5 Reasons Your Duas Aren’t Answered

5 Reasons Your Duas Aren’t Answered

You Pray And You Pray…

Frustrating isn’t it? You pray and you pray. You make long duas and just pour your heart out. You beg and you plead to Allah to give you something or remove some harm from you.

But no matter how hard you supplicate, your duas just don’t seem to get answered. And you have no idea why.

You’re not a bad person. There are worse people out there than you. Why won’t Allah answer your duas? What are you doing wrong? Is there some secret formula or secret code to getting the Almighty to respond?

Let me first put your mind at ease by letting you know that Allah hears everything you say, and He knows everything you desire.

And when My servants ask you, concerning Me – indeed I am near. I respond to the of the supplicant when he calls upon Me. So let them respond to Me and believe in Me that they may be guided.

So rest assured, that Allah hears you. But look at the last part of that verse. Allah commands us to respond to Him and Believe in Him.

Are you doing that? Have you responded to Allah and His messenger (peace be upon him)? Is your belief (imaan) complete?

Perhaps you’re lacking in a few areas. Or perhaps it’s something even deeper than that. Let’s look at a few reasons that might be holding your duas up.

1. You Aren’t Doing Your Part.

This might be the most obvious problem. You want Allah to give you this and give you that, but you aren’t giving Him anything in return.

  • You’re not praying regularly.
  • You’re not fasting during Ramadan.
  • You’re not paying your Zakah.

I’m sure you understand that Allah punishes us for the wrong we do. That punishment is not just in the hereafter; it can also happen in this life. Neglecting the 5 pillars of Islam is sinful and will earn Allah’s punishment.

Perhaps that’s why He’s not giving you what you want. So stop backsliding and straighten up. Do what He has commanded you to do and you might see your life improve through .

2. You Are Impatient.

You just couldn’t wait could you? You asked Allah for something over and over again, and when you didn’t get it when you wanted it, you got impatient.

And so you gave up. You stopped asking and started believing that Allah wasn’t going to answer your dua. And then you went and told someone that Allah didn’t answer your prayers.

The supplication of a slave continues to be granted as long as he does not supplicate for a sinful thing or for something that would cut off the ties of kinship and he does not grow impatient.” It was said: “O Messenger of Allah! What does growing impatient mean?” He (PBUH) said, “It is one’s saying: `I supplicated again and again but I do not think that my prayer will be answered.’ Then he becomes frustrated (in such circumstances) and gives up supplication altogether.
Related in Muslim.

Your knowledge is limited. But Allah’s knowledge is unlimited. You might think you want something right now, but Allah knows better when it is right to give it to you.

Perhaps He didn’t give it to you at that time because it would bring you more harm than good. Perhaps He wanted to test you and had you been patient with the test, He would have rewarded you with something better. Only Allah knows.

But since you became impatient, and said the wrong thing and stopped making dua, you lost out on everything.

3. You Ask For Something Evil.

This should be a no-brainer.

Why would anyone ask Allah for something bad? Is that what you did? Did you ask Allah for something that would bring you sin?

  • Did you ask Him to give you a girlfriend or boyfriend?
  • Did you ask Him to to give you a Riba-based loan so you could buy a house or car?
  • Did you ask Him to bring you income from a job that sells pork or alcohol?

Well if you did, now you know why He didn’t answer your supplication.

4. You Don’t Think You’re Gonna Get It.

Why would you even ask Allah for something if you don’t believe He’s gonna give it to you? What’s the point of supplicating Allah if you don’t have any faith that it’s gonna happen?

Impossible and possible is all in your mind. Just because you don’t think it can happen, doesn’t mean it won’t. And it certainly doesn’t mean Allah can’t make it happen.

Don’t you know that Allah is:

  • Al-Aziz – The Mighty
  • Al-Samad – The One that everything relies upon
  • Al-Qadir – The Powerful

Don’t make half-hearted duas. Make your duas with confidence that Allah will grant them. Especially if you’re asking for something good and beneficial.

Abu Huraira reported: “None of you should say, ‘O Allah, forgive me if You wish, (or) O Allah, have mercy on me if you wish.’ Rather you should be firm in your request, for (Allah does whatever He wishes) and no one can force Him to do otherwise.”

That just about says it all.

5. You Are Involved In Too Much Evil.

Read the following hadith:

“O people, Allah is Good and He, therefore, accepts only that which is good. And Allah commanded the believers as He commanded the Messengers by saying, ‘O Messengers, eat of the good things, and do good deeds; verily I am aware of what you do,’ Qur’an 23.51 and He said: ‘O those who believe, eat of the good things that We gave you’.” Qur’an 2.172 The Prophet, peace be upon him, then made mention of a person who travels widely, his hair dishevelled, and covered with dust. “He lifts his hands and makes supplication, ‘O Lord, O Lord,’ but his diet is unlawful, his drink is unlawful, and his clothes are unlawful, and his nourishment is unlawful. How then can his supplication be accepted?“

Narrated in Muslim.

There are many things you can take from this hadith regarding your duas. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Allah is good and He only likes that which is good. So if you’re good, then He will give you good.
  • The things we eat and consume have an affect on our spirituality and closeness to Allah.
  • Just because you’re going through a difficult time, it doesn’t mean Allah is obligated to answer your prayers.
  • We are commanded to follow the example of the Prophets of Allah (peace be upon all of them).

Inshallah, I hope this serves as a reminder for both you and me on what it takes to come closer to Allah and have our duas answered.

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428 Responses to 5 Reasons Your Duas Aren’t Answered

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Muhammad Jafar,

      And I am very thankful for the opportunity to provide this information by the permission of Allah. May Allah forgive us all and accept our good deeds. Ameen!

      • Asalamikum
        I was searching for a dua in case something was not happening in one’s favor and came across this link. I have been searching for a job for quite some time now, and it’s really frustrating when things don’t seem to work out and you give your best. I am really glad I read this link which has helped me highlight some of my drawbacks with regard to my Dua’s for getting a job. I’ve gotten impatient and actually stated to believe that things wont work out or go in my favor.
        This link has really made me evaluate myself. May Allah give me the strength to do my best physically and spiritually.
        Thank you for the Share. Really worth the read. May Allah guide us all. Aamen !


        • Salaam brother.

          I am in the same situation, just wondering if you have been successful finding a job brother.


          • Looking back on a couple of things, my job search was not yielding any results. I was interviewing for jobs I thought I was right for. Guess what, timing was not in my favor but persistence is key with the right intention. My current job that I was granted with His blessing is the best thing I could hope for and more. Not only was it paying 30% more than the ones I was interviewing for 6 months prior, but it opened the doors to grad school which I am sure would not have been the case if I had ended up with the older job.
            How do I know that it was meant to be? I got the job after one interview and they actually realized after I accepted that there was no initial application on file. I had to fill one out after I got the offer.
            Allah knows best and looking back I do realize that the plan allah has is better than the one we have for ourself.

      • As-Salam Alaykum brother. There’s a question that has been on my mind for a while now. A while back, my girlfriend’s brother told me that he liked me and that he would like to marry me, at the time, I wasn’t interested in him or anyone else so I turned him down. Last year, I made the pilgrimage and I asked Allah to help me with a good husband. When I returned home, I realized that my feelings for my friend’s brother changed. He told me that his offer still stands. We started talking over the phone and on BBM, not a day goes by that he doesn’t send me a message to check up on me. I am not ready for marriage just yet as I want to finish my degree. I’m turning 22 in november and I want to wait till I’m 25 before I get married. I’ve told my mother about him, I’m too shy to tell my father. My mother is my best friend and I tell her everything. My question now is, is this haram? I don’t hug him or touch him or shake hands with him. I’m always on full hijab whenever I visit my friend and he is around. We talk a lot over BBM and he and I have exchanged plans for the future and hopes and dreams. Please advice me on what to do. Jazak Allah Khair

        • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

          Yes, communicating with him and there is no formal engagement and you’re not married is haraam. You should stop doing that as it usually leads to problems later on.

          The primary problem that happens, especially in your case where you want to delay marriage for another 3 years, is that one party (usually the guy) doesn’t want to wait so long. So he finds another love interest who’s ready to get married and his first interest is left alone and hurt. This will hurt no matter what, but it’s especially painful when you’ve been communicating for several years and have grown attached to him.

          I truly do suggest you marry him ASAP, and not wait until you’re 25. If you two like each other, and you feel he’d make a good husband, go for it. You can still finish school, InshaAllah. My primary concern is that he may lose interest in you if you decide to wait that long.

          And Allah knows best.

        • Well talking is not haram if you take care about everything else e.g. hijab. You wont find a verse or hadis against talking to someone so dont worry, you’re safe 🙂

          • Casually conversing with a non-mahram – especially in seclusion, whether in person or over social media, regardless of ‘hijab’ is not allowed, this opinion has been agreed upon by many based on simple qiyaas.

      • Can you please inbox me your number I need to speak with someone who can help me with the muslim religion thank you brother

      • Asalaamu alaikum ,

        I would really appreciate if you could send in your email id , where i could seek for some help from you.

      • Asalamu alaikum ,

        I would really appreciate if you could fwd your email id to jaya21kapoor@yahoomcom.
        I have many queries that Islam that i need help with.
        Would be highly obliged if you could throw some light .
        Warm regards.

      • Asalamu alikum,
        I am a student.i study in grade in 9th.Few weaks ago my first term exams has started and are still going.I have got my exam paper and i have just got passing marks like 36 out of 75,yet i have not shown to my mother i am scared what will be her reaction. I know she will be angry,she will scold me. Should i tell her now or after the result, my result is on 23 November.

      • Salaam, I just had a science gcse mock exam which I had prayed lots of dua for and also sallat up hajat although I attained a low grade D I am afraid I will move down sets and I have my actual sitting of GCSE’s in May please make dua for me inshallah I pass with an A* please make lots of dua for me


    • Is asking Allah to give you better looks bad to ask , when my intentions that come with it are only right . I am grateful for how I look now because I could look a lot worse . But I’m not happy with how I am turning out . Is it bad to ask Allah to help you look a lot cuter during the puberty process ?

    • Jazaakalluhu khair for such a post.iam goining with hard situation plzz pray for me my brothers!! May allah help u in all d situation

  1. Asalamikum
    I wanted to ask if you pray to be with someone even though they are married is that bad I have never asked Allah to break them up is that still considered as being bad?? Thank you

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Kaheesha,

      Yeah, that would be considered pretty bad. You should want for your brother/sister what you want for yourself. And there’s proof of this also from an authentic hadith.

      Abu Hurairah reported: A woman should not ask for the divorce of her sister, to make her bowl empty and to marry (her husband). She will have what is decreed for her.

      Sunan Abu Dawud

      Instead, if you can handle polygamy ask him to marry you (I’m assuming you’re a woman) as a second wife, or just pray that Allah gives you a husband just as good or better than he.

      May Allah make it easy for you and bless you with a good marriage.

  2. I have a question I wanted to ask you about a sister.
    My friend thinks its ok and not haram to go to the supermarket and when buying fruits or vegetables she puts in a different weight code to make it cheaper. Is it haram what she is doing. Also sometimes when she buys stuff at the mall and had ripped just soon she buy it she would go back to store and take a new one. Without buying saying its for the messed up one I bought. Is this haram??
    What are the consequences of stealing?

    • Thank you for submitting your question, Maha.

      Certainly, for the first instance, that is haraam. This is what the people of Shuaib used to do, the only difference is they were the sellers, not the buyers.

      But Allah has warned us many times of cheating other people in business, even if the other person is not Muslim. We must do what is right in all instances.

      Allah says in His Book:

      Woe to those who give less than what is due. Who, when they take measure from people they take it in full, but if they give weight to them they give them a loss. Do they not think they’ll be resurrected?

      Chapter 83 verses 1-5

      Please advise your friend to stop this practice immediately, ask Allah for repentance, and pay the people she cheated back what they owe as best as she can.

      For the second issue, I am not certain. Most likely the store has a return policy, but she is obviously not returning the product according to their policy. Allah knows best if this is stealing or not. But it is certainly not honest nor is it honorable. She should be upfront with the seller about what happened and ask for a new product or her money back or whatever can be negotiated.

      I would suggest you ask others about this one. Inshallah, if I get further information from someone more knowledgeable than I am I will post it here.

      And Allah knows best.

      • Thank you. I will show her this message.
        I wanted to also ask you for myself.
        I buy and sell products online for example hajabs for women. I buy in bulk so I get it cheaper. When I sell it I sell it like 2 to $3 dollers for profit. I read what u said about the sellers. Is this wrong what I’m doing? Making extra money for an item about a couple dollers less?
        Thank you

        • Wa Alaikum Salaam Maha,

          I’m not sure why it took me so long to find this second message. I don’t think the website sent me an email notification about it…sorry for taking so long to respond.

          In short, no it is okay to sell something at a profit. That is business and that is how business is done. You buy it from one person at one price, then sell it to another person at a higher price. Many of the Prophet’s (pbuh) companions were merchants and they did the same thing.

          There are a few caveats…if you have a monopoly on an essential item like water or rice, you shouldn’t charge exorbitant prices on that. And you cannot cheat your customers either. The verse I mentioned above is for people who list one price for their goods, then when they weigh it, they secretly add more weight to it so the customer is paying for more than what they actually have.

          That is fraud and trickery.

  3. Salaam! I feel the need to say the list is indeed a bit incomplete. Aside from the negative and true reasons listed theres also the. Fact that some prayers aren’t answered because something that exceeds what we ask for is to come. It could be something that relates to yet is still better than what was asked for or it could be something that results from the prayer not being answered will better please us or because what we ask for isn’t good for us though we may know not and if Allah is pleased with you He may keep it away from you for that reason and bless you with what is good for you.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Saaa,

      You are absolutely right. Thank you for adding your valid points. To be fair, I wasn’t trying to make this a complete list. As you mentioned, there are many reasons why Allah may not accept our duas, some of which we’ll never comprehend in this life.

      I was just trying to bring up a few possibilities.

      Nonetheless, thank you for your input and please post more information if you’d like.

      Jazakallah Khair.

  4. Asalamikum,

    i just have one question and it has been on my mind for months now..
    what if you make dua’h to Allah swt to help fulfil your deen by marrying someone you’ve known your whole life, you know him inside out, but he does have a bad past and your parents think he isn’t right for you ?
    but you can’t think about marrying someone else because you’ve imagined everything with this person.. all good things in life..
    i pray 5 times a day, read dua’hs and always beg Allah swt which automatically makes me cry to help this one thing come my way?
    i have always been the girl who loves to put a smile on my loved ones faces, prayed for others happiness cos their happiness is mine.. believe it or not this is the first time i want something to come my way but obviously only Allah knows whats really my nature and in my heart…

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Sr. Sam,

      Love is powerful drug. So powerful, that sometimes it makes us ignore our common sense and logic.

      My sister, I do not know the man you speak of, but you have admitted yourself that he has a bad past. Now, just how bad that past is, I don’t know. But you should be very wary about marrying someone like this, especially if you’re young and this is your first marriage.

      I can only go by the information you’ve given me, and I have to agree with your parents on this one. It seems as if they see something in him that they don’t want you to get mixed up with. And by the sound of it, you see this also, but you are hoping that he may change. Of course it is possible that he may change, but why should you risk it?

      Your second concern seems to be why your duas and prayers in this regard aren’t being answered. Only Allah knows the unseen, so I cannot say what His decree is. But, perhaps Allah loves your worship and wants to protect you from the harm that may come from marrying this fellow. Perhaps Allah has favored you enough to protect you from something that even though your heart wants it, He knows it is not right for you.

      So rather than give you what might bring you temporary happiness, Allah in His infinite wisdom and kindness, denies your requests because He knows that the long term ramifications of this thing.

      I repeat, only Allah truly knows what is best for you. He knows better than you or your parents. I would advise you, in this situation to be patient and ask Allah to bring you a good husband who will encourage you to become and even better Muslim and who will work with you to raise a righteous and beautiful Muslim family.

      Please read the following verse of Quran and truly put your trust in Allah.

      Trust in Allah

      And please read this article I wrote about patience and trusting in Allah.

      And Allah knows best.

    • I am going through such painful time, I can’t control my tongue it just slips out out of anger, and I say things that I shouldn’t say to ALLAH, e.g. “Why me” or “I wish I never existed” and went so extreme out of anger and said” I will not pray anymore”. I am a bit concerned with myself, do I have to say my shahada in public or can proclaim as an individual.

      • Your Shahada is still valid. Make dua to Allah for patience and strive hard to control your tongue. When you make a mistake or you slip, then make Tawbah (repentance) and ask Allah to forgive you. He is the most forgiving and forgives all sins if your repentance in sincere.

        Don’t despair of the Mercy of Allah.

  5. Aselam alikum – Hey brothers/sister I’m a Turkish Muslim elhamdullah. I love Islam so much i do all my prayers fast and give money to the poor i love, the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him). I have a question now why is it haram to ask Allah for a girlfriend? if you are in love with someone why is that bad loving what Allah created isn’t it good to love what Allah created?

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Alhamdulillah you seem to be a faithful Muslim who strives to do what pleases Allah. May Allah reward you for your efforts.

      Allah has put a high value on family relationships. Allah values family so much, that He has made it sinful for us to disrespect our mothers and fathers, even if they’re not Muslim.

      When people have girlfriends and boyfriends, this almost always leads to sexual intercourse outside of marriage. And this leads to broken families where the child may or may not know who their father is and the mother has to struggle to get her child’s rights from the father.

      When the family breaks down, it isn’t too much longer for society to break down and we can see that now in many parts of the world. People do not value life, random acts of violence occur regularly, and it all stems from the destruction of the family unit.

      It may seem like a small thing, but if Allah has forbidden relationships outside of marriage, He did so for a good reason.

      If you love a girl, then ask to marry her. It is that simple. If you truly love her, you should respect her enough to want to give her honor by marrying her and helping her raise a good, Muslim family.

      If you’re not ready for marriage because you do not have the money yet, then you must be patient and ask Allah for the wealth you need to get married. But not having money is no excuse to do something that displeases Allah.

      • Asalamolaykom!
        i need serious help plz,
        I love one boy I know hem for 6 years. 6 years ago when I meet hem he was drinking and flirting with girls he never pryed I was talking with hem everyday on the phone he was far from me I was talking with hem about islam good and bad thinks I chanched hem he stop drinking after 3 year he moved in my city he promised me that he will get married with me when he moved in my city he didn’t had job I helped hem a lot with finance and finding job for hem every month I paid his rent I gave to hem my all money I just want hem to be happy. When I was asking about married he told me wait one ar to more year. He told me that he don’t have enaugh money to marrie me now and he start prying he was really nice to me. In january 2012 he joined Army because he was getting alots of money. He went with US Army in my back home for one year I was prying and crying everyday. My parent want me to get married but I was waiting for hem. And now 2 weeks ago he came back I prepared for my widding I told my parents. He spend 2 days with me and he told me that his going to his parent home and bring them to my home to talk with my parent. In next day he didn’t call me I called hem his phone shows off I was worried I called his mom. His mom sayd that he didn’t came here I fter few hours he picked up my phone a asked hem where are you he told me that I went for one Week vacation with my friend but I don’t want you tell where I’m coming after one week. I was shoked I cryed he cut the phone he told me don’t call me let me enjoy my vacation. I couldn’t stop my self I checked his email I found I phone number I called on that number a girl picked up the phone I asked her that you know hem she sayd no she asked me who your I told her that I’m his fiance she sayd nothing I cut the phone after 5 min he text me sayd to me why did you called my friends wife. Whay you not letting me alone I don’t have nothing with you I will end this relationship don’t call me anymore. I sayd sorry to hem he sayd that he can not live mith me he chanched his number and he delet me from his email. Now I cry every day I can’t sleep I don’t know what tell my parents now I was waiting for hem 6 year and now he lift me. I pry 5 times and I gave hem bad DUA BUT I Love hem so much I can’t live without hem. Now I Don’t Know That I Gave hem BAD DUA OR DUA to Get hem back GIVE me PLZ An Advice

        • Wa Alaikum Salaam Sister Lema,

          I’m so sorry you’ve had such a bad experience with this guy.

          You said he joined the military and he served overseas. There’s no telling how that may have changed his attitude. Being in the military changes some people in very drastic ways.

          Also, regardless of how much this may hurt you, you have to understand that this may be a Mercy from Allah. From what you’ve told me, he may not be a very good Muslim and may not make a good husband. Of course, you have wasted 6 years on him. I know that is very painful.

