22 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Duas

Improve Your Dua Effectiveness

We all want duas (supplications) that work. We want to know that the things we ask Allah for will be answered or that He will give us what’s best.

One of the most appealing things about Islam for people who convert to Islam, is its simplicity. I’ve heard many recent converts (or reverts, if you will) to Islam describe how simple Islam is. They just love the fact that it just makes sense.

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And this is definitely true. Islam is a very simple faith. You don’t need to warp your logic or go through a bunch of hurdles to be a good Muslim. All you have to do is follow a few simple commandments and abstain from evil.

Unfortunately, for many Muslims this just isn’t good enough.

Some Muslims can’t seem to grasp the fact that Allah wants ease for us and not difficulty. They just can’t accept that Islam is meant to be easy and simple.

So they go through all sorts of strange rituals and shenanigans in an attempt to get closer to Allah or get their prayers answered.

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But the truth is, you don’t need any of that.

If there’s anything you want as a Muslim, all you have to do is ask Allah for it.

Yep. It’s really that simple.

However, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of getting your duas answered. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has taught us many things we can do to make our duas more effective.

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So I’ve compiled a pretty big list of things you can do to help get your duas answered. Keep in mind though, none of us can make Allah do anything that is against His will. Therefore, don’t get discouraged if you pray and pray for a certain thing and it doesn’t happen.

Just put your trust in Allah and accept it as His decree (Qada).

1. Make Dua While Traveling


2. Make Dua If You Feel Oppressed

3. Make Dua For Your Children

The Messenger of Allah () said, “Three supplications are answered without doubt. The supplication of the oppressed, the supplication of the traveller, and the supplication of the parent for his son.”

4. Make Dua In The Last Part Of The Night

Our Lord, the Blessed and the Exalted, descends every night to the lowest heaven when one-third of the latter part of the night is left, and says: Who supplicates Me so that I may answer him? Who asks Me so that I may give to him? Who asks Me forgiveness so that I may forgive him?

5. Make Dua For Another Muslim

The supplication of a Muslim for his (Muslim) brother in his absence will certainly be answered. Everytime he makes a supplication for good for his brother, the angel appointed for this particular task says: ‘A meen! May it be for you, too’.

6. Do Not Lose Patience With Your Duas

The supplication of every one of you is granted if he does not grow impatient and says: I supplicated but it was not granted.

7. Do Not Ask For Something Sinful

The supplication of the servant is granted in case he does not supplicate for sin or for severing the ties of blood, or he does not become impatient.

8. Praise And Glorify Allah In Your Duas

9. Pray For Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) In Your Duas

The Messenger of Allah heard some one supplicating after his prayer without praising Allah and without supplicating Allah for the Prophet (pbuh). With regard to him, the Messenger of Allah () said, “This man rushed.” Then he called him and said, “When any one of you have performed Salat (prayer) and wants to supplicate, let him praise Allah first then glorify Him in the beginning and then he should supplicate Allah for me. Then he may supplicate for whatever he likes.”
Abu Dawud

10. Make Dua While Prostrating

A slave becomes nearest to his Rubb when he is in prostration. So increase supplications while prostrating.

11. Earn Halal (Permissible) Provisions, Eat Halal Food, Wear Halal Clothes

He then made a mention of a person who travels widely, his hair dishevelled and covered with dust. He lifts his hand towards the sky (and thus makes the supplication):” O Lord,0 Lord,” whereas his diet is unlawful, his drink is unlawful, and his clothes are unlawful and his nourishment is unlawful. How can then his supplication be accepted?

12. Make Dua On Fridays

The Messenger of Allah () said while talking about the merits of Friday, “There is a time on Friday at which a Muslim, while he (or she) is performing Salat and is supplicating, will be granted whatever he (or she) is supplicating for.” And he () pointed with his hand to indicate that this period of time is very short.

