5 Reasons Some People Are Going To Hell

5 Reasons Some People Are Going To Hell

Perhaps They’re Going To Hell Because…

You’re arrogant. You’re full of pride. You think you’re better than everyone else.

Okay, maybe you don’t have these problems. Maybe you just like to show off. Or perhaps you like to spread fitnah and dissension. Maybe you’re just an all around jerk.

First of all, only Allah knows who’s going to hell and who isn’t. So when I say “you’re going to hell,” I don’t necessarily mean YOU personally. I mean people who exhibit certain characteristics.

So don’t think I’m trying to see the unseen. I’m just laying out some basic qualities of the type of people who may just find themselves headed to that dark hot place we’ve all heard about.

This is not just a warning for you. It’s a warning for me too. I don’t wanna go to hell either.

1. You Commit Minor Shirk (Associating Partners With Allah).

That minor shirk will get you all the time. One of the most important Muslim beliefs is the belief that actions are judged by intentions. This comes from the first hadith in Sahih Bukhari.

Verily actions are judged by intentions. And who made Hijrah (pilgrimage) for Allah and His messenger migrated for Allah and His messenger. And whoever migrated for worldly reasons or to marry a woman, they made hijrah for that reason.

The story behind this hadith takes place when the early Muslims were ordered to make Hijrah (migrate) from Mecca to Medina. Most of the Muhaajiroon (migrants) made the Hijrah to please Allah and obey His Messenger (peace be upon him).

However, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) found out that one of the migrants actually migrated in order to marry a woman who was also migrating. So this hadith shows that a person has to do something to please Allah and not for any worldly reason.

The next concept you must understand is “minor shirk.”

Shirk in Islam is to associate partners with Allah. It is to say that there is another deity besides or in addition to Allah. It is to set up a rival in Islamic monotheism (Tawheed) to Allah.

Shirk is the absolute worst sin in Islam.

A minor form of shirk is to do worship in order to be seen by others. This is a form of showing off. And since all worship is to be for Allah, you are now devoting your worship towards someone else.

  • If you are praying so that people can see you pray, then you’re committing minor shirk.
  • If you give money in charity so that people can see how charitable you are, then you’re committing minor shirk.
  • If you are learning Quran so that people can admire your recitation, then you’re committing minor shirk.

Unless you make Tawbah, all of these actions can send you to hell.

2. You Give In To Your Desires.

You really aren’t good at controlling yourself are you?

You get angry too easily. You’ve got a girlfriend or boyfriend on the side. You’re not wearing the proper Islamic clothing for women or men.

Your desires are your master. In other words, you’re no Muslim Jedi.

Until you’re able to get your desires and your lusts under control, you’ll always be in danger of going to hell. You’ll do one little wrong thing after another and eventually find yourself slowly succumbing to your base desires.

You must learn to resist temptation. You must resist the Shaytaan (devil). Otherwise, you’ll be taking a long, hot vacaction.

3. You Don’t Give Enough Charity.

Do you love your job? Is it making you a lot of money? What are you doing with that money?

  • How many poor people have you helped?
  • How many Islamic schools, hospitals, or Masaajid have you donated to?
  • How many times have you asked your neighbor or friend or family member if they needed anything?

I’m going to assume you have a halal job. That is, you don’t sell alcolhol, cigarettes, pork, or work in a bank. Even if you have a completely halal job, some of your income may still be impure.

Perhaps you got paid for overtime that you didn’t work. Perhaps you worked when it was time to pray making all of your labor haraam. Who knows?

You could have purified your wealth by giving a portion of it away in charity. You could have given it anonymously or openly. So long as you did it for the sake of Allah.

But you didn’t. When the bucket came your way at the Masjid on Friday, you dropped in a couple of dollars when you could have done a lot more. You were stingy and greedy. So your wealth may still have some impurities.

You can’t take it with you. None of that money will do you a bit of good when you’re buried in the ground. So stop holding on to it. Give it up now before it’s too late.

4. You Refuse To Submit.

Q: What religion are you practicing?

A: Islam.

Q: What does Islam mean?

A: Submission.

Then why the heck aren’t you submitting? Why are you still debating about the commandments of Allah? Why are you still pondering if you have to obey Allah and His messenger (peace be upon him)? Why are you being so defiant?

Get over yourself. You’re not that important.

  • If someone has told you that you’re violating the shariah, and they have sufficient proof, stop fighting and submit.
  • If you requested a fatwah (ruling) on a certain issue, but the fatwah was not what you wanted to hear, stop fatwah-shopping and submit.
  • If you know that you should be doing something and you keep making excuses why you can’t do it hoping that “Allah will understand”, stop being naive and submit.

This isn’t a game. This is your eternity we’re talking about. So be a good Muslim and submit.

5. You Don’t Repent.

Why are you passing up this opportunity? Why are you tossing your “get out of jail free” card away? Why are you ignoring, or neglecting this gift that Allah has given you?

Even if you are the most low-down, treacherous, scandalous individual on the planet, Allah can still forgive you. There is no sin you can commit that He cannot forgive.

And guess what? He loves to forgive His slaves. Allah loves it when His slaves come to him begging for mercy and forgiveness. Allah showers His mercy and forgiveness and kindness on us when we repent to Him.

So what is wrong with you that you don’t repent? What are you waiting for? A signed invitation? Repent, for crying out loud!

Turn to Allah in repentance. Admit your sins to Him and Him alone. Call on Him by His beautiful names:

  • Ar-Raheem – The Most Merciful!
  • Al-Ghafur – The Most Forgiving!
  • At-Tawwaab – The Acceptor of Repentance!

Maybe you are a jerk. Maybe you are neglectful of your prayers. Maybe you are a stingy curmudgeon. But Allah can and WILL forgive you if you ask Him for it.

Not sure how to make Tawbah (repentance)? Here’s what you do:

  1. You must have regret – If you really don’t care that you committed evil and you are pleased with what you did, you probably aren’t going to be sincere in your repentance.
  2. You must have sincere intentions never to do it again – What use is it to repent for an evil deed when you’re making plans to do the same thing tomorrow?
  3. You must ask Allah to forgive you – That kind of goes without saying.
  4. You must repay or make up the wrong if it was done to someone else – If your evil hurt someone else, you have to make it right with them before making it right with Allah.

Seriously, Tawbah is the greatest gift Allah has given you. No matter how evil you are. No matter how many people you’ve hurt. No matter how dark and ugly you believe your soul to be, you are never too dirty for Allah.

When everyone else condemns you, He’ll forgive you.

When everyone else rejects you, He’ll accept you.

When everyone else forgets you, He’ll remember you.

All you have to do, is open your heart, and ask Him.

May this be a reminder for both you and me.

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  1. Aslam o Alikum brother, I would like to point out the part where it says “Then why the heck aren’t you submitting?” under point number 4. The word heck is very bad and its used to mask and join two swear words in one.
    he—-ck, replace dash with the letters ll or f… you know what i mean. thanks

  2. I think this was very informative and this made me realize many things that I would not think twice about. Thank you. Allah is the greatest.

  3. Working in a bank is not hatam you idiots! Saudi Arabia even has banks!!
    You are sinning by telling ppl which groups are going to hell, that is allahs decision! Not yours! Do not give yourself godly attributes! You don’t know who is going to hell or heaven
    A prostitute was pardoned by Allah! You don’t know what’s in the hearts if ppl! Worry about your own akhira instead of condemning ppl

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