          But perhaps this is Allah taking something bad away from you in order to give you something better.

          Be patient and put your trust in Allah. Continue praying to Allah and asking Him to give you something better.

        • I feeel really sad 4 u ! :'(
          Never worry .. thank Allah that you got to.know his real charecter befor the marriage or it would have ended up with divorce !
          Never worry ..
          Some thng better is kept 4 u by Allah ..
          Everythng happnes 4 a reason ! 🙂

      • السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُاللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ. I am looking for a nice islamically inclined women for mƴ brother. He is 33 yrs old and he is very kind hearted person. We are from South Africa and indian. Plz inbox me if you know of anyone.jzk

  6. As salaamualaikum i really enjoyed reading ur article as i was searching my answers every where why Allah is not responding to my prayers and insha allah i will try to be patient….A request i would like to subscribe to ur blog to get updates is it possible?
    Jazak allahu khairan
    may Allah reward u for ur work

  7. Salams! I have being upset about an issue for like 1year now! I have a boyfriend (which I know is bad 🙁 and we are in a relationship for 2 years now. I was not religious before so I did not bother about getting into a relationship but now after I went for madarasa I understood that its very bad…. but since its pretty long period I find it very difficult to be without him plus I have decided to tell about him to my parents next year inshaallah. Is this okay? But my problem is when I started this relationship I was too young and not matured but now at times I feel Im with the wrong guy…. because he is very stubborn and gets angry way too quickly! Im scared to discuss about this with my parents or anyone else, I want an islamic advice on this because this thought whether I should tell my parents about him or if I should break up is simply killing me….. Im now not sure if he is the right guy for me…maybe my parents will be okay with him but after knowing his character Im having second thoughts. Can I ask dua for this? Please help

  8. As Salaam u Alaikum,
    I read your article as well as your replies to some of the comments and i must say they are great! Jazak Allah you have helped me a lot. I would like to ask one thing though, i’m quite young right now but i really like this guy in my school. I don’t talk to him about anything wrong or do anything wrong like that. our family backgrounds are very similar so if we decide to get married or something there will be no issues on the matter. When i pray to Allah about him, i don’t ask Him to make him my boyfriend but i ask Him to arrange it in a way that when we both get older, we marry each other. Is that alright? Is it allowed or should i stop? And when i pray i ask Allah to make it a love marriage not arrange because i want him to love me too not just marry me because of our families, is that wrong?
    Also though he prays and everything, recently he has gotten a girlfriend, now i’m very confused as to what i should do..should i continue to pray the way i did or should i stop now that he has a girlfriend? and somehow subconsciously i started praying that they break apart…
    i don’t know what i should pray to Allah and how… i don’t want him to be my boyfriend, i want us to fall in love (i already love him but like proper love which lasts a lifetime) and then get married to each other…what should i pray? What should i ask Allah for? What words should I use? please help! sorry if this is very long :/
    Jazak Allah

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Sister Tayiba,

      Take it easy sister. I understand your heart is full of desire for this boy. And sometimes, our emotions can make it difficult for us to think clearly. Love can be a wonderful thing, but it can also hurt like the dickens.

      To answer your primary question, yes, you can make dua to Allah for anything that is permissible and halaal. So if it is permissible for you to marry this boy (that is, you’re not married and he’s not a close relative) then yes, you can ask Allah to unite the two of you in marriage.

      However, as I mentioned in another comment, sometimes we want things that are not good for us. I understand your heart may really, really want this boy. But the truth is, only Allah truly knows if he is good for you.

      The fact that he has a girlfriend, does kind of concern me. If you were my biological sister or daughter, I don’t think I would advise you to pursue this young man.

      For one thing, he is violating Islamic law by spending so much time with a woman he’s not married to. He may not be having sex, but still, what he’s doing is not good.

      Secondly, it is obvious that he likes her and is interested in this girlfriend of his.

      I can understand your confusion, but perhaps this is Allah’s way of answering your prayers. Perhaps Allah is showing you that this boy is not the kind of man you want to marry because he did take a girlfriend. Perhaps Allah is showing you, in a subtle way, that this is not the man you should be pursuing and you should move on.

      I know that what I wrote may be hurtful. And truthfully, only Allah knows the truth. I might be wrong.

      I just think it would be best for you to stop thinking about this young man, put your trust in Allah, and be patient with whatever Allah gives you.

    • No, it’s not bad to ask Allah to give you a specific girl in marriage, so long as she is not already married (that would be bad). But as I mentioned in the previous comments, put your trust in Allah and be patient with whatever He gives you.

      Sometimes we want things that are not good for us. And Allah knows best.

  9. As-Sallaamu Alaikum,
    I have a big exam in one week and I am trying to pray as much and have as much faith as i can. I’m also trying to keep praying and some of my habits after the exam,
    but however, schoolwork is putting pressure on me for not taking or studying for the exam or praying
    should i quit my school work?

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Sister Nadia,

      No, do not quit your school work. And don’t quit praying either. Just be moderate.

      I’m not sure if you’re just praying the five regular Salaats or if you’re adding on extra naafil and sunnah prayers as well. You can cut back on the sunnah and Naafil prayers as they’re not obligatory and you’ll get no sin for doing so. But you cannot slack up on the five daily prayers at all.

      You should really do an inventory of your life and see if there is some way you can better manage your time. Are you spending too much time on Facebook, or…ahem…perusing Muslim blogs?

      If so, perhaps you can cut back on these activities and use this time to study or rest.

      Inshallah, may Allah make you successful in your studies and may He bless you in your good work.

    • It’s okay to ask Allah for anything so long as it is halaal and permissible. No matter how much you love this girl and she loves you, you cannot touch her until you’re married. So you should be patient until you’re ready to get married.

  10. i need serious help plz
    i always tired to stop masterb***** i try to not do it for the whole day but after magrib prayer i do it i try not but i just cant and after i do it i get this massive guilt about my self. Later in the day I get this ocd from nowhere i think about squeezing my head then i do it then a few days later something else pops in my head like pull you nose then i do it the ocd thing never stops, like new stuff i think about then i do it. Few years i was a good Muslim pray 5 times a day read quran fast during the month if Ramadan but in this 2012 Ramadan i did the evils thing like Masterb… i say to myself i will stop tomorrow but it never happens… but now i dont even read quran because of this plz. help …i got no support in this because no 1 knows i do thins evil stuff and im to embarrass to tell my family


    i kno that relationship before marriage is haram now,but when i got into one didnot kno that.ive been with a boy for almost 3 years n i feel so guilty infront of ALLAH bcoz of this. i pray n try to do my level best what pleases ALLAH.but this thing!!it’s hard to leave him but staying with him is also hard bcoz it displeases ALLAH.i kno i shud leave him n it shud b jihad on my part but its just hard:(…im doing this sin n i also pray.will ALLAH accept my prayer my fasting my takbirs my sadaqa?does it mean my namaz are invalid as its not stop me from such sin?.i kno ALLAH loves everyone but will this gain ALLAH’S wrath although i ask forgiveness n tell HiM MY weakness towards this boy?i cannot get married now because he is not earning but he promises to marry me as he says he loves me.i also fear my marriage may not last or may not turn good if i marry him or if ALLAH wills somewhere as i went against ALLAH’S will.i love ALLAH But disobey him many times even after that will ALLAH love me knowing i love HIM N always try to please him,and again having a bf at the same time… plz help me,,n i f i have to leave this boy how do i do it we stay at university all the time n dont have the courage to say it..

  12. Salam brother,
    I used to work in convenience stores, and cheated the owners at the cash registers, also I cheated banks by not paying the debts and left that country for good, plus I lied a lot for jobs and other important things in my life. I am ashamed and feel guilty for every moment of life, I pray nafil salat and pray for the people whom I cheated and duped. It is very hard or impossible for me to find these persons to seek their pardon and pay their debts. I know all this is against haquul ibad, please is there any way I get out of this regret.

    • Salam, if you ask/tubha ALLAH SWT will forgive you only if you believe that what you did it’s wrong. If you want to speak to some one, please email me. I attend a class every Wednesday, you will feel better. Imranali002@gmail.com

  13. assalamoalaikum
    i m madly in love with a boy and we are in a relationship from last 5 years in starting he loved me a lot but from last 2-3 years he dont loves me much he gets angry with insults me for no reason i think something happened to him anytype of blackmajic can u help me so that he becomes good n loving again

  14. hi i am going through rly difficult time i was wondering is there any dua i could do at any time i need a dua for money because i cant pay my fee for something many student got in for free even i would have gone in free but i have no status and is no coming eitheir is going to many months i have to admitt i am very impatient and demand things thank you for showing me this. but i am falling behind the place is asking for money that i cannot pay for is ther any dua i could read to help finically and to get the status faster. i am reading surah muzammil seven times.thank you.

  15. salaamu aleikum. I am now in my last year of school and inshalaah will start university next year, But there is one particular university i wish to attend but there are some issues with documents and i dont know how things will turn out. I really really wish to go there to become a surgeon, now if i say duas to allah could he possibly grant this wish for me? ( i ofcourse take in to consideration my grades, which are already very high.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Yes, you can make dua for this. Just keep in mind that Allah knows what’s best for us. Sometimes we want things that are not good and we hate things that are good. So make your duas, but put your trust in Allah and be patient with what He gives you.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Yes you can ask Allah for anything that is good and halaal. So long as this man is not married and you do not ask Allah to have him divorce his current wife in order to marry you, you can make dua to marry him.

      Just be patient with this as matters of the heart can often make us think and do strange things. Be patient with what Allah gives you and remember that we often want things that are not good for us and hate things that are good for us.

  16. I agree about everything you said except for (•Just because you’re going through a difficult time, it doesn’t mean Allah is obligated to answer your prayers.)
    I am really shocked about what you worte here. Yes allah is not obligated to answer our prayers but he’s the one who wants us to keep praying to him if we have any problem or anything difficult in our life. I was satisfied with what you wrote until i read this part at the end. I don’t think what you wrote is right.

    • I think you might have misunderstood what I wrote, or I didn’t make myself clear.

      That statement was in relation to the hadith I mentioned about the man who was making dua to Allah but he was wearing haraam clothes and had eaten haraam food. The man who made this dua was in sincere need, but Allah did not answer his dua because he was involved in haraam things.

      My point was that simply wanting something is not enough to guarantee and an answer from Allah. We should do good if we expect good from Allah. If we’re doing evil, we are wrong to expect Allah to answer our prayers, just because we are in need.

      I’m don’t see anything wrong in this statement.

      • Also it is possible Sara your understanding of Islam is a bit weak, you don’t make Islam understandable from your perspective, you wrap your perspective around Islam..I’m not trying to offend you however it is very clear from your statement you didn’t understand what the Brother was referring to and this is coming from someone who has seen everything in this world and it’s harsh realities so please take it from me.

        Brother my question to you is, what if that Dua is more so asking Asking Allah to guide you back to the right path is it still wrong then? I’m very concerned about my life as well because I grew up back home moved to the states with my family when i was in 4th grade=11 years old, although I had picked up some things about Islam, apparently I didn’t have the proper understanding of Islam so it seems, perhaps religiously some what neglected as well as socially neglected I have so what it seems like now “paralysis by analysis” meaning over analyzing and thinking too much….as I am now 23 years old, although I saw people going to the masjid, and people making me go to the masjid, I don’t think I ever got the proper religious education in order to carry out the proper deen. So that being said I was always a quiet person keepin everything to myself, I fear there may be psychological powers involved in my life that are preventing me from properly staying on the right path. Alhamdullilah I am thankful that I was born a Muslim and I could never think other wise about this life, La Illaha Illalaho Muhamadurasullalah. I had an unfortunate thing happen to me as a child and although I think I am ok, lately I have been thinking more and more about it because I am worried about my faith, I just want to understand how to get passed this thought so that I may properly practice my faith. If you wish to know specifically what I experience in my childhood please email me so asking about it and I will respond to you shortly which will also let me know that you or any brothering willing to help me. I would be very embarassed to speak about such things hear but know that I am ok with talking about it on a more personal level.

        Jazaklahu khairan.

        • Asking Allah for guidance is absolutely essential. We do it all the time whenever we recite Surah Al-Fatihah.

          Ihdinas Siratal Mustaqim: Guide us to the straight path.

          By all means, please do ask Allah for guidance. Even Prophet Muhammad asked Allah for guidance in this dua:

          “Oh flipper of hearts, settle my heart upon Your religion.”

  17. As-Sallaamu Alaikum,
    As-Sallaamu Alaikum,

    I have just stumbled upon your blog after searching for a dua i could read for lost items, I can see there hasnt been any comments since oct so i hope you do see this. Most of your questions seem to be based on love but mine is a different matter.

    Today i lost my mobile phone, it is very expensive but apart from that it is my lifeline- i have all my emails, appointments, numbers pictures, bank pins everything stored on it. I know exactly where i lost it- It dropped out of my lap after getting out of my dads car at the train station as i was on my way to university.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to pray and ask for the phone to be found as to be honest after the initial panic and praying in my heart i have a strong feeling that it will be found or handed in at the reception tomorrow. Is this a false belife or would you reckon this is a indicator from allah swt?

    Im sorry my problem seems to be very small compared to others and i know im doing it for a worldly posession but the value of yhis item to me is very big.


  18. Aslam o alykum..

    MashaALLah it was beautiful and even though i knew most it but i red it all and it was like a reminder..
    I hope Allah swt gives u more and more knowledge ..


  19. Perhaps it’s very straight forward to write such blog when you haven’t experienced real pain.
    My husband and I cannot have childeren – is that our fault? My husband fights crime and I save people’s life’s, most of the time for free – are we still that bad? We give any thing we can to help other people. There is no medical possibility for us to have a child. I am still looking for answers but no one can give me one. I know about all of the surah’s in the Quran regarding infertility but it still does not answer my question. Why us?

    • Thank you for commenting.

      Despite the title for this article, I don’t mean that these are the ONLY reasons your duas are not answered. Sometimes a person’s dua is not answered for something much deeper and more complex.

      I do appreciate the pain you and your husband have experienced. I’m certain it is not an easy thing to go through. But through this pain, Allah gives us opportunity.

      You have the chance to do things that many other Muslims cannot do. If you cannot have you own children, perhaps you can take in a needy child that could use a home. Most Muslims do not have the income or the ability to do that.

      Allah knows best. If He has put this trial on you, then He did so for a reason. Your job is to make the best of it and strive to please Him regardless of the difficulty.

    • Asalam aleyk dear sisther.Al-AWWAL A childless person will be blessed with a child if he repeat this name 40 time daily for 40 days inshaa Allah jazzakulla khair

    • Assalam Alaikum. I happened to stumble upon this page by accident and noticed how great you are with answering such questions. My problem is thatsomeone cheat me on my money the person is a lawyer nd am not proudly of what I did but I just wanna explain I’m 25 years old nd I living in Europe but I was in difficult situation nd I felt in drug business nd latterly I got problem nd took me to the prison nd this lawyer took me 5000euro that he wanna take me out but he escape with the money. So on this case if I pray to get my money back will Allah accept my dua.This my email bash.Mohammed75@yahoo.com maybe I can miss this website jazzakulla khair

  20. Aslamualikum….m a 15 year old teenage gal..i do pray regulry n I do fast.d onli major sin I hv commitd z dt I got involvd in arelshnship.i ws seroius abt dt guy bt he wsnt.nw he has broken up wid me n went bak to his ex…i wud lyk to knw dt If I ask Allah to gt him bak as, my husband vl it b a bad thing?cox I hv no other option :'(

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      The most important thing is to repent to Allah for your sin.

      Otherwise, yes of course you can make dua to Allah to marry this boy. In fact, since you two already have a relationship, it’s probably best that you do go on and marry each other.

      But you must stop committing the sin. Put your trust in Allah and be patient.

  21. Salaam,
    My dilemma is I did like a girl very much indeed and made dua to Allah to bring her closer to me but I realised what I was doing was in fact wrong I wanted to ask if it is ok for me to make dua to Allah so that I can get married to her in the future inshallah

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      It’s okay to make dua to Allah for anything that is halaal and permissible. If this young lady is permissible for you, then it’s okay to make dua to marry her.

      But just be patient and don’t lose your head if things don’t turn out the way you want them to. Allah may not allow you to marry her because He may know that it is not a good thing. In the end, it’s best to put your trust in Allah.

  22. Assalam Alaikum. I happened to stumble upon this page by accident and noticed how great you are with answering such questions. My problem is that I feel in love with this boy 4 years ago without even realizing it. Mutual family used to talk about him and I would just ignore it but one day I saw him and it was it. He lives in another state and I found him on fb but he got angry at me for bothering him and told me to never annoy him again. I had never met him either, just heard of him. After that until last year I forgot about him and went on with my life and even thought about forgetting him and maybe get married to someone else in the future. I am 19 and he is 22. But last year when I was about to think about a rishta I got, all of a sudden out of nowhere I found out he was coming to my hometown with his father. My family knew his dad a little and we went to meet him, I couldn’t believe it! It was like Allah had given me a sign but I did go to meet and no one but us two knew about the altercation between us and we sat across each other in a room with our parents for like 1/2 hour and did not say a word to each other, it just hurt to see him so close yet so far. I kind of forgot about him but after seeing him all of a sudden I got thinking maybe Allah wants this, but he didn’t even care. A few months ago I found out he got engaged to his first cousin and ever since I have been heartbroken! It’s not like I want them to break up, but I loved wayy before he was engaged. Now I’m notsure what to do? I want to ask Allah to make him fall in love with me but think it’s wrong and won’t happen and then I think I don’t know and Allah is capable of anything but I also think that Allah has not told us to live in this sort of fantasy world. I am so confused, what should I do?? One thing I do know for sure is that no matter now how much anyone tells me anything, I am never gonna get married to anyone else. I can’t think of loving and including in my life anyone but him. True love is forever, no matter what happens.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Whoa, whoa, whoa…slow down. Don’t swear of marriage. That is part of our faith and has several benefits.

      You’re suffering what’s commonly known as a broken heart. It happens to all of us at some time. It hurts. It sucks. But it will eventually pass.

      Be careful about trying to guess at what “Allah wants.” Many people (myself included) think that when things are going our way, or things look like they’re going in a certain way, that Allah wants something.

      But the truth is, no one truly knows what Allah wants except for what He has explicitly declared in the Quran and through His Messenger.

      Allah wants us to be faithful and patient and to put our trust in Him. He wants us to obey Him and His Messenger (pbuh) and He wants us to worship Him.

      If you ask me, chances are this boy you fell in love with was a test or perhaps it was a trick from Shaytan to lead you off the path of Islam. Perhaps Shaytan whispered things in your heart to make you doubt Allah and wonder about certain things.

      I have no idea how you look, but I’m pretty sure you’re a lovely young woman. If this boy does not marry you, then know for sure that it was not meant for you and that there is good in this event. Perhaps Allah has something better for you. Perhaps there was something evil about this boy that you do not know about. Perhaps there’s a better husband down the road somewhere.

      Here’s what you should do: Be patient and accept Allah’s decree. Put your trust in Him and ask Him to relieve your heart of the pain you’re feeling.

  23. askm
    i am now 28 years female. i am still unmarried i do dua to allah to get good guy and get mary soon. allah is not answering my prayers, and i have trust in allah that soon he will do some miracle in my life,and showr his bleesing on me. but people use to say i am already now 28 years old, still uot marrid.and yhey hurt me with lot of things which i cannot tell you, but still i have trust in allah.but now a days i am losing my patience.pleeez help me brother

    allah hafiz

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Allah says in His book:

      “Oh you who believe, let not a people insult another people, perhaps they may be better than the former. Nor let women insult other women, perhaps they may be better than the former.” Chapter 49, verse 11.

      These people who mock and insult you are only earning sin on themselves and perhaps Allah will give you rewards for being patient and enduring their taunts.

      Continue to make dua to Allah for a good husband. What do you think is stopping you from finding a husband? Perhaps you may want to consider marrying an older man (not too much older, but within 10 years) or even marrying outside your ethnic group (but still a Muslim).