13. Make Dua Between The Adhan And Iqamah

14. Make Dua While Fighting The Enemy

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Supplications at two times are never turned down (or said, “Are seldom turned down”), a supplication after the Adhan has been proclaimed, and a supplication during the battle combating the enemy.
Abu Dawud

15. Make Dua With Confidence And Do Not Say “If You Wish”

When one of you makes supplication, he should supplicate with confidence and should not say: O Allah, confer upon me if You wish, for Allah will do as He wishes.

16. Make Dua After Obligatory Prayers

The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) was asked: “At what time does the supplication find the greatest response?” He (pbuh) replied, “A supplication made during the middle of the last part of the night and after the conclusion of the obligatory prayers.

17. Do Not Make Dua While Looking Towards The Sky

People should avoid lifting their eyes towards the sky while supplicating in prayer, otherwise their eyes would be snatched away.

18. Make Dua While Raising Your Hands

He saw the Messenger of Allah at Ahjar Az-Zait praying for rain and raising his hands, making supplications.

19. Make Dua During Obligatory Prayers

Yahya said that Malik was asked about making dua in obligatory prayers and he said, “There is no harm in making dua in them.
Muwatta Imam Malik

20. Make Dua On The Day Of Arafa (Yawmul Arafah)

The best dua is dua on the day of Arafa, and the best thing that I or the Prophets before me have said is ‘There is no god but Allah, alone, without any partner.’
Muwatta Imam Malik

21. Make Dua While Facing The Qibla (The Direction Of The Kaaba)


Abdullah b. Zaid al-Ansari reported that the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) went out to the place of prayer in order to offer prayer for rainfall. And when he intended to make supplication he faced Qibla and turned round his mantle.

22. Make Dua With Sincerity

He who supplicates sincerely for martyrdom, it will be granted to him even though he is not killed on the battlefield.

Inshallah, I pray that everyone who reads this article benefits from it in some way. I pray that Allah rewards me for sharing this knowledge with you. And in order to keep the rewards circulating and flowing, I encourage you to forward this article to your circle of friends and family.

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Allah’s bounty is boundless.

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  1. Hello to all who is reading the message of our Lord SWT, I spend all the free time only reading the good words our lord has sent to us, we need to follow the right way and this for sure is for our sucess and the proof to show o our last day. The good things I learned from holy book QURAn, has brought me to convet tyo Islam only for the tawakkul I have on my Lord SWT.

  2. Thanks a lot brother for your endevour to make research for us. I pray that this site benefits all of us who can access web. OH Allah May You make more muslims and non muslims to access and love these important words. Ameen

  3. Does anyone have any prayers on getting help to pray salah consistently? To get help to strive in the right path? I have days I pray all 5 times and some days I struggle very much…

    • As-Salaamu Alaikum Sister Latifah,

      I pray that Allah makes it easy and enjoyable for you to make your prayers. But you can make this same dua as well.

      Turn to Allah everyday, and ask Him to give you the strength and patience to remain consistent on your prayers. And then you have to do your part to make the intention to never, ever miss any prayers!

      Right this minute, today, make a promise to yourself (not to Allah) that you will never miss another prayer. And even if you have to make them all up at night before going to bed (and this is not a good thing to do) you will always make your prayers.

      When you do this, it might be difficult at first. But over time, you will become stronger than the whispers of Shaytan, and overcome this weakness. And soon, Inshallah, you will find that making your prayers is not only something that is easy to do, it also brings pleasure and comfort to you.

