the amercians will continue to hurt us until we give them a reason to stop hurting us.

  7. I agree that us Muslims should stop acting like mad,rabid dogs ever time someone comments about our religion.True,we have the right to feel angry when our religion is insulted but we have to correct the wrongs like sensible people. Show the world that we are intelligent. Islam is a progressive religion.We have thought the world lots of knowledge.We look like buffoons when wecarry on like crazy men.Jesus teaches forgiveness,humility etc.Those who really practice that come out looking good in westerners eyes but we have that in Islam too or at least we did have and still do except the media(mainly western media)portrays us like flag,effigy burning,crazy looking,mullah like barbarians.We know we’re not all like that.Islam is about peace,Muhammad pbuh taught us good things in the hadiths so let’s behave accordingly.Let’s stop giving the heathen world bad images of Muslims killing each other,kidnapping children etc.Let’s show the world that we are an educated people

  8. I join you in wishing peace for Mohammed, as I wish it for everyone.

    Thank you for this. As a non-Muslim who so often finds the actions of Muslims shockingly disturbing, I’m very pleased to come across the words of such a thoughtful and gracious member of the Islamic faith.

    I should point out that earlier today, I found http: – the author of the latter site seems to have many valid points, but it is my fervent hope that he is wrong regarding most of what he says.

    • Thank you for showing respect Zed. I visited that website and most of that stuff is cherry picked and exaggerated.

      If we were to show you every bad thing that every bad Hindu in India did and labeled all of them as Hindus who were doing bad things because they were Hindu, it would make it seem like Hindus and Hinduism just happens to be bad.

      They are doing the same with Islam and Muslims.

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