5 Qualities You Want In Your Husband

I hope you enjoy this new format. I’m not sure if I’m going to go completely towards video, but I will certainly be doing it more often.

This topic is important because young Muslims in the West are being bombarded with a lot of crazy ideas about love and marriage. And it’s not just coming from secular or “non-Muslim” sources either. A lot of it is coming from Muslims also.

Some of this misinformation is from cultural practices. And some of it from wanting to imitate the society around us.

My hope is that this short video and article will help you discover what truly matters when it comes to choosing a husband.

The next post in this series is a video also called “How to Be a Good Husband and Father.” Go watch it now.


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14 thoughts on “5 Qualities You Want In Your Husband”

  1. Asalaamu Alaikam brother Abu Ismail

    Subhan’Allah excellent, concise and highly relevant topic that has been presented in an easy to digest and understandable manner. Allah bless you brother, a fantastic and much needed effort. This needs to go viral!

    Jazak’Allahu khairan for all the knowledge you are sharing.

    1. Wa Alaikum Salaam Sr. Khadijah,

      I am glad you enjoyed it. Inshallah, I’ll be putting out a new one today or tomorrow (most likely tomorrow). And thank you for the encouragement; it is needed and appreciated.

  2. Allahu Akbar

    Salaams brother – I pray Allah is keeping you in good health and emaan and grants all the duas with much better than you want or have asked for Ameen.

    All this is appreciated – many of us thank you for this superb knowledge.

    Barak’Allahu fik

    1. Wa Alaikum Salaam Sr. Khadijah,

      Your appreciation is what keeps me going. And Ameen to your duas. May Allah bless you with the same and give you abundant good in this life and the next. Ameen.

  3. Salaam brother,

    As a potential husband I liked the video, but I was wondering if you were planning on making a video for what to look for in a potential wife?

    Was saalaam

    1. Wa Alaikum Salaam Br. Balal,

      You are the second person to suggest that idea. Looks like I’m going to have to give the people what they want. Inshallah, I will create a video like that soon.

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