  4. Bismillah,ir-Rahman,ir-Rahim.
    Ashahadu An Laa illaaha illal llahu
    Wa Ash Hadu Anna Muhammadan Abdu Hu Wa Rasooluhu
    ”I bear witness that there is no deity but Allah
    who is without partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) is the Rasool.”
    “O Allah, Shower Your Peace upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, as you have brought peace to Ibrahim and his family. Truly, You are Praiseworthy and Glorious. O Allah, Shower your blessing upon Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, as you have blessed Ibrahim and his family. Truly, You are Praiseworthy and Glorious”. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam, As-Salaam Alaikum!
    My Name is Khalid U.Ibrahim. I am in need of your (Du’a) Prayers for ALLAH’s Help and Protection.Ya ALLAH! enable Me to be Grateful for the Favors that You have bestowed on Me!Ya ALLAH clean and purify our Hearts and Souls in this Life.O Allah! I seek Protection with You from the Evil of what You have Created. O Allah, I seek Protection with You from the Evil of sins and from being in debt)(Ya ALLAH!) O ALLAH! I Beg of you to Bestow on us (the Believing Muslims) a Home, a Home of Safety, Security and Peace in this World Life, Out of the Reach of Your Enemies and Out of the reach of my and also Grant us a Home of Safety,Security and Peace in the Life Hereafter,Out of the Reach of the Fires of Hell!.(Ya ALLAH!) O ALLAH! I Beg of you to Increase our Faith and Devotion, and to Bless us with Peace in our Hearts and Souls.(Ya ALLAH!) Please Forgive All The Believing Muslims,(Ya ALLAH!) Please grant All the Believing Muslims the Best in this world Life and the Best in Hereafter, and(Ya ALLAH!) Please Protect us(the Believing Muslims) from own Nafs, and(Ya ALLAH!) Please Protect All the Believing Muslims from the Evils of this world{O ALLAH No One in this World cares! No one in this world!O ALLAH No One in this world cares!} (Ya ALLAH!) OALLAH! I Beg of you for the means to do good, and to avoid evil, and Bless us to Love the poor, and I beseech you forgive us(the Believing Muslims whom Believe in You O ALLAH and the last Day) and have mercy on us. And When you subject the people of the World to trial,O ALLAH have Mercy on us! O ALLAH have Mercy on us, Protect us from being affected by it.(Ya ALLAH!) O ALLAH! I Beg of you, your Love and Protection,and the Love of those who Love you, and Grant us the Love of all such actions that will bring us closer to you, with our Love and Devotion to you.(Ya ALLAH!)“O ALLAH, please bring us out of this darkness of illusions and honour us with the(Nur) light of understanding and comprehension, O ALLAH open to us the doors of your mercy! and bestow upon us the treasure of your knowledge and wisdom by your mercy O the most merciful of thoes who show mercy.”(Ya -Ar hamar Rahemeen!”Ya -Ar hamar Rahemeen!Ya -Ar hamar Rahemeen!) We beseech You, O ALLAH you are the one who reminds us about doing good,And Ya ALLAH you always does good to us and commands us to do good. Send blessings on Muhammed Rasulallah(Sallallahu Alaihi was sallam) and the family of Muhammed Rasulallah(Sallallahu Alaihi was sallam) and help us to remember what the evil ones makes us forget.
    In the name of ALLAH the most kind the most merciful. Glory be to ALLAH who does not treat the citizens of His kingdom unjustly.
    Glory be to ALLAH who does not let the torment and pain come suddenly upon mankind.
    Glory be to the compassionate the merciful One.
    O Allah, fill our hearts with knowledge,wisdom,and understanding and true englightenment. Surely you are able to do all things.
    O Allah have mercy on us so that we will be able to leave disobeying you as long as we live. Show mercy on us by not imposing a troublesome and difficult
    task on us. Make us do good deeds that please you. Make us learn your
    book,your Din and the Sunnah by heart, just like you have taught us.Give us the ability to
    recite it(the Quran) in a manner that pleases you. O Allah (through the quran)
    enlighten our Hearts with wisdom, open the doors of understanding and liberate our hearts from darkness. Loosen our tongue, let our bodys be active and give us strength
    for it. O ALLAH one can help us save you. There is Nothing worthy of worshipped except ALLAH.Glorified are You. We do not know except what you have taught us. Surely you are all-knowing,
    all-wise. O My Rabb, expand for us our Bosom and ease for us our task
    and remove the knot from our tongue (speech) so that they may understand our speech. O My Rabb increase us in knowledge and practice of your Din.
    O Allah, fill our hearts with light(Nur) and increase the strength of our hearing, our sight and our memory and our devotion.(Therefore he called upon his Rabb: We are overcome by the Evils of this life, will you then help us.) (…say: O my Rabb! Increase us in knowledge).O my Rabb! we are needy of whatever good You may send us).O Allah. we ask of You for understanding like that of the Prophets, and the memory like that of the messengers, and those nearest to you).
    O ALLAH! I thank you for all your Mercy and Protection that you have bestowed on us, and all that you have given us in these trouble times that we are facing,(Al-Hamdolillah!Ya -Ar hamar Rahemeen!Ya -Ar hamar Rahemeen!Ya -Ar hamar Rahemeen!).