  24. asalamualikum brother

    please can u give me a dua tht will help me get 1st place….for the past years i used to get top position but this year i seem to fall behind becaz of english…please help me in a effective dua tht allah will listen to
    should i ask duas in the 3rd part of night?…ive heard tht time its effective. thank u very much may god bless us all with jannah inshalaah


  25. As-Sallaamu Alaikum,
    Subhanallah very good site found many answers/shukran please reply me in my e-mail.
    I am Bangladeshi Muslim,I live in U.A.E

    I have question that a long time ago when i was in 2nd or 3rd or 4th grade i stole few things like accesories
    Last year i stole few library books from my school wht should i do?if i return one like at the same time im gone!they call me stealer
    so mayb theres one way go one night after ishaa and put those books in a bag and drop infront of the door?
    will Allah forgive me with or without returning the book?
    And the other thing is that I pray regularly 5 times/….
    tht few days ago i got final marks read many duas like this one ‘YA BADIUS SAMAWATEE WAL ARZ’ i need to to get jus 60 to pass in eng in gr 10S but i got 53 my dream wasnt granted i still got 2 terms to get promoted to 11S wht if Allah doesnt grant my wish ill fail and my parents will kick me out of the house for real 🙁 Allah didnt grant my wish i jus needed jus a simple 60 from Allah Oh Allah u need to help me promte to 11S my great worry
    Will Allah grant me to 11S?Not working
    Thank you

  26. Assalamualaikum.

    Few years ago, I met a man, whom I fell for at the first sight. He came from a good family, in which her mother and father are good muslims. I am now seventeen years old, and I cannot deny that previously when I like a boy, I oftentimes caught myself fantasizing about things Allah condemns. But, with this man, I find myself being a better person, although I have not known for such a long time. I feel Allah in my love for him. And it’s not something I made up, for once in my life, I feel it.

    But we have not met for some years, an
    d I find myself praying for him to have a good life regularly. I am too scared to ask Allah for him to be my boyfriend, because I know it’s against Allah’s will. So I just pray that someday I will meet him again, and we will have a good talk, and I will find myself having a good friendship with him. But although I have wait for some years, I still have not got the chance to meet him. But what makes me curious is how coincidences have been happening so synchronically. For one example, I was taming one of Southeast Asia’s highest mountain, when I found out that he was only 500 metres below me, but yet we did not meet, and any other coincidences that keep making me feeling as if Allah wants us to bound together, someday, somehow, although lately I have been praying for Allah to make me forget about him if we are not destined together.

    I know it’s Allah’s secret, but I am needing help for me to understand what could be behind all these coincidences that seem too synchronized to be coincidences. My heart says it’s fate, but I do not want to be over confidence about it.

    Thank you, may Allah be with you.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Dara,

      Thank you for sharing.

      I would advise you not to ask Allah to make this man your boyfriend. That sort of relationship is forbidden.

      But if you think he would make a good husband, and he is halaal (he is Muslim and not a close relative) then you can make dua to Allah for him to marry you. Just be patient and know that Allah is the best of planners.

      Sometime what may seem like coincidences are just trials from Allah. It is up to you to keep a level head when these things happen and not allow your emotions subjugate your faith.

  27. Asslaam alaiqum.alhumdulillah brother that you have posted this information. I am in alot of depression and i neef sincere advice. I know that boyfriends and girlfriends are haraam in islam. However i have been with this guy for 5 years mashallah and just recentlymy past mistakes have broken us up. I have been praying to Allah swt for a couple of months now i read salaat, quran n mke dua n read tasbi asking for forgiveness snd acceptance of my duas. i make dua that he comes back to me and that we get married very soon. Is this acceptable to ask Allah miah. Because i really want to get married to this guy i love him and he loves me, he says he wants to be with me but my mistakr is stopping him and he feels soo upst n doesnt know if he can get over it. Please help me , what is the best dua to make to Allah to ask him to get me married to him and what is the best way of making the dua. Also what dua can i make for him and what dua can i tel him to read. Please help me brother i am so depressed but i still keep trust thati will have him one day. Inshallah i hope to hear from u very soon. Jazakallah

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      In short, yes it’s acceptable to ask Allah to marry any man who is halaal for you to marry (that is, he’s Muslim and he’s not a close relative). It is also important that you repent to Allah for your previous sins and ask for His forgiveness.

  28. Asalam u Alaikum!
    please can u tell me any duas for depression and fearness?
    i have done few mistakes on which i really felt guilt and which are now creating a trouble for me in my near future. i sent my pix to a boy ( bt those pix were of jst my face and it was even covered with a scarf) i sent him 2 pix but then i felt that i have done a very bad thing. he was an unknown boy he said show me your pic and i;” tel u who am i and i was trapped and i sent him my 2 pix in hijaab. and i wsh that i would have stopped my self from doing that and now that boy is blackmailing me that he’ll show my pix to every 1 that i showed him i dont talk to him and i even asked for forgivness from ALLAH many times please tell me any dua that will protect me from the harms that boy can give me.

  29. Assalamoalaikum,
    I read this article and I found it really helpful and informative, I just have a question to ask here, it is that can we pray to Allah for getting married to someone you like/fancy or will that be asking Allah for something evil?

    • Wa Alaikum SAlaam,

      Yes, you can make dua to marry a specific person, so long as that person is halaal for you (that is, he’s Muslim and not a close relative).

      Just be patient with whatever Allah gives you because it may not be what you expect.

  30. Assalamu alaikum,
    i love someone a lot and i cannot imagine a life without him, is it bad for me to ask dua to bless us with a lawful marraige soon?

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      It is okay to ask Allah for anything so long as it is halaal. If this boy is halaal for you (he is Muslim and is not a close relative) then yes, you can make dua to marry him.

  31. Excuse me, if I may disagree with you on the fourth claus: “YOU DON’T THINK YOU’RE GONNA GET IT.”
    In my personal opinion, people read Duaas because they know that when they do, Allaah will grant them their wish. So basically and in simpler words, no, I don’t think that I am going to get what I have hoped to, except if I ask from Almighty Allaah to.

    • You have the right to disagree with me, and you might even be correct.

      But judging from the comments on this page about duas and the many emails I get, there are many Muslims who make dua and are not sure if they should even be asking Allah for that thing. They lack confidence that Allah will give it to them. Sometimes, they’re not even sure if He CAN give it to them.

      And that point was more about the advice from Prophet Muhammd (pbuh) that we shouldn’t say “Inshallah” in our duas. We should make them with confidence because Allah will do as He pleases.

  32. Assalamu Aliykum

    Dear brother

    My mother wants to buy this house .she saw it it is very expensive but can’t afford to buy this house .we really need to buy a house because I have some relatives that want to come an stay but I have no space and my mothers sister comes with her children to please I need Allah to help me . can you give me a surah or a dua to read ?

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      It sounds like you’re asking for a dua for more money or a higher income in order to get this house.

      I once asked my teacher about how to increase my income and he advised me to make Tahajjud prayers (Qiyamul Layl). This is the time when Allah answers the duas very readily.

      So try to limit your bad deeds, seek Allah’s mercy and forgiveness, and strive to establish the night prayers on a regular basis.

      And I’ve heard that if you recite this dua every morning and night, Allah will relieve your financial difficulties.

      And Allah knows best.

  33. Ayesha here
    My hubby nd I both really like my brother inlaw ( hubby’s elder brother) nd his wife….we were really in good eaking terms with them….I ,being the ypunger one, always respected my sis inlaw …my hubby, being the younger brother, always phoned the elder brother arranging to meet up…recently another relative of ours said some thing bad and wrong abt us to tht very brother, which was all lies…..he got angry my hubby kept calling his bro but no reaponse at all…i kept calling my sis inlaw but no renspose..they didnt gave us a single chance to clarify ourselves…its been 6 months like this, recently by chance , i met tht sis in law for few minutes, she disnt let me speak nd said tht they hv decided to be in one corner md leave the relationship..saying this ,she immediately went away…i was heartbroken ..nd in a fit of rage, i gave them bad dua nd cursed them ..i miss them alot nd whenever i think abt them, no matter how hard i try, i cant stop myself from repeating the same curse…now im scared tht wt of the cirse os backfired on me…then again i think tht they r the ones who did bad by cutting off from thier own flesh nd blood, nd we tried our best to maintain the relationship..plz help

    • I would suggest you try to get a neutral third party to try to bring you guys together and patch things up. Perhaps their father or mother or a respected elder like an uncle.

      It is horrible for Muslims to break family ties especially over petty things like this. Please, Sister Ayesha, I encourage you to advise your husband and his family to work together and get things right between each other.

  34. Salam u alaykum,

    This was a nice article to read. I am in a very difficult situation myself as I have been searching for a job for a full year without luck. There is one concern I have after reading this though. It is said that Allah (SWT) has already written what rizk a person will or will not get. The thing that bothers me is, how can I make duaa with confidence if I always have the thought that maybe Allah has not pre-ordained that I will get a job and that my duaa will not change this ? This is always in the back of my mind when I make duaa. Similarly, what if Allah (SWT) wants to not grant me a job to test me even if the job will be beneficial for me ? This is also something that comes to mind that really makes it difficult to make duaa with the knowledge that Allah (SWT) will help me. Other then this, I have absolutely no doubt that ultimately, he has absolute power over all things.

  35. Salam alaykum,

    Barak Allah fikum for this, alhamduli Llah it ‘s so interesting may Allah reward you for all the work you do to teach us our beautiful religion by the grace of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

    Greetings from a french sister,
    Salam alaykum.

  36. Asalam walakum,wat i wnted 2 kno was y i’m i gettin treated differently 4rm my otha sister in laws.my mother in law makes up crap 4 no reason n so those my husband.thanks

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      You may have to give more info into your situation.

      It could be something that happened a long time ago, or it might just be your perception.

      I’d akso like to know why your husband treats you unfairly. That sounds very strange.

      Please send me an email to abu underscore ibrahim at islamiclearningmaterials dot com and give me some specifics.

      • I sent you an email please could you read it straight away and help me. I am trying to become a proper muslim insha allah n i know i can do it. I just need some help. Jazakallah

  37. Assalamualaikum, This link helped me believe more in Allah s.w.t. And I am grateful for realizing. I was born Muslim, but never really knew what to believe and what not. Alhamdullilah, I have been blessed with everything I have In life. Allah has opened my eyes to see deeply into Islam. I am a 17 yr old female, currently waiting for the results of my o levels exams. Reading this link has truly made me have faith in my dua’s towards Allah. Insyallah everything will be fine. I wish to read more from your blog, thank you! Waalaikumsalam.

  38. asalam alaikum
    i have been in a relationship with a man since the age of 15 making it 5 years now. this man says we can no longer marry although we are still in contact and he says he loves me. i pray to allah that we can marry and become halal husband and wife and do things the right way. my intentions are good towards him and i don’t want to do anything that will make allah unhappy with me. do you think allah would listen to my duaa?

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Sister Sarah,

      Allah definitely hears your dua. But only He knows if He will answer it in the way you expect.

      Allah says:

      When My slave asks you about Me, verily I am near. I answer the prayer of the caller when he calls upon Me. So let them respond to Me and believe in Me so they may be righteous.
      Chapter 2, verse 186.

      This verse shows that Allah hears all prayers and He will respond to those who believe and obey Allah and His Messenger (pbuh). So you have to do your part by being a good Muslim and having unconditional faith.

      At the same time, you also have to trust Allah. He knows what is good for you even better than you do. You may want something that is bad and may dislike something that is good. So Allah may not give you something that you really want because He knows it may do you more harm than good.

      So believe in Allah, obey Him, and be patient with whatever He gives you. You should also repent for your sins and strive never to do them again.

  39. Thank you for answering my question via email.jazak allah. I know i ask to many questions but please could i just say, my daughter goes school and she comes back at magrib. Wat i wanted to know was if i read magrib about 10 mins later will that be ok? Another thing i tell and tell my husband to read namaz but he doesnt what should i do? Jazak allah

  40. salaamualaikum abu.

    i would like to get a specific person as my spouse.
    we have never met. but i know him (nt as much as ALLAH does).
    but i have a feeling and a confident that he “can” be the right one for me.
    but again he is a big person. hardly have time.
    when i said my view to people , they were like its impossible—n i have no right to think of it.

    but–i believe in allah.
    and i have that feeling that he can fullfil my this wish.
    i dont know is it my need or helplessness that makes me feel this.

    but i’m confident.

    is it right ??? or am i wrong somewhere ???

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Sanaa,

      It sounds like you want to marry a person that you don’t know and who doesn’t know you. And also it seems, from your question, that this person is an important or well-known figure.

      To simply answer your question, you can make dua to marry anyone who is permissible for you to marry. So if this person is a Muslim and is not a close relative, you can make dua to marry him.

      But I’m not sure if this is a wise desire to have.

      If this person doesn’t know you, and you don’t really know him, how do you know your personalities are compatible? How do you know what kind of person he really is?

      I believe you should focus your energies on something more reasonable.

      Also, you may make dua for something, but Allah knows best if that thing is good for you. You might be praying to marry this person while Allah sends another good person your way.

      While it may be permissible to make dua to marry him, it may not be the wisest thing to do.

  41. Thank you for a beautiful article. A muslima who is very close to me is diagnosed with cancer in the lungs. She is very pious, and is from a good family. I am devastated as she is like a sister to me. What dua can I make for her.

    • As-Salaamu Alaikum Tahera,

      It is always best to use duas from the Quran or from the authentic hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Here is one dua for healing from Sahih Bukhari.

      However, while it is important to say the dua, it is also important to believe and be sincere with what you’re saying. So I encourage you to learn the meaning of the dua and understand it well.

      Also, you can make dua in any language, so long as you are sincere and you put your trust in Allah. Your sincerity and trust in Allah is more important than the words itself.

      And Allah knows best. May He make it easy for you and the sister.

  42. thankyouso much bro. for answering and i well appreciate it.

    yes, bro as u say he can be a well-known personality.
    and yes what if he not so great!

    but allah– he is “al -qadir” the powerful.
    if i’m sincere in my dua – my prayer wont he fullfil it ?? –yes i beleive he can–and i trust him – for a simple reason that when the entire world says that its impossible , i still feel that “he is for me” !!! –inshallah –allah can make it possible.

    well, we believe there is nothing impossible for him. he can change anything.
    he is the one who writes our life.

    this all might sound like a fantacy. infact it can be. but ALLAH is our creator –he knows our feeling –our desire–everything—aint he the one who creates all this feelings ???—so for sure he is well aware about it.

    i pray—n make a dua in my own words—is there any special dua that i can make, plz lemme know.

  43. assalam aalaikum mera masla yeh hai ki meri shadi ek aise ladhke se fixed kar di gayi hai jo mujheme bahut restriction lagata hai bahut gande alfaz me baat bhi karta hai maine apne ghar pe bhi yeh baat batayi par oh log meri nai sun rahe hai aap koi aisi wazifa ya namaz de jisse meri shadi us ladhke se nai ho

      • it seems that this sister’s marriage has been fixed with a “person” who has made lots of restrictions on her. he even talks to her in a bad manner. she had reported this matter to her parents. but they aren’t concerned . please suggest some dua’s so that she wont get married to this “person”.

        • assalam aalaikum ji bilkul aapne sahi samjha mujhe us ladhke se shadi nai karni main 3 saal se uski battamizi bardash kar rahi hun par ab mujhse bardash nai hota mujhe plz koi bhi namaz wazifa ya dua dijiye jisse meri shadi is ladhke se na ho maine bahut koshish ki par yeh rishta khatam hi nai kai baar baat ban bhi jaati hai par phir woh jhut boljar sab thik kar dete hai phir kuch din baad waise hi battanizi karte hai allah k liye meri madad kariye main bahut pareshan hun

  44. you forgot the most improtant one. the prophet (saw) was with his companions when they came upon a man on a journey. his clothes baggy, old and his camel ran away and ran out of food supply. the man then dropped to the floor and raised his hands and said “ya-rabi ya-rabi”. the prophet (saw) speaking of this said if only this man had been eating right allah had answered his call. So making sure you eat the right food is more important than any you have have mentioned. As for he (saw) told us to straighten our food and allah will accept your call.

  45. Asalamualaikum,plz i have a question to ask,u said “Allah is good and He only likes that which is good. So if you’re good, then He will give you good” I agree with the first part but my question is when u wrote, if ur good he will give u good.
    Their are women who abuse their children,recently here in jeddah a new born baby was found in a dumpster his arm was chewed by rats,he died.I know other cases of women who put their babies in microwave for few mins just to stop the baby from crying or putting the baby in a freezer,the abuse stories can go on and on.Plz tell me one thing,these women concieved,carried the baby for nine months n gave birth than tortured their own children.R they good.cos Allah swt blessed them with a baby?
    i know other women like myself who suffer n cry everyday facing rude remarks from friends,husband and in laws because she has no kids.Am i a bad person cos i don’t have a kid?i dream to b a mother and does that mean i’m a bad person thats why Allah swt hasn’t given me a child.
    After all the bad remarks i worked hard because i believe Allah swt helps those who help themselves,i did ivf and was pregnant with triplets,after 3 months i had a miscarriage,i’m so depressed and sad to the last limit on losing my three babies.But i know i have three angels in jannah inshallah.
    So am i a bad person for all this pain and sadness to befall on me?plz answer me.
    Thank u.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Sometimes Allah decrees tragic things to happen to us. Sometimes good people get bad things and bad people get good things.

      But Allah is fair and just. Where He may give you tragedy in one area, He has also blessed you in another. Look to the good He had given you and praise Him for that.

      Even when you do experience some sort of evil event, be patient with it and look for the good within it. As Allah says, verily with every hardship comes ease.

    • assalam aalaikum aaap koi special dua kyun nai padhti baby k liye agar aapki ijazat ho to kya main aapko aise kuch dua forward karun allah hafiz

  46. my friend who’s a Muslim loves a guy ..and he’s left her .. Cos he feels the girl’s dad won’t accept him and it’ll create problems . she loved him at the age when she never knew talking to a boy itself is wrong . now her daily prayers are that , that the boy should come back to her and her dad should accept that boy as she can’t marry any other man .. because she’s even promised on Quran to that guy before . she read istikhara namaz and Everythin . will this dua of hers get fulfilled ? because for her , her parents happiness matter a lot

  47. Sallam aleikum i have a kind a difficult question. I have been dated a Girl for 10 months, i know its haram. But in the last two month of the relationship Things Went wrong. I did awfull Things against her and speak dirty to her. The Girl isnt relgius, but have a wish to be. I Said to her if you work ón being i will see, and marry you. Then We broke up, and i feel sadness and get broken hearted. Then i realize i can expect something from a person, if i aint what i expect from others. This has make me regret and seek forgivness from her and her family and Allah for what i have did against her. It have make me a Better human being inshallah. I have start praying, and make good deeds May Allah accept. In my dua i wish that she will come back, and i will marry her Because i love her but not date her Like before Because its haram. I want it in a Islamic Way inshallah so Allah will bless. Is there any kind of dua or something i can make beside pray and make dua for it.? Is there a specifik salah where you can ask for it? Like fajr, where Allah is nearest us? It have been 13 days ago. Sorry for my poor english. I hope you understand.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      If you love this girl, and she is Muslim, then why don’t you just marry her? If she is not a religious person, then just make dua to Allah in your own language for her to be guided.

      It is better for you to marry a pious person, but if your heart is really anchored to this girl, just go on and marry her and teach her as you go along.

      And Allah is the source of strength.

      • Thank you for your answer, but its a triggy situation now. She dont want me anymore but still have feelings for me. And she comes from another country. I make dua everyday, and she has text and called me but just to point my mistakes. We had No contact in 2-3 weeks now. But suddenly she called me and then for 2 days ago text me. Her father Speaks for democratic, and her mother is not religius either. I dont know if this could be a good idea. They both says thet are muslim. But she have a amazing heart. She is taking about that i was too much over her, and that woman a equal man. Is she right that woman is equal man in islam?

        • asalamu’alaykum brother,
          when you say she dont want you and she has feelings for you is not what you think. your probably too much for her right now and she is not ready. she still loves you dearly and is just not ready to take it ferther. her parents are not very religious and wont really the concept islam has to say for asituation like this. so take it lightely and keep making dua. to be honest you do not have the aliance to text her or call her or talk to her or even make physical contact with her before marriage. you must always have a company on either sides. go forward and propose to her and marry and guide her as you go along.
          P.S: women are equall to men in islam and have the same rights as men.

  48. Salaam.

    Firstly I would like to say that you are doing a brilliant job. I am 22 years old and I am from the UK. I saw this boy in University and I started to like him. I saw him a few times over the year and I developed a very strong crush on him. So much so that all I could do was think about him. My smaller sister made a fake fb account for whatever reason and whilst I was on that I found this boy. I added him and started to talking him and I ended up revealing who I was and that I liked him. We even met briefly and had a small chat. We continued to talk and he then gave me his number and we were texting all the time. He flirted alot and although I was hesitant initially, I gave in. He revealed that he liked someone else and was at the moment in pain as she did not like him. I was also heartbroken but we continued to talk. It was constant but then I realised that my like was getting alot stronger and he was to some extent playing with my feelings. We argued and did not speak for a long time. In this time he went to Pakistan and found someone he liked and was engaged. He used to tell me everything but did not tell me this one thing. This really really hurt me from the inside. He used to ask me questions and flirt making me feel more attracted to him. I told him that we had to stop talking. I still really like him, maybe even love him and this is making it difficult for me to think straight, eat, drink, sleep etc.

    I always repent for what I have done but I know that my liking for him was pure and deep down despite what he did I think that he is a good person, he is a haafiz and I wish him the best. Is what I have done really bad?

    My parents are currently looking to get me married and have some good people in mind but this thing I have done is eating away at me all the time. What do I do?


    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Jazakalah Khair for the compliments.

      Well, first just take it easy. You had a crush. Those things happen. It led to a little texting and Facebooking and some hurt feelings but not much more than that.

      It doesn’t even seem like the two of you shook hands (which by the way is wrong).

      So you should make Tawbah and repent to Allah for there was some wrong. But don’t drown in your guilt. Hopefully you’ve learned your lesson and can see the hurt and pain that these little transgressions can cause.

      You have to move forward and focus on your life now. It may take some time to get over the Flirty Hafiz but in time, Inshallah, you will.

      That little game he played on you is one both men and women play on each other. Some call it “playing hard to get.” It basically entails getting close enough to a person to create a sense of familiarity, but staying just far enough out of reach to also create desire and longing.

      It’s law # 3 in the 48 Laws of Power.

      • asSallam aleikum

        brothers and sisters i have a question my dream is to play football when i grow up.i pray five times a day and fast and to everything i van to please allah.i from the uk there i as having the time of my life enjoying everythinf then my parrents sent me to kenya and now i am here living a dreadfull life. i am not playing football and my life seems useless i want to go back to england but my parrents refuse not understanding i have only one chance that is coming up for a local school team.i am one of the best but people look down on me.i pray daily but things seem not to change what should i do brothers and sisters.

        • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

          You should continue praying to Allah for what you want. But you must understand that Allah knows what’s best for you. Even if you don’t like your current condition, there is wisdom behind it.

  49. asw. im a 18 year old and i go to sixth form. it is a segregated school and the boys and girls are seperated.
    recently both genders of year 13 went to another school and we were doin a project. the groups were mixed both schools and both sex. there is a girl who is 3 months younger than me and is in my group. she rarely speakes to me and blushes when i speak to her. ive spoken to her friends a lot of times. during the group work i see her checking me out in the corner of my eye. i hear her say my name in some conversations. she is a really lovely and cute looking girl. other boys including some of my friend have a crush on her. but she seems to have a crush on me. i guess i like her too (very lovely). she has a open heart and i never heard her speak negative of anyone. what should i do make a move or propose? do you think she really likes me and shes a muslimah? is it the right time?

  50. AOA, This is going to be extremely long but i need help desparately. Please help me out

    Myy problem is my family. My dad’s side of the family i cannot bear to explain to you how much i hate them from the bottom of my heart. I have literally wished death upon my grandma (dad’s mom) a thousand times repeatedly. I hate her so much for all the grief and pain she has kept my mom going through. I’m only 16 and i know these are some harsh words i’m saying and i really shouldn’t be and i have likely committed a sin by doing this. However, i don’t feel guilty because i really do hate her. She is impolite, disgusting, disrespectful, she backbites and talks craaap consistently behind our backs and everything about her is plain ugly. No manners, nothing. My mom was married into a stupid, uneducated and retarded family long ago – my grandparents (mom’s side) made a huge mistake :/ They really did

    Anyways, so my dad’s side of the family had been totally against my mom since the beginning before i was even born, they wanted my dad to divorce my mom even after they had me and my brother stupid retards. But anyways, i just basically went to Pakistan with my mom, sister and brother. It had been 12 years since my mom and me went back. My grandfather even died and his last wish was to see me, which he couldn’t, because of this stupid family who kept my mom from visiting. AFTER 12 DARN YEARS, we finally went, my grandfather died about a year ago. But basically i finally got to meet everyone, my grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, and they were all so polite, and so educated, very mannered and FUN! I had soo much fun in Pakistan, more than i’ve ever had in my entire life. i laughed so much, and everyone was so loving, caring and respectful – it was an amazing month, just a very short visit though because of school and everything.

    So anyways, when i came back, i saw such a difference in my moms family and dad’s. And i feel unwanted here, my mom doesn’t like it here my siblings don’t and SURE AS HELL DON’T. i hate every single person in my dad’s family and sometimes i start to hate him because he doesn’t stand up for us like he should. He gets so trapped by his mother and demented sisters. They all hate us and are extremely jelous. I don’t want to live in this family anymore, my grandma lives with us and i hate her soooo much. She’s always talking to her daughters about us and its always fake, crap or its about us being this and that and ughhhhhhh IT IS SO FRUSTRATING

    Also, im having exams right now. And it makes it so hard for me to study and i don’t know what to do. I can’t stop crying, wishing i was in Pakistan where people loved us, and we had fun, nothing ever went on in my mom’s side of the family compared to what i see here in my stupid dad’s side.

    Anyways, i have sworn multiple times at my grandma ( she doesn’t here me ofcourse) because im sick of her behaviours. She’s always causing fights, and if you spent a day in my family you’d understand the hell that my mom went through when she was newly married i feel so bad. I want my grandma and everyone to pay, i want revenge and i want them to die a terrible painful death. I know its wrong, but what do i do? Is it really that horrible to say this? Also, my grandma prays namaz, but, will her namaz really be accepted if she is a bad horrible person? I hope it isn’t
    I just really need some prayers and duas too that i can say to be protected and happy. Im so depressed and life is becoming so hard for me. I want to live in pakistan with good people, happy kind people, not with these demons -.-

    Anything i can do? Also, i don’t pray namaz, i try and then i don’t. I want to but i can’t i keep forgetting and its hard, i feel like i won’t be able to do it. Are there any duas that can pull me closer to my faith/religion, keep my happy not depressed and give me success.
    I need to feel better. I am emotionally exhausted by this cheap and crappy family.

    • As-Salaamu Alaikum,

      Before doing anything, you should reflect on your own deeds. You mentioned that you are slacking a little in your prayers. You are responsible for your own self and you should immediately begin making your prayers on a regular basis. If you’re having a problem focusing in prayer, I’ve written a couple of articles that address this issue. But that is still not an excuse to miss the prayers.

      It just means you’ve got some work to do.

      For your grandmother, it seems like it all boils down to your father. He needs to get himself together and talk to his mother. He needs to realize that her actions and behavior is tearing his family apart and ruining his wife and dauther’s lives.

      All I can suggest to you at this time is to talk to your father and be honest with him. Ask him to tell his mother to stop saying bad things about and doing bad things to you and your mother.

      You must of course also make dua, ask Allah for help and guidance, and trust in Him to help you find a peaceful resolution to these issues.

      And Allah knows best.

  51. asalaam i am a boy who is close to 15 i really live this girl and i make dua to Allah that may my love be true towards her and may she love me and her love is true towards me i have also asked Allah that with his taufeeq we get married and become good husband and wife and have good childre who follow islam i try my best to pray five times a day and want to know if this is okay to ask allah

  52. Assalamalaikum,
    I have a question. There is a woman who is my mom’s friend and she likes me for her son, she wants to make me her daughter in law and my mom, dad, and my brother, they all like her son for me. They want me to get married to her son and I wanna get married to him too but the only problem is that he doesn’t wants to get married to anyone until he is 40 coz he wants to focus on his career. he is 33 right now and I turned 25 today. This guy’s mom has been trying to convince him to get married since he was 22 and he is 33 now. He doesnt likes another girl because his mom doesnt has any issues if he has his own choice but he says that he doesnt wants to get married to anyone at all until he is 40. I dont know if he is still gonna agree or not even though his mom is trying to her best to make him agree to get married to me. Sometimes his mom also feels like someone has done magic on him. Can you please tell me any dua that I could recite and his mom or my mom could recite to make him agree to get married to me or atleast get engaged to me as soon as possible. Can you also tell me something to read for the cure of magic if there is any magic on him. Please reply back to me. Please help me. Take care. Allah hafiz.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      You can ask Allah through dua in any language you choose. If you can get your feelings across in your native language, you should do that.

      I would not advise you to wait for this brother to turn 40 before marrying him. If he’s not ready to marry now, and he doesn’t appear ready to change his mind, you should move on and marry someone who’s more serious about life.

      Waiting 7 years is a waste of your time. Only Allah even knows if either one of you will live that long.

      As for magic, check out this post.

  53. Asalamalykum

    im in quite a situation,
    i have gotten engaged, accepted the proposal, and its been 4 months, however, i dont want to get married to this man for many reasons, and iv let my family and him know, however, they are telling me its too late.
    i have been praying to ALLAH to cut me out of this wedding before its too late. so my question is, does this anger ALLAH, since marriage is half our dean?

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      No it’s not really too late. But you should take into consideration the expenses and trouble your parents went through for your marriage.

      You haven’t given any specifics about why you don’t want to marry him. Is it just a lack of attraction? Or does he not practice Islam?

      Depending on what your reasons are, I would give you different advice. Perhaps being patient and trying to see his good is better for you. But it might still be better to follow your intuition and not marry him.

      Please provide more details and perhaps other readers can give you more advice, InshaAllah.

  54. assalamu aliykum…
    actually i want to knw 1 thing…
    i have cheated n 2 people… its not purposfully….
    cheating in da sence i loved 2 guys but my parents didnt allow for that… so because of my parents in order to make them happy i left only because of them…..
    now i know that i did mistake… i need dua for da mistake i hav done…
    do allah forgive me ?? 🙁

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Just loving two men at the same time is not really sinful, especially if you weren’t married to either one of them.

      But if you had a relationship with them…that is sinful if you weren’t married to them.

      Repent to Allah and commit to never making these sins again. Allah is All Forgiving and the Most Merciful. But you have to stop the sin and stop what leads to the sin.

  55. bismiIah,salam have this little problem that I understand that it might be silly to ask.. Since I was 12 I was 5’6 and now I’m 15 and still 5’6.. Allhamduallah for my life I’m really grateful for EVERYTHING i have but I really want to be tall like 6’2-6’5.. And NO it’s not to attract girls or anything like that,I have a dream to be in the nba and many other things like more respect and stuff..I have the health,opportunity and will to try to make it in the nba not the height :'( ..I pray 5 times a day and became a better muslim after I wanted to be tall because if I do the things allah tells me to do,inshallah he will help me.but some people tell me it’s haram to ask allah to make you taller because it changes who you are..but is it true? Will allah make me tall inshallah? By the way thank you for making this website it helped me become a better muslim

    • Wa Alaikm Salaam Br. Mohammed,

      Well, you’re still young so you still may have some growing to do.

      As for making the NBA, there have been some notable short people who have become great NBA players. Mugsy Bogues, Damon Stoudamire, Avery Johnson, and Nate Robinson all come to mind. So if you have really good skills, and you’re committed and you never give up, you may still make the NBA. Furthermore, there are many other jobs and positions you can have in the NBA and professional basketball besides just being a player.

      Continue making dua to Allah and ask Him to give you what’s best. And yes, you can make dua to Allah for anything that isn’t haraam. So you can ask Allah to make you taller, but just be patient and satisfied with whatever He gives you. If you don’t make it to 6’5, don’t let that be a cause of concern or sadness.


    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Well…we all do bad deeds.

      If you’re asking Allah for something good and you don’t see it coming to you, perhaps there’s something in it that’s not good. Perhaps Allah is protecting you from something unseen.

      And if He doesn’t give you what you want right away, then perhaps He will give you something else later on that you really want. Perhaps these unanswered duas will come back to you as safety from a bad accident or protection from some harm in your future.

      My point is you should continue making dua and asking Allah for what you want. Just be confident and patient with whatever He gives you.

  57. As salaamu alaikum i owe money to a catologue, and feel that only me and allah should know how much i owe is that not right? my husband to be has asked me how much i owe and i did not tell him the correct price, only me and allah should know, is that classed as lying and will i get punished for it?

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      If you told him a falsehood, then yes that is a lie.

      He is not yet your husband so you don’t have to tell him anything as yet. But when you do get married, you do have to obey him in all that is good. So at that time it might be time to tell him the truth.

      But for now, just tell your future husband you don’t want to give him this information at this time. There’s no reason to lie.

  58. Salam, I am a 19 year old male and I like this girl and she likes me to we have liked each other for couple of years I am going umra this year finally inshallah and I want to marry her my mum has problems liking her because of past events but my mum not knowing she has recently changed and has turned to allah so I yet have not mentioned this matter to her I want to marry her as soon to prevent any temtation and do it the halal way. how do I mention this to my mum and when is the time right to do this what do I say I am very nervous and also how does istikhara marriage work ?? And is my duas more likley to get eccepted in umra ??

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Your mother just wants what is best for you. She may have seen something bad in this girl and doesn’t want to see you get hurt in the future.

      But at the same time, you don’t need your mother’s permission to marry her. However, you should respect her opinion and seriously take her advise into consideration.

  59. Salam alaykum! well my wife left me and she went with my son and she told me that she do not love me anymore but me i still love her so much and i want to raise my son with her, so which surah or verse must i recite to get her back and Ask Allah for her to change her mind, please help brothers and sister please email me delroyb1@aol.com,

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      There’s more to this story so it’s hard to give you any solid advice. But from what little you’ve written, you don’t seem to have a very strong character, and Allah knows best.

      You should not have just let your wife walk out on you and take your son with her. I don’t mean to offend you (really, I don’t). But your wife may want a man who has a stronger character and who will stand up for his rights and she is confident can protect her.

      You don’t need any special duas. Just make sincere dua to Allah to give you what’s best.

      And Allah is the source of strength.

  60. Assalamu Alaikum,
    I am currently a fourth year undergraduate students studying in a non-muslim country.I recently meet a Muslimah who is a friend of one of my friend and mashallah she is really practicing.After seeing her I knew I want to get married to this person.We didn’t talk much,neither we have any contacts nor there are chances of seeing her in future.Before,I had a six years relationship or I would say that I used to like this girl for so long.I have had a pretty bad experience regarding that time and at that point I thought I wouldn’t be able to want to like anyone else.I would also like to mention I wasn’t that practicing before but now because of some of my friends and with the enlightenment of Allah subhanutaala I am trying to be a practicing one.I always prayed to him that I would like to marry someone who would wake me up in Fajr for prayers.Because of my past,I ruined my studies and there were so many things that got messed up in my life.Now,at this point I am feeling inferior to even inquiry about her to my friend since mashallah she is a software engineer and working in a very reputed company.Whereas,I am also studying engineering and has a low gpa and didn’t graduate yet,let alone seeking a job.I got my heart broken before since I also wanted to marry that previous girl and still I am in a process of re-discovering myself.I seek forgiveness to Allah and want to settle down in my life.Tell me how should I seek for guidance from Allah subhanutaala and would really like to marry this girl who is a friend of my friend.Your advice would be highly appreciated.

    • Wa Alaikum SAlaam,

      The most important thing is that Allah guided you back to the straight path. That is something to be grateful for.

      As for this girl you like, you shouldn’t feel bad about yourself. She will sense your lack of confidence and no one wants to be with an man with no confidence.

      If you wait until you graduate to inquire about her, she may find someone else. If you ask her now, you’re not yet in a position to marry anyway so the most you can hope for is that she will wait for you.

      In my opinion, if you really like her, then go on and inquire about her. And if she is not interested, then leave it with Allah and continue trying to improve yourself and seek His pleasure and Mercy.

      Perhaps some of the other reader have more advice they can give you.

      And Allah knows best.

  61. AslamuAlaikum
    Basically theres this guy i met 2 years ago online, after a year of talking he decided to meet me, so last year we met quite abit but nothing more then a hug happend, So his past is quite bad but its been 4 years Alhumdolillah his changed, he sounds nothing like the person he once was n im very sure on it because his always home or at work n always been in contact with me. Now its come to a point i always looked at it as marriage n he said we will think about it, his been to a babajee which said it wont last with any girl u be with. Now i dont know but i really like this person and cant imagine anyone else but him, i dont know why but i only want to see him in my future. His also got jinns in him and because of that his always in pain, they put alot of bad in his head there for now he goes its gd if we stop talking because he said he wants us both going to jannat but on one side i believe in baba jees but i believe in Allah swt more, if this person could make a big change and turn towards allah swt how can he be bad?I dont have anything more to say and now looking at all this i pray to Allah swt, please bring him to me in a good way, somehow with ur own way get our parents to meet and make this rishta happen in a good way. Im always praying for his goood and they say to get away from jinns u have to move away from all the bad and thats what he is doing so i cant force him to talk to me, but all the time im just praying for him, The other day i had a dream, i was infront of the Kaabah and all i prayed was for his health and for him to be with me, anyhow do u know what this dream could mean? ,Thinking about all this im confused what to do. Any help please?

    • Wa Alaikum SAlaam,

      I have no idea what Baba Jee is but it sounds bad. I’d suggest you both stay away from it.

      If he has jinn within him, you probably should consider someone else as a husband. You don’t want to live in the same house with that stuff. But there are also good Muslim exorcists who can help him with that problem.

      But I think it’s more likely that this guy just has some flaws. If he’s going out with other girls, you shouldn’t even consider him.

      Leave that Baba Jees stuff alone. Believe in Allah only.

      The Kaaba in a dream represents true righteousness. But there’s more to your dream that you haven’t mentioned, most likely.

      And Allah knows best.

    • Dont listen to these babajeez they’re no one to tell you your future. thats Asian beliefs, and the only reason why asian people belive in that is becuase there country was shared with hindus, and hindus tend to really believe in theses babajis and crap. try praying a salah called istikhara it might help give you the correct indication of whether you should or shouldn’t. about the guy i personally wouldn’t get involved with someone who has a jinn, then again i think its a case of some effect of may be black magic (on him) rather than a jinn, and i cant say 100% but its probably this babaji who has done the black magic (so the family keep going back to him and he gets money).

  62. Salam ,
    I belong to a good family Alhumdulillah ..educated and well settled,i was married in to a orthodox family,right from the inception of marriage day my husband is neither lovable nor affectionate towards me,before marriage what were the promises made by him turned to be fake and false,after marriage my husband’s family directly never harassed me but indirectly all the things which i cant share in a single mail,to the outside world hes so nice and caring man,but apart from his parents evil plans he doesnt know how to execute life in a truthful manner.He left me for two years without any information about his whereabouts,but he was in touch with his parents,when i enquired apart from abuse i dint recived anything else,he raises hands on me,but the outside world needs proof what hes done in four walls before leaving me,after two years im in a dilema.khula is what the society around is offering me,My life is spoiled by him ,khula becomes the punishment for my life,not for him,he wil get marry again ,hes ready to take me back again but wil provide basic things like food and shelter,but his attitude in four walls will remain the same,what you would like to advice me,after living a decent and clean life so far shal i take khula by punishing myself or what shall i do to expose him and his family,or for only food and shelter is what im destined to.patience is what i have already shown for more than 3 years now,Mistake form myside also happened sometimes,but always it was him and his male chauvinism towards me to degrade my self esteem.Today im in a position to write a mail like this.Please Advice brothers and sisters.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Your options are either:

      Stay in this miserable relationship,

      Or get divorced and be ostracized by society and most likely not get married again. I hate to say it like this but I have to get to the point in these comments.

      From what it sounds like, he either doesn’t love you or doesn’t know how to show his love or has some other really bad mental problems.

      Be rational about your situation. From what you’ve said, you’re in a weak position. He has all the power and you have none. Therefore, you have to find out what strengths you do have that you can use to your advantage.

      If there is good in him, then you should be good to him and give him his rights as a husband. Sometimes kindness will melt a cold heart.

      Whatever you do, put your trust in Allah and devote your life to pleasing Him. Don’t make your husband the center of your life; make Allah the center of your life and things will change, Inshallah.