      • Ya Allah, Bless Amadou. Ya Allah, Bless Amadou. Ya Allah, Bless Amadou. Ya Allah, Bless Amadou with abundance, and his family, and give them the good of this life and the hereater. Ya Allah, give them good health, safety, iman, knowledge, good character, freedom, and financial security. Give them the courage, stamina, and patience to succeed in Your way. Make them good examples as leaders of the people of taqwa. Bless their generations from now until yaum iddin, and continue and multiply your blessings on them in the Akhira. Oh Allah, make them people who always turn to you in repentence. Oh Allah, give them your protection and aafiyat. Ya Allah, heal any sadness, loneliness, pain or trauma they are carrying. Oh Allah, bless their loved ones who have left this life before them. Oh Allah, perfect their worship. Oh Allah, make their marriages and family life excellent and full of love. Oh Allah, fill them with joy and the love of Allah, his messenger, Islam, and all the Ummah. Oh Allah, make thousands attend their janazas because of their authentic goodness. Amiin.

  5. asalamu alaikum,
    my name is zubetha. I am married to a hindu person and I have a daughter.
    pls make dua for me that my husband should convert in islam. and tell me some dua to convert in islam

    • Ya Allah, Bless Zubetha and fill her with taqwa and love for Allah and His Messenger and for her husband and daughter that overflows. Oh Allah, make her a means of her husband accepting Islam, and give her the reward for that, and multiply it. Enable her to do good deeds, and then multiply her rewards. Bless her family and give them a wonderful life in this world in the after. Bless the talents you have given her, make her aware of them, and give her means to bring them into the world and enjoy them. And if there is a dua to make for her husband, then reveal it to her.Amiin.
      As salaam alaikum sister zubetha. I do not know a specific dua except “Ihidi na suratul mustaquim.” Lead us on the right path, with the intention for “us” being you and your husband. Inshallah, it will be accepted.

  6. Brothers and sisters im extremely tensed plz pray for me ! It has written if you pray for Muslim brothr n sisters it benefits both.
    im extremely depressed. Your prayer myt be accepted n vil benefit me.
    plz everyone pary for me.

    • Ya Allah, Bless Ayesha and give her peace. Ya Rahman ar Raheem, give her joy and inspiration. Ya Wadud, Ya Wali, protect her from every bad thing and give her aafiyat. Oh Allah, protect her from the whispering of the shaitan. Ya Allah, surround her with good people and people who understand her struggles. Ya Allah, surround her with angels. Ya Allah, heal her depression completely and give her amazing surprises and signs of your grace and love for her. Ya Allah, give her a bright future in this life and the akhira. Ameen.

  7. Salaam Ya Muslimeen,

    I’m your sister in Islam and i’m in GREAT need of duas. I’m extremely concern about my HEALTH and i’m very fearful and broken (in the verge of losing hope. Please find it in your heart to make duas, it is VERY urgent, my mental state is in the line… I’m fearing chronic illness, my duas has to be answered (In Sha Allah). If anybody EVER been desperate, I”M IT!!!! Please help me for the sake of Allah. I can’t say enough how much in need I am. Please my brothers and sisters, help your sister in NEED. Thank you and may Allah reward you for it.