  63. Salam walakum my brother of islam. 1st of all i would lyk 2 thank u of all ur hard work 2 creatin islamic materials. By the way r u onfacbuk? I giv 2 orphanages once a mnt is that ok? I am tryin really hard 2 pray namaz and keep fasts, but the missed 1s come 1st ryt? Y do i feel scared all the tym lyk i amm guna die in a few mnts? Is it due 2 sins. I am tryin to follow muhammad saw pbuh sunnah is tha wrong bcos i am a gyal? I searched on the internet abt 4 pgs of muhammad saw sunnah but ther all diffferent plz cud u tell me muhammad saw pbuh sunnah. Jazak allah khair. Allah may he reward u. Ameen

  64. I have heard that praying for a long life doesn’t make sense as that is already determined when a baby is formed in the womb but I always pray for long and healthy life of my loved ones. Is that wrong?

  65. if your food is haram,and you have no problem with your relative who is enjoying riba..then no prayer will be accepted
    this not my own word but the message of my pir-o-mursheed maulana azangachi rahamatulla alaihe

  66. Assalamu Alaikum,
    I need your help in making a decision on my life, if you could please help me with you knowledge about Riba. My husband and I bought a house 5 years ago and it’s interest based. I have read and listened to many hadit, lectures and I know the risk. I’m ready to move out from this house and leave this riba life for good. But my husband keeps on making excusses and tries to convience me that it’s not riba. My question is should I wait and sell the house then leave, or just walk away as soon as possible? He will not support me on my decision it’s just my kids and I, and I need you to make dua for me to make my transition easy, insha Allah
    Thank you

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      I don’t suggest you leave your husband’s house, even though it may have been purchased in a haraam manner.

      I don’t know the particulars of your home purchase, but if it was in the typical western fashion, where you take out a mortgage for a certain number of years from a bank and if you miss a few payments, they take it back and you lose everything….then yes, that’s riba.

      Continue talking with your husband and try to convince him to find a way to sell the house and move on, or pay it off quicker than what’s on the mortgage agreement.

      And Allah is the source of strength.

  67. There’s nothn reltd to duas m ask nw bt like u to shed. Some advice on d follwn matter…m a medcl studnt…wantd to knw wat islm says regrdn medcal termination of pregnancy in cases of congenital anomalies….

  68. Im a 17 year old girl, and have been asking Allah tallah for this one dua for 4 years now! I have some jaw issue which can only be corrected through an expansion and orthodontist process. The thing is i had braces but the treatment before was not successful. I will be working this summer, so I can help pay along with my parents for a new treatment. Please duaa for me, that the orthodontists find a better treatment insha allah, and Allah makes things easier for me, and removes my stress and anxiety due to all of this! Ameen, and thanks for all this info!


  70. Assalam Alaikum wa rahmathullahi wabarakathahu… Hello

    I have a query.. i cannot simply put into words..
    My BIG #1 problem is BAD BREATH

    I’ve had this situation since i was about 15. Now i am at high school.. ever since i’ve found out about my BB i tried everything i could including: brush my teeth, mouthwash, gargle (whatever u can think of)..
    Two years ago i went to the doctors in my country and every time i went something ALWAYS stopped me from telling them the doc that i had this bb condition. Then in the end i end up crying thinking why did i do this?
    Secondly when i went to back home i tried to tell the doctors but just kept it to myself.. i have no idea why and that was back-home where my whole family came with me (soo embarassing).

    Thirdly.. when i came back to this country i made appointments about my allergies (at least in that hope they would see me via ENT specialist)..
    Then.. i made to see them and it happened ONCE MORE and finally TODAY i went again after four month of waiting i FINALLY said to my ent speciality that i’ve got BB.

    I also told her that i had tonsil stones which i seem to take out with cotton bud..then she says “yes continue doing that” it was soo ridicuclous when she said that.. i was like can i remove my tonsils then.. she replied “that doesn’t solve the problem”..

    As usual I don’t know what else to say but CRY every single DAY about this condition.. (ask Allah subhan ta’la) for help and cure but he doesn’t seem to.. i pray reguraly.. i am waiting (not impatient) .. i prevent myself from harmful things

    But my question is due to this condition why wouldn’t Allah accept my dua if this would benefit myself like i wanna talk to people and have fun rather than be segregated as “stinker” .. ( everyone at my school thinks that i don’t brush my teeth and all tat crap)

    I cannot participate in class it’s HORRIBle..

    P.S: i’ve also told my parents and just as what i thought they responded to me ike “aahh u dont have bb” then like they just stopeed talking afterwards..

    I literally cry every single day no-one wud believe this.. :'(

    it’s actually ruining my entire life…

    • do your gums bleed?because blood also can cause bad breath,if its the cause you lack vitamin C,you should have oranges everyday and when you do wazu and wash your mouth just ask ALLAH to stop this bb inshallah you will be finee

    • You should have your tonsil stone removed. You can get them surgically removed and hopefully that should treat the problem.

  71. Asalam,
    I have a concern that has been going on for years. I have recently found out that witchcraft and black magic has been done on me and my sister not to get married. We have had many proposals but one or the other the answer always ends up rejecting them. Even though we know that family is good and right but my parents reject them. We heard from someone who breaks magic or something. But we have nothing much happening about marriage.

    • you should read ayatul kursi and Amanar Rasul every night and blow it on your body and in water and drink the water,inshallah you will be okay

  72. sir me and my musband were supporting a widow lady and her daughter since last 5 years.Now that lady claims her to be my husbands wife and is blackmailing us by posting editteted vulger pictures of my hasband with her.it’s been three months now, she also had made an id card without our knowledge.since we are living abroad so cant do much ,but one of our friends is helping us to get the id card cancelled.But for the facebook pictures she says she has not posted them, but since he is my husband so those pictures are ours.Even the police is trying to get those phos from her but no vain.we also have registered a complaint to FIA …but it is also a very long process.
    sir., Allah knows my husband is a very nice person helping the poors and the needy most of the time. Pays off zakat very regularly …..but after this incident we both are so disturbed ,that what wrong is done by us that we are punished so badly, and it seems our duas are not answered. please guide me . i am now too afraid of the widows .i know this is very bad but i cant help my self out of this thinking. From your article i got a feeling may be Allah has planned something very good for us , which we cant think of.

  73. Hello sister & brothers. the is this boy that o was daton for a year and i told him i need distance and after three week a saw him and i stay have all the feelon for him. I wish to marry him but we already been together before. The is a lot of understandin between us two. But i dont know of the future . I am so confuse and would loke to hear someone else view. I want to be halal but again i want hom in my life . Is yjos stay considered haram . Please help . Inshallah and thanks

  74. @A.K …i dont find mariama mail so informative for which you are so thankful for sharing…..as a muslim everyone must know that staying together just for joy is haram…..well if i am missing some point do share …

  75. I am thankful because my duas’ weren’t being answered in the way I wanted and being human it made me impatient despite the fact that I knew all of this already. Just reading this at ‘that moment’ made my faith stronger.How can I not be thankful? 🙂

  76. Jazakumullahu khayran for this. May Allah bless you with the best in this life and the next, dear brother. I have seen how patiently you have answered every question.
    Please make dua for me.

  77. Assalamualaikum
    I had been asking Allah for my wudhu annulling issue for abt a long tym, even wen i went for umrah, i begged him and even wen i was travelling to makkah from UAE (a musafir’s dua is accepted), even at iftar tym, even during laylatul qadr nights, but i still hav the problem. It is a kinda constipation problem. Ppl made fun of me, and i used to have a lot of problem trying to do Tawaaf as my wudhu used to get annulled. Moreover, people crowd around the kaabah and it is very difficult to get through. I know that if a person has a disease, he does’nt need to do wudhu again and again. I went to the doc but he said i didnt hav any gastric problem or any other disease. i hav suffered a lot of humiliation. I know that my content is unrelated to the topic. I am really sorry.
    Plz tell me some duas or ways to get out of this problem.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Keep making dua and do not become impatient. Have a good opinion of Allah and utilize any available medical means to solve your problem knowing that ultimately it is Allah that cures and heals us all.

      Make Tahajjud (night prayer) a habit and fast on Mondays and Thursdays if possible. Make dua to Allah during the night prayers to solve your problem. Also make dua after Salaatul Asr on Fridays. Learn the meaning of the words you’re saying as well, and don’t just repeat the Arabic words from memory.

      Don’t give up and don’t give up on Allah.

  78. ive been askin for 9 years. these 9 years have been painful and very hard. so what if i am asking for a guy who i love to marry me. atleast i am asking for marriage at the end of it. i wont say its a bad or sinful thing to ask for its part of whats required (marriage) im just asking it to be with this particular person. if he thinks its not good for me make it be good for me after all he’s almighty and powerful who managed to make the world in 6 days, then making something that i really want be good for me is not hard is it? whats the point of telling us ask and then when we do ask he’s got terms and conditions. why make us to hurt us?

    • You have lack of Faith….. If you truly believe in Hereafter than even if you didn’t get the guy you love the most, it wouldn’t even matter to you because the life of hereafter is better and greater than this world. The life of this world is just plain amusement and fun. I suggest you make your Faith more pure and pray Allah to give you Guidance, that’s your lacking.

  79. and by the way during these 9 years i have tried my very best to be up to date with the five pillars, ive even prayed the most longest and complicated tiring prayers. its a shame i put all my best effort into it and gained nothing other than pain and ignorance. how do you expect me to be patient 9 years in frustration and pain is very very hard and long.

  80. Assalamulaykum,

    I know that were not allowed to pray for non Muslims but is it possible to make a dua for a non-Muslim friend to be guided onto the correct path, and if I am able to get married to this individual? If so what would I need to say?


    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      You cannot pray for the forgiveness of non-Muslims after they’ve died. But you can pray for them while they’re alive, including asking Allah to guide them.

      Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prayed that either Umar Ibn Al-Khattab or Abu Jahl would accept Islam when both of them were enemies of Islam. As it turned out, Allah guided Umar but not Abu Jahl.

  81. Last year during Ramadan, I made extensive lists and asked every day for every thing that I needed (important things!). I prayed all the Sunnah and Fard and Taraweeh. But none of my Dua’as came true? It’s been over a year, and this Ramadan has almost come to an end. Still none of the Duas (believe me I went above and beyond making Dua last Ramadan… I was more determined than I ever thought I would be!) have even come close to coming true. I got almost nothing that I asked for. What more can I do? I Swear I’ve tried everything.

    • You have to trust in Allah. This is not a business. You don’t give Allah something in order to get something back in return. Worship Him because He deserves to be worshiped. If you need something from Him, ask for it. And if you don’t get it when you want it or in the way you expect it, then you must trust that He knows what is best for you and trust His decree.

  82. I’m 30 pls remember me in prayer i won’t a job so dat i can do nikkah.may Almighty Allah save us frow sinnah.

  83. Salam alaikum.

    My older sister who has hated me all my life and always treated me with contempt is estranged from me due to an event in my past which happened when i was a teenager. Even prior to the event my sister has only ever had pure hatred for me also.
    I did something bad when i was young but now i am an adult with a family and the rest of my relatives (mum etc) have all forgiven me and moved on but she refuses to talk to me or acknowledge me.
    I have asked many relatives to speak to her on my behalf but she refuses to keep ties with me.
    I even called her myself but she keeps putting the phone down.
    Im thinking that the bad thing I did is in the past and I was a young girl when it happened and it shouldnt come in the way now. But why is she still hating me.
    Maybe its just an excuse for her to carry on the hate and opression she inflicted on me when I was a child. Shes about 6-7 years older than me I think. I dont even know her real age. A lot of bad things have happened to me as a result of her treating me the way she did there is no doubt about that in my mind.
    Now I want to forget everything and make up with her but she will not listen at all.
    Will I still get the sin of not keeping family ties?
    JazakAllah Khair. Please can you reply.

  84. As salaamu ‘alaikum,

    I have a question regarding something I am making constant dua for. My young brother could possibly be diagnosed with autism (Astaghfirullah) and I keep asking Allah (swt) to start making him develop better ie. start talking, make more eye contact etc. I was wondering whether it is permissible to make dua for something like this? Am I allowed to pray that Allah (swt) improves his development and gives him a healthy and normal development? I have noone else to turn to but Allah and He is the All-Powerful. I just want some assurance that I’m not praying for something wrong. Jazakallah in advance for your response.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Yes, you can make dua for this but you must also be patient. Sometimes there’s good in what may seem apparently bad to us. And Allah may not turn your brother around right away. Or perhaps this struggle will be a means for you and your family to enter paradise.

      My point is, definitely make dua for your brother. But at the same time, be patient with the decree of Allah and put your trust in Him. Ultimately, He will give you what’s best.

  85. AslamuAlaikum

    I have a question, ive known this guy a while now maybe 3 years. I reallly love him and he says he only likes me but doesnt want to get married to me because he says he cant see a future. He says we wont get along.
    His got alot of jins in him and health problems because or that, he had a bad past 5 years ago but eversince then his trying his best to be a gd muslim but the jins always make him do bad things. Because of this reason he never goes out now i really want to be with him, as much as his a negative thinker i am a positive thinker.
    I believe it will work out although it can be a little hard but if i follow the path of ALLAH nothing can go wrong, I really want to marry him and help him coming to the path of ALLAH, i feel that i can do this.

    Now again his stopped talking to me because he tells me its gunaah and its never going to work out and he even said its gunaah if i ask ALLAH to get me married to him when he doesnt want to marry me?

    Been a few weeks ive really got into reading my namaaz and in shaa ALLAH i will keep it up nomater wat. Now another thing, he stopped talking to me but i said atleast a hi, hellow, how are you but he refused and said no, i cant be gd if i talk to you. Basically his attracted to me very badly that if i talk to him he cant control himself from talking dirty and he says that stops him from trying to be gd which i agree.

    After seeing all this, we are both attracted to eachother, i think it can work out on the right paths of ALLAH. I pray to ALLAH swt to make me and him together and i even pray that i want to be on the right paths of islam with him. With the intentions of wanting to marry him i ask ALLAH swt to get that guy to change his mind and tal to me as in the hi, how r u etccc. Only a decent convo.

    Another thing, that guy found out from someone about marriage and he told him his going to get married 3 times and im guessing this is what made him more negative. Personally I dont believe istikhara always gives the right answers as people always get different ishara’s so i leave that aside.

    So whatever i ask ALLAH swt is it permissible?

    Waiting for a reply

  86. Brother I need a quick reply so please reply to me via email. Would a dua be accepted if I want to see someone? The reason for seeing this person is because that person has took something from me, therefore I want to get it back from them. Would Allah accept a dua for this? Please reply me on nonameother@outlook.com

    Jazakallah brother

  87. Brother would Allah accept a dua if i want to see someone? The situation is, a person has took a life from a sibling of mine and I will wait patiently till the person is released from prison. I calculated that I will turn at the age of 31 years which would mean I will be fit enough and once the person is out i want to end their life, but will Allah accept my dua of giving me a higher chance to capture this person? Please reply via email on nonameother@outlook.com

    Jazakallah brother

    • This is not a good thing to make dua for. Allah is the best at taking revenge. Besides, by the time you decide to act upon your plan, this person may have repented and earned Allah’s Love and Mercy. This will put you in the wrong for hurting someone that Allah loves.

      This person is already doing time in prison. If you don’t feel this is justice enough, then make dua to Allah to bring justice for you. But to take it into your own hands is very dangerous.

  88. Assallammu allikum.
    I been working in bpo bank mortgage process bpo in India for almost 7years now i realise that im not soppose to work those kind of job but if i choose other domain i will be getting least pay from that pay i can not take care of my family. My sister not living with her husband so i need to take care of my 2 nephew education and mom and more over i yet to marry so i have no other option other than working in mortgage but i always belive god will understand my suituvation. Pls give me a suggestion

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Allah knows your intention better than you or I do.

      Do what you think is best now and make Taubah (repentance) to Allah. If you truly have no other choice, then Allah knows the truth. However, you should make the intention to leave this job as soon as possible and make dua to Allah to make it easy for you to leave.

      But if you truly trust in Allah, then you will find something else now, even if it doesn’t pay as well, and leave this situation.

      Ultimately, Allah knows best.

  89. Assalamualaikum.
    This article has helped me. But i still cant find a clear solution.

    I am in a relationship with a muslim boy. Im 20 and his age is 24. I know that going into a relationahip is haram. The fact i falled in love with him is due to his religious manner. N he is a very religious person. He have changed me in many good ways. His parents are ready to get me married but my parents are not being supportive as he is frm a different city in the same country. I am in love with him for the past 2 years n we really want to get married. We hav been praying tahjud n asking dua… I have faith i will en up with him. What more should i do for my dua to be accepted? How can i convince my parents?

  90. Assalamu alaikum,
    i know a girl from different country. At first we chat a lot and we became close to one another. My intention only is to marry her. i knew it is haram but i fell for my desires. Astaghfirullah. for 2 months we chat. Now we discussed about the anger of Allah that we may incur and we both have decided to stop contacting each other. And we must do a lot of istigfar from Allah. Hope Allah forgive us for our Sins.

    But now i want to marry her as per shariah. I first ask my parents if they agree for me to marry her. Then i approach her Wali/Father and ask her hand in Marriage.

    My Parents may not agree as she is from different Country. So i Dua to Allah that my parents heart become soft towards her so they agree for this marriage in shaa Allah.

    Now i fear as you have mentioned that if ties of kinship are cuttoff because of this marriage proposal. Will Allah accept my dua.

    I dont want to break away from my family at any cost or because of the girl. i just want them to marry me to her. Thats all.

    She is a good muslimah. good in deen. her deen appeals me. this is why we settled to this decision of haram contact effecting our imaan.

    Will my dua be accepted under this scenario. Or am i asking something HARAM.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      You don’t need your parents permission to get married as a man. You should take their advice, but you’re not confined by their approval. If you love this girl and she is truly a good Muslim, then go on and marry her.

  91. Why does the Christian God answer their prayers? My Christian friends say this all the time, they pray for husbands, car everything..

    • Allah answers everyone’s prayer, not just Muslims. Just like Muslims can enjoy the sunshine and rain and love and beautiful children, Allah has also made it so those who do not worship Him properly also enjoy these things. And Allah also answers their prayers. It’s like a Mercy from Him and a test at the same time.

  92. Asalam Alaikum,

    I am not a very good Muslim but I still pray more than my family and think of Allah every day. I don’t pray five times a day but I am trying very hard to.
    I recently got an email that I am suspected of plagiarism and I don’t think I have intentionally plagiarized. I am a straight A student, even now in university Alhamdulillah. But I am very scared of this allegation because it is big and can effect my whole future. I have been praying that they do not find me guilty. Are there any duas to help me? What should I do? We’re are having a meeting with another facilitator about this issue, it is a big issue and its been making me cry a lot until it stings to cry anymore. What should I do?
    Thank you and please pray for me everyone, please.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Your first duty, after bearing witness that there’s no god besides Allah and that Muhammad is His Messenger, is to establish the prayer. You must establish the five daily prayers in your life.

      Start there and everything else will begin to fall in place, insha Allah.

  93. Hello, i’d like to know something, and you must know i dont have much idea about how things work. hence this blog was very helpful…thanks so much. what should one do when something really injustice is happening with one’s life? when someone is continously bullied and even hit by his/her brother? let along the dirty language. i know its terrible to ask for someones misfortune but i cant help it.
    please dont tell me that he hss the “right” to do any of it. because he doesnt, i’m an adult and i am financially independent…i’m always on my guard…in fact i share all the expenses of the household with him. he never fulfil any duty as an elder brother.
    but always there to pick one me… find faults on me. and oh the language and behavior!… anyone from a proper family would never speak in that manner.

    he always tormented my father like that when was alive. sometimes i even question if we truly share the same father!

    its like seeing them in pain will grant me peace. i ask forgiveness to Allah everytime something like that pops in my head.at the same time the sufferings, the verbal abuse… dont end.

    is it wrong to ask allah to Hedayet someone? to ask for justice for the wrong doings even if the person is my own brother? if yes, then please tell me what should i do? what should i ask for? i pray ayatul kursi, everytime i feel helpless… but things hardly change…please help.

    • May Allah grant ease, confidence and bravery to you- I know allah can see what I type so I ask that he visually answeres your dua as I don’t know you in person, but bi iznallah, I get to see you.

  94. Asalam-o-alaikum.
    My sister got court marriage because she was abused when she told my parents that she want to get married to that guy she loves. She was not mentally ready to accept another guy whom my parents chose for her. After her marriage Alhamdullilah she is very happy and is blessed with a daughter. Same is the my case. I love a guy and can’t marry another person cause my mind don’t accepts it. If i will tell my parents they will ever agree on it because he is also out of our family and totally unknown. i know him for 3 years he is not a bad guy. according to islamic point of view should i also get court marriage or should wait for the right time? the thing is that i really love him and can’t live without him. if i tell my parents i’m 100% sure they will not agree.


      • assalamalaikum…. please I need a help… I love a gal a lot from many year but I dint tel her now she is married and my life is going like a hell I am really going through v bad time… should I tel her that about my feelings… and m praying to Allah to get to get her back in my life…. I can’t imagine my life with out her… Some body please help me….

  96. why do people hate me?, ive made dua so many times but this nadim issue never happens…. why cant nadim be my friend, is kit khair for me that he isn’t. Can you make dua?

  97. assalam o alaikum, i would rather be ashamed if i put this on web but this is killing me from inside, i am a great believer of the miracles of ALLAH TALA and his messanger prophet muhammad-sallallahu-alaihi-wasallam. i live in jaipur, i am muslim girl (sunni) i am doing engineering from the rajasthan university jaipur, here i was in truely love iwth a jain boy, though i just respected my islam , and he is such a nice person that he never asked me to follow jainism, i went to ajmer dargah 10-12 times in this 3 years with him and infact i made him recite namaz in dargah sharif ( its only garib nawaz ji calls when we could go to ajmer and i am sure due to his and mine pure heart , he made us go to dargah) , infact once i went with him to jain temple , i went casually because i know its all mere believes and its only ALLAH TALA who is the creator of world, i went with him, he asked me to do sazda , i directly denied and told him in my islam we are not allowed to do sazda even before

  98. assalam o alaikum, i would rather be ashamed if i put this on web but this is killing me from inside, i am a great believer of the miracles of ALLAH TALA and his messanger prophet muhammad-sallallahu-alaihi-wasallam. i live in jaipur, i am muslim girl (sunni) i am doing engineering from the rajasthan university jaipur, here i was in truely love iwth a jain boy, though i just respected my islam , and he is such a nice person that he never asked me to follow jainism, i went to ajmer dargah 10-12 times in this 3 years with him and infact i made him recite namaz in dargah sharif ( its only garib nawaz ji calls when we could go to ajmer and i am sure due to his and mine pure heart , he made us go to dargah) , infact once i went with him to jain temple , i went casually because i know its all mere believes and its only ALLAH TALA who is the creator of world, i went with him, he asked me to do sazda , i directly denied and told him in my islam we are not allowed to do sazda even before QURAN SHARIF, its only we have to do sazda during the time of namaz, he understood my sayings and didnot ask me to do that,, he even told his family that if he will marry , he will marry me and even they said ok because once they made him forcefully trapped to his house but he ran away after 3 days and came back to me, he always respect his family but its like he has to spend 60-70 yrs with me so have to take steps sometimes which are heart hurting, everything was going good.
    We have decided i will follow islam after religion and he will follow his ainism ( idea behind it was if he will marry me his family said we will not contact you but we will be with you inside corner of heart, so i will make him aware of islam – a true religion and i am sure that he would have accepted it, but 1 month back his family came and they said either tell this girl to marry you roght away or just come with us and leave her- i was ready to tell everyone that i love him a lot ,, but offcourse they wanted me to accept jain that i can never do. Allah tala made me so special and lucky to provide me the Islamic life and i can never ever think of to refuse to be in this Islamic life, i denied to theier order as a result he went with his family as his mother is very strict and offcourse even he was aexpecting from me to support our relation but i can never breach my Islamic view :’( so i left it to allah tala , please do not say that its wrong to have bf , that he is a jain etc because i pray to allah tala with a pure heart that please make him mine but make them aware of that they are prasing shaiytaan not god. Please allah tala you owe every kind of miracle i pray to make them aware of true islam religion, make them accept this religion and if my love and me will not be happy in future then make canges in that dispute and make our togetherness with blessings,
    I need you all to pray for me because i am praying which is may be not relevant but i am praying the way where i will be a follower of islam and can make people (his family) save from qyamat . i cry everyday and pray to allah tala to make us together and make him muslim so that my love be saved from Hinduism- religion of no output. Please pray for me and my love i need all of your prayers and blessings.

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam Saleema,

      This was a long comment, so I’ll keep my response short.

      As a Muslim wife, you almost have to submit yourself to your husband who must also commit himself to caring for you.

      How can you submit yourself to someone who doesn’t submit to Allah?

      Think about it.

  99. that is what i pray for sir. i pray for the miracles of allah tala . i pray allah to make them follow islam by any miracle and then make him mine, because even if i will die missing him so badly i will never change my idea of changing religion. only islam is a true religion and ALLAH TALA is the only creator of world.
    are miracles come true my wishes? i need all of your prayer :'(

  100. salamalaikum..
    please help me with this issue..i’ve been trying to get duas and prayers to help me overcome my issue. I was previously had divorce 2 years ago. I wasn’t into Islam, I did not know how to pray and did not fast. I lived my life as a non muslim girl eg clubbing, drinking, smoking etc. after my divorce I became more interested in religion and then I met this guy, he helped me became a good muslim. he taught me how to pray, wear hijab and abaya, quit clubbing, smoking, drinking, and stopped all the bad things in my life including friends with bad people. most of our conversations has always been about islam and being a better muslim. we fell in love and we went overseas and did nikaah. now he told his family about me and they are forcing him to divorce me because I have a different culture and speak different language but we are from the same nationality, and because I was previously divorced and have a son from my first husband. my husband and I love each other very much, he is a great husband to me and a greater father to my son. I am so attached to him and cannot afford to loose him. his left with two options ‘wife’ or ‘family’. and he most likely will choose family due to parents status in islam. his highly religious. I know I cannot survive if (allah forbids)divorce takes place, I cut my wrist with a knife as I am so sick and tired of waiting all my life to have a normal marriage life as it is the only thing I ever wanted since being a young girl. if he divorces me I will loose all my faith in marriage, in this world, in my self and mostly in Allah. I will go back to the haram way of life by committing all kinds of sins including zina only to get thru my anger with life and my destiny. I have had depression for more than 7 years. I tolerated and have been patient for so long and thats why I preferred haram way of life.I don’t want Allah to take my husband away from me coz this will break me and make me the worst person. I am so depressed, I haven’t seen sunlight in days and haven’t been out, my family all knows about this guy 9my husband) but only few know abot my nikaah with him. I don’t have friends, I have always been the girl who is easy to walk out on and easy to ditch. for the first time in my life I actually have someone in my life that loves me and makes me feel the most beautiful woman in the world.multicultural marriages are encouraged in islam and prophet Muhammad’s(pbuh)first wife was also a divorcee and had children. I don’t want to go back to the old haram ways of life, I don’t want to take off my hijab and abaya, I don’t want to loose my faith in allah as I love being a muslim and mostly I love Allah for blessing me a beautiful son and a great husband but without my husband I cannot walk this path. I will either kill my self or live the worst path. both ways ill end up hurt and in hell.
    please help me…. is there a dua or a prayer that I can perform to help my in-laws to accept me and my son.

  101. I have done a lot of bad and evil things in my past life.Now i am asking allah to forgive me and let me go back on my past life.So,that i can change my life.My question is:

    Is asking allah for let me getting back on my past life is a sin??

    • Not sure what you mean. Do you want Allah to put you back on the past life of sinning? Or are you asking Allah to send you back in time and fix your deeds?

      The first request is most likely sinful, and the second one is inappropriate. Just ask Allah for forgiveness and don’t do it anymore.

    • Ask Allah to give you obedience and ask him to give you a chocolate KFC milkshake, inshallah may he give that to you with the full functioning biscuit chips

  102. Can we make dua for the innocent disbeliver who suffered cruelty from her boarding mother, this girl Sylvia likens was tortured in so many ways…. she was probably converting to islam, because she was crying out to allah a few times and then her mother Gertrude baniszweski kept pushing her and inserting cigarettes in her mouth.

    can we make dua for innocent child sylvia

  103. Lester Likens agreed to pay Baniszewski $20 a week, but when this stipend was late, Baniszewski, described by The Indianapolis Star as a “haggard, underweight asthmatic”[5] suffering from depression and the stress of several failed marriages, began taking her anger out on the Likens girls, beating them with paddles.

    Baniszewski soon focused her abuse exclusively on Sylvia, accusing her of stealing candy that she had bought from a grocery store, and humiliating her when she admitted that she once had a boyfriend. Paula, who was pregnant at the time, kicked Likens in the genitals and accused her of being pregnant, although later medical examination proved that Sylvia was not and could not have been.[6]

    Sylvia was later accused of spreading rumors through Arsenal Technical High School that Paula and Stephanie were prostitutes; this supposedly provoked Stephanie’s boyfriend, Coy Hubbard, to physically attack Sylvia. Mrs. Baniszewski encouraged Hubbard and other neighborhood children to torment Likens, including, among other things, extinguishing cigarettes on her skin and forcing her to remove her clothes and insert a glass Coca-Cola bottle into her vagina on at least two occasions.[5]

    After beating Sylvia to force her to confess to stealing a gym suit from school which Baniszewski would not buy for her (and without which she was unable to attend gym class) Baniszewski kept her out of school and forbade her to leave the house. When Sylvia urinated in her bed, she was locked in the cellar and forbidden to use the toilet. Later, she was forced to consume her own feces and urine. Shortly before Sylvia died, Baniszewski began to carve the words “I’m a prostitute and proud of it!” into Sylvia’s stomach with a heated needle, although Richard Hobbs finished the carving. Hobbs and 10-year-old Shirley Baniszewski also used a heated eye bolt to burn the number “3” into Sylvia’s chest.[5]

    Sylvia attempted to escape a few days before her death after overhearing Baniszewski’s plan to have her dumped in a wooded area nearby, but as she reached the front door, Baniszewski caught her and punished her by tying her up in the basement and giving her only crackers to eat. On October 26, 1965, after multiple beatings, burnings, and scalding baths, Sylvia Marie Likens died of a brain hemorrhage, shock and malnutrition.[5] She was 16 years old.

    When Stephanie Baniszewski and Richard Hobbs realized that Sylvia was not breathing, Stephanie attempted to give Sylvia mouth-to-mouth resuscitation before realizing that it was hopeless and that Sylvia was dead.[7]
    After she died, Gertrude burnt her body and threw it in a closet, where she was often locked.

  104. Muslim 3753 “We were with the prophet of Allah and he was thirsty. And a man said: ‘O prophet of Allah, do you want to drink wine?’ Prophet of Allah said: ‘Yes’. The man went to get the wine. The prophet of Allah said: ‘Make it intoxicated’. And he drank.”

    • Here’s a better hadith: “Whoever tells a lie against me intentionally, let him take his seat in the hellfire.”

      I’ve never heard of that hadith. I’ve done a full search for that hadith both by number and context, and can find nothing like this. Furthermore, this hadith goes against common sense and what is known about Islam and the Prophet’s (pbuh) character.

      As far as I’m concerned, you’re lying on the Messenger of Allah (a very serious at that) for you have no proof. Go to http://sunnah.com and bring us back a link to that hadith if you are telling the truth.

  105. I’m an 18 year old boy , and the problem that keep stressing me out is that I can see some problem in my mental health that possibly lead me to having a mental disorder which I really hate to mention.I try to talk about it with my mom and she just told me to confide on Allah(S.W.T.)and he will be in charge of me.Well that’s what I always do ,ever since I figured out some symptomps that I suspect from that mental disorder I started relying to Allah more often.By not having absents from Salah and having long Duas without moving my feet then , it gives me cramps but I really don’t mind as long as Allah(S.W.T.) knows that I am sincere. I haven’t been diagnosed by any psychologist and I really hope that it wasn’t that serious.I am really scared and frustrated that in the near future I’l lbe gone insane but what keeps me holding on is to think that Allah knows what’s in my heart that I won’t give up on myself even if things that I ask to him is impossible but NOTHING TO HIM IS IMPOSSIBLE because that’s ALlah as we know him. TAWAKKUL – is believing to Allah till the end , when everything is going impossible. In the end ALLAH won’t drop me till the very last.

    • ASA brother I strongly suggest you go and see your GP or doctor. It’s important that you do seek professional help for the symptoms you are experiencing, and inshallah I pray that Allah swt gives you good health and strong Imaan.


  106. none of my simplist duas are answered, I want to pray fajr and this was not answered and I wanted to go jumah last Friday and nothing.

  107. salamalaikum..

    I am 17 years old, i start praying when i was 2nd year high school and then i stop, and then i start again praying when i was 3rdyear high school and then i stop again and when i was 16-17 Im always praying but sometimes I cant pray because I skip the salah and i mean it is that bad? :'(

  108. salamalaikum
    I want divorce from my husband it’s been 3 months to our marriage and we don’t have any relationship between us I never wanted to get married to him before my nikha I told my mum I don’t want to get to him but becoz of there izzat I was forced now I don’t know what to do

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      I would suggest you be patient with the situation unless he’s being abusive or dishonest with you. Breaking up your marriage now may bring you more harm than good.

      And Allah knows best.

  109. Salam,

    I am 19 and have been going through a rough time… i always had so much faith and believe in Allah but through these past 3-4 years my prayers are going unanswered.(its about my studies). i intend to get into a med school in which i’m applying for.. i’ve lost so many times now that i’ve become insecure and scared and my confidence has been shattered and most importantly i dont feel like i have the same faith and belief in Allah as i had before and im loosing it and its so scary & i am always crying about it i dont wanna loose it and my heart doesn’t seem to be at peace but its just stuck in my brain that my prayer’s not gonna be answered.. please help me i wanna regain that Eeman that i had once,tell me how do i build that faith and belief again ? how do i regain that trust? i want my prayers to be answered .. please help me. reply ASAP please..
    (and please pray that i get into that med school im applying for and that it’s better for me too)


  110. salam… i am going through a tough time i don’t know what should i do i don’t have anyone to help me its like something killing me inside i can’t understand what is wrong to me.. i don’t want to share all about my life here please give me some email adress if it possible…

  111. does dua at iftar work, because im going to make dua at iftar and im sure then allah will give nadim to me and i can be his friend, even though, im not allowed to see him.

  112. I want to ask you that I am near 34 yrs in age, but still nothing is happening for me to get married. My proposals come but they did not contact us after seeing me. I repeatedly say prayers to Allah, but nothing could be happen. I say five time prayers daily. say ramzan fast, helping needy and serve my parents. All possible good deeds i do, but I did not get the required desire. Plz tell me what should i do now? I am so much worried about it. Plz answer me as early as possible. I am so much worried plz.

  113. I want to know the perfect meaning of the following.
    AssalamO Alaikkum,

    I need your advice on the following.

    Aoozu BiIzzathillahi wa Qudrathihee wa Ssulatanihee wa Azeezu wa Azeemu wa Aliyyu wa Raheemu wa SSalaamu wa Qahharu wa Qawwiyyu wa Naeemu wa Awwalu wa Haqqu wa Ghanimatika min sharri maa ajidu.


    PLEASE ADVISE on the grammar and order, above all true meaning.


    Sayeed Yassin

  114. Salam, I am going through a terrible tough time. I am asking Allah everyday to help me and my family. I feel like we have no luck in our life, it’s as if every door is closing on us. My family and I have sacrificed alot in life. I do not want to share all about my life here.. Can I have your Email Address if that’s possible please..

  115. I have lost some one whom I have been with 4 years people have created controversy. I want her mind to be clear and my niyat is to marry that person? Is it wrong?

  116. Assalamu Alaikum,
    i have a question, i have been making very hard dua lately wishing for something very dear to me, but then just like in the article i kind of got a little impatient. Now i want to know, will my dua never be answered because i got impatient, or now after reading this article, can i improve myself and make dua for the same thing while trying to be patient?

  117. Assalamu Alaikum,

    My exam resutlts are in August 21st I am praying namaz doing everything and before i gave up, but now i believe in Allah and dont give up. I dont work so I just give my saveing money like in my house jar for zakat like £1 etc. I am makeing dua to Allah the Powerful. Almighty. Also Allah can change anything, I always dont pass, but before i gave up. Now I am not giveing up I know Allah can do anything and I worked hard and he can just do anything.



  118. As-salamu Alaykum,
    I am going through very hard moment as I rejected from embassy where i applied for student visa. I was very confident because I have been praying to Allah & making all dua’s I know, for my success. Also my honorable parents & my family members prayed for my success. Everything was fine & I almost going to have visa but at the last moment they rejected me for an issue, which upset me too much I still cant believe myself I got rejected. I wanted to have better degree & I am solvent from every prospects. It’s true I am now suffering from huge stress & depression which i am unable to bear but I still thanks to Almighty ALLAH for everything. I share my current situation with you because i want my brothers & sisters to help me find out my lacking & help me to prepare myself for next time.

  119. Can you please share your ID? I need guidance and help. I cant discuss it here publicly. Is it possible for you to contact me?

  120. Asalamowalekum brothers and sisters,

    I have been asking for a dua for years now and it is not being accepted…it can be pretty frustrating! This dua is very Islamic. I always pray to Allah for giving me a chance to move to the Middle East…and he never accepts this prayer. Why? Moving to Middle East will only improve my deen!

    I have been to countries all over Europe, but Allah isn’t accepting my prayer to visit the Middle East. The reason why I want to move is because I want my and my future generation to have more Islamic environment. Why isn’t he listening? I pray 5 times a day, pay zakat, and have now started to fast (I’m 20…and this was my first year to fast fully). I grew up in a non-religious house so thats why I started fasting late.

    I definately try to be a good Muslim day by day (at least more than my parents)…in fact, my whole reason for wanting to move to Middle East is to have better Islamic future.

    Why won’t Allah accept my dua?

    • Maybe going to the Middle East will cause you more problems, it may be that you get kidnapped god forbid and or something serious, have ye not realised this??

  121. Assalamu Alaikum I am very depressed I am in serious financial difficulties I have so much debt that I cannot pay.. Please make duaa for me Insh Allah

  122. Assalamu Alaikum,

    I am very depressed I prayed alot to Allah mian to marry a guy that I love. We are in relationship from past 4 years. We want to get married to each other but his parents are rejecting me as I am from different state and besides that I am a divorce. I had been divorced two years ago, the man I had married was terrible and a cheat because which the relationship broke. Now that I have deep love of this guy in my life its very hard for me to stay with out him. I have been asking Allah to get me married to him my prayers have not been excepted. I wanted my Ni’amal badal in the form this guy who is extremely good I got a second chance to live life happily, but now i am loosing hope. He is getting married to another women his parents are forcefully getting him married. Can I still make dua for getting him married to me. Iseriously cannot live with out him. I strongly believe in Allah and almost prayed salatul tasbeeh every day I am weeping day and night asking Allah to accept my dua and forgive my sins.
    I am reading Surah Rehman 11 times as and when I get time, I have started tahjud. In this coarse of time I have been praying hard and become more close to religion but day by day I am going away from the love of my life. I am unable to control my emotions. Is it ok to still pray for him to be back to me and his parents realize our love for each other. Is that ok to till the last movement or I am I wishing bad for the other lady who is gonna marry him.
    Please brothers and sisters please answer my queries at the earliest.
    Please remember me in your prayers.

    I would neva want to loose him I wish Allah has some mercy on me and make my dream come true in his own way. I am getting hasty and restless as his marriage is fixed after a month or so.

    Ya Allah Please help me….

  123. Assalamu aleykum sisters and brothers.
    I didn’t know anything about Islam, and I did many evil things. I never tried to know who is Allah the Almighty, and His messenger. It was very hard for me to live, at school I was a very bad girl. My mother always tried to help find the right way, but I never listened to her. One I made her very angry, and she told that I was just a bacteria to my school and my family. That day I tried to kill myself, and I drunk poison. But I didn’t die, I think Allah gave me a chance to get into the Paradise. After that I got closecer to Allah the almighty, and it really changed my life. I started praying, fasting on Ramadan, and reading the Holy Quran. I was blind and Allah opened my eyes and gave me a new life that I couldn’t even dream. My all dreams came true, I got everything I wanted, but suddenly I lost my all, what is the reason of this, and after death will I get into the Paradise or Hell? Can anyone tell me the right answer?

    • Its called A TEST, It was all tempary what you got in sha allah, you will get it re invested in Jannah, but if you go Hell…. im sorry, I cant help you there

  124. I want Allah to wake me up for Fajr and I want Allah to give me that intention and I want him to shower me his responsiveness. I hope Allah guides all SHIAS to the straight path

  125. I wanted to ask I have a friend and he has applied for different campuses in Australia we both make dua for each other I pray for him daily and I am very proud of him that he prayes 5 times a day what broke my heart is every time he applies for a campus his interview goes well but they say its because of political problem in Egypt or he has another agenda to go to Australia it gets me so angry and I cried he is such a an amazing person and has a good heart and i want him to achieve all his dreams especially because of his mother I wanted to know if there is anything he could read to help him get a place when he applies for another campus

    thank you

  126. Assalam walekum..my name is mudassar..in the age of 14 i did jina and i m continuing once in a month till the age of 31 and i m still single and i also do wrong things on video call like teling chatmate show me ur body parts i give u money to get satisfaction and lie 2 many of them like giving money and help u..from lst 2 months i m not doing any wrong things like jina and i m in saudi wrking now..i pray and several times i say astagfar but i know i do big mistake and even cheated wit many of them pls tell me what should i do i shame of myself…

  127. I wanna marry but I’m still a student and I don’t have much earning. I had a girlfriend. We both loved each other and I was going to talk to her family. But her family meet her with another guy for marrying and she accepted the proposal and they got engaged. She is a bit stupid. when I asked her about me, she replied that she thought I wasn’t serious about her. But I’m really serious about her. I want her marriage to break up and I wanna marry her. Only allah can do this.I know that I shouldn’t pray for things which are harmful for others. but her meeting up with that guy was not right to begin with. Prophet said not to talk to multiple men/women for marriage at the same time. and she loves me but she can’t break up the marriage cause it will bring great sorrow for her. so she has accepted what allah will do with her fate and won’t break the marriage. what should I pray for now?

  128. Asalamualaikum brother,
    i have always wanted another sibling and i have been praying to Allah since 5 years but its still not being answered. I have faith in Him. I know that He will answer to my call but when ??
    Alhamdulillah i pray five times daily and i try my level best to do everything that i can that is liked by Allah.

  129. This was very informative! Thank you for writing this , I learned a lot 🙂 Insha’Allah all our duas get answered !!

  130. Salam

    I just need a bit of advice. I got engaged recently to a guy who doesn’t pray that often. Before the engagement I did istakhara constantly but had no dream. I did sometimes wake up feeling heavy hearted but I wasn’t sure if it was because of my mood or if that was a reply.
    At the initial stages of our engagement he seemed really nice. He got my email address and started emailing me. After a couple weeks of constant messaging on his part, i had enough and didnt respond as frequently as he would like. I was also geniunely busy with my studies. This lead to him bursting out in anger and being really rude, saying things like ‘who do you think you are’ and ‘what do you see yourself as’. Every time I don’t respond when I am busy, he tends to be really rude. My question is, am i reading too much into this? Is this perhaps the reply to my istakhara?
    In the islamic perspective, should suitors speak as often as my fiance wants us to?
    His rudeness and clingy behaviour is starting to really turn me off the relationship.

    What do you suggest I do? Is there a prayer I can pray or duaa i can ask for?

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Perhaps some sisters here can give you a better response than I can.

      As a Muslim, you should be wary of someone who isn’t serious about his prayers. That is a very strong warning sign in my opinion. And if you were my daughter, I would not approve of this marriage. My daughter’s husband must love Allah and His Messenger more than he loves you.

      Second, his outburst shows a lack of maturity, paranoia, and self-absorption. Certainly, there are two sides to every story, and I’m sure he would be able to provide some justification. But still, this is not a good thing.

      Personally, I would suggest you either end the relationship or get your parents involved.

      I hope some of the other readers can provide more input (especially sisters.)

    • As salam u alekum sister, as per my experience guys after engagement tend to know n look forward to know more about the girl though it feels weird to us. But judging someone so soon will not get into d solution. Its obvious that u may worry about d salah which he doesn’t offer much.. But u can slowly bring d importance of it in light during ur conversation try talking about it.. Try to know what he thinks about Islam n its rules. May b he is mislead doesn’t have enough knowledge. If u still feel d negativity then involve ur parents into it. I hv gone through this stage. But alhamdullilah my husband is very loving n caring n understanding. U jus cannot judge someone lik that way n end up dear take time n ofcourse keep doing ishtekhara

  131. Asalamu’alaikum. I am currently in a state of confusion. So basically, I had a crush on this guy at my school but he has no idea. I make du’a to Allah everyday that, do not attach my heart to what is not written for me. If this guy is not meant for me, pls do not let my heart attach to him or fall for him. Is it okay to make du’a like such? However, everytime I walked past him and see his face, my feeling grows 🙁 sometimes you just can’t help what you feel right. I don’t want to had a feeling for anyone as I am in the process of ‘Hijrah’ now. I want to get the love of Allah first. Sometimes it makes me sad that he doesn’t even like me… But I don’t want to feel sad about it. helppp!!

  132. Asalamu’alaikum. I am currently in a state of confusion. So basically, I had a crush on this guy at my school but he has no idea. We’re in 13th grade. I make du’a to Allah everyday that, do not attach my heart to what is not written for me. If this guy is not meant for me, pls do not let my heart attach to him or fall for him. Is it okay to make du’a like such? However, everytime I walked past him and see his face, my feeling grows 🙁 sometimes you just can’t help what you feel right. I don’t want to had a feeling for anyone as I am in the process of ‘Hijrah’ now. I want to get the love of Allah first. Sometimes it makes me sad that he doesn’t even like me… But I don’t want to feel sad about it. helppp!!

    • Wa Alaikum Salaam,

      Perhaps this is struggle you have to go through in order to grow so Allah is allowing you to deal with it. Just do the best you can, trust in Allah, and try your best to be happy.

  133. aSalam alikOm.
    please give some dua. my hasband hate me so much I want love from him what I can do and what I can read ?

  134. Salam alaykoum,
    the Author of this text has a total misconception of Dua. There is one verse in the Qur’an that proves him so wrong that he should be ashamed of constructing such a text – according to his own desires. Sura 38, Verse 80… Look it up and the verses before and after and realize your big faults. Think, understand and never again put limits to Allah! Islam may be for you a kind of No-Alcohol-No-Pork-Cult but there is definitely much more to it than that what you write about without any knowledge.

  135. ASalaam wahlakom brothers and sisters may Allah grant you good thinngs
    is it bad or sinful to ask Allah the Almighty for Longer hair and to be better looking

  136. Assalamualikum I’m in love with a girl even she loves me alot we both are praying together to get married is their anything wrong with this to ask Allha to make us each other for the whole life…..Becoz we are in very sincere relationship…..is this the right thing to pray with Allha to get married to each other…..even we both are from a good family….I just wanted to know is this the right thing to ask Allha to get marry us….is this Allha will listen us….Becoz we both can’t be without each other…pls reply me on my email (ibrahimshaziya25@gmail.com) seriously I will waiting for ur reply on my mentioned mail I’d pls help me on this is this haram In Islam to pray to get married with each other

  137. Hello. At the moment I am going through important exams and I am making many dua’s for Allah’s help. Before, many of my dua’s used to come true. But now I am asking for ease in these exams but I found them really difficult. Honestly, I could have done more to prepare and I thought maybe Allah will answer according to how much effort I put in. At the moment I am making myself calm down with the fact that Allah has his own plans and sometimes if I don’t like it, it is good for me. There is obviously a lot more I can do to try and come closer to Allah but at the moment I am trying (not because of exams). Is it possible that Allah can make you have a really good out come from an exam that you believe has not gone so well?

  138. Selam Alejkum. I want to ask you something and this is very important for me. Please help me. I want a man from my heart, i cry so much for him please help me. I really love him, soooo much. How can Allah give me this person? i want him rest of my life.

  139. Asalamu’alaikum. I am currently sinking in a state of madness day by day going damp crazy for one girl She left me..i did alot duas,prayers,dhikir,tahajud,virdh..i always prayed to allah having complete faith but now when allah is not listening my duas I am very much disappointed..my brother,cousins, friends all having boyfriend girlfriends and they all got they love..they are happily married..when i see them i feel like I am losted I am finished everyone gets their love but why i am suffering..Allah S.W. T says i always listen to our prayers..keep praying coz duas change our kismat…then where my duas are going?

    It is written in quran that every thing is written and decided about our life.. but duas can change destiny..I know that is true.. we are muslims and having believed in ALLAH and QURAN..but where my duas r going..?? i got soo much disappointed that i want to give up from my life.. my faith is getting weaker and weaker.,i really don´t wana do this to me got so much depressed now..coz i can´t live without him…although everythings is finished between me and my love..i feel like if i will not listen her voice i will die..

    Please let me know which is my mistake? i never prayed to Allah that i want girlfriend… but Allah gave me..if Allah want us apart then why he madly make me fall in love with her?? he bring love in my life..i really don´t know what to do…plz let me know any dua if i can get my girlfriend back in my life so we get married…
    Now my condition is like this people says me psycho..people laughs at my condition..i am myself is tired now always crying n sad.plz help me out…let me know any dua..i pray to Allah tht plz bring back my love my girlfriend back into my life n if ALLAH can do this then plz give me maut.. i don´t wana live now….plz pray 4 me that i may get my love back in my life..otherwise i am sinking….

    • Read the reasons why Duas are not accepted by Allah. Maybe it was for the better of you. Better will come if you pray more to Almighty Allah. And never doubt it. If you have strong will and faith you will get what you want.
      Also, it might be a test to see how your Eiman stands in such conditions. Do not disappoint Allah by choosing the wrong path. Remember, he doesn’t need us. WE NEED HIM. If you lose faith, you shall suffer. Indeed Allah is ever forgiving and providing. Repent for your sins and make dua. You shall get what you want. Make more dua and you shall get something even better. Make intense dua and you shall definitely get what you deserve. Provided it is fitting for you in Allah’s eyes.
      Insha Allah, my friend, you shall succeed if you follow the right path.
      Do not lose faith. It is faith in Allah which shall reward us. Perform your duties unto him and indeed he shall reward you and bring you out of your misery in a form he deems fit for you. Keep praying. My duas are with you and all our Muslim Ummah.

  140. Assalammualaykum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuhuh!

    Jazak Allah khair for these pieces of information! I truly believe that Allah (SWT) grants our d’ua! From the simplest d’ua to the most complicated one as long as our intentions are pure! 🙂

  141. Assalammualaykum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuhuh
    thank u sooooooooo much for the information i beleive what u say
    may allah guide us in every way

  142. I got really bad marks in my annual exams, which were so important to me . i fasted , i prayed , i did everything ,f pouring out my heart everything. but in the end it didnt worked . devastation is what i felt. i stopped praying and asked myself what should i pray for now? What i wanted is now gone it cant be changed . I am a top student but my marks dropped . Father wanted so much but i couldnt give him any . this sort of help me out .

  143. Ya Allah. I am in love with a man who’s family is against such affiliations. He knows i like him and he does too but has made it clear there is no future. I really want to make our affiliation halal and get married to this man. Please pray for me, my brothers and sisters.
    Also, decrease my father’s tensions regarding work and give him ease.
    Ya Allah, i pray for our maghfirah. For all of my Muslim Ummah. I pray that you forgive and erase all my past sins, Allah. And make me a better person.
    I pray that my smoking habits are zipped.
    And i never have bad company as i did earlier.
    More over. I wish for my brother and sister to be happy and love me like how i love them.

    Ya Allah, accept my prayers.
    I really love this man. And there would be nothing better i ask of in the world than our affiliationcto be halal and we enter Jannah together. Insha Allah.
    Also, i wish to score good in my exams as i have been performing bad this year. Insha Allah, i’ll pass with my efforts and Allah’s support.

    Please, brothers and sisters. Pray for me. <3
    Insha Allah, Allah shall grant you Jannah as per he believes.
    I shall pray for you all.
    Amen. Summa Amen.

  144. Jazak Allahu khairan.
    thank you for making the article interesting and shortly highlighting the fields we lack in.
    few things i would like to know:
    1. when you are being tortures, Allah accepts your prayers. but if the person who is torturing you believes that he/she is doing the right thing then what can you do? does it really means he has whatsoever no knowledge and this won’t be considered as a punishment?
    2. heard from many sources, that duas are likely to be accepted when doing if-tar. does it mean we need to pray immediately after breaking our fast or during the whole time we are doing if-tar?
    3. yesterday, i was crying my heart out and begging to Allah for a really small thing. i tend to get hyper when i am being negleted or stuffs that humiliates me. but my prayers were not accepted immediately. i was very disappointed but alhumdulilah Allah helped me in some other ways. so my question is when you are crying your heart out and you want something very badly, is there any surah we have recite? Allah said He will not give pain to a soul more than it cannot bear. i kept on telling Allah this. then was it my iman that was lacking ? when we cry and want something from Allah then what happens? does Allah reply us?
    4. when i read Qur’an, i feel pain in my chest because of some memories hit me. they are mainly personal and related to my sufferings, crying. what can i do to concentrate? really my chest pains and i”m not pretending or trying to be filmic.
    sometimes i feel hopeless and i carry no more interest to pray or ask something from Allah. i know i’m being impatient and giving up. i really have so many problems in my life. i made big mistakes (huge sins). am i paying for my sins?
    thank you

  145. I am fully fell in pornography. Plz tell me how i control myself. ..i am day by day destroy myself. .i dont know how can i help myself. ..plzzz reply

    • Brother, make it your habit doing “Rohani Ghusal”. Before entering washroom, kindly recite the dua before entering washroom.
      You will find these easily.
      JazakAllah Khair 🙂

  146. assalam alaikum

    This article was really helpful one of those things were actually what I did. now I know what I can ask for and what I cant ask for.

    jazakallah khaira

    • Assalamu-u-alaikum

      Brother-in-faith, My name is Muddasir. I like a girl since i was young boy of 13-14 yrs. I shared my feelings with her around 10 years ago. Now, I’m 25 and i still love her. I repeatedly told her from time to time that i love her but she didnt replied in positive. Her primary concern was that i was a year younger than her. I have not seen her even since 5 years. Through all these years I have only prayed that may Allah unite us. She is so good in her character and she is a perfect muslim. I have never thought of anyone other than her and she also has not any affair with anyone ever. She want to marry someone who is chosen by her parents by will of Allah.
      I asked my parents around 4 months ago to contact her parents but my parents were concerned that i dont have any job and by this time someone from her community contacted her parents and they made a commitment. I am preoccupied by her thoughts since last 12 years and i never prayed for anything illegal. I cried alot for days in sujood. I am very rest less. I have imagined all good things with her and i have always wanted to have Halal relationship. It is because of this i never tried to contact her in between these years because i always waited for a suitable time when i’ll get job. Al-Hamdulillah I am hopeful that Allah can make a wayout but at the same time I’m still so concerned. I am doing whatever i can. I am fasting since 2 months now and praying and making Dua. Please pray for me :'(
      Please suggest something.

  147. Peace

    So can you make a dua about dying or is that haram? I made the duas in almost every prayer for two days but It didn’t work. Of course I made dua to make me die as a believer so I will go to heaven not hell(which nobody wants to go to, of course) Would I die as a martyr because I am struggling to pray five times a day? You know, I’m doing the inner struggle thing not the outer struggle. Please don’t get confused. You might think I’m some crazy lunatic cause everybody is talking about love and I’m talking something wholey different. HAHAHA… Okay,so I try my best but I guess Allah doesn’t like it.
    I try my best to please Allah and have mercy but I think god wants me and most of us to go to hell. I feel like Allah is laughing at me because I have such a weak willpower and Allah will do as he likes. I have still a long way to go but school is by the corner and this school year is going to more tougher because there are going more people in it and it will have crowded classrooms. I don’t know how school is going to help my life in the end.

    So what I do?

  148. assalamwalekum,my husband is in no contact with me for last one year, he and his parents are asking divorce, i have a daughter, i want my husband back, please help me

  149. Salaam.I am 18 and just finished high school, when admissions came out for the universities, my name was nowhere to be found on the list. even though I know there is a last list coming out, I am uncertain I’m going to be in it. The thought of having my mates go to school and look happy and me, still waiting with shaky hopes has made me a sick and depressed person. Please help me

  150. Assalam aleikum..
    I am the girl who believe in allah and destiny written by allah.. I have a non Muslim friend from last 1 and half year. I want to go far from him because I have attached with him by heart I don’t know whether is it only attachment or love. I never pray that allah plz make my future with him. I am trying to finish all this attachment but it is going to impossible for me forgetting him or going far.. I have tried no of time to detached with him but nothing is working.. I pray to allah plz destroy my all feeling for him.. Plz tell my how I get separate with him..

  151. Why isn’t “allah” helping me at all , it’s so annoying how my life is tearing apart and god is just watching me collapse and fucking enjoying the view ….! , i need help , i really do. I pray and do my part , where is the response ugh

  152. Why isn’t “allah” helping me at all , it’s so annoying how my life is tearing apart and god is just watching me collapse and fucking enjoying the view ….! , i need help , i really do. I pray and do my part , where is the response ugh .I’m getting depressions often , and it’s as if god doesn’t see .I mean when it comes to punishment he comes at me , but when i want something he doesn’t exist pretty much

  153. hi i am muslim a mother and i have a baby we are doing a familiy refunication for my husband to come to norway i am verry scared If our application is rejected, so i am 1pray .fast during ramazan .i havent done zakah yet but inshala i will .

  154. I have few questions here to ask.
    1. Why ALLAH created us ? You may say for worshiping him, so next question arises that why ALLAH needs to be worshipped ? as he declares himself as ‘Al-Samad’. Does my worshipping to him benefits him ? if not then if that is also not benefiting me (in terms of prayers not being accepted) then why should i pray to him ?
    2. When ALLAH created us and he ordered the Malaika to do Sajdah to his creature i.e human being and satan didn’t do it. Here the satan didn’t followed the orders of ALLAH, but we as human being are put into test why ? and also being put against an enemy very strong and whom we cannot see, cannot touch, and he is given the strength to run through our veins just like blood. why ?
    3. I am not born by choice, i cannot do consciously or sub-consciously anything without the will of ALLAH such as taking breath, listening to voices, being able to speak. even i don’t know what there in my inside body ? also when someone of our beloved is in pain, we cannot do anything. Then why i am given the choice for the unseen ? i.e. Jannah or Jahanam ? why i am given choice to worship or not ? and being put as answerable for these why ?
    4. When we ask for something halal from ALLAH and that is not given then people around will tell you that this is better for you or ALLAH may have a better reward than you are requesting. I have question can’t ALLAH give us what we want and also what he wants ? or can’t ALLAH put Khair (betterment) for us in what we are requesting ? He is owner of the treasures of the universe, then why it becomes short when we require some thing from ALLAH ? why ?
    5. We see the people around us not worshipping and not even damn about ALLAH, Prayer, Quran, Sunnah, etc… But they are very well rewarded ? why ?

  155. Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu, I m a girl of 15 from Kuwait. past 6 years I m been wanting a SISTER, but I never got one till now. I have been crying every night of this 6 years praying very hard for one.one fine day I got frustrated and gave up I felt very bad but I literally gave up. I thought I will never ever get a sister again so no point of crying and praying for one. But till now I still cry for wanting a sister now I don’t know why I want and like a sister so much even though I have a brother 3 years younger to me. I always wished for having a sister so much I would treat her like my very own child and keep her happy forever in my premises. I still hope and wish with all my heart that I get a sister really very soon. I have been wailing 6 years long and I still hope I m going to get one very soon. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME SO THAT I GET A SISTER AND I BECOME A DOCTOR ONE DAY. these are only my two great wishes for LIFE. JAZAKALLAH KHAIR>>………….