    • Ya Allah, Bless Lela and have mercy on her. Ya Allah, give her health and well being. Ya Allah, fill her with hope and give her patience. Ya Allah, duas to you for something good are never without effect. You grant the dua, or something else beneficial, or you give something else good in the akhira. Ya Allah, show your love and mercy to Lela. Ya Allah, give Lela the patience to keep making dua to you and make every single dua benefit her in some way. Ya Allah, you are the one who cures. Ya Allah, make her health concerns a means of forgiveness for her because a believer does not suffer any difficulty except that it is a means of expiation and growing closer to you. Ya Allah, also heal her and remove any pain and make her health better than before. Ya Allah, help her with expenses, low energy, relationship problems, work issues, or any other problems that have come about because of her health state, and make the outcome in all areas beneficial. Ameen

  8. Asaalamualeyku follow brothers and sisters in lslam. I want to asked dis for all of us. I want you to pray for us your sisters because some of us are very weak in prayers and also they has less faith in Allah. But me i want to Dua that can help me to overcome everything in dis weak world that we are now. I was a sinner that now i don’t want to go back to that again. Am a new person now.

    • Oh Allah, bless Sherifatu and all of us and make us strong in your deen, especially in the salat and in iman. Ya Allah, make Sherafatu and all her loved ones strong in the deen. Make them aware of the tricks of shaytan and make them remember he is our enemy. Alhamdullilah you have removed Sherifatu from sin and oh Allah, give her your protection and guidance. Give her patience and fortitude. Give her love of Allah, His messenger, and the Ummah. Give her good friends and good options in life. Ya Allah, fill her heart with joy and love, and bring her close to you. Ya Allah, give her a fresh start and don’t let her leave this life until you have guaranteed her Jannah. Ameen.

  9. Salaam alaikum warakmatulahhiwabaraktu my name Abdul Rahim I am in a marriage for 23 year .my wife treats me very abusive way does not treat me like a husband at all no Islamic practice took my daughter out of Parda .my wife wants to be westernised .I make dua every day things would change. Has for me my life came to a stand still cannot succeed in anything I try everyday to bring on the path of Allah it just gets worse .I make my family priority I have no decent clothes cannot do anything for myself haven’t smiled for year’s please can someone in the umat help me

    • read sura Waqia after Magrib for money dayly
      read Bakara 2 hours dayly
      wash yourself with Manzil dua ruqia (read into warm water) this cure 2 years maximum
      drink water with this ruqia 1 liter and give your wife too

      For her iman. Sura Fatiha 41 times dayly and make dua for her iman und islam..do it 41 days.
      also you can read into water surahs Muminun und Maida with dua and give her.

  10. masha-allah allah humare aur saare ummate nabvi(PBUH) ke gunahon ko maaf farma aameen, proud to be a muslim and also v should be proud to take birth in ummat-e-nabi(PBUH)

  11. jazak Allah!
    Thanks for sharing such beautiful words. God bless you. Please remember me in your prayers.

  12. Ya Allah, bless Abdul Rahim and his family. Ya Wadud, heal them and make them like Nabi Muhammad (sws)Khadija (ra). Ya Allah, make them flexible with each other and kind. Ya Allah, make them see things in each other that inspire love, compassion, and understanding. Ya Allah, make them good examples for their daughter. Ya Allah, reveal to them parts of the deen they may be overlooking that will bring them into compatability. Ya Allah give them good speech when they talk to each other or about each other. Ya Allah, provide for them and give them patience. Ya Allah, give them acceptance of each other as human beings. Ya Allah, remove any hard feelings from them so they can move forward together with goodness. Ya Allah, clear up any misunderstandings or feelings of fals entitlement, and remove the whisperings of Shaytan from their marriage. Ya Allah, give them your aafiyat and your peace. Ameen.

    Brother, make dua for Allah to bless your wife every salat, and let Allah decide how to bless her. This can only help.

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