  156. I don’t even know if you’re gonna see this or not but i’m just gonna hope that you do and help me out.Please read this whole thing.So basically I’ve lost everything in my life.My life started as a disaster.My dad was a very bad man and never cared about me,my siblings and my mom.He wouldn’t even give us proper food and would beat my mom up so badly.Even my dad’s whole family was like him “heartless” they also tortured my mom and did evil black magic spells on her so her family problems would grow even more and her health would decline.My got divorced shortly after her marriage even after ignoring all the persecutions so her family wouldn’t break my dad and her family still told her to leave the house and take us all with her.After my mom got divorced my dad still didn’t leave her and my mom’s family alone.He told really bad lies about my entire family to so many people and didn’t let her go out and enjoy her freedom.He did so many cases on my mom regarding us just to torture her and my mom’s entire family specially her brother who is my uncle as he was the one who attended them all and fought for us.My mom’s sister told my mom after her divorce that she doesn’t have to worry about any financial things as she’ll help us all out.She promised my she would never turn her down financially and will send us to good schools so this gave my mom a little happiness when all the drama was going on but one thing that really effected my mom and my siblings were that she sent us to boarding schools for good education as there weren’t any good schools in our home town.My mom told my aunt to shift her to the main city as she wanted her children to live with her not because she’d only miss us but also because she wanted to raise us right and give us Islamic education.My aunt could have done that as she’s a millionaire but she didn’t. Helping your family members out is what Allah tells us all and specially when you have so much money,power,resources and you’ve promised to help.So that didn’t happen we stayed in boarding school for a very long time of our lives it wasn’t bad but if we would have shifted together as an entire family it would have been great for all of us.During the time we were in boarding school my mom couldn’t do any job cause of my dad and it effected her future planning for our family which we’re still paying for!While all of this was happening our studies started going really bad cause all the good teachers of our school left and we were just wasting money and our future was declining.My mom was also having problems with her brother as he got involved a lady who did all sorts of black magic on him to keep him away from us and to help us.One day my aunt called my mom and told her to shift with her in the main city of her state as it was better than our main city and that she wanted to live with my mom and instead of moving her to the main city in our state we all should move in with her.My mom hesitated at first cause it was about our entire future but my aunt promised her that she would she would let us all stay for 5 years cause our main studies were to be completed in these years after that we would have chosen our own path and wouldn’t have to worry about studies as we would be done with them and just further do something in our lives with a clear future ahead of us and also that my could do the salon work and her health would get better as she has asthma so she’ll take her to great doctors and she wouldn’t have to cook anything as her health gets effected by it.After promising these things to my mom a lot of times my mom chose to move in with her specially when she saw our studies declining and her brother’s bad behavior.My aunt is a really weird and messed up person.She wants everything to be her way even if anybody else dies in the way.When we first went there she was all nice but after staying with her for a couple of months her true colors started to show.She would mock us in everything and even told her older son to take our laptop away check it without our permission which even created more problems.After realizing that now its time to complete our basic and to give our exams our aunt sent us back to our home town so our studies would get effected as she knew there are no proper schools there and we wouldn’t be able to progress.My mom’s health started declining again and all my family went in to deep trauma.She broke her promise and tortured us all.I am literally broken in to a million pieces right now and so is my family.We all ask Allah to somehow take us back so we’ll be able to build a better future for ourselves and for those who can’t.Is there any way to change mu aunts mind trough some duas?How do I make Allah answer all our duas?And can you please make dua for me I really really need it.And one more thing please don’t say it like its best for you and all.I want Allah to change my life and make that place better for me which I want.Please make dua for me after your Namaz.And i’m sorry fir such a long paragraph and please ignore the mistakes.
    One more thing I also have a disability can you pray for that to get better too?

  157. I don’t even know if you’re gonna see this or not but i’m just gonna hope that you do and help me out.Please read this whole thing.So basically I’ve lost everything in my life.My life started as a disaster.I was born with glaucoma in my one eye and my dad was a very bad man and never cared about me,my siblings or my mom.He wouldn’t even give us proper food and would beat my mom up so badly.Even my dad’s whole family was like him “heartless” they also tortured my mom and did evil black magic spells on her so her family problems would grow even more and her health would decline.When I had an eye surgery for glaucoma they even did some spells so it wouldn’t go well and that happened my surgery didn’t succeed and even the doctor was shocked and told my that he doesn’t understand how it didn’t succeed as it wasn’t something critical and my glaucoma was also at first stage so after that I had more surgeries to improve my eye and all of them failed and my eye looks horrible now..My mom got divorced shortly after her marriage even after ignoring all the persecutions so her family wouldn’t break my dad and her family still told her to leave the house and take us all with her.After my mom got divorced my dad still didn’t leave her and my mom’s family alone.He told really bad lies about my entire family to so many people and didn’t let her go out and enjoy her freedom.He did so many cases on my mom regarding us just to torture her and my mom’s entire family specially her brother who is my uncle as he was the one who attended them all and fought for us.My mom’s sister told my mom after her divorce that she doesn’t have to worry about any financial things as she’ll help us all out.She promised my mom she would never turn her down financially and will send us to good schools so this gave my mom a little happiness when all the drama was going on but one thing that really effected my mom,me and my siblings were that she sent us to boarding schools for good education as there weren’t any good schools in our home town.My mom told my aunt to shift her to the main city as she wanted her children to live with her not because she’d only miss us but also because she wanted to raise us right and give us Islamic education.My aunt could have done that as she’s a millionaire but she didn’t. Helping your family members out is what Allah tells us all and specially when you have so much money,power,resources and you’ve promised to help.So that didn’t happen we stayed in boarding school for a very long time of our lives it wasn’t bad but if we would have shifted together as an entire family it would have been great for all of us.During the time we were in boarding school my mom couldn’t do any job cause of my dad and it effected her future planning for our family which we’re still paying for!After staying 4 years at the boarding school I had a tragedy in which I was completely innocent but still had to pay the price so I came back to my home town and stayed there for 3 years and those 3 years were like hell for me.All the people were weird and I couldn’t adjust with them as I was very different from them cause I stayed in the main city.There were many small groups in our school and I didn’t fit in any.The people were really rude if you ask me they wouldn’t let anyone in who is new.So I basically didn’t have any friends and overall the school was very weird,the overall environment was making it impossible for me to breath after two years the leader of the main group in my class left so things got a little easy for me tho I still hated he school and wanted to go back but it was better than before and finally started hating the school a little less and was trying to adjust.My and my siblings studies started going really bad cause all the good teachers of our school left and we were just wasting money and our future was declining.My mom was also having problems with her brother as he got involved a lady who did all sorts of black magic on him to keep him away from us and not to help us.One day my aunt called my mom and told her to shift with her in the main city of her state as it was better than our main city and that she wanted to live with my mom and instead of moving her to the main city in our state we all should move in with her.My mom hesitated at first cause it was about our entire future but my aunt promised her that she she would let us all stay for 5 years cause our main studies were to be completed in these years after that we would have chosen our own path and wouldn’t have to worry about studies as we would be done with them and just further do something with our lives with a clear future ahead of us and also that my mom could do the salon work and her health would get better as she has asthma so she’ll take her to great doctors and she wouldn’t have to cook anything as her health gets effected by it.After promising these things to my mom a lot of times my mom chose to move in with her specially when she saw our studies declining,her brother’s bad behavior and also her health.My aunt is a really weird and messed up person.She wants everything to be her way even if anybody else dies in the way.When we first went there she was all nice but after staying with her for a couple of months her true colors started to show.She would mock us in everything and even told her older son to take our laptop away check it without our permission which even created more problems.After realizing that now its time to complete our basic education and to give our exams our aunt sent us back to our home town so our studies would get effected as she knew there are no proper schools there and we wouldn’t be able to progress.My mom’s health started declining again and all my family went in to deep trauma.She broke her promise and tortured us all.I am literally broken in to a million pieces right now and so is my family.We all ask Allah to somehow take us back so we’ll be able to build a better future for ourselves and for those who can’t.Is there any way to change mu aunts mind trough some duas?How do I make Allah answer all our duas?And can you please make dua for me I really really need it.And one more thing please don’t say it like its best for you and all.I want Allah to change my life and make that place better for me the way I want.Please make dua for me after your Namaz.And i’m sorry for such a long paragraph!

    • Salaam,

      I feel so sad to read this. May Allah help you through these problems and give you a great success and brother please look up duas against being oppressed. Inshaa’Allah just really try with your studies, I know a little how it feels but if you just focus on the things you can do, everything will fall into place.

  158. What is the significance of uttering acceptance by words at the time of nikah when the marriages are made in heaven and it is destined to happen with specific person. if this is true then this matter is not categorized under free will? when the Nikah contract is bonded under free will?

    its been more than 7 months I still cannot accept the person I got married to under pressure I have a stranger feeling till now with him. I try to follow all rules of Allah and have been in nikah as Allah wants me to but I am restless and still think of the person whom I wanted to marry but because of Indo-pak issues family never supported.

    I am very restless can you help me?

  159. first of all let thank you for your good work and advice. I have learnt a lot from you. May Allah bless you. However, I am a young man of 30yrs of age and 6FT tall and dark in complexion and single. I am a Sierra Leonean and i currently live in Sierra Leone.i have been making dua to Allah for the past years to help me get wife, but till now. After reading your article I have really know my fault why my dua is not accepted to this time. inshallallah I will try to correct them. Furthermore, if you and woman out there that is ready to married this contact email me on saeedkamara1@gmail.com or called this line +23276664559.

  160. Assalamu Alaikum

    My mother is having a problem since few days. One friday night onwards her body is itching and round markings are appearing all over her body . She is having the same problem each night. But she looks perfectly all right in the morning. I do not think it is because of any food because even I have the same food. This is the first time she is having such a problem . Can you guess the cause for this and pls give me some duaas .

  161. Salam – I don’t know if by just posting this message but I suppose I am just looking for some hope…I have committed a lot of sins in my life and have asked Allah to forgive me. Some I have never re-committed but I am ashamed to say I have lapsed and committee over and over again. I am trying, trying, trying and have yet again made taubah that I will not commit these sins again. I am praying to Allah for forgiveness and feel that I am doing so sincerely. I seem to be facing one problem after another and I just cannot seem to pull myself out of worries, both financially and professionally. I feel I am caught in a spiral of despair and it is affecting my life to the point where I am starting to feel that there is no way out of this endless cycle of depression and despair. I am VERY grateful for what Allah has given me and try to acknowledge this in my prayers. But, each time I see some light at the end of the tunnel then something else comes up which sets me back and it has started affecting my family life and how I am towards my wife and children. The children are young but they sense something I wrong and they have started to play up. PLEASE I NEED SOME GUIDANCE AND HELP AND ASSURANCE ALLAH – PLEASE

  162. Is it not right to pray for a non muslim so that he accepts islam by heart? Is it right to marry a non muslim after he converts? I am a muslim girl n in love with a non muslim boy who is ready to convert for marrying me? Is it right??Can i pray for our relation? My parents are against it.

  163. Salam Alikum,

    I have a particular need for which I have been praying Tahajjud almost 2 months now without missing a single nigh along with 5 prayers. My need is still not granted and I havr 3days before I begin to facr hardships for which I was preparing with prayers. Am I missing anything. What shall i do … I recite quran daily 5-6 surah before fajr and make an hr dua in Tahajjud.

    Please advice.

  164. To be Honest and to be faithful, Not lie not stealing, Not harming anyone love every, Do good things to everyone, Think of everyone better, When visited by someone is most welcome with one heart, Believe in Allah, These type of people will never be happy on this earth, They will live just ordinary life, But there are few of them who prays , fast, Gives zakkat, does just to show the world, But, They are doing things that God doesnt like, But God gives them what ever they want, And also God gives to good people too So my dear brother and sisters, If you pray and God does not fulfill you. And start bleming him , bear in mind when one is born every thing is arranged for him or her. why to make duas . Just take an example no one on this earth wants to live poor life either live single or UN healthy . Everyone wants to live a posh life.This world is not for Honest people its for whom Allah dislike them its their Heaven. good people its not our place to live a happy life, Even what ever we pray it want help, God is avoiding us. If one is poor means God likes you,if one is single means God has arrange it to be single , Just check how many woman are sitting at home not getting married, And how many man are single thou they want to make a good family, But they are being blocked, Why only God knows, So lets deserve it . We human came to this world for exams, If we have good ranks Allah knows where to keep them, If rank is bad Allah knows where to keep them. Duas doesn’t help, Lets keep getting good ranks, Keep saying thanks to Allah for what he has done for us, Do not bleim him. And deserve what ever comes to life. IN Ups and down. some people are diable, some dont know when is the next meal, some are sick, widows, homeless, in war,and many other issues, un guilty, but are in jail, some does prostitution to feed their babies, e.t.c. We think God doesnt know what we need, He knows very well, Why waste our time to make duas. For example a mother knows what to do for her baby , but does baby ask mother whats their needs . But Mother knows now i must give my baby milk or clean her , or she is sick to give medicine, e.t.c.

  165. Hello,

    My GPA is on the edge of getting an interview into pharmacy school. I heard some people got in with my GPA but the chances are kind of low since I know a lot of people with higher averages. My GPA is low because of first year but I made sure to improve during second year. I started getting closer to Allah and praying on time and praying Fajr and even two rek’aa before Fajr and make lots of duaa but in my heart I believe that Allah will not grant it for me because I don’t deserve it, many people are way better than me and deserve it more than me. Should I just give up duaa or should I continue to believe that Allah can make the impossible happen? Even though it is true, that Allah can make the impossible happen, I am not the best Muslim since I am a non-hijabi girl. Please help me guys I am hopeless and confused.

  166. Salaam,

    I need some duas fear and anxiety is bothering me. Have some really bad family members, please make duas for me. JazaakAllahu khair.

  167. Aslaamu alayikum
    Sir, am doing pharm D now at a college in salem ..eventhough I belong to a muslim family I was not so religious I never used to do namaz 5 times or recite quran everday and I dint used to wear hijab also ..after joining in this college which is far away from my native. As usual in all college there is ragging and one of my seniour boy asked me to wear hijab.slowly slowly I started liking him and he told me first that he love me .I refused to accept him first because I dnt knw him and I loved my family more but when I enquird about him I started liking him because everyone likes him a lot and finally I accepted him he insisted me to pray 5times a day if I skipped 1 namaz then he used to scold me he asked me to recite quran after namaz and I obeyed him and now I wear hijab too..I was a very angry person before but he taught me what patience is slowly I startd loving him deeply because he changed me.and finally we descided to present our matter at home .he presented it to his parents and they refused beacuse there is 2&1/2hrs dist from our natives he again presented it to his father but he is saying the same.sir I don’t know what to do I can’t think of another person in my life ..I am not able to sleep I cry like anythng during every namz irealy love him and he too really love we really want to get married ..what should I do please help me..I can’t see him heartbroken ..I feel am alone even after doing all the prayer plzzzz

  168. I have a question.I have been praying alot for something but it wasn’t good for me and i left praying for it but the desire to have it is developing more and more everyday.what should i do? I pray and i do offer quran and i even pray that i get peace and stop desiringfor it but its not working.what should i do? Is there somethingw rong i am doing?

  169. hi. i was making dua for a girl to marry me before her marriage.but now she is married to another guy.will i continue my same dua or not?

    • Lol obviously not. She’s married and praying to marry her means her divorcing her husband to marry you, which is bad. Instead, pray for a better girl. Simple

  170. I have done none of the things youve mentioned. But I havee received absolutely nothing. And now I’ve snapped, so many duas and prayers,hours upon hours gone by on it. Years have passed, over a decade now, since I’ve been suffering and yet I suffer even more the next year. What is the point? I pray and pray over and over again. Never missing any prayer of the day. Such long duas and so many ayahs but it has been useless. Not a single one of my duas has ever been answered. Not single one. All Allah does is bring me grief and disappointment, I am fed up and angry. I have snapped dreadfully and have been simply cursing now. It has completely changed me. Does he even care? I am absolutely sure he loathes me. I am tird of sabar, thats all Ive ever done but everyone else has gotten so much and are so happy while Im utterly miserable. Everyday I think of killing myself. It is too much. And then after Ive sufferred so mich despite praying endlessly you say that because Im impatient now I wont be getting anything? What kind of justice is this What is the logic? Basically I wasted all this time being a good muslim and then cast into hell, while others get a pleasurable life?

  171. Assalamu alaikum…… My imaan is not full… now I understand it.. But in Sha Allah.. I’ll do it and try hard…. So Allah will hear my Prayerz… I am Sure… Thank You

  172. I’ve been praying for a wife for 5 years now (23 yo to 27) and have given up many times but articles like this push me to continue. I have a bad habit of hiring commercial sex workers for pleasure (but no sex) which is still bad. Hopefully I will stop such acts.

  173. Asalamu elikum ! Me n one Muslim guy were planning fa nikah but I want to know the most powerful dua dat Allah ll help us to meet in shaa Allah wd aafiyat I hop u can tell me some dua,s so dat Allah ll lsten our duar,s Ameen

  174. help me please,my husband just told me he is no more intrested in me because of my barreness,i need instant help on how to get him back and i also need a child of my own,add comment 2016

  175. The most BULLSHIT thing I ever read…IMPATIENT!!??WHAT!!??I KEEP PRAY TO ALLAH FOR LIKE 10-12 YEARS AND I EVEN WENT TO MECCA FOR UMRAH SO I HOPE MY DUA WOULD BE HEARD… And today I GiVE UP.. WASTING MY TIME DUA EVERY trusting this mighty stuff…i still beleive allah is god but for me we as living things just a game for him to have fun

    • Your last sentence is what i also think alike, we are a playing puppets for him wherever he throws us wherever he screw us its up to him, but at the end we will be the one being put guilty and to face the consequences.

      fade up

  176. assalamu allekum all muslims
    thanks for helping me becouse now i understand my problem
    You just couldn’t wait could you?
    I asked Allah for something over and over again, and when i didn’t get it when i wanted it,i got impatient.

    And so i gave up. i stopped asking and started believing that Allah wasn’t going to answer my dua. And then i went and told my self that Allah didn’t answer my prayers.

  177. Last Ramadan my friend told me about a situation. At first he was in he was engaged to this girl , but her parents changed their minds . They beat her and took her phone he told me I prayed and made duas for him and his fiance .He told me recently that they are happily married i was so excited i wanted to cry all my duas and prayers were finally answerd

  178. Hope should not increase with good deeds and decrease with sin. This indicates a dependence on the deeds, instead of Allah. Allah answers the prayers of even non Muslims !

  179. Allah says in Quran
    And when ask you My servants about Me, then indeed I am near. I respond (to the) invocation (of) the supplicant when he calls Me. So let them respond to Me and let them believe in Me, so that they may (be) led aright.
    Surah Al-baqara

  180. My duas are usually answered, the moment I think of not to pray anymore and let it all go,,my prayers are answered..Alhumdulillah. …jus one thing which seems impossible. …but Allah says KUN n it’s done right.,,,,,,, I wish,,,,, Allah grants it,,,,,it aches my heart so painfully …….
    May Allah listen to all of your prayers and mine too.,..Please pray for me..please……:'(

  181. Hello, my name is Alimat. I am 22 years, within the age of 18 i have had relationships with 4 different boys , things happened between us, romance and others but not sexual intercourse even though I was close to. The problem now is i want to stop these things, in fact I have stopped but i have a problem with remembering these things. I wish to forget totally about it and move on with my life as a changed person, i pray regularly and I’m a good muslim. I didn’t want to do any of those but found it hard to resist because i get weak easily. What can i do, how can i forget all those things and move on with my life peacefully.

  182. This really made me cry for how ungrateful, greedy and impatient i have been. Astagafurullah ! It has also reminded me to be strong and steadfast. Even in distress he is with us. Jazakallahu khair

  183. I’m in love with a man for 2 years, he is older than me, 23 years.
    He has 51 years and I have 28 years.
    I accepted him because he was religious man, respectful and ready for marriage.
    So I said to myself if he wants you in halal why refusing him.
    This was living in abroad and I in my country somewhere in East Africa.
    I have waited him 2 years because his mother was suffering and was the only one who was supporting her financially.
    When his mother passed away he came back to homeland.
    But the issue is since I have met this man till today we got problems.
    Because he is someone who is not affective and never shows me what he feels towards me.
    I was always the one who is running after him, calling him and texting me.
    My parents were against our union but I convinced them to accept him.
    I did many times salaat istikhara asking Allah helps.
    Now it’s 4 days I do not call or text that man and he never thinks to do it.
    I told him many times to let me know if he is not ready to get married with me.
    He never gives me clear answer and I told his sisters, they told me to wait him.
    Because he is facing some issues with the customs regarding his shipment.
    I am not trying to narrate you my personal life but I am here to ask you advices through your experiences in life.

    • I believe you should listen to your parents on this one. They do not like this guy and from what you’ve explained, he isn’t being all that kind with you. Marry someone closer to your age.

      And Allah knows best.

  184. This post is not correct. “Your duas are not being answered because u lack, some imaan and u are not giving back to allah” this is wrong idea

  185. Aslamailkum Brothers and sisters,
    Tomorrow is my test for the best school please make duaa for me i am 13 years old and please pray for my fututre